Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks - MARCH 2002


Not much new out there at the mo', so here are some more new Foundry 'Street Violence' greys, including 'Bikini Girls With Machine Guns'. Any figures titled after a Cramps song have got to be good......

The guys with rifles are pretty standard (standard for Foundry that is), nothing too exciting but pretty good. Love the detectives, especially the short guy pointing and shouting.

"Chief! We can crack this case! Just give us another 24 hours!!!"

I've always said the dark future is 70s based.

Bikini Girls with Guns. Mmmm, silly and delightful. Lookin' forward to seeing the painted version (and the preliminary sketches). -Doc

I'm all for the concept, but.. some of these gals might want to reconsider wearing bikinis. -White Knight

Nonsense, they're fine in bikinis. Trust me, I'm a pretend doctor.
ZN GamesZN Games
ZN GamesZN GamesZN Games

Something special today - its not often a whole new fantasy mini manufacturer of this quality comes along !!

These are from ZN-Games I sure like 'em.

Wassat first one? I reckon I could fit it into my Fantasy Mutants Showcase (when I finally have time to polish it off!).

No they look quite good, what about prices ? -frotherbAz

Great quality figs there! The vagr (Ulfhedner) in particular is incredible (great paint job too). I've no idea what a necrowielder is, but it looks v. cool!

Figs range from $3-$4 (2-3GBP) for single figs to $10 (7GBP) for large pieces like the Ulfhedner- theres no export shipping costs listed, but based on other manufacturers I'd expect to pay a minimum $15 (7GBP) for a small order.

Yeah, nice. Especially like that spindly 'Hungerele' thing , though not sure what it is.

Isn't that goblin in the first picture an old Harlequin one though? I guess its just there for scale and we are actually supposed to be looking at the huge werewolf thing. Very like Rackhams' 'Wolfen' that, would fit in nicely I imagine. -UnclEvl

No, the goblin is one of theirs. Goblin Dungeon Boyo its (bizarrely) called. Similar style to the Harlequin/Icon/Black Tree goblins though, would fit nicely with them

Oh, ok. Looks exactly the same. Not the same designer is it?

Not Harlequin dude but mebbe Heartbreaker ? The main man at ZN-Games was Creative Director there..

Ah yeah, thats the one, Heartbreaker.

Knew it, that gobbo is the same as one of theirs I got. So that's the connection then. Cool, Heartbreaker made some good mini's, esp. their gobbos.

They look good, but are you sure they're all new? The little fellow on the right of the last picture looks like one of the OOP Heartbreaker Goblins.

Yeh you are right again WK ! Still, feckin' gobbos get right on my tits. We want Wood Elves!!! They do a treeman type thing too, but typically it's pants. Sheesh.

Ok today we have some new(ish) stuff from I-Kore, who've been quiet of late.

A new sci-fi VOID prone Commando and a fantasy Skeleton for Celtos that I've been holding on to for a while.

The commando's cool. Nothing special really, just an unusual pose but well done.

Not sure about the skelly. Very wooden and just altogther dull.


Its a skellington dude, what do you want an interesting facial expression?

Get with it.

Well I agree that for the money you'd expect more... well more something, I don't know what though.

I mean if you're going to produce a skellington in a collectors type range (which Celtos is despite its production of some token 'Rank and File' figs) you'd wanna get something you couldn't reproduce with the old GW plastic skelly horde.

The first one makes me think 'Catachan Jungle Guard', or how do you call them? (I have no interest in 40k) The second one appears to have 'heavy bones'.

Rackham Chaos DwarfRackham Wolfen

Ok you thought maybe 'ol Marbles was loosing his edge, maybe getting past it, maybe he couldnt get the scoops any more !
Oh yea of little faith !
Here's the new releases from Rackham, hot off the press. Ya gotta love 'em.

Guilty on all charges..

Jesus they are excellent - I love that Wolfen figure - great paint job!!

We've seen the chaos dwarf thing before (didn't like it much then). But the others are typically impressive I have to say. What's the scale on that Wolfen thingy?

That gobbo is crazily wicked. What is going on there?

The new Orc looks cool, although tame by comparison with the gobbo.

We seen the Dwarf before though havn't we - it is a Dwarf isn't it? Memory going Col?

Wolfen is nice, as always.

So when's the next trip to Paris then? I stll got that Gobbo Pirates boxed set to get.


"Amazing and Astounding Miniatures by Bob Murch, the two fisted sculptor of choice for manly adventure gamers around the globe". At least that's what it says on the tin. Lots of promise for this range.....

Nice to see people delving into new areas. Pretty good figs too, although some are a little flat.

pulp figures
pulp figures


Here's a Ral Partha 'Orc Commander mounted on Deathjaw'. The paint job doesnt do it any favours, but its not a bad figure all in all..

Hey I saw one of those reptile thingy's in the Early Learning Centre the other day! Almost the same paint job and all !!

Aw, the guy from Ral Partha painted it himself and then scanned it into the gallery, emailing the Colonel so we could see the mini (pics of Ral Partha still oh so scarce).

Its not a pro job, nor did he present it as such, and shame on you Colonel for not pointing this out. Shame on Ral Partha too for making their shop staff paint their publicity material- it doesn't cost that much to get a pro painter in!

Ah, don't be harsh. I don't think the paint job is bad at all. Its not a bad figure, all in all, just doesn't look as cool as the Grendel Carnosaurs etc. Looks a bit wimpy.

ral partha

I don't care what anyone else says, I for one like these Reaper mini's. The Sorceress is particularly nice. Ok the Scarab is not going to win any awards but the Dwarf brewers have plenty of character....

Yeah, they're quite nice in an understated kinda way. The Dwarves I especially like, bags of character. Is it me though, or do they look a bit small. I know there is nothing else there for scale, but I just get this impression. Of course, they don't have the bulk of a GW dwarf or the like, so maybe its just me.

The beetle is a tad dull. Serviceable enough if beetles are your bag though.

I really like the last figure, some sorta elf maid. She looks raunchy and cool, despite the fact I can't work out what the hell she is supposed to be doing with her arse stuck out like that and that hand waving or summat, or what that is in her hand. Binoculars? ;P

Its a scroll, as well you know. I expect she is casting a spell, or maybe 'divining' something from that shell... um....

Oh, right. Fair enough then. Is a strange pose though. Not saying I don't like mind. She's saucy enough.

The Dwarves are pretty slim, not that this is necc. a bad thing but GW/Foundry Dwarves (and others) exaggerate the "squatness" a lot more. They are probably about the same height though (maybe a midge taller).

Reaper mini's are excellent, though I must say I liked the Air sorceress (slightly) better than the water sorceress you selected.



Here's some of A&A Miniatures new Sassanids. The heavy cavalry are top quality & will be on my ever growing Salute 02 shopping list !! The pic isn't the best (scanned from WI) but the 'shot' horse is excellent & will look dead cool in the front row of a charging regiment..
Really like the action on those cavalry, very good...

Yeah, whilst I'm not wildly enthused about the figures themselves, it is nice to see a bit of thought and originality being put into the actual mounts as well as the riders. Fantasy figure manufacturers please take note.

Hard to tell really from that pic about the level of detailing, but the posing is nice for the troops too, especially for a rank and file section.

Those cavalry figures look great! I need to get me some.

A&A Miniatures

Bit pissed tnt, so say no more than these are forthcoming Foundry Swashbucklers !

With a lot of sculpters leaving for I-Kore, after Copplestone & the Perry twins departure, will Foundry survive !?

Nice figs and good poses, but don't really make me want to rush out and buy. 1 or 2 I wouldn't mind as characters, but wouldn't want a whole pack.

Aha, Shadowforge have added to their Special Ops range!

I love these figures! If anything this batch is even better than the first - and now they've got fantastic bazookas (sorry)! -Doc

S'all very Girl Power, but nice figs and good poses. Wouldn't mind a few to complement me Copplestone troopers.

Of course they don't have to operate as a Grrl Power commando unit, you can just mix em in to your regular (and likely male-dominated) existing teams.

Yeh I have to say they are very nice figures you spotted there Doc !!

I may promote you to Corporal if you carry on like this...

Thank you sah! Er, but I'm already a Captain sah!

Not in this man's army ! Now get back in the ranks !


Thats some promotion! Busted seven ranks and stripped of my commission!?

I'm suddenly having a lot of trouble sourcing that viagra for you by the way sah.

As you were, Captain...

Honour to serve with you sah!


Colonel Marbles brings you *yet another* new Miniatures Game System !!

Called Warmachine, the setting is a steam-punk one of battling 'bots. These are the first images of the 30mm miniatures range, sculpted by GW veteran Mike Mcvey.

Great paint jobs and at least we can't accuse them of big weapon syndrome !!!


Those minis look cool. If I were playing 40K, I'd find a way to incorporate them.

Nice Droids, if a little GW. Fit well in any 40K game I'd think, though wonder what the Warmachine game is like.



Black TreeBlack Tree
Black TreeBlack Tree

How about some new monsters from Black Tree?

Yea, I thought so! Here they are from the Fantasy Armies range... Theres a fine Sphinx (heads up Aegyptus fans), also a Giant Frog (?) Asmodei the Fiend (??) and an Owl Bear(???).

Giant Frog any good to your frogling army, Deputy?

There was a Giant Cobra too, but I won't waste your bandwidth with it...yuk!

Oooo no. Come back Col., all is forgiven.

Horrible chiselled stuff. Only the Asmodei looks passable, possibly 'cos its not 'textured'. The Owl Bear is truly a figure of magnificent awfulness.

Come on, the Sphinx is quite good...
Gothic HorrorGothic Horror

Some new-ish Pumpkin-headed dudes and a Headless Horseman from the Gothic Horror range, available via Old Glory.

Available from Old Glory in the US that is, or directly from creators West Wind Productions in the UK (and Europe). Nice website too, nearly all painted pics and also some free horror scenarios to download!

Great range this, and it keeps getting better- the pumpkinheads are ace! All your horror staples are available and they're very well crafted.

Hey those pumpkin guys are cool. I might be enticed to buy them for my undead army - the first minatures purchase for them in a long time! :) - The Dead Deputy

Those are pretty good, especially the Headless Horseman. Of course, the Crucible model is still the ultimate Headless Horseman figure IMHO. (And I should know, 'cause after Sleepy Hollow I compared the various existing models until I found the right one- but this is besides the point)

All in all, I like these new models.

Blimey, thats a long way of going about it. Can't see the point of searching one out when you can just take yer favourite mounted figure and whip the head off for the same effect. Gotta be one of the easiest conversions going.


x¬/) I bet they don't charge any less for the fact that its got no head either.

Be fair. He has got a head, its just not on his neck.

He does seem to have a head yes, but I don't believe it belongs to him.

What? Are you suggesting he carries a spare one in case he loses his other one now and again?

I'm suggesting that he is in the habit of taking the heads from other people, and without asking their permission first either.

Well does that matter? And just cos its not the one he started out with, doesn't mean to say he doesn't own it. He may have purchased it as a temporary replacement at a local Car Boot (Horses Arse?) sale whilst his is being fixed.

No, I'm afraid we've had a lot of trouble with this individual in the past.

I believe he just finished a 7 year stretch at Her Majesty's Pleasure for nicking heads off Wood Elf Nymphs.
Ugly business. I'd save your sympathy, he's not worthy of it.

I say. Very unpleasent. Being at her Majesty's Pleasure n all. No telling what sort of unsavoury activity she may require to tickle her jaded palate. And for 7 years? No wonder the fellow lost his head.

The pumpkin heads look a laugh, nice figures. God knows what you'd use em for though. Chaos tainted woodland sprites/dryads?

Or Pumpkin-heads maybe?

Gripping Beast

Some of the new Gripping Beast Celts, including 'Boudicca on Chariot holding severed head' ! (scanned from this months WI advert btw).

Well I hope the 'Boudicca' figure isn't as bad as it looks there.


Have to say though the horses look good too, I hope the upcoming GB cavalry keep up the quality. The old GB horses are dreadful fat old ponies, they need putting down really. Its the kindest thing really, believe me.

That command section is great, theres one thing you always need with those troublesome tribals and its command figures. These are top of the line, really excellent! (froth froth)

Do you reckon I can get away with painting up the catapult crew as Celts?

Ah, Gripping Beast. Good quality for a good price. I like the chariot. At least as nice as the Celtos one. Maybe nicer.

Christ, she looks like a right fat minger. Thats not gonna inspire the troops much.

Put the sh*ts right up those Romans though.

Too right. I wouldn't wanna get captured and have to do the business with a troll like that.

LOL! Need new rules for that I reckon, like the opposite of the Seductress rules...

Individual Type: Mingin' Troll
As a threat action this Individual may threaten an opposing unit with their sexual attentions. Roll on the Revulsion Table with the following modifiers...

Very strange really, the Rank and File are really good figs, those command figs are ace, and the centre-piece/collector type figure is rank.

Could be a trick of the light, I'd still like to see it in person.


'Bout time we had some more Celtos greens I hear you cry ! (No, no , more Black Tree monsters do I hear at the back ? {snikka})

These are some of the new 'Gael' rank & file. Nice figures, but I'm not sure the price is going to be right in comparison to Gripping Beast for instance...

Only one thing I don't like about these: the huge swords and axes. They could make a GW-mini blush.

Passable enough and nice to see some RaF. Though I doubt the prices wil be very RaF. That last ones a bit of a tiddler innit? Whats it sposed to be, 'Scrappy Kid?'

Its supposed to be a woman. Can't you tell? #sheesh

So thats what they look like.

Strange lookin' creatures.

What do you do with them?



What're they then?

Like small men?

Kinda, 'cept they cost a lot more and throw tantrums...

Hmm, not sure I like the sound of that.

Hold on. Do they find endless chores of mind searing drudgery for you to do to as well, usually at moments of high froth?

Damn, think I've got one of those at home. And here was me thinking I was trendily gay. I've been duped.

I say ! You've got one too !? Are they common ??

All the ones I've met have been very common, but thats maybe more to do with where I've been hanging out lately...

Its a bloody black day for man kind if they are.

I thought I was just one of the unlucky ones to be plagued by such a beast.

Slippy feckers I tell you mine has divided and spawned - and I have another stroppy one to contend with now!!

That isn't normal surely?

Of course not ! None of it is, they even like doing a thing called shopping, especially with your money so beware. It is generally assumed that the best thing to do with them is remove their arms and legs and put them in a box that way you can sort of wheel them around and put them in the broom cupboard, especially during froth sessions!!!

I wouldn't advise cutting their heads off and putting them on a horse though...
Celtos Gaels
Celtos Gaels
Celtos Gaels
Celtos Gaels
Celtos Gaels
Celtos Gaels
Celtos Gaels

At last there's something new from Copplestone - some nice 'Predator with guns' sci-fi types and some more excellent Darkest Africa tribesmen who will be joining my Nubian Army when I get my hands on 'em at Salute !!

The man's a God. Message ends.

He's a bad man alright!. Can Mr Copplestone do no wrong?

I'd skip the Somalis again meself, but those personalities are amazing, especially the shamans (shamen?)!

Like the rounded tums on those 'Africans' are you sure they aren't Amazonian pygmies?

Black Tree
Black Tree

Some new Black Tree Zulu Chiefs (not in the Copplestone class I'm afraid)& a new Skeleton catapult - these are slightly better than some of their recent efforts I think. And a hell of a lot better than their monsters (sorry Doc !).

The Zulus look ok, but I have no use for them.

About time they showed us that skeleton catapult. It's not a bad model but I prefer the Reaper dragon bone catapult. And what's up with the skeleton in the middle? He's just standing there, doing nothing. Not much of a pose.

I'll probably get it anyway, but I don't like the fact that you have to buy 2 of them if you want one. I really wish they'd stop doing that. They're not that much cheaper than GW if they make you buy models you don't need.

The catapult looks like fun, good n' chunky. I always wonder what bones they use for these constructs.... indeed why do undead armies use bones as an all-purpose construction material, I'm sure wood is much better for something like a catapult.
Anyway, I thought the Sphinx was pretty good, I'm not going to knock them for trying something different. At least they don't have purple orc-tanks.

Wise words on the double or nothing though W.K., I've noticed the same problem with the chariots. Very poor show.

The skele catapult looks excellent - very 'bony'. Almost up to to the standard of Rahul's home-crafted 'KFC' catapults (extra tasty crispy).

Oh yea, they were ace! Perhaps we could get him to write us up an article..?

So obvious too, when you think about it...

"How do I model a load of bones that are kinda dragon-sized on a 28mm scale *and* have a tasty crispy chicken dinner..?"

Glad to know that me old ' hot wings' skull chuckers are notched in the annals of table top gaming!! -Rahul

Richly deserved as a true classic.

I think you should have kept it up. You could have had a full plethora of KFC Seige equipment by now and have started your own franchise...


Something new from Crocodile's 'Aegyptus' line - a beautifully painted 'Harbinger Of Khanum'...

That's one for frotherbAz' Fantasy Mutants army!

It is pretty good but I can't figure out what it would do? What's a 'harbinger'?


A couple of sneak pics of some forthcoming Necrons, Chaos & Dark Elves from GW. See more Necron's here.

OK now slag off GW prices.....

Well, maybe I'm not to sure about the Necrons (I kind of liked the old models).

Looks like Chaos takes a step back in time to the old days when they had all sorts of great models. If the rest are anything like these models, my (mostly unpainted) chaos army may witness a slight (who am I kidding?) increase in size.

Love that Necron at the bottom, nice big bread knifes!!!

Ooh, have to admit I like those red Necrons and the "snake-like" thing next to them .
They'd go really well with my Predator Hunter Squad I'm slowly building up... but at GW prices?!? It'd probably be cheaper to melt down the lead from the foundry miniature horses I'm not using and sculpt me own using bits of broken wire hangers, plasticine, milliput and sticky back plastic...

I do like that big chaos monster creature thing also. Everything else is nicely detailed but just way to OTT and unfortunately typically jank, which is a real shame... - Maynard

Some interesting looking figures. Like the bloke at the bottom, almost looks like a Confrontation fig. Influence there mebbe?

Bugger I was just gonna say that.

Quite like the chaos 'maw' beast/plant, the others are a bit blah I think.

What is the dark elf supposed to be armed with?

Some of the Necrons are cool. Well the tall one with the hood is.


Another new fig from Crocodile for their fantasy Eygpt line - an 'Abomination'..

Sort of mummy abomination right ? It looks fairly cheerful.

I'm very impressed with this fig, surely a must have for any 'evil' Aegyptus army? And there'll be a lot of 'straight' undead generals looking at this and wondering if they can get away with it. I suspect the answer will be "yes" in most cases too. Looks like it could do with a bigger base mind.

Hmmm, nice try but bit of a mish-mash and not really doing it for me. Too comical.


These mini's are from new designer Hackmaster. OK they aren't gonna win any awards, but ya gotta encourage any newbies, yes ? nb They seem to have something to do with Fairy Meat too ?

Kenzer & Co, who make Fairy Meat, also make Hackmaster and Knights of the Dinner Table. All kinda spoof D&D sorta stuff I believe.

Pretty cool figs, the Yeti is nice. Scary but also cute. More Owlbears I see, are they the new AD&D ubermonster or summat?

That beholder looks pissed off! I like that one, the others a little odd to say the least.


Some more nice new Gladiator figs forthcoming from Foundry, including some Lions which are a shoe-in for my Nubian Army !

Gladiators are much as we've seen before, apart from the minotaur(!) Is that Foundry Fantasy's first "monster" then? I see why they put gladiators in the fantasy range if thats what they're up to!

The lions are good enough figs, but not really up to Foundry standard for my money (or for Foundry money anyway). They seem a little 'chunky'... perhaps they have been dining on some fatted Christians?

What ramage will you get with the lions I wonder... Lion cubs?

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