Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks - JULY 2002


A new figure for the soon to be released War Machine game.

Cor, 40K players gonna love that - Doc.

Maybe if they need a chaos lord. The thing is 35mm tall ! - The Imp

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Some v. nice new releases from Crocodile.

Nice to see some more Aegyptian humans, those would give a bunch of regular 'historical' Egyptians a nice fantasy feel.
Good figs, and some more Tzeenchian beastmen types as well.
Dunno what the other thing is, but it looks cool!

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Something a bit different at last from Dark Ages..

I like this, but the first thing I thought was Pokemon - 'big crystal eagle thing, I choose you!' - Mr Ed

I like it. It's different and is painted quite nicely - Brother Maynard.

Sorta different slant on an Ice/Earth (Rock) Elemental thang? Interesting. - UnclEvl.

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One of my top spies, WK, just earned himself a promotion by discovering a whole new range of miniatures just about to be released ! They are for a new game called Hundred Kingdoms - here's a small sample - the ant/hive warriors are cool...

So, what's my new rank?

Sergeant-Major ?

Maybe someday I'll be Colonel..

Hmmm, think they could have remained undiscovered to no ones great loss.

Look like a lot of fun, and a good new source for fantasy samurai too (which you seem to have singled out for exclusion).
Hopefully not too pricy when they come out.
Bit more info on these... first an excerpt from the discussion board

" As you may notice we have a very different game and very unique kingdoms. In keeping with this philosophy we will never have an orc, dwarf, elf, goblin, or elf army. They have been overdone to death by everyone. We will create unique armies that will really catch everyones imaginations. "

Reckon they'll do a Celto-Badgerian range? I might just suggest it...
And more..

" Rank and File miniatures have two poses each and will be packed in quantities of two (one of each pose). Special characters, monsters, and siege equipment will be packaged as one miniature.
Prices will vary depending on how much they weigh and what type of miniature they are. A standard rank and file human sized package of two will will probably go for $5.00 (about $2.50 each). A unit of two simians will sell for $7.00 (about $3.50 each). Human sized special characters will sell between $3.00 and $6.00 each depending on a lot of things. Many of the other ones I will not make a final decision on until right before we launch. Either way this will be an affordable game for most people to play. "

Hm, $3-$6 for a human-sized... a little over 2-4UKP, plus what 20% postage? And tax this end of course.
Not sure they're *that* good. Its all very well going into the market saying you'll charge less than the US Games Workshop price, but you'll still need some classy figures to quote prices in the same order of magnitude.
In fairness a lot of them are very good, but compare with the more consistent West Wind or the similarly priced (but much better) Heresy...
Still, could well be a winner for poorly served fielders of Samurai (or indeed Roman Gorilla) armies.

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More I-Kore Celtos hotties...

Now you're talking. See, this one I love and I'll definitely get it, though I don't immediately have a use for it. Much better than the male equivalent. It's got my vote.

Hm, poor gels seem to be having a bit more trouble holding up the chief there. Glad they're in different poses this time, unlike the male counterpoint set- even they are even more unlikely!
Cor though, thats saucier than even the regular Celtos offerings though. Hmmm, thinks.... can I get the male chief with the female bearers, or is that a bit too much?
And what does that say about me that I'd even pose the question? Eep!

Hmmm.. 2 scantily clothed young women lifting shield with big strong chief on it.. I don't know what the idea says about you, Doc, but I think I wouldn't mind having one of those..

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OK Marblemaniacs, the Colonel has brought news from those excellent minismiths at West Wind Productions - and then gone for dinner and cocktails with the General, leaving me to present the report!
Due for release this month is "Samurai Wars", their upcoming game of - you guessed it - "Heroic Skirmish Combat in the age of the Shoguns".
More info as we get it, though most exciting news for us is that there are around 30 *packs* of figures planned to accompany it! No mention of fantasy elements, but it all looks rip-snorting enough to cheese off 'serious' collectors of Japanese armies...

Anyway, here's the only fig so far!

Coola. Well if the figs for this are anywhere near as good as their 'Gothic Horror' range for 'Vampire Wars', then I may even invest in a few mesen.
Those were probably the figs that impressed me most at Salute02, and had I actually known what the game was about and whether it was any good Id've spent heavily.

Yeh sure is sounding cool and the nice mini bodes well for the range. They look like they have a whole lot more stuff out soon as well...

"Get Ready for Cowboys!..
Get Ready For Gladiators!..."

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A couple of new I-Kore VOID figures. Nothing special, but not bad. Middle one looks a bit 'Kal Jerico' to me.

They're pretty cool, I'd be wowing on them if I thought they'd be less than 3 quid each.

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I'd just like to take this opportunity to withdraw any mildly disparaging remarks made about the new Dark Ages range on these here pages.

We are not worthy !

I don't recall making any such remarks, so I guess I'm still worthy. This one's awesome. Probably the best one yet.

Usually I don't like figurines except Rackham's. But I like this one :)
Only one regret, the weapon is not great...

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Those Hundred Kingdoms guys are starting to deliver the goods !
Some of the 'Simians' (apes) range, especially this one, will fit in well with my 'Nubian' army concept..
Seen it, love it, will have to find a use for it. The witch elf is just there to show off the conversion possibilities. It should be easy to place most adequate human sized models (in 25mm scale, get real) in there (preferrably painted in the colour scheme of your favorite opponent).

I don't care for it. The anatomy is a bit too far off for my taste.
Did you fellows ever see Jason Weib's Visions In Putty 1 Simian Gladiator? Now that was a giant gorilla! Too bad it was never picked up for mass production. - The Imp

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Corvus Belli have some new cavalry.

Ooh... I think they would make nice editions into the 11th Kingdoms Knightly ranks... very nice indeed!

Nice, they'd go quite well with the Front Rank knights I would think.
Bit "War of the Roses" for your army though aren't they Brother Maynard?

Perhaps. Though by the time I've painted them it won't make much difference. They'll pretty much steamroller over anything that gets into contact with them... much like my existing mini-tank division does... I meant Knights of the Realm mounted unit... ;-)

You're going to start painting your figures?

Well I'll undercoat them at any rate. That's pretty much the same as painting them right?!? Knights of the White Order; clad in white armour, wielding white lances and riding white chargers!


bAzNot bad at all - in fact nice motion on the horses and the angles on the big pole thingys are very good. I like these. -frotherbAz

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Some sneak pics (from New Wave) of more forthcoming Crocodile Aegyptus mini's. Looking good.

Arg! That first one looks like an animate turd!
I like the priesty type, though it seems slightly rough from this pic. Should he have a bound volume?

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Finally managed to track down a few pics of Gripping Beasts new 'Crusaders'.
Not convinced by these I'm afraid - maybe just poor photo's ...

Crikey!!! Let's hope those are just really, really bad pictures. Otherwise you can see why the "crusaders" never won more than one "crusade". Eeeewww!!!

The pose of the horse looks rather stiff. The cloth on the barding is hardly flowing at all. Can't really comment on the rider as his shield hides everything but his head.
The foot knights are not too bad, though they offer nothing new. Their hands don't seem to have a firm grip on the weapon (especially the one on the left). The one on the right seems a bit short, though maybe that could be attributed to being covered in chainmail from head to toe.
I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I for one am going to wait and see what the Perry's forthcoming crusaders have to offer. I have a feeling it will be better than this..

Yes, those are well stumpy... I thought we'd gotten away from the days of such poorly proportioned minis...
Very bad show for GB, esp. as these minis have been out for a good while and we still see no improvement on their pathetic excuse for a website (still invisible without Flash, although my work have installed it now for some reason).

Some of the rest of the range looks ok once they've got a lick of paint on - see here. Mr Ed.

See that is better... they still look pretty malproportioned, the paint just hides that a bit better.

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The new Confrontation (Rackham) releases. Wolfen shamen looks good.

Not too keen on the Rackham dwarfs, so I'll skip this one.
The mounted knight-dude (probably for the lions of Alahan) is not bad, but not exceptional like some of their other stuff. Didn't you post a picture of it a while back? (small and unpainted?) Could possibly be used as a high elf knight.
The Shaman looks like the best of the lot, though for once that doesn't say much. Interesting pose and some nice details.

Yea, is pretty cool, as is the knight... frightening!
Still don't much care for the dwarves though.

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Three new 'Ferals' (beastmen) from Heresy. Get all 3 for 5 ! Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Wow! Love the big bellys and hey look at those boobs, great stuff - a few good champions for my mutants army...

Not bad. Somewhat reminiscent of the GW Ungors (but only bigger). Nice poses. Second thoughts on the female one tho. There's just something about the breasts.. But then again she's supposed to be ugly as hell anyway.

3 for a fiver, thats pretty cool. Gotta be a must for any beastman/chaos collector.
That birds pretty minging though - didn't she try and buy as a drink at the Student National Roleplaying thingy one year UnclE?

Hmm. Naw, that was just Crazy Jane with a severe touch of hives.
And her thrup'nies weren't as nice.

No, wasn't Crazy Jane the one who belted me around the head at breakfast?

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Some new Cobalt sci-fi figs. This range is definitely growing on me..

Well the weapons are certainly growing, are you sure thats not what it is?

I dunno. Maybe we should see them painted. As is, they look sort of dull.

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Here's some new figs from Cell Miniatures '1999' sci-fi range.

Not sure about the biker, but that penitent is pretty fun! Great standard bearer for a cultist unit I reckon.

First one doesn't look too bad.
There's something odd about the standard bearer that I can't really put my finger on. His arm looks a bit out of proportion and he looks like he could fall over any moment now.
Maybe it's the picture but the bike(r) looks crappy.

Really like the first two figures, I really must get some of those 1999 figures.
The bike is crap though.
ASL Edwards

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Some great new Foundry Valkyries. After a fallow period it looks like things are moving there at last. You get a free pack of your choice when you order from their new website allegedly.

Hehe. Nod bad, looks like a return to form, in the fantasy arena at least. Odd to mould nipples onto armour though ain't it?
Hold on.. that birds in the nip!

Nice minis. They will definitely find a place amongst my other Norse warriors. But when will they ever be released? Foundry keeps showing us more and more interesting new ranges, but never seem to get around to actually releasing them. When are the Norse dwarfs? Swashbuckler dwarves? Swashbucklers?

And what's with the crap of randomly assorted preview packs. You're likely to have to buy the same figures again once they're officially released and repackaged. And while I'm at it, what's with these Elven nymphs? Those are really packed at random, instead of putting all the archers together in one pack, so that Woodelf players might be tempted to get a few. But nooo..

And then there's this thing of putting 2 or 3 minis in a blister and then filling it with useless (and often unrelated) crap (I mean bits) to justify the price.
Nice Rant.

YEA! Lets not let em off the hook just yet! Well said that man.

Thanks. They really are pushing it a bit.

And if for some reason you would actually want to get the crap (I mean bits), you cannot get it seperately, only when you buy their other models and they're randomly assorted so that it's virtually impossible to get the whole range. Really curious as to how many minis will be in one pack of Valkyries. And what crap (I mean bits) they will come up with to add to the mix so that they can make us pay more for less.

The word you're looking for is ramage, as in "I've got a blister with too much ramage"

That's right. It must have slipped my mind in the heat of the moment...
It's not like it's a real word anyway.

Not sure why Ansell and co invented this word or its origins, or even pronunciation... we originally spelled it with a double 'm', like 'rammed' (as in "they've rammed a load of stuff in my blister").

Still, I guess it has a better ring to it than 'load of crap you don't want or even if you do want it you'd rather get it separately'.

I wouldn't think they draw that much benefit from it either, in terms of what it costs to produce... although maybe it appeals to the GW urchins.

Maybe not. But on the other hand, let's take an example. I got a few packs of Revenant elves a while back. Contents:
- 2 very nice elves (no complaints there)
- 2 cherub-like faeries. (total amount of used metal: about half an elf)
- price: 8.50

Compare to pack of Foundry miniatures from historical range:
- 7-9 miniatures
- price: 8.50

Yea, it is a swizz. I mean the fantasy ranges are slightly bigger in fairness, and more detailed. But still.

They are bigger, yes, and more detailed. But like you said: still...

Hows this for an additional benefit: There's 12 revenant elves all together. If I want them all I have to buy 6(!) packs, containing crap (I mean ramage) I don't need, instead of the normal 2.

Are you sure there's no benefit in it?

Collectors buy entire range for sixty squids (109EUR/125U$D), and throw away/lose all ramage! Aha!

Yes. Basically you pay 60 for +/- 20 worth in their other prices.

But anyway, back to todays masterworks. I really really like these new minis. Foundry miniatures rule!

Ah see you've gone back on yourself a bit there.

I know, but I did that intentionally. I still believe the miniatures themselves are really good. Only goes to show that even someone who really likes their stuff can be pushed a little too far.

What would go with valkyries, ramage-wise?

Let's hope they cannot think of anything. They'll probably just sell them in packs of 4 or 5.

Is it too much to hope for do you think?

I think it's the best we can hope for. And I doubt these will be bigger than their historical models. The nymphs weren't.

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I really like this latest I-Kore VOID release - k-k-k-k-k-k-kick-ass !

Looks somewhat japanese manga-style. Except that some parts of it don't.

Thats pretty cool.

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Slightly off topic I know, but here's some 'Sinister Spies' from Pulp Figures .

Very cool. Those I'd buy, for no other reason than they're a good laugh.

I agree, these are a great laugh!

Not too fond of the sculpting style in general, though these new offerings don't look half bad.

The guy in the mac with the beard looks like one of the local tramps. A very effective disguise.

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