Colonel Marbles Bears Showcase

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The purpose of this webpage is to offer possible alternative miniatures to use for Bears in your Wood Elf or maybe Norse army as well as (or even instead of) those produced by Games Workshop.


PC 98 - Great Big Bears

These Grizzly's are from Foundry's precast range and look excellent. Expensive tho' - 8.50 for 3 bears (plus rip-off postage!)

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Ral Partha

ZGW-016 - Bear

This is a classic figure I've had in my collection for 20 years or so.

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Westwind Gladiator Wars

ZGW-016 - Bears Of The Arena

These are not the greatest sculpts ever - the one standing upright is pretty poor tbh - but they will help bulk out your regiment of Grizzly's !

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This is a reasonable figure - from Mithril's 'The Hobbit' range - it represent's the shapechanger Beorn in bear form.

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K9 - Bear

Top of the range figures from the ever dependable Mark Copplestone.

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Jeff Valent Studios

1239 - Bear

This is a cracking grizzly ! Great pose, great details - a must for any self-respecting band of bears.

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17019 - Bear

This figure comes from German company Armalion. Haven't seen it in the flesh, but looks ok from the pic.

I have this one in my collection. It's about the size of the Foundry bears, but with a slightly less realistic bear anatomy. Nonetheless, it's a good model, that deserves to be added to your existing unit for more variety and that will fit right in with the others.

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