Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks - MARCH 2003

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Crocodile have produced another cracking Aeygptus unit.

Yep these look very original and I really like the concept... -bAz

Mm agreed, more good Aegyptus stuff. - Doc

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Something different today - some new (?) Superhero figures for an RPG called 'Silver Age Sentinels'

Average figures compared to Superfigs, and I saw them in London today for a fiver each! - Sumo

Hey those are pretty nice, I think they are a step up from the superhero figs about at the moment.

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Finally something new from Dark Ages.

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Some of the new Westwind 'Vampire Wars' releases, called 'The Adversaries'.

Love that ecclesiastical fellah. - Uncl Evl

Wow, those are excellent, especially the clerical looking ancient, who could even go in an undead fantasy army!

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Some nice Perry ecclesiasticals...

Yea I saw these in the Wargames Illustrated, they really are fantastic! You can just picture them entering battle behind the crusading knights, blessing them all in turn, or trying to convince heathen goblins of their sinful ways by chanting at them in Latin.

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I nearly missed posting these great Crocodile Aegyptus 'Basti' limited edition camp followers - you can only get them as part of a 'Basti Deal'.
Very nice though.

Yeah, sexy. Glad to see the figs with authentic styleee weapons now - even if it is a bit chunky.

Mm, very nice, but very disappointing to be tied to a promotion. Why?
Still, the Basti "Catnip" deal is only 50U$D, less than 'some' manufacturers would expect you to shell out before being entitled to a limited edition fig.
But you still only get 17 figs for that, including the 2 specials but also including 2 which are probably best described as 'ramage' (tho I do like the cat).

You have a point there actually, maybe I should read more about these figures and how you can get hold of them ?
That is a tad expensive. This is for a specialist game isn't it?

In theory its for a specialist game, but there's getting to be enough figs that you could field them as supporting elements for a dedicated Aegyptus army in a mass battle system.
If you had the money. They are cracking figures though, and not *that* pricey compared to certain others... I shouldn't really be such a tight-arse.


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For todays maesterwork I'm just passing on this excellent recomendation from my able new Lieutenant, WK......

Maybe you already know about this but Werner Klocke (sculptor for Assassin, Excalibur, Armalion/DSA, Reaper) is producing his own miniatures. Not much there for the moment, mostly orcs, but I do like this Dark Elf on Cold One. Apparently you can just order bits too if you don't want the whole model (e.g. just the rider or just the mount in case of the dark elf).

PS. If this is news to you, maybe now 's the time for another promotion (something higher than Sergeant-Major)..

WK been promoted again?
Yeah, nice figs. Not startling, but ok. Bit steep though for what they are - 7 Euros for a goblin.

WK outstanding! Wow! these are excellent I love the due with the cross bow, the hat is very well sculpted - what a nice figure! I also like the goblin and boy oh boy the Cold One - that is such a cool figure. Excellent!

Yea the huntsman type is really excellent, and those greenskins are nice too, best I've seen for a while. The big lizard (cold one) is amazing too, though the rider is not *as* hot as the rest of the figures (but available as separates you say..?).
7 EUR????


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Some new Saracen types from Black Tree.

I've seen them already. The two packs you selected are the best of the lot so far, especially the command figures. I have my doubts about some of the others and I certainly don't want 3 of each model. If there weren't as many doubles in the packs, sure, rightaway. Now: maybe.

Hmm, some are OK for rank and file, but the posing on a good few is pretty awkward.

Largely underwhelmed

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Q. What's harder than a feckin' big Wolfen ?

A. A feckin' big Wolfen with a feckin' big gun...

Leave the wings off the first one and it could pass for a GW ork shaman or something. - Bruce.


You haven't shown that to bAz have you??

Whoah! Forget Rover with the shooter, what about that cool orc fellah with the techno wings doohickey! Obviously scavanged from one of them Scorpion chappies. Ace stuff.

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Dark Ages pop up with a new version of the Quoit-wielding 'Whisper'.

Interesting figure. Excellent paint job too. Not sure exactly what it could be used for but still... :)

Cool. Love the pose.

Hey, how come I missed that one? Never mind, cool mini, great pose.

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Here's some new Gnoll 'Bloodbowl' type players from Phig's Miniatures (cheers to Jason).

Nice to see something a bit different and they are cool figures, nicely sculpted.

Hard to get an idea of 'depth' from these pics, I mean they look a bit flat but I suspect that is the fault of the picture rather than the figures. Nice to see Phigs putting out some new figures.

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Some new I-Kore Celtos 'Orcs'.

Aha, they seem much more inspired by LotR than by 'historical' Orcs. Start of a trend?

'Historical' orcs? Surely we have been here before. Could you explain to me the meaning of the term?

Nice enough figures I suppose - cleanly scuplted n'all - but they just seem to look like humans with big heads and funny faces really.
Perhaps its just that I am stuck too much within the accepted paradigm of 'orcishness', as defined by the majority of other figure manufacturers, but for me these figures lack something of the essentially quintessential orcish character.
Overall I'd have to say the design conceptuality lacks flavour and uniqueness.

They are not enough like other manufacturer's orcs *and* lack uniqueness?

Half orcs maybe??

Hm, good thinking... first in with a sensible compromise again bAz, nice to see.

Its a possibility, but you gotta remember some of us have figures that go waaaayyyy back, and I've already got quite a few old half-orc figs with which these just wouldn't sit that well.

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Some new Reaper greens.

They're in their D&D-mood again.

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Alionas are a small new German company producing a range of fantasy figures.

That Orc somewhat reminds me of the deceased Enigma Miniatures..

Their site is available in English now though, which is nice.
Pretty mixed these new figs, and still a bit pricey, but I think I'll have to shell out 3EUR each for those new halflings- they are among the best figures and will fit nicely in my growing halfling peasant horde (a unit so sh!t they had to adjust all the points costs in the game to accomodate them).
Dwarf and Orc are very disappointing though. I suspect the boar rider would fit nicely on a standard (25x40) cavalry base (a problem UnclE has apparently been facing).


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WK noticed these new command figures from Empire Miniatures.

A bit below Empire's usual standard there I think, but should look ok painted up.

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Some new-ish Celts from A&A Miniatures.

Very nice.
That style looks a bit familiar, is it a sculptor we know from elsewhere?

A bit of a rag tag bunch those aren't they?
I am a bit distrubed by all the naked Celts. Have you ever been to Scotland or Ireland? It's fecking cold! I mean I cannot understand why you would want to strip to the bollocks and run around waving your willy at the opposition..... hey look at my scud!

Put it away bAz !!

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I just found out about this new French mini company 'Illiad' which I'd never heard of before from a very helpful post on the frother message board (which you really should check out if you havent already).
They do a mass combat game called 'Le Retour Des Dieux' as far as I can make out.
The figures seem pretty good (pics are not great but the only ones I could find) but nothing spectacular (except for the Dwarf Gatling gun!).

Those Gobbo's look serviceable enough - pity about the awful blurry quality of the pics though.

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Eagle-eyed spy Jason has spotted this new preview of a forthcoming Rackham figure.

Pretty bizarre, but again the paint job is marvellous.

I can see a space for her in Stinky Wizzleteets Harem.

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This great picture of their new Greeks has appeared on Vendel's webpage recently.

Mm, pretty nice there, very well staged as well.
In fact the setup almost detracts from the miniatures it is so good, I wonder if *any* figures might be made to look as good by whoever did that.

Not bad at all, I like the sort of brassy look to the shields. Though they are most likely not brass of course....

I think bronze is most likely the idea, as they are a bronze age civilization...

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Seems very slow on the new mini front at the moment, however these are a couple of nice new Warmachine figs.

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Finally some new stuff from the Germans at Masquerade Miniatures, including a great Treeman for my mighty Wood Elf force !!

That is a superb treeman!! I also like the Wizard.

That is a nice treeman, definitely.
That nymph looks like it'd sit really well with the Foundry ones too, very good. All very nice in fact, they really look like contenders I have to say.

Aye, the Treeman's not bad, but I'd rather have the top notch bit of bow wielding fluff - Phwoar!
Like the gun wielding maniac as well. Nice posing, very dramatic and comic book-esque. You can almost hear the clatter of spent shell casings hitting the floor.

Looks like it was worth waiting for them. I especially like the Amazon with bow, which could easily be used as a Wood Elf. And the Wizard and Treeman aren't bad either. Still, they have to have the lowest output since Dragonrune miniatures, and we all know how that ended.. But there's definitely some talent there. Keep it up.

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