Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks - APRIL 2003

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This month's Foundry limited edition model is a pretty good 'Sister Of Mercy'.

How many thousands of pounds (most of it spent on excess and useless rammage) do you have to spend to get that little number then? - Uncl Evl

Only one 'm' in ramage. Apparently.
You've added an unneccessary letter that no-one really wants and that doesn't improve the quality of the word, just makes it seem more substantial.
What's that little fig next to it, a mini-ramage-battle-nun? - Doc

But you're getting that letter completely free, gratis and for nought, thrown in along with the rest of the word. You'd be a fool not to want it.
Actually, for a more complete analogy of the whole Foundry package what I should of done was put in several extra letters but left out half the other words from the sentence.

I made that 3 years ago, it was a test piece for the 'Church Army' from the stillborn Victoriana game. An' the monkeys painted her face mask like a real face. - Shane

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Some huge new Statues for your Crocodile 'Aegyptus' armies to admire.

Nice work, I like the ram-sphinx especially. BIG too, I thought it was all in 15mm or smaller scale when I first looked!
What are they made of and how much do they cost..?

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A little off-topic, but we make allowances for the esteemed Mr Copplestone , here are some 'Chinese Executioners'

Those look very good even if they are a bit off-topic.

*So* cool.

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My super-spy Jason has come up with these releases from German company Armalion. I like the flying-carpet dude.

Yeah, that one looks cool. I 'm not sure what the others are supposed to be though.

Deffo the best of the bunch. Not too keen on the askari.

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Some new Reaper greens.

Yes pretty neat. I liked the Druid then thought he was too young to be a Druid. I mean surely you have to go through a long apprenticeship, grow a long woolly beard and bushy eyebrows? That guy looks like a Hollywood version - complete with the teeth. Maybe a Leonardo Di-Caprio version.....

Doesn't appear to be anything 'Druidy' about him at all in my book (no beard, no robe or kaften, no 'nature' motifs, no sickle etc, etc). Just looks like a geezer with a big sword to me.

....perhaps we are trying to get women into war gaming by enticing them with nice looking young druids?
The other wizard however functions to reinforce my stereotype of wizards - pretty good!!

Typical Sandra Garrity stuff. Good models, nice detailing, if a little old school, but that's not a bad thing

Standard Reaper fare, AD&D style figs. The wizard is pretty cool though, well OTT.

Is it me or is the 'Black Legionnaire' sh*te though?

'Sh*te' is a bit harsh. Tad boring mebbe, but serviceable enough.

We looking at the same figure? It looks like someone has hit it with a hammer.

Wotchu talkin about Willis ?
The face doesn't look great, but I'm assuming its a helm or some sort and its difficult to see detail. The rest of the fig, robe, armour etc looks ok and detailed enough, just the pose is a bit boring.

Each to their own I guess. Next to the wizard it looks like a casting error...

To some extent I prefer it over the wizard. I mean, that fig is just so cliched and passe and is a little too busy and crass with so much jammed in, as compared to the simpler lines of the Black Legionnaire.

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Apocalypse Miniatures release some odd new figs.

First of all, they should make better pictures. The idea for an army of angels is not a bad one, but it's hard to judge how well it's executed. Looks like they might be decent figs, but probably not top notch.
As for the others, they look very retro, something you might have seen in old fashioned science fiction. Not to my taste, but I'm sure there will be a market for it.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
They are utter pony.

Yes but do you like them?

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A forthcoming dinosaur from Reaper.

I'm not impressed with this one. Is it just the angle of the picture or is his head as big as the rest of him together? Doesn't appear to be a very large model either.

Oh bollocks and you are going to show that to the dead deputy!!!
Damn! I need my steam tanks....

Already seen it! Lovely... :)

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A couple of fun new greens from Heresy.

Those are looking a lot better. Heresy are fun, but some of the older sculpts look a bit rough. No probs here. - Mr Ed

The feral queen is looking good. (No, not as a woman) Not too sure about the old fellow, but I guess it takes all sorts.

As I said on our forums this is such a good figure and he should almost always come with the caption.... what was it again?

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Forthcoming figs from Adiken.

I could have sworn I saw that Necromancer-dude somewhere, labeled as a Fenryll model. The demon-girl (or whatever she's supposed to be) looks rather nice too. Don't care much for the other one.

Not bad at all. Those crazy frenchies!
I like that daemonette... nice.

Wow. Saucy young green mare.

There's a few more of those on the website. Those are the nicest figures, some of the others (esp. humans) aren't as good at all unfortunately.

I'm not entirely comfortable with the whole Adiken thing. I'm gonna need some strong evidence to counteract the rather strongly backed up accusations of piracy there. - Artemis

Ooooh bit controversial there ! For more on that, see the messageboard debate.

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Some new Shadowforge Bloodbowl figs.

Hey, those are great! Would make an excellent High Elf team, better than the real thing!

The new elf team... excellent!

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More sublime stuff from...

I don't really need to tell you, do I ?

The Bael-mini looks nice enough. But those goblins are really getting too weird for my taste. They should focus on some other races for a while. Make more elves!

Ooo, that top fellah's a bobby-dazzler and no mistake. Is that a gobbo at the bottom? - looks a laugh.

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Here's a great new limited edition Dwarf from the Fantization shop website.

Strong urge... rising. Cannot...resist. Arghlll..

Wow, helium filled dwarfs. Cool.

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More dino's - this time from Mr Copplestone's much admired new 'Adventurers' line....


Hmm. Thats a bit tricky to say from the pics, but I'm sure they'll be fairly substantial....

Could be interesting for Lizardmen players.

{speechless in wonder}

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Some of the Dark Age releases for April. Beware the out-size scale on some of this range however !

These look quite good.

They're not 'out-size scale' dammit! They are supposed to be 8ft tall or so. I'm gonna order an extra large Murtros to batter you over the head with ! - Artemis
Yep there's more controversy! For more, see here.

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Some of the Orcs Nest, a UK games shoppe, has started producing their own range of miniatures, kicking off with some Orcs (natch!) ...

Bit old school, but not without their charm. It's not a bad start, there is some potential here.

Yeah these are nice and rounded.... I quite like some of the poses as well !!

Scheisser, when did they start doing that? Who they doing it through, and are they designing and sculpting them themsleves then or is it through a license to somebody else?
The piccies aren't great quality, but the figs look fun and ok although little lacking in detail and not exactly great from what I can see. What sort of price they being punted at?

1.50 UKP each

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New Aussie company Madenhead mini's have these great fantasy stone age amazonian types out...

Those are excellent and the same goes for the mounted figures (not pictured). The concept reminds me of the old Grenadier Fantasy warriors. IIRC they had a sabretooth tiger Amazon chariot too. But these Maidenheads are much better figures!
Not all of the foot models (not pictured) are equally good though. Some are excellent, but others are not quite right . Still, I'm definitely going to get me some of those if I find a place that carries them.

Those are fantastic creatures, and the riders seem very well sculpted too (be nice to see a close up of a couple I think).

Again, the pics leave a little to be desired but they look pretty serviceable figs and offer something a little different.

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Here's a pic of one of Renegade's forthcoming Orcs from some promo stuff of theirs I picked up at Salute...

I think he's excellent - good pose, stature, lots of lifelike gear (although the chequerboard painting makes me appreciate all those tutorials on blending...). Do Orc regulars like this taller approach ? - Rob

With one example, it's hard to say, but this one's torso looks a lot like the resin grendel leviathan orcs from kev, but the arms/top is more in the oversized war ogre scale of the foundry stuff. All in all a significantly better addition to orcdom than some other vendors have put forth. - Goblinpalace

The renegade orc looks serviceable, but pale in conparison to the Dragonrune ones, which was in a similiar style. In fact the renegade dwarf and elf looks to be of higher quality as well, (nice looking elf... a rare thing). - Fatgoblin

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Some forthcoming Shadowforge tribals..

Hubba Hubba!! Now I KNOW I have to collect all of these.

I reckon their figs are getting better overall.

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