Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks - JUNE 2003

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A limited edition (tournament only) 'female predator' release from Excalibur Miniatures.

See here for news on how to get it (its a ltd edition, natch):-

That's pretty nice, but as a ltd. edn that you can only get by winning a tournament it's going to be hard to get hold of.

On the other hand..the great and mighty Copplestone does two packs of four. One with hand weapons and one with guns. - DemonEtrigan

That would look so good with my Copplestone Predators!
I hate limited editions. Hate it! Hate it! This screams for blood!

Come on, you can have limited editions, but this is ridiculous. You can only have it if you WIN it in a tournament? So how many did they cast up? A handful? - W.K.

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There's a new limited edition Sandra Garrity sculpt available at Discount Hobby. -Mancha

Is a bit dull, even for SG. -Doc

How can you say that's dull? Nipples AND a snake? That's pure high octane excitement there!

Or perhaps not... -hundvighong

I like the way she holds the snake and looks it in the eyes.

For the rest, I'm not too fond of her head, general pose is somewhat dull and the nudity is somewhat cheap and unnecessary.

I found it a bit understated for Cleopatra, one of histories most famous women. Doesn't it call her 'Cleopatra the Seductress' though? That would explain the snake and the norks, but it's hardly a nice tribute. -Rob

Hard to tell what scale, but I'm assuming 25/28mm - and she doesn't seem to look particularly Egyptian...? --especially the headress/helmet thing. - Mr Canuck

I don't normally care for SG's work, but I quite like this one. Not sure about the snake. Nice thrup'nies. -Sumo

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Its been a crazy week for me, very busy and at least another 2 more busy weeks ahead so my reading and posing on the board will become erratic.

Anyway, still read my news and alerted by TMP, new elf support minis from Shadowforge. An 'orc referee' that is comming out next month. Kinda odd that he is holding an axe though... -fatgoblin

Gotta keep them rowdy players in line ya know. -The Imp

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ZombieSmith is a new(ish) company working on several games, mostly centered around multi-part zombies for the moment.

The miniatures are not the best I've seen, but with zombies you can stretch it a bit.

Thats pretty weak though, I think you'd need to stretch it more than a bit...

True, but Drew Williams (of Maidenhead fame) is working on some new ones and those are looking a lot better.

They should have waited for Drew Williams to finish...


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06/06/03 cont...

I guess they'll make good "minions" for the new Neil Sims "MEGA-ZOMBIE!!" :D's 100 (freakin') mm's tall!

Another member of the 'unit of giants'!

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New Reaper Greens.

The Elven warrior appears to have some sort of Klingon blade weapon "thingee?"

The other two figs look really good though!

Not bad. Typical Reaper stuff though, in the classic tradition. I like the
faces and that Warlord Justicar holds some nice ideas in it, but I'm not
toally convinced by the lower part of the robes.

I was actually abit disappointed with the paladin. Not really big on the armour design and the sword is probably a fraction to big to be balanced (visually I mean) with the rest of the figure.

This was probably because my expectations was too high. I was eargerly awaiting the next Klocke sculpt as I am making up a small adventuring party of Klocke's Warlord minis. Right now it only has 3 members.... the undead hunter, bounty hunter and Good Priest.

I'm not fond of Herr Klocke's concept of bladed weapons about half the time. Case in point, I swapped out both of the ones he had on the ltd ed VIC9 thief. They were just crap IMO! In the case of the elf warrior to make a plausible staff weapon, wouldn't the haft have to be about twice as long?

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Ilyad Games- I noticed the Colonel's link section doesn't include their official website yet.

I really like the dwarves. The gatling cannon looks cool.

I like these a lot, definite contenders for Miniatures of the Moment I reckon. Maybe some of the dwarves are a bit weak but overall this is a great new range... Damn I've got a busy weekend then.

Yes, he won't be back for a while. Hehe, by the time that old fart returns, I'll be running this place...

You aren't already? :lol:

They're a great line.

Lets have a bit more discipline in the ranks!

There'll be no insubordination on my watch!

Their demon line could be just the thing to finally kick-start my
long-planned chaos army...let's hope it's good. - Robert Wilde

Wow These are nice. Very interested in their chaos line Agree that they could contend as miniatures of the moment. -Ghost

Eh, other than the Chaos Knight Champion I'm not terribly impressed.

Well I have to agree here. The Orcs are more like big goblins, they are a little like some of rackham's goblins.


Other than that the chaos figure is good.

The Orcs and Goblins look pretty good - vaguely reminicent of the old Nick Lund figures (boy, now that's dating me!)

Not in this place, it isn't.


Interesting design there. Some of the dwarf heads seem weirdly posed but I like the stocky goblins.

For the record, I'd like it noted that it was not my discovery. They had already been found a while ago, but they didn't have an official website yet, and the pictures were a bit too small to really judge before.

I have searched the annals of the froth forums and retrieved the initial discovery by private Xipetotec and frotherguest Benji. Credit must be given where it is due.


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For more picture (good quality one) go to

BTW all this game is based on a french comic/graphic novel "black moon
chronicles" (orig. Le chroniques de la lune noire) very interesting

Hope you'll find this usefull

Keep up the good work colonel - RIPER from Italy

That giant minotaur looks cool and so does the werewolf type.
They seem to have a bit of everything, orcs & goblins, humans, dwarves, chaos and the three common types of elves (high, dark & wood).

They're really expanding their range rapidly now.

Very Nice! At this speed they'll bankrupt us before Christmas. (Must...Own...Werewolf...)

A few corrections and additional info:

The pics are from a convention last october where you could see much of their stuff.

The game is on sale since a few month in France but it's not about the Black Moon Chronicles yet, only the generic rules with it' own background and 15 army list. Their will be a supplement (end of the year) to play with the minis from the chronicles.

Their is more minis in the rulebook and they have even more ready but I'm not authorised to say more. -Sylvain

Sounds familiar. Were you perhaps involved in the creation of this range?

No, but I've visited their studio last week and I've seen a few greens and such (actually their minis are grey rather than green because of milliput but you get the idea) .

I've also a few models at home I'm supposed to paint (that's a weird idea to commission me to paint ) and I'll probably sculpt a few minis for them later. -Sylvain

These figures are metal and not resin ??

I sem to recall someone thinking they might be resin a while ago thats all....


Does it matter, they are cool figs and a big new range..?


That wolf could be papier mache, I'm still having one. :)

Mm, new elementals too! Coola... but how come the elves are so shite?

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area 23 posted these. I like them, especially the followers. The Harbinger and Hero have great facial character as well. Yum!

Looking good. Loads of character to the Basti camp followers too, though I'm somewhat puzzled as to their purpose in the game?

I love miniatures with no purpose, I'm always looking for civilian figures for a range. I would buy them if I had a bast army but as it is I don't. They are quite expensive here in Australia. (and I have too many expensive armies to collect already).

Right there with you, fatgoblin. I have a lot of viking civilians for my Norse, not to mention the dead and wounded warriors.

They do actually do something, rules-wise. Some kind of morale effect IIRC? If I hadn't sold off my copy of the game I'd just look it up. - hundvighong

Who cares about rules with minis like that? Rackham Syndrome.


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Check out this Sibeki Champion from Crocodile Games:

I think the sculptor is the guy from the now defunct Dragonrune.

Looks good! -Ghost

Nice figure. Lots of character, and fearsome-looking to boot. Argh, their web site says their sebeki range will finally be out in July, which means I'll have to try and get some.

Curses, my finances are bad enough as it is...

Now that's a nice bit of pewter. Looking forward to seeing more of these.

The sculptor's from the now-defunct DragonRune, right? Or am I confusing my artists?- hundvighong

To be perfectly honest, I am disapointed. It looks a bit rough to me. While a croc is far from smooth in appearance this one just doesn't seem to convey scaley. The lower jaw doesn't look right at all IMO and the dorsal spines are way over emphasized. The lower jaw doesn't look right at all IMO and the dorsal spines are way over emphasized. I think that Mr. Paniagua may need some better photo references.

I don't like the way he's standing on two legs...not much like a croc at all... ;¬) -frotherGuest

I agree he doesn't look scaley enough, and the top of the spine juts out too much, but otherwise I really like him. He also looks a lot like the Crocodile Games mascot.

Hmmm...I missed the side view first time around. That bottom jaw is a bit off somehow, isn't it? Not hinged right. Still, not a bad effort overall. Nice alternative to GW's dino-men. -hundvighong

Spine and Jaw bedamned! This is a great fig! -Ptolomy

Counts as a top figure where I come from.

He's not skinny enough! Sobek's so cool 'cause he's skinny with a croc's head.

OK, enough of the egyptologue rant...

Great model. Lots of character. -Jakar Nilson, frotherGuest

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Have you guys seen the new female (soon to be) releases from Fenryll on TMP? Whats with the orc slayer? This is some strange trend thats happening. (I'm not complaining!)

Just think, there'll be three of them too... (now thats a strange trend, 3 copies of the same figure).

Three stage characters used to be quite popular in the old days.

Don't really see the need for them anymore with the current wide scope of available miniatures...

The three-stage minis are still mighty handy for roleplayers, who do tend to get attached to their characters. Most tabletop RPG buffs aren't too interested in doing elaborate conversions to represent better equipment, and the staged minis are obviously the same guy/gal in different clothes. Gives them a sense of continuity. -hundvighong

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I don't know how long these have been out, but:

They can't be serious, and yet they are.

Sexist pigs...

They were released at last years Salute, but I believe the online pics are new. The figs aren't so bad (for mysoginist nonsense) but the prices are ludicrous. Porn tax I believe it is called.

Cooeee! gwartisan, you should be ashamed of yourself young man!
we gave them the vote surely giving them guns is a step too far? - waxfive

Y'can all get fucked. -gwartisan

Well, they're not actually bad models. Sculpting seems good enough. It's just the concept...

To be honest, they don't concern me any more than Excalibir, Assassin or most fantasy art. At least a line of naked women with guns is supposed to have naked women, but why are tooled-up dragon-slaying warrortrix usually top heavy and topless? I know internal logic doesn't prevent something being sexist, but although i'm happy to see naked lasses in porn mags i get suspicious when they're draped over bonnets in car mags.

True, but while we can still imagine semi-nude females in ancient or pseudo-medieval exotic fantasy settings, it is hard to imagine a gang of heavily armed 20th-21st century gals running around in the nude.

It just looks so cheap instead of the *cough* functional nudity in fantasy miniatures. Plus, the fact that they're advertising them with pictures of actual nude girls makes it... ehm...

Note: WK has nothing against nudity in female miniatures or generally speaking. I have enough of aforementioned Excalibur and Assassin miniatures to back this up. But not especially because there is some nudity.

The minis are based on images from the guns and girls website(the egg), I made 'em(the chicken) on the sly whilst still being in the employ of Foundry. I will do anything for a dollar.(on a side note fans of late night british cable tv may recognise one of the women as Britains 'real life' BARBIE doll (this does not mean she has her fanny sealed over in plastic),also she is one of the strippers in Prodigy's smack my bitch up video. Making minis like that are like a drunken one night stand. -gwartisan

I've never cared for cheesecake miniatures.

I prefer my porn the old fashion way. -The Imp

Ironically the figures are better than anything else Amazon does.

It's a shame they debase the hobby to the lowest common denominator and any sculptor thinking about his, or her, reputation might do well to refuse such work on principle. But no, money talks.

And for the record I have already been called a prude, puritan and ponce because of these views. So at least come up with some new ones, preferably not alliterative.

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Interesting yes? Looks like for Norse dwarves!

Looks good.

Interestingly they also want suggestions for miniatures!! -area23

Looking very good indeed. Might even qualify for the Norse dwarf showcase, but we'll have to see some more to be sure.

I think they look quite nice, I hope they will be compatible size wise with the west wind ones.

Apparently the West Wind dwarves are BIG, 30mm scale.

So they're really just short, stocky humans then? Interesting. Makes you wonder what size the "regular" & "giant" sized races will be don't it?!


Warcrow look like a great addition to the ranks of fantasy mini-makers!

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Some new Chinatown miniatures at TMP

Anybody know what the Rakshasas are carrying? Is it a walking stick? An umbrella? A candy cane? I'm not up my Indian mythology.



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U guys have seen this guy from Hundred Kingdoms already right ?

I mean I'm on holiday and I saw it..... LOL



Seriously, these models are silly.

Kinder surprise?

How can someone screw a dinosaur range up that badly..?

Err is that a spiky cow-pat on his head?

Think I might get the whole range, just for a laugh. They're different anyway, and it'll piss you off when my army of bizzaro fluorescent genetic dino freaks kicks your sorry arses on the battlefield. -UnclEvl

Not a fan at all of this line! The dino-men (Outkasts) seem very childish. I support 100K for wanting to release different armies but c'mon, make them somewhat respectable. -Ghost

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Hi, I've been suggested by a frother captain to post this on this forum, so I obey:
those are some of my latest greens (I let you find by yourself what they are to be sure you look at them )

for older stuff go to the site's entry:


I'll definitely have to get the barbarian. Oh, and I hope they sell those weapon sprues separately. Lots of useful stuff on there.

Sculpt on, frother.

Very nice figures.

Nice work! Really like the Barbarian

I also hope that the weapon sprues will be available separately... -Ghost

mmh... I doubt so, didn't you read who they have been sculpted for [GW]? Or maybe someday in the bitz pages, but most of fanatic minis have weapons sprue and I don't think they sell them separately.

Sorry, you'll have to buy my minis too. -Sylvain

The melee weapons are mostly stupidly huge, but that's "GW style" for you. Nice figures other than that, I like the modularity. Looking forward to doing some conversions on them when they come where did I put those Reaper weapon packs? -hundvighong

Yep maybe, some are supposed to be 2 hands weapons though... -Sylvain

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New Guardians of Order (Superhero) Mins.

Look ok. Reaper is making them and I would imagine that they will get better with each release. :¬D -Ghost

They're not bad, but I don't really care for Garrity's style.

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Warcrow's new Jujiro fig. Likin' this too...

No no no no no no no no no no no no! I will not get into an Asian themed fantasy army! No!

Well, ok then. Yes.

Good. There has not been any fantasy Asian themed mins since Clan War (I know that Reaper makes an occasional one now and then). Nice change from your standard armored humans. Looking forward to it. -Ghost

If thats a wine gourd on his back it would be really cool! If not... errrr...... would still probably be cool...

Errr... isn't he a little over muscular for an asiatic?

Otherwise, the mini is very cool, it just doesn't feel very realistic. -Lfant


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Vendel Egyptian Marines- A possible for bulking out an Aeygptus force ?

Agree with you good Colonel, these should fit right in with the Aegyptus line. Might also look nice in a WH Dogs of Army as well. -Ghost

A word of caution: Vendel's other figures in the Persian range are significantly taller and bulkier than other manufacturers, such as Old Glory, Foundry, and 1st Corps. So to my eye, they are going to look odd with Croc's Aegyptus figures.

Doesn't meant they ain't nice sculpts, just on the large side. -aecurtis

I thought Aegyptus figures were known to be rather big themselves. I recall a thread on the old forum (way, way back, before some of the committee members had their ginger beards) where someone was looking for alternative miniatures to go with his Aegyptus stuff and he found even Black Tree miniatures rather small in comparison (and those are known to be bulky themselves).

The Black Tree historical Egyptians aren't at big as some of their others (ancient Germans, Picts). I use them (not in the same unit) with the old Foundry Perry-sculpted Egyptians, Nubians, etc. Those comprise the basis of my morphable Egyptian army: straight up for historicals, adding Croc and EE "specials" for fantasy.

But you make a fair point. I don't have hardly any of the Croc Asar (humans), but have noted that their skeletons/mummies are rather tall. So a quick comparison out of the "to do" box. Let's take two Vendel Persian command figures. They stand 1-2 mm taller than their Black Tree Egyptian counterparts, but are significantly bulkier. Not only do they have massive (in terms of amount of metal) cloaks, but the heads, hands, etc. are just *big*. Now I'm putting them next to the new Croc human priest of somebody-or-other (Osiris?). Dead equal in height, but where the Croc figure is sculpted thin and lanky, the Vendel guys are again stocky and ham-handed.

But as I know full well, such an evaluation is very subjective. A Vendel Egyptian marine unit might go fine next to a Croc Asar unit. The best thing is to get a sample or two and decide for oneself.

Hmmm ... this sparks an idea. It'd be really cool if you nutters went and took size comparison pictures to go with your really cool in-depth articles. -Miniatures Atlas

That's actually a good idea for something to do after we're done with all the showcases.

Just so you know, I don't actually own ALL the models I feature in the showcases (and I bet the other contributors don't either), so there may be a couple of gaps in the comparison. (Not that many unfortunately...)


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Some greens on this site by Tony Aldridge Figures. Got there through the listsculpting group

Click on the "figures in preperation" or the "adventurers range". The adventurers are probably of more interest to most people here but the faces on all the minis are very very nice. Check them out.

Not bad. There's the occasional arm or leg that looks a bit odd, which I'm sure won't happen after he's done a couple more figs, but the detail is excellent and so are the faces. There is some genuine promise here. :¬D

The poses are too static for my taste, but other than that they appear to be well done.

Not bad at all. A couple of anatomy glitches, but nice colorful subjects. -hundvighong

Small glitches aside, I really like the clean lines of these minis. Not overdone like some EE and their kin minis.

The real drawback for me is the page itself. Perhaps there needs to be a FU_UK HTML Aid Society. -MiniaturesAtlas

I am not into this sort of miniature although these look as though they are good for starters. I agree with the site problem though. -frotherbAz


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I don't care if it's Evil Empire. I am DEFINITELY getting this one for my Eastern European Fantasy Army *cough* kislevites.

I guess it was inevitable that some Kislev get released given their current chaos narrative. Hopefully more will come. What do you use for the RnF btw? I'm tempted. :¬D

Currently, I'm using:
For handgunners: Foundry Cossacks (by Copplestone I believe)

This is the second time they took a range offline just before I wanted to check out the pictures!!

For archers & swordsmen: old Kislevite Horsearcher torso's with plastic militia legs (and green stuff).

Mounted models: old GW horsearchers & winged lancers, Foundry mounted cossacks and Armalion Bornländische Geflügelte (more winged lancers).

Some of the Mordheim kislevites, some of the (small) DOW cannons, with heavily converted crew (they're mostly green at this point), and some other conversions from various sources.

I'd also really like to get my hands on some of the Foundry's Perry twin Polish, but they're not available now (although recently they put up a picture of some painted models and said they might be back soon). They look like they'll fitright in. (though I'd probably modify some of the headwear for the footsoldiers).

Hmmmm they do look good don't they? Certainly something to keep track of. I'm very attracted to the infantry but not really to the cavalry. Never really warmed to the wing and the helmet shape.

Some sample EE Kislev infantry command figures have been on display at various shows for many months now. They certainly appear to be Perry sculpts, and are quite attractive. It'll be interesting to see how far they push the more historical-looking figures in this range.

I think they may be a bit taller than the Foundry/Perry Poles, but obviously there hasn't been the chance to compare them. -aecurtis


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Image protected by Games Workshop IP lawyers*

Hit this link and go NEXT a few time...



From the Crusader Miniatures website:

The next part of the Christian Spanish El Cid range is now available for pre-order.

The new packs are DAE009 Characters and Casualties (which includes a foot and mounted version of the Cantadore pictured on the right), DAE013 Heavy and DAE008 light cavalry commands, DAE012 slingers and DAE002 unarmoured Spearmen.

Cool ... I like incidental miniatures. I'm sure I'll snag a couple of these.

Not every miniature has to be a chainmail bikini clad, dangly earring wearing, braided hair, large busted, small waisted, fingernail painted, small footed, tiny anklet wearing, super Vampire Amazon Chaos Warmaiden Shaman from Hell-and-Beyond(tm), wearing a hat taller than most modern skyscrapers and more ornate than the very last LSD/crack/rubbing alcohol cocktail-inspired movie Batmobile, and carrying eight different weapons that are larger than most houses and have strange curves more dangerous than her own.

I mean ... I just find it hard to believe that the perfect female miniature would be a vampire ... too. -MiniaturesAtlas


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Here are some new Warmachine minis

Those look pretty good. The one in the middle looks cool. The others are interesting as well.

I likes em all. -Ptolemy

Yeah once again those guys have produced a really nice set of minis.... which means I am going to have to go get some more.... -frotherbAz

Hmmm I'm actually prefering the first two. But I'm holding judgement until I can see the face.


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Someone on the yahoo sculpting group posted this link, have a look.

All sculpted by John Winter for Arcana Unearthed Miniatures.

Nothing interesting to me. The Imp

Well, I for myself would say these show promise for a line of well sculpted miniatures. True, the concept of these specific models is a bit boring and they're somewhat static, but it's executed with skill.

I rather like the Sibeccai Female myself and I bet bAz might be interested too.

Looks to me like you could achieve a really good paintjob on these: nice clean, crisp work. Technically very well done (tidy chainmail...even if it is a big figure) but a big #yawn# for the pre-design effort.- UncHex

Promising stuff.

Eh, well done on the technical end but not very inspiring. Still, there's potential. -hundvighong


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New Limited Ed. Sci-Fi Dwarf. Check it out here:

Enjoy! -Ghost

While it is a nice miniature from a technical point of view, I don't like it at all. Sorry.

You're too kind I think WK, this fig is rubbish. Static and dull, and not really that well sculpted to be honest.

It was quite a big buildup too wasn't it? ':¬)

Well, you know me. I'm just too good for this world...

In fact, it reminds me a bit of the Chainmail dwarves, which I didn't like either.

That's a bad Squat figure. And I'm usually a big fan of the stunties, no matter how many times GW tells me to get over it. -hundvighong

I wish they'd limited it to a couple instead of a couple of hundred......actually one would be too many of them. -UncHex

You guys are so mean ... Its not that bad. At least that axe looks quite nice. Not bad for an amatuer anyway. Wouldn't personally buy it though... (but thats what counts in the end I suppose).


The guy probably has the same problem i had about two years ago, he knows how to work green and the fine details not bad, but he aint got a clue about structure, the clever bit under all the fluffy detail stuff, let him do another 150-200 figures and i recon he'll be pretty good.

Remember kids you heard it here first! -waxfive

I didnt realise he was an amateur (its bleedin' obvious now!), thanks Fat Goblin. Therefore I retract what I said about one being too many: one is exactly enough, but don't put things like that out if you're gonna put your name right up there with it!

waxfive (or whacks five ) is probably right, I agree he has a way to go but I hope he keeps it up!

Actually, for an amateur that's not bad. Certainly better than I could do working from scratch.

OTOH, I still wouldn't pay good money for it. -hundvighong

Better to be accompanied with blurb like 'here is a great effort by talented amateur Joe Orteza, looks like a name for the future' then I would think.

Just because I couldn't do one as good as that (or even as good as an Essex Minis Scaly Orc) doesn't mean I can't be critical.

I'd drop the amateur and add newcomer. 'bout we settle for promising newcomer...see, not so mean afterall!

You guys are sweet as candy..... :¬D

Anyway, I guess as soon as you put a price tag next to your mini you are open to harsher comments since you are in effect comparing yourself to other miniatures of similiar value. Promising cloaker...


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Heres a new Wargod of Olympus green from Crocodile Games.

From the pages of history comes the first special character for our upcoming WarGods of Olympus game!

He is Alcibiades, a military mastermind renown throughout the land of Hellas. Alcibiades was a notorious Athenian statesman and general, who fled his city and joined their enemy, Sparta. The miniature of Alcibiades may be used by either the Athenians or the Spartans.

I still have problems looking at green and brown figures but i think its pretty good -waxfive

I'm more interested in seeing any unusual (non-human) sculpts... gods maybe?

Thats great, I can't fault it (except I can't help wonder if he would look better with his sword drawn).

Really looking forward to this line. Last year they released some concept sketches (Athena, Ares, Tritan and a Titan I believe) and if they stay true to the artwork they are going to look very cool. As for the min, I think it wa very well done and is a sign of things to come. Like others I want to see some of the non-human mins. -Ghost

It's a nice piece, but nothing particularly special. I'm really looking forward to their more exotic pieces for this line as well.

It's good enough for me. Really looking forward to this lot. Perhaps I had better get my mythology rules out fast.... -Sumo

How big do you reckon it is (assuming that's a standard Croc 20-mm base)? Looks a little bit big to fit in with normal human figures.

I wouldn't have a problem with that for "Olympus" demigods, e.g. Hercules. But taking an important historical character and sculpting him oversize?

I dunno. I like the figure anyway, dammit. -aecurtis

It may just be me, but don't you fellows think he looks rather like Charlton Heston? -Marquis

Yes, and I can't think of anyone better for it. (That's the filmic charlton heston, not the modern gun-loving nutter).

Looks great. Really looking forward to seeing more of this line.

Looking closer, he might be a Spartan. Therefore a mortal? Do we know how tall the figure is?

Well, the historical Alcibiades was just as described on the Croc site: an Athenian who went over to Sparta. Quite mortal. But if that's a standard Croc 20-mm plastic base the figure is on, he stands somewhere between 35-mm and 40-mm tall, or so says my calibrated eyeball.

F*** me!


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More new Confrontation figs

Of the new pics the goblin looks a treat. I really love the face. And the rat cloak should be cool (can't really see it properly though).

For a second I had a vision of a ratcloaker..

But it looks cool. I actually like this goblin, and I've not been too keen on the last ones.

The Orc looks good until the eye scans up and sees...a proud dog!? Wouldn't orcs have something a little nastier on the end of their poles?

It's part of the background. The orcs worship a jackal god, hence the jackal warriors.

Ah, so the sillyness is cemented in.

Love the Orc and hadn't seen this one before. Kinda agree about totem - looks incongruously Egyptian. Still, easily enough changed for a few skulls or perhaps just replacing the whole thing with a fuck-off big axe.

Not sure about the Orc in the bear cloak, tho' its an interesting concept.

The rat orc is cool, but v. expensive ??

Its 3 (different ones) for 9.10 euros. I was quite surprise cause I thought it was a character model not a fodder...

The simian minotaur would look great in a Chaos army !

Doesn't any of you feel the orc's legs are way too tiny compared to the rest of his body? Looks ridiculous from the waist down.

From a perspective of anatomical correctness, I'd agree with you. But this kind of characterised stature is common for alot of Rackham's Orcs, and viewing the figure as a whole it usually looks balanced and ok. I'd say the same goes for this one; it helps emphasise the powerful brutishness of the figure.

Some rather nice mins from the Rackham boys. I think the gobbo is terrific. Really standouts and would look great as a leader. The berzerker champion (spasm warrior) is nice as well. However, As White Knight stated on the ork, his legs also look rather on the small side compared to the rest of the body. -Ghost

The big beastman guy is wonderful. Almost tempts me to start a chaos army. Almost. I love the goblin, but I can't really bring myself to like the orc, due to the lack of armour, tiny legs, and that pathetic dog on the staff! No orc could carve something that delicate and well-detailed. -Grom


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Impressed with Brigade Games #VA01. -guildmeister

Very impressive. I like them. I wonder how I could make these fit with my fantasy wild west miniatures...

They should fit perfectly as is. Maybe adding a revolver here and there would help, but historically the "cowboy hat" was invented by Hollywood in the 1930s. Most cowboys wore bowlers, stovepipe hats, and in the southwest sombreros.

Somewhat Foundryesque too.

Handy as aids for a bit of Cthulu by Gaslight too perhaps.

They look like they've come from Mike Owen, the sausage fingered brigand from the valleys.

I'm pretty sure they are Mike Owen sculpts, they were reviewed a couple of issues ago in miniature wargames. -DemonEtrigan

I sense so many unresolved issues here...



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Thunderbolt Mountain is working on some elves. Could these be the elf miniatures we've all been waiting for?

The current plan is to make two basic poses each for foot archers and spearmen in wood elves and high elves then the same on horse. Thatís 16 basic figures which I would then covert to 32 or even 64 variations. These figures would be in as few parts as possible, separate shield weapon and base at most. Separate parts add a lot to the cost of producing a figure. The conversions would be variations in the costume mainly with little variation of pose. In addition I plan to make some special figures, champions, nobles and the like, these would come in many parts with alternates (one figure with a choice of three heads, assorted weapons, plumes, shields et.) and be in foot and mounted sets. In addition, for dioramists I plan to make parts available separately.

You can see a preview of a couple elven heads in the news section. I think the faces look really good. More lifelike than most.

What do you say, Colonel M?

I don't think they are 28mm though... maybe its the same scale (1/12) as this

btw anyone interested in industry history in particular with ral partha can read the sculptor's bio

No they will be 28mm:

Tom Meier wrote:
The wood elf pictured is 6" tall (heís one of a pair of book-ends) and has true proportions. The 1/60 (28mm) figures will be slightly more caricatured, the heads will be 1/6 of the height as opposed to a more realistic 1/6.5 but other than that they will be similar. They will be closer to true proportions than most anything else on this scale.

Anybody here who is on 1listsculpting should check out Tom's folder in the files section. Shows a figure he's recently done as a commission at 28mm.

It's scarily good, and if it's any reflection of what his elves will be like then.... woah!

Looking forward to these Elves. Should be very interesting. -SteveB

Fascinating, but very sad.


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