Colonel Marbles Skaven army showcase

Doh! Why oh why did I choose to look for alternative figures for Skaven ?!! Apart from Games Workshop there is very little to choose from I'm afraid, even for a man like Colonel Marbles, who spends vast amounts of time searching the highways & byways of the web in search of cool & interesting figures to share with his on-line chums !! (Kudos to W.K. for his suggestions).

Enough verbiage, here is Ral Partha's (admittedly rather feeble) offerings , some 'Giant Rats' & 'Ratling Skirmishers'…

Well they aren’t gonna get even the most hardened rodent lover frothing are they !! However, salvation is at hand once again thanks to those guys at Harlequin/Icon/Black Tree ( or whatever the heck they call themselves this week. Ya see, they hit on the idea a while ago of making good standard mini’s to fit in with GW’s ranges, but kinda cheaper, comprende ? Not all their figures were that great, but for Skaven lovers they are manna from heaven. Here’s a small selection of what’s on offer in their ‘Vermen’ Range – great value for figs that are only just below the GW standard IMNSHO.

Ver’Lock Sreek
Nest Guard Regiment...
Ver'Burna Team
Vermen Lord
Jeff Valant Studios ( also do a nice Rat Ogre, but don't appear to do any other Skaven :-

Fenryll miniatures make some fine resin figures, and they do a few nice skaven:

The German manufacturer of 'Das Schwarze Auge' ( do a Rat Swarm (prod. 17025) shown (poorly) below (sound of barrel being scraped) :-

Aussie manufacturer 'Inquisition' also do some Skaven that I've not seen in the flesh, but check them out here (under the themed links list).

I know the late lamented 'Heartbreaker' miniatures did some nice Skaven including a 'Wererat Champion' which sounds intriguing - if anyone has a pic I'd love to see it ! (thanks to 'Stuff Of Legends' great site - check it - Here's the only image of a Heartbreaker Skaven I could find ;

And, well, erm, that's kind of it I'm afraid !! Absolutely zilch else out there on offer for all you Rat Lovers !! If you know of any more suggestions then let Colonel Marbles know !!