Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks - APRIL 2002


What better way to start a new month than with some fantastic new Rackham releases ! We are gonna need another Paris-run volunteer soon I feel !!

What's there left to say that hasn't been said before? They're Rackham. They're excellent. They're fantastic. They're bigger than all my other miniatures. Damn. - The White Knight

Stunning. Are you sure these are miniatures and not CGIs?
There's absolutely no need for 28mm figs to be that good is there? - Doc

Bloody hell that first one I have to have - can I get them to do the painting as well? - FrotherbAz

Love that Orc, bags of character as always. The bird looks like the sorta virtuous mean-spirited and flint-hearted bitch would expect to find fighting for the 11K. Change the icon maybe Maynard, but I reckon she'd be cool. - Uncl Evl

Blimey you're right!!! I hadn't thought of that. She'd be perfect as either a priestly type or just plain old magic-user. Genius... sheer genius... - Maynard

NB If you are trying to get hold of them in the UK and can't club together to send one of your mates on a cheapo Eurostar deal to their shop, you can mail order on the web from the Starplayer Shop (its right by Notre Dame if you are ever in Paris btw - the staff are very friendly if slightly bemused at hordes of frothed-up 'Anglais' hoovering up most of the figures in the shop..).

 02/04/02 continued !!!

OK they just released some more pics of the April Rackham releases..

Can't think of much to add, these are more like works of art than gaming figures. The weird Celtois demon-woman probably isn't quite as stunning as usual, but hey...

For the first time ever, I have to say I'm not really very keen on them. There's nothing wrong with them, but I guess I'm just so used to being wowed by Rackham mini's, and these don't 'wow'.

Thats the danger of setting such a high standard! :/) The necro type is up to par I think, but I agree in general.

Nice. Seems very Terry Pratchett "Discworld" to me. I like 'em. :-)


Barmy new I-Kore VOID Panzer-on-dino type thing....

That is complete arse, what a load of crap.

Never been too keen on the beasties that don't have some empty space between their belly and the ground. I can understand it makes them easy to cast, but.. aesthetics, people..

Gotta agree with W.K. here, theres some figs that look good with dragging bellies (say a huge Nurglesque Demon) but this isn't it.


Anyway, this is just stupid, a dinosaur with a turret... uh? Still thats VOID for you.

Too much. That's awful rubbish. Sorta OTT crap GW would produce.

The term VOID might actually refer to what was in their heads when they designed it. I certainly would not like to suggest that this was produced whilst on drugs. Instead I would hope that perhaps they should have a touch of LSD before touching modelling again for some time.

Utter Crap!

Hmmm. Seems to be a consensus here .....


Cobalt Miniatures are finally in the shops - very GW...


That top one appears to have a large penis for a head. One of your relations Col?

I'd only seen the previews of the space marine types before, yea they're very GW (not surprising as its Bob Naismith's work).

Don't much like the others though. Very spindly and not well sculpted at all. None of them are gonna set you on fire are they?

They're... ok... I guess. Not the best I've seen... but certainly not the worst.

They'd be perfect for anyone trying to add more of a flavour element into their existing GW Space Marines and such I guess.

First impression:
1. I have no clue what this is
2. Space Marine Wannabee (yawn)
3. Let's call this one "Twiggy"
4 & 5. Sisters of Battle (been there, seen that)

If I recall correctly there is one very interesting feature about these figures. I think the humans come with a transparent plastic dome (you know, over their heads). I think that will make them look less like GW. I wonder if the price will too...

Oh yeh I did see one with a clear 'visor/dome' thingy. Was quite cool. Should have posted it really - doh!.

Well, as long as you learn from your mistakes I suppose we can forgive you...

Does it come with a plastic dome or is that just a conversion/serving suggestion?

*sigh* Ok since you ask here's the official blurb and a pic of the helmet...

Available immediately are 5 different armies with a variety of units including Aruk, "Earthworm Jim" looking aliens, the Cobalt Mercenaries, the Palansi (another alien race), Armen (Foxes in Space!) and last but not least the Ygrainne, an all female fighting force!
All of them come in a three pack!
And most of the human miniatures come with a cool plastic dome to put on their helmets!



It just keeps getting better ! Yet another ex-GW man starts his own firm - Heresy.

Check these figs out !!

Pretty soon GW will be nothing but an empty shell.. Serves them right for terminating the UK archive service.

Great find Colonel! This is one of your really fine moments.

Though some figures still appear slightly clumsy, I just love the idea of extra bits for different combinations. Good call!

I've looked at all the pictures and one model really stands out. I just have to get me the minotaur that rips a human warrior in half. Lot's of character in that model and it really shows the nature of the beast. Best concept I've seen in a while.

Too bad the Elf ranger doesn't come with alternate heads though. It might be nice to have a hooded variant. Vampire Lord looks nice too.

I'm going to stop typing now.


Those are excellent, I mean look at that big beastie at the top!! I really should get me one of those!!!
Any site that starts of with "show me the miniatures you muppet" deserves special attention in my book! A great new company option for specials!

That Minotaur is well wicked!!! Now... how can I justify having that in my army list?!? Hmm...

Not bad. Nice poses and bags of character, but the modelling's not the best ever. That green looks a bit chiselled and, like the elf, has got fingers like a bunch of bananas.

Love the minotaur, though its probably got more use in a vignette set piece than on the battle field.


I'm literally drowning in new figs to post here at the Marbles bunker !!

While I sort 'em out, here are some figs from the RAFM/Chaosium Call of Cthulhu series, sculpted in the 90's by Bob Murch, who now does the excellent Pulp Figures line (well worth checking out).

I like 'em - bags of character.

Not the most detailed or best modelled figs in the world, but as you say Col., bags of character and great fun.

Actually, I've been looking for some cool mini's to use as replacement pieces for me Cluedo game, and some of these could be just perfect. Hope they're at Salute.

The guy with the gun to his head is very Cuthulu-esqe... I think I might have mispelled that!! er...

Yea, not the best ever and some are a bit wooden... but bags of fun! No one bar Murch is really doing stuff like this either.

Maybe a Cthulhu (correct spelling)/horror Showcase is in order..?

Ooh... very... "unique"... In a good way mind. ;-)

Masquerade Masquerade MasqueradeMasquerade

Its the 200th Masterworks posting !!

Anyway, the coveted spot goes to German newcomers Masquerade. I posted their 'Waywatcher' a couple of months ago & they've finally got their asses in gear & produced some more fine mini's.

Cartoonesque mebbe, but nicely sculpted with bags of character. Very nice.

I think I'm going to use the little fellow as part of a terrain piece for my wood elves. Or maybe put him on the base of a larger model, like Ariel (for which I use an OOP Ral Partha btw as I'm not too happy about the official model) I don't know why, but I find he sort of looks like a woodland creature. Probably the hat and maybe the fact that he looks somewhat similar to the stuff you get with the Foundry elves.

Nice pose on the berserker, good sculpting. Nothing there that makes it a 'must have', tho.

Don't know what the first one is. Looks undead, maybe ethereal or something.


A change of pace today as we delve into the murky past ......

Metal Magic are an old '80's German range of figs recently resurrected by Dark Ages Minatures. Some aren't too bad - the halflings are great !

Ooh... a Satyr... I like it.

I really do like that halfling cook. That's tasty.

I knew the halflings would start coming out of the woodwork...

They are pretty nice actually ! In fact they're very classy for 20yr old designs, and the halflings are doubly good. All single figs mind - someone needs to take up the mantle for decent fantasy rank and file!
Not bad.

Metal MagicMetal MagicMetal Magic
Metal Magic
Metal Magic

 09/04/02 Some of the new I-Kore Celtos Gaels, a wacky topless strumpet and a mortar crew for VOID....

The Gaels are getting boring. More of the same stuff. I know they're supposed to be rank and file, so in that respect it's good that they create some variants, but somehow I doubt their cost will allow that.

Like the archer girly. One of the nicer models they've produced lately. But is it just the picture or are her feet not quite human? (You were probably not focusing on that part of her body, so maybe you didn't notice..)


Today's masterworks comes courtesy of WK, who found these cool figs.

From a small outfit called Phil's Phigs, they do different Bloodbowl and ?! Ice Hockey fantasy figs. Great stuff and a real gap in the market.

I'm on holiday for a few days, but 'Doc' Ashton MD may post in my absence if anything juicy crops up.

Strange ordering system they've got- they'll produce a team of 16 from a given range (ie. Samurai American Football, Dwarf Ice Hockey) but only in batches of 40 teams, so you put in your order and wait for the total orders for the range to hit 40... freelance commissioning or something.

$40, plus $10 for postage to euroland... I make that about 35UKP for 16 figs, and only 4 variants in each team.

I mean they're cool figures but...

++++++++NEWS DISPATCH+++++++
Phil has himself contacted the Colonel to tell us that he has now launched his own line, rendering much of the Doc's doubts moot! Good chap!

Check out the new lines at

Read the full text of the feedback from Phil here!


Phil's Phigs
Phil's Phigs
Phil's Phigs

Just managed to squeeze one more post before I go off on hols - finally Dragonrune produce a new figure !!!

That looks so cool! Nice pose especially with the old hound having its head pulled back like that - sort of a dental examination by the owner... multi-tasking gobbos eh!

Speaking of gobbo's Uncl Evl when are you going to field them? I would love to see them in action.

Just like the Colonel to squeeze one off before he leaves!

More cartoon gobbo's from Dragonrune... Thats really nice atch, certainly anyone buying in DRune gobbo's would have to add this one to their order.

OK there's quite a few good mini's popping out for the beginning of the convention season, so much so that we're getting a bit behind here at Marbles HQ!

Heres the latest offerings from Reaper, some interesting stuff. There's also some new AD&D-style elves (which I wasn't too excited by), and a rather mediocre basilisk (if that floats your boat).

I was particularly excited by the small elementals - there's a lot of good 'Greater Elementals' out there, but I need something smaller that my feeble druids will some a chance of summoning and maintaining. These'll fit the bill nicely!

Yeah they all seem pretty cool... -Dead Deputy

Toad Demons any good for you Deputy..?

Err well it has scales, so I'm sure I could work it in somehow... :)

RR2538 Lesser Elementals
RR2570 Karoak Toad Demon
RR2572 Oswald the Overladen, Henchman
RR2573 Yvonne, Warmaiden of Ritterlich

I might actually invest in Reaper's Barrow Rats, I reckon if I cut off the tails I can convert them into pretty decent badgers.

-Capt. 'Doc'

I especially like Oswald... lovely, "bags" of character... now if only we had ammunition re-stocking for FW... *sigh*

I've always thought that the War Maidens would look good as Valkyrie individual personality types in a Norse based sort of army (perhaps W.K. may have something to say on the matter?) Though whatever army they're in they'd look good.

I hadn't thought about it but the warmaidens DO look like they could serve as valkyrie. I'm keeping an eye open for the release of Shadowforge's female vikings towards the end of the month, tho. But maybe as an individual character..

This new batch is not bad. Oswald looks interesting. I generally like Reaper miniatures, but some look a bit too much AD&D to my taste (if this is making any sense?), especially the elves.

At least the Toad Demons weapon isn't too ostentatious, though considering it's meant to be a demon I would have thought O.S.W. syndrome would have been more fitting? Ah well, nice fig though.

If anyone is planning on getting any of those Lesser Elementals give me a shout before hand as I'd most like to get that Lesser Water Elemental... mini-Lady of the lake... but I wouldn't want any of the others.

I have to admit I've always liked Reaper... all in all this selection hasn't been to bad.

Better attach an example of an elf, as its such a topic of conversation....



Miss me ?

OK I'm back with another mega-exclusive bang !!

Utterly hot new Confrontation mini's - remember kids, only Marbles can bring you these pics as they happen !!

Ooo, X-bow Orc, and looks like he'd compliment the new GW fare of the same ilk.

Now I got a real dilemma whether to buy the over-priced little buggers.

Difficult to tell from these appalling photos, but looks like more of the same good work. I like the orc.

NB Thanks goes to the guys at SDEN for the pics !


Tonight's new figures come again courtesy of our super-mini sleuth, WK ! :-

Elementary, dear Marbles.

They're preview miniatures for a game called Warlocke (by Knight Terror Games).
Look pretty good to me.

Very interesting, esp. the last guy. What's the background for this new game, can we expect a slew of rock monster figures? Shall I start a new 'Earth Elemental' army list?

Don't have any other info at all - is there a website WK ?

No website that I know off for the moment. As far as I know these are the first pictures that are available, but more are due to come in the near future.

To give you an idea of the scale: all the bases on the pictures are supposed to be 25mm (like the large GW infantry-base).

The full name of the game is Warlocke: Rise of the Young Kingdoms. I'll post more info as it becomes available.


A double feature tonight as Chris Bledsoe at ZN-Games has sent us these latest exclusives... apparently he hasn't gotten the hang of that new-fangled camera device just yet, but anyhoo.... enjoy!


I think the Undead are pretty good, but the Witch and Paladin are a bit so-so. No stand-out fig like the Ulf-thingy/Wolfen last month...

Its strange isn't it, these new manufacturers making the most incredible beastmen and only mediocre humans (and humanoids).

I'd go further and say that the paladin looks rather lame, at least from this shot, and theres certainly plenty of better 'knightly' types in the $3 band. I like the witch despite its slightly odd proportions... but that probably says more about me than the miniature...

Still at least the skellys are interesting, they certainly add a bit more to the genre than those boring Celtos efforts.

ZN Games
ZN GamesZN GamesZN Games
ZN Games

Yet another new miniatures manufacturer !! Esperia Editrice is an Italian brand that produces an historical magazine and a line of miniatures. The miniatures are divided in three main groups:
- Lombards and Franks (25mm) for their Dark Age rules named Aetas Obscura
- Fantasy Orcs

Christ alive! A new manufacturer maybe, but hardly worth getting excited over.


Told you he wouldn't like them. The Franks/Lombards are good though- nothing hugely innovative but a fair price for some decent minis.

The orcs do look like Mr Potato Heads though. Most unfortunate.

Gripping Beast
Gripping Beast - I love 'em !!

For some reason both Gripping Beast & Perry Miniature's next ranges will be the Crusades...


What is there not to love? Decent quality. Decent price. I have quite a lot of their Moorish figures and off course a few of the Norse...

I knew about the Perry's plans, didn't hear about the GB though. Great. Maybe that'll give me enough troops to complete that Arab army. Although, with the Perry's new models, there's something to be said for investing in a Nipponese army... So many models, so little cash and even less time to paint..

Should give Maynard a bit more to work with then... :)

Like he hasn't got enough knights...

Wouldn't have thought that they'd fit that well with his army really, wrong era.

Thought he was going more for the chivalrous knight in plate look than the chainmail clad crusader knight look. Could give some good foot knights though I guess.

Well, I guess it would depend on whether they go for a more realistic or 'classic' romantic look and feel with their models. If they're going for the chainmail clad/kite shield look I may give 'em a miss or have 'em as mounted men-@-arms. If on the other hand the models are more miniatures wearing armour with a tunic/robe over them and wearing great helms, then that I could go for.

Besides... you can never have *enough* knights!!! Muuuaaahhhaaaa!!! ;-)

You fiend ....

Gripping Beast
Some new animals and a Beastmaster from Crocodile Miniatures ! They look a shoe-in for my Nubian army...

Any badgers?? ... and when are these people going to work out how to get the minis in focus???

They look pretty good, but I'm afraid to ask their price.


New historical mini company 'Renegade' (the sculpters are seemingly refugees from Foundry) are gonna do a range of Celts. No website yet.

Presumably this company is linked to I-Kore in some way ?

Will these dudes be reinforcing your fantasy Celt army Doc ??

Yea, saw them in Wargames Illustrated, and I'm not too sure. If they are produced by escapees from Foundry they weren't top-name sculpters. Maybe members of the cleaning staff or something, drilled out for nicking the green stuff and making their own molds on company time.

They aren't too bad I 'spose, but I certainly hope they aren't thinking of charging Foundry or I-kore prices for them..?

Not looking bad at all, but we'll have to wait until we see some more.

Viking ForgeViking ForgeViking ForgeViking Forge

Its Sunday and time to kick back and look at another set of figures I thought had been lost in the mists of time - apparently Viking Forge are still producing the old 'Asgard' range of figures.

Some - esp. the Orcs and a few of the monsters - stand the test of time I think. They are a bit small by today's standard I grant you.

Bloody hell. Now there's some oldies I never thought I'd see again. If I remember rightly, Mr. H has got that Skulker, and a bloody cracking figure it is too.
The Orcs and Gobbo's are likewise splendid, I have a couple. The only problem with them is they are very distinctive and don't fit with much from other manufacturers, and there's not enough of them to form their own unit. Still, good to see they are surviving.

OK today we have some more of the new Heresy line of figures ! Nice.

I find with Heresy you are better knowing what names they have been called - so who do we have here then?

I especially like the pointy one.

There's some pretty silly demons right there. Cool stuff.

Amusing enough. Very much in the GW comic book vein, and with a dose of OSWS as well. Prices?

Boris (Barbarian) 4UKP. "The Fallen One" (Big Red Demon) 5UKP. Ugh! Demonic Minion (seriously thats its name- Purpil Demon) 2.75UKP.


'Bout time we had a look at what's new on the Foundry design bench - mmmm.... some tasty medieval type dudes.

More reinforcements for Maynard (sigh).

They aren't mega-ace Foundry figs are they...?

Ah cool!!! I see a musician with bag pipes!!!
Dang-nabbit... now I have to add that/them to my Salute-Wants-List...

Not too terribly excited about those..

There seems to be a lot of old ranges being resurrected recently - shows what a boom-time for figures it is at the moment. It will all end in tears I tell you !
Anyway, these are old Julie Guthrie/Grenadier Minotaurs, some of the old range now being made available again by Dark Age Miniatures.

More fodder for bAz's mutie army by the looks of things, and very nice too.

I object to the use of the term fodder - this is a local list we will have no trouble here!

Yea, not bad, I reckon they stand the test of time.
Not up to the standard of the Chainmail or Heresy stuff, but if the price is right I reckon they're a winner (esp. if they get a European distribution set up). Good for rank and file.

Time for me to post some bits and pieces that have been building up in the 'in tray'. A new Dragonrune Orc Std Bearer, a Confrontation Knight and a prone I-Kore commando...

The confrontation guy looks a lot like an elf to me. Dark or High, it's hard to tell. Looks very nice. Probably big and expensive too.

Dragonrune orc looks nice as always. But they're not producing miniatures at a very fast rate. I ordered Azogh's fearsome orcs from them over a year ago, and they only made a handful of other models since. Very GW-6th edition if you ask me. That is not necessarily a criticism, btw.

I really cannot be bothered to comment on the VOID commando.
Oh, what the heck. He has an original pose. Face looks a little funny, but that could just be the picture. As usual with VOID figures, no overkill on detail, but enough to attract interest. Put the 'approved' stamp on him and dump 'm on the pile with the rest of them, Colonel.

Yea, reckon the knight would make a good elf personality.

Dragonrune superb as always. Oh for a distribuitor over here. That Knight looks pretty cool. Another 'Hero' for Maynard mebbe.

Some frankly pretty bizarre figs from German make Excalibur. Saw their stuff in the flesh at Salute last year and they are not half bad - paint job does them no favours. They will be there again tmrw !!

What's that one with the big leg ?

She's from the Ministry Of Silly Walks .....

Yea, reckon the figs are better than they look here (actually the paint jobs on the figs they brought with them to Salute were better than this). As far as I could tell these were the only continental manufacturer to make an appearance (certainly they made the biggest impact). Nothing there I was interested in getting, but very nice (if pricey) figs.

They had quite a selection of filthy porno figs too (always good for drawing a crowd), really made GZG's Gentleman's Collectible's (and certainly Amazon's new and over-priced Guns & Girls figures) look tame!

Not that I approve of this kind of cynical and exploitative marketing course.

Trust the Germans to have a big range of porno figs...


Another Marbles exclusive ! This is the first look at a new range of figures (ok the pic is pretty awful) of a whole new line of fantasy metal mini's. Here's the blurb...

Cell Entertainment Group unveil its 2002 line of tabletop miniatures games. Foremost among them is a game based on Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer, which is set to debut at GenCon. The Death Dealer Starter Box contains everything that two players need to "experience fierce battles of unprecedented gore" . In addition Cell Entertainment has four additional "Blister Boxes" which contain metal figures including Death Dealer ($9.95), Death Dealer on Mount ($14.95), Female Demons (2 for $7.95), and a Daemonic Hound ($7.95).

Really very nice, great pose and I love that shield - mind you the guy must have drank a good bottle of whisky when he took that picture!!!

Looks like it might be cool, but difficult to tell from that piccy.

Must be GenCon US there, they certainly didn't put in an appearance at GenCon UK. Well I don't know why anyone would punt out such an appalling picture, as if thats going to help us decide whether we want it or not.

Still, keep an eye out and maybe we'll find some better pics...

Death Dealer
Thanks to Shadowforge for posting us this *exclusive* peek at their up and coming ranges! I just love these figs, why do they have to be in Australia?? :¬o

I'm trying to bully them into setting up a partnership with a European distributor, as we really missed them at Salute UK. Meantime hopefully these pics will excite you as much as me (who knows the Frothers might be forced to send off another overseas order and guarantee Her Majesty's Customs & Excise another Christmas bonus).

W.K., heres those 'Valkyries' (female norse characters) you been waiting on... what do you reckon? The molds are almost ready (they tell me), and the swords(wo)men should be in production next week, with more ranges to follow.

For myself I think the new barbarians (penned for June release) are ace!

Bloody hell those are great I would even consider buying them just to have - you know for no purpose like?

I suppose you are going to tell me the Aussies are good at cricket now as well?

Yes, they are good at cricket, and not too bad at rugby apparently.

At least they are one of those countries that was so crap at football they had to make up a different game that noone else plays.

Wait, why does that sound familiar..?

Hmmm, mixed bag I'd say.

The first Norse woman is a bit boring, static and altogether dull, but the 2 after that are way better. Much more dynamic and I especially like the one crouching with shield raised. The addition of an arrow or 2 to the shield and base would really just set this one off a treat.

As for the rest - presentable enough, but can't really say as I'm wowed.

Cor you're a cynical old goad UnclE! Alright not every fig is super-dynamic, but there's plenty enough character to make it up.

No wonder you can't get your froth up any more!

I just tell it how I see it.


What I am impressed by is their Gridiron Teams. The Nuns are cool, fun if not the best mini's in the world, but the Bunnies are superb and I'd love to get them for use in a spot of Blood Bowl (just that, honest). They'd have to get some sort of special bonus, for sure.

Includes Coach, Trainer, Nurse and Cheer-leaders as well. What more could you ask for?


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