Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks - JANUARY 2003

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Happy New Year to you all !
What better way to start the year than with some tasty new Crocodile 'Aegyptus' greens.

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Here are some ace Reaper greens. That nice 'Lupinelord' looks a tad familiar ?

More good stuff, including another frogman... mm!
I like the lupine lord... very familiar feel as you suggest, but thats no bad thing... compatibility between ranges is a good thing yes?
Typical Reaper silliness with the undead pirate too. Hehe.
I should say too that the wraith is one of the most interesting I've seen in a good while. Mental demons too! Er... is that everything?
:) -Doc

Reaper really stays one of the best manufacturers around.. -White Knight

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More goodies from our French friends at Rackham!

Weird, but that Wolfen looks more like a human dressed up with a mask and novelty feet than an actual were-wolf type thang. Maybe its the paint job, or the fact that it seems to have on more clothes than they usually do.
The gobbo's ace, as usual, and I'm quite enamoured of the dead fellah with the big blades for hands - Eddy eat yer heart out. S'gonna make picking yer nose a might dangerous though. -UnclEvl

I'm broadly underawed. The wolfen is quite cool, the goblin is above the usual standard (I just don't like Rackham gobbos for some reason).
That skull boy holding a cannonball (or something) leaves me cold though, very substandard.

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Here's a Werepanther from Knight Terror forthcoming 'Warlocke' game.

Hmm, if the ol' Col hadn't identified this as a were-panther I can quite honestly say that I wouldn't have had a chance in hell of recognising it at all.
I really don't like it. It just looks wrong. It's the head and lack of neck I think.
Maybe if the upper body was leaning more forward and then the head could be tilted up a bit so that it doesn't look like the creatures head has been glued to its chest. Let's face it, if this were-panther ever found itself on all fours it'd be stuck looking at the floor. -Brother Maynard

Very mixed bag with these fellows.
The demons and inorganic beings, like the golem and demon figs we saw a while back, are great, but this chap and the few humans currently shown on their site range from passable to (in the Pax Republica mage) poor.

Slightly amorphous, but interesting all the same.

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Very quiet out there at the moment.
Here's some new VOID releases from I-Kore to keep you going..

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Finally got my scanner going again, so here is an intriguing ad from Westwind for a new range/game for 2003 called 'Dwarf Wars'..

You think they'll have dwarfs?

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More new Rackham Confrontation figs.

More of the same I see, nice wolfen, overworked goblin and wierd puppetmaster style chaos dwarf. The dwarf is good though, a worthy addition.
Its hard to know how to judge these, are they collectors pieces (as the incredible design and detailing would indicate) or gaming figures for guilding armies/skirmish forces (as the range selection would seem to suggest)?

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Here's some forthcoming releases from a new company, Cold War Miniatures (no website so far as I know).

Hey, they'll be great for peppering your Zombies game with!

Night of the living dead?

Ah yeah, bit of a laugh.

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Some nice demons & strumpets from Reaper.

Nice, some very 'classic' looking demons there. Strumpets are a bit so-so, but good fun.

You can never have too many strumpets...

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A new release from Dark Ages, who have been v. quiet of late.

Sort of like big open arms ready for a nice nightime hung type thing going on here innit? -frotherbAz

Looks like a good concept, but not so well sculpted unfortunately.

I rather like this one, despite a somewhat odd posture

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These forthcoming 'Rocketeers' look fun - from Pulp Figures.

Cool! Clearly inspired from the movie.

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Here's some more releases for Warmachine.

Yeah, they're cool. Touch of 40K about them, but in some ways they look even more 'archaic' than that, more 'steampunk', which I guess they are trying to be. Esp. like the Warpriest - he's got real attitude - would fit in well with Mutant Chronicles.

Yea I like the warpriest.
Have we done the 40K comparison before? I'm sure we must have. Actually the 'ruggedised' style reminds me of the old Titans (GW's Adeptus Titanicus).

Yeah, I believe the comparison has been made before, for sure, and agree with you about the old Titans stuff.

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Doc Ashton reports that Shadowforge have got a new Elven Gridiron/Bloodbowl team on the way - here are the Coach and a Cheerleader..

Hubba hubba!

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Super-spy Jason has found these top new Greens for 100 Kingdoms.
Lizardman lovers everywhere will be celebrating...

Dead Deputy's gotta love that lot fer sure... I really like that long-necked fellow, he's pretty funny. Could be a standard bearer all on his own couldn't he?

Yes they are rather cool. Are they one-offs, or are they part of a larger range? I'm not what that thing with the horns is but I want one! :)

Top quality stuff. Nice level of detail, imaginative and nicely posed.

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Some rather cool shields from Foundry...

Interesting, if daft.
What are these shields supposed to be made of, molded bronze? Fibre glass? Papier-mache?

Well it is actually possible to mould leather into shapes and then harden it.

Ah, you are referring of course to Cuir Bouilli, where leather is softened by soaking or boiling and then dried into a new shape, perhaps also using wax or vegetable . (nice article here)

Well I didn't wanna go getting all technical on you

Not very practical though is it? You'd need a wood backing and metal rim anyway as it wouldn't be strong enough on its own. Renowned craftsmen as the orcish race is known to be, it seems a lot of effort even for chieftans... surely only high elves ponce about with their armour to that extent?

Not neccessarily. The leather so formed can be extremely rigid. Sure, a rim of some sort would enhnace it as a shield. And anyway, you could just use the shape as a veneer or decorative cladding for a normal wooden or metal shield. If you got a set of preformed moulds (in clay or summat probably) then you could knock these out by the dozen no probs. Maybe not for the rank and file grunts, but certainly as a nice touch for that elite bodyguard regiment. Work wonders for morale and unit pride.

Anyway, they'll be a couple of quid each with assorted rammage will they ???

What sort of ramage would you have with shields?
Bucklers maybe?

Naw, that'd useful. Probably be a range of petit, florally garbed Nibelungs clutching blacksmithying and gardening implements.

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