Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks - MAY 2002


OK here's a discovery (for me at least) from the frother's visit to Salute 02.
Front Rank Figurines are best known for their Napoleonic figs, and certainly won't be familiar to many fantasy gamers, but you had better believe that anyone with medieval style human armies will be interested in their Hundred Years War and War of the Roses ranges. The quality of these figs is amazing, as is the price for those used to paying fantasy manufacturer silly-money (no names, no pack drill) for their human figs.... 75p per infantry fig (all available singly so no 'ramage') and thats before the rather tasty special deal packs (example- 24 WotR Billmen and Halberdiers for 15.96!).

I particularly liked the mounted personality packs (2 mounted for just over 4UKP), and having your army led by Richard III (pictured) has to be a special thrill for anyone with a passing knowledge of either Shakespeare or Cockney Rhyming Slang.

The ranges are pretty complete too- wagons, baggage, individual weapons, artillery, civilians...-Doc

Yeh they are really excellent figures at a tremendous price. 'Nuff said ! -Col. M

Very nice indeed, and superb prices. Almost tempted mesen for that. And a great range too, amazing number of variants. -UnclEvl

I keep telling myself... 'I don't need any more miniatures, I don't need any more miniatures, I don't need any more miniatures... ' ah hell, who am I kidding I like 'em and at these prices I may have to just sell someone's soul to get 'em.
My only worry would be that they may not fit in 'size-wise' with the rest of my miniatures, which is a major concern of mine to be honest. Not so much of a concern when it comes down to the infantry but it's more noticeable when it's the cavalry. Which is a shame 'cos Foundrys mounted Knights on barded warhorses turn into Men on tarted up ponies when placed next to my GW mounted Knights.
Sadly, it's one of those times when size really does matter. ;-) - Maynard

If only they did some Renaissance (GW Empire) types - seems they stop at the War of the Roses and start again at the Seven Years War.

Ah well - no one ever minded me using medieval types in a renaissance fantasy army before....

Those images haven't come out much better than the ones on their website unfortunately- anyway the figs are fantastic in the flesh /lead!

There is some really useful stuff there especially for any of us thinking about building an army around an imperial concept. I like them and the price - wow! I dream of getting miniatures at that price. It just goes to show it can be done and that us fantasy types are being bled dry! -bAz

They do look good. A lot better than I expected. I think I'll get some of these at some point in the (not so) distant future. Not too fond of the archers, though. -W.K.

The thing I was saying to the Deputy the other day was: why can't we have decent fantasy minis for nearer this price? It can't be that there is a lack of demand or GW would be out of business.

Theres a lot of new guys putting together cracking individuals (which is what you start with if you've a limited capacity breaking into the market) but theres some well-established historical makers that could be lending their experience to the fantasy realm.

We've already seen Foundry and Vendel delving into this market and producing some high quality (if sometimes unusual) figs, and Black Tree dutifully continue Harlequin's good work... but what is there to prevent companies like Newline or Old Glory (or Front Rank even) producing decent rank and file fantasy figs at a fair price?

Do fantasy designers cost more? Does fantasy metal cost more?

Because they charge it, and we pay it! -Mike Siggins

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Copplestone Cowgirls

Ok rest easy folks, Col. Marbles is back at the wheels !

Eh, whaddya mean bring back the Doc ?!!

Today's pic of 'Urban Cowgirls' comes from fan fave Copplestone's Future Wars range - Brother Maynard bought these at Salute at the weekend btw....

Yes, indeed. I was standing in front of the Copplestone stand, gazing at the wide selection of lead in front of me. I vaguely recall Doc standing next to me pointing at various lead groupings, as the saliva dripped down his chin and pooled at his feet... a ghastly sight of which I had never seen before. The words 'halfings', 'babes with guns' and 'that looks well smart' being uttered every now and then. Being a man of the cloth or rather a man of the cloth in-training I knew that I would be protected. Alas, it was not to be for the next thing I knew I had purchased a sizeable amount of lead. My mind swirled as I stood there aghast. What foul black magicks had been invoked? Realisation then dawned on me... I had in fact not been the target of malicious magicks but rather I had succumbed to a Frothers Black-Out.
With that my tale ends.

I don't remember any of this of course.

And I seem to remember you said at Salute they were 'wank', Colonel ?
Changed yer tune now then? They are top-notch, gung-ho, gun tote-ing totty, though again, I am getting slightly bored with Copplestone's lack of dynamism in his poses (am I allowed to say that? It is tantamount to blasphamy really I guess).

Well I dunno, hes obviously going for a more 'Reservoir Dogs' type feel, I dunno if thats such a bad thing.
Pose aside, the quality of the design is excellent, and I'm not sure if more exaggerated posing might detract from that slightly.
On a related note I myself managed to acquire several packs of Copplestones during one of my Salute 'blackouts' and was mildly disappointed by the casting quality. Nothing serious, just quite a lot of flash n such (and that horrible tinny metal that seems all the rage now).
Anyway, Babes with Guns 2 is nice too, as is Corporate Babes which Maynard also failed to resist, but Urban Cowgirls was one of my favourites.

Is it just me or is that one on the right a taller version of the young Dolly Parton?

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Reaper Reaper

Some new figures from Reaper.

They seem to be doing new versions of old models lately. A while back it was the Angel of Death, now it's the were-tigress. What will be next?
Frankly, this last batch doesn't really impress me..

Good lord look at the wizards hat!!!

Thats well cool! Hehe!
I do like the design of the weretigress and the 'Mr Big Hat' wizard, but the finished product look a bit rough-hewn here. Unfortunately it doesn't seem as if the quality of photography is to blame either.
Not bad though, should paint up pretty good I reckon.

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Ok something a little different today !

Just noticed this little gem of an idea from Amazon - basically they supply a few extra's (mainly the 'dog' head) for you to convert ordinary undead skeletons to 'Aegyptus' stylee Anubian warriors. The pic isnt great again I'm afraid but 10/10 for a cracking idea !!! Here's the blurb...

We are producing some conversion kits which will work with GW Undead plastics or metal. The conversion kit contains Anubis head, wrap around loin cloth, khopesh sword and an egyptian shield. There are also some variations. You can see them on our web site -> Catalogue -> Mummies

The production moulds are just being made now so they will be out real soon.

I think it's a great idea, though I would suggest they'd make the bits available without the Anubis head too. Every self-respecting Khemri-gamer should jump on this opportunity. I hope they make more conversion kits of this type.

Cool idea. Very 'Mummy Returns' / Scorpion King. At least all those undead generals can know field something other than boring ol' skeletons now... which is nice! Hope it works out for them.

Haha. Top marks for innovation. If you can't produce the range of figs for your own game, then the next best thing is produce conversion kits so other peoples figs can be used instead. I like this idea a lot. The only downside is that it will encourage more people to buy GW's over-priced nonsense.

Well in fairness they can easily be applied to other skelly figs.

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Kryomek Kryomek Kryomek

Well its Sunday and time for another look at an old reissued or just plain neglected range.

Today its the Kryomek range from Grendel that has been available for decades - Uncl Evl has a big selection - they are tremendous figures! A well kept secret from many GW 40k players I think as they would make excellent 'Tyranid' (lets be honest and just say 'Alien') type armies...

Yeah, I got most of them and they are wicked. Never used em mind, and they took some pinning and glueing on the whole, but cool.

I dunno, they look a bit flat... nice detailing though.

No way, not at all. Most of the bigger ones are multi-part which prevents them being flat. And cos of this, its easy to build different variants. And the smaller figure packs (such as the top image) always contained 3 or 4 different variations, rather than 4 or 5 of the same, which is a big plus in my book.

It does? Pic's don't do them any favours then. Look pretty flat to me.

Sure. Most flatness is caused by mould and casting limitations on the design cos then they all have to line up to some degree, as you well know. Having separate arms removes that limitation.
Cos they are also quite spindley around the limbs and body they are also easily altered by a bit of judicious bending as well. And the metal is old school so nice and soft (not like some of this new brittle stuff - still haven't glued me ninja's arm back. Sheesh).
I'll dig em out for your perusal next time you're up.

Well you are a discerning gent and I shall take your word for it. Perhaps whoever glued these ones up was a bit cack-handed and lacking in imagination.

Strangely enough a large chunk of my Tyranid army is made up of Kryomek Hellions (the little'uns) and Warmasters (the big snaky'uns - pictured). Grendel did some nice resin stuff in this range as well as some great sci-fi human and robot types. Pity the Kryomek game sucked so badly though... - Sideshow Bob

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Some nice new Pulp Figures mini's - slightly OT I know....

Some of the thugs are a bit 'Mr Potato Head', but the rick shaw is excellent - as far as that sort of thing goes.

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Finally Excelsior Games produce a new figure for Chronopia - a new Swamp Goblin 'Sentinel' or giant bug rider.
Er, no Wood Elves then ?

Yeah thats looks pretty good - maybe one for that swamp orc list then Uncl Evl?

Ooo yeah, nice. Very much in the same vein as the giant mosquito rider thangs. The riders tend to be a bit on the wee side, but cool none the less.

Ya, very nice indeedy.
The ranks of the goblinoid army grows, as presumably does the swamp orc army list (already a weighty tome)

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Some more of the new Bob Naismith 'Cobalt' miniatures, including what looks like 'Wolves in Space' ...

Not too sure about the wolves, but those aliens are great!

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Gor Gor

Back in my youth, many moons ago when the world was young, I used to read the Gor fantasy novels by John Norman - they were very popular in the early 80's, but for some reason went out of print - prob. because they turned into sub-porn nonsense after the first 7 or 8 books.
Anyway here are a couple of figures available from the books and they are pretty dashed good ! No idea who sculpts them mind.

Yeah I remember that stuff - I always wondered what a radical feminist would make of the Kalajira of Gor (something like that) which was basically about teaching a woman how to become a good slave. The whole story was about her learning how to be a good slave and satisfy her man perfectly.
Bizarre stuff.

What a *radical* feminist would make of it?
You're treading a bit outside the boundaries with these pewter collectibles Colonel... what's next, unicorns with a crystal under their hoof? Or Discworld book-ends maybe?

Just 'Kajira' I think Baz. Yeah, that was one of the worse ones. Although not as bizarre as the ones featuring a different bloke (called Jason I think - the main man in most of the others was Tarl Cabot if I remember rightly) who was male slave.
I guess you just gotta be seriously into S & M or at least all that Dominance/Submissive stuff to fully appreciate.

Ahha your right! Yeah - I am glad someone else thought it was strange 'cos I have kept that secret for a long time now!!


More info re: the other figurines on the site are around 3.5 " and cost 40 U$D.

Ahh. I might have cocked up on the scale thing then ! Sorry thought they were 28mm.

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More Orcs today I'm afraid - one of the new Rackham Crossbow Orcs and a Musician for the Dragonrune regiment.

How many of them Xbow boys are there now? Thats looking like a tidy (if grossly expensive) little regiment with the GW ones. Oh dear.

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At last something new from Crocodile Miniatures 'Aeygptus' line - a 'Nekharu Witchmaster', whatever one of those is.
Nice tho'.

Yea, I like that, great for a wizard or a soothsayer.

Can you say "Tzeentch"?

I really like these - but have struggled to find out where to buy them - have the Masterworks team any guidance for a lazy arsed gamer?

Have you tried their website - they may have an online shop or somethin'...
-Ensign Skippy

Aha! they have an online store now - but what are the units? Are they British? If that is the case they are 3 a figure which isn't too bad...

Fortress figs who do the manufacturing are US based, so I'm guessing its 3U$D.

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Warlord Warlord

Yet another new miniatures line ! Where will it all end ?? Sound a bit big tho'.

Warlord is a new line of 35mm miniatures from Reaper! Warlord miniatures are different from Reaper's Dark Heaven Legends line in that they are tabbed and will fit into textured, metal slotted bases (included in each blister).

Love the beastman - very gladitorial !


They're... big. Yet not really that impressed. Let's hope the rest of the line has more to offer.

Your sooooo cooool you know that!

Guess some of em might be useful as monsters etc in a 25 (28?) mm army.
That minotaur looks like its suffering from encephalitis a bit though.

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Warlord Warlord Warlord

Just found these pic's of some more of the Warlords figs - look a lot better than the first batch ! Shame about the over-size scale tho'..

Better than the last batch definitely.

They look good. Has anyone seen these in the flesh? How big are they really? How does the size compare to the Dark Heaven line?

Na, not if they aren't 28mm I don't think. Gotta know your boundaries!
Besides they aren't that good considering how big they are.

Mmmmm. Do like the chain-mail bikini clad little number.
Very nice (sword arm needs a bit of bending though).

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A new Troll from Heresy.

Hoho! I knew that would look tasty when trimmed off and painted up! The greens looked a bit rough and ready, but it has come up a treat.

Now that's what I call a troll. Or something else that's supposed to be very ugly.

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1999 1999 1999

Cell Entertainment are a Swedish company due to bring out the 'Death Dealer' fantasy range we showcased last month and also another new range called '1999' of 30mm, metal unpainted mini's (so far as I can tell). Some are shown here.
They look really good - very 'Inquisitor' meets 'Rackham' ...

Be-jesus they look great that bloke with the standard would be a brilliant figure for Inquisitor....

Oh... my... gawd... that first one is way cool! Not quite Warrior Nun Areala but close enough for me.
The rest look pretty damn good. Of course I'm making the assumption that pictures 3 and 4 i.e. the Hellblazer reject with the chains attatched to his arms and the Dominatrix wannabe are actually pretty decent looking miniatures. It's just that the paint jobs don't do the models any justice.
Hopefully... maybe...

Have to say from a visit to their site that the average quality is more that of the last figure, but maybe.... just maybe... thats a reflection of the paintjobs and not the figs themselves.
They are certainly very dramatic! The "angels" are scareier than the demons too...

Not at all bad. Very nice.

Oh yeah, very nice. I think you are spot on with your summary there, these figs would be superb for Inquisitor. Slightly larger, which suits the game anyway, but hopefully not the preprosturous sorta prices GW want for their large efforts. A really nice twisted gothic feel to them, although the paint jobs have helped with that of course. I especially like the nun (but then maybe I've just got a things about nuns - 'Wears the soap' n all that. Sorry.)
I'd really like to get hold of some of these. Figures that is, not nuns (though come to think of it . . . ).

Collective shudder.

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Celtos Celtos Celtos

I'm not making any comment on these new I-Kore Celtos figs...

Is your comment not to make a comment not a comment?
I like the last one. Rest is acceptable.

Much better proportions but.... nah!

Dunno, they're more cartoony than before. I'm not sure if I like it or not!
Standard Bearer is OK, looks a bit teenybop for some reason - maybe thats the idea I dunno but it seems a bit daft.
Proportions on the second are a bit odd I think, although it is still an attractive figure. Thats a masseeev sword even for Celtos though!
The horned one though is rather aesthetic I have to say. I'm trying not to make a desparate pun with the word 'horn' in it, can anyone stop me?

Mmmmm, yeah. Chunky, but perfectly formed. Nice.

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Crusader Crusader

Crusader miniatures are Mark Sims' (ex of Foundry) new company. Here's some of his new fantasy pirate range.

Seems like the Foundry must be running out of sculptors fast. The orcs remind me of the old GW orcs from the previous edition. Dwarfs are in Foundry-style, which I'm tempted to call fat dwarfs. But nice.

How did you get those pictures to look so bad?

Yeah, alright. Nothing fancy, just nice no nonsense figs. But will he be continuing his old company's pricing policy?

Historicals are 8 for 7UKP, Orcs & Dwarves 4 for 5UKP.
Not bad, though anyone buying the historicals will be annoyed to note anything from half to all of a 8 figure pack consists of doubles!
Also they aren't (IMHO) as good as Renegade's figs (another Foundry offshoot) nor as well priced, but then the two aren't in competition over any of their ranges, so its a matter of what you want really.

Fair enough I guess. I'd rather pay the extra and get variants than all the bloody same.

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Black Tree Black Tree

Its a while since we saw anything new from Black Tree - here are some not-bad-for-the-price mounted Ancient Greeks.

Don't take this the wrong way, but.. yuk!
I won't say Black Tree doesn't have a lot of excellent models, but these... No, sorry.

Alright I spose, though them helmets look bloody huge - sorta like a comedy carnival head.

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The new GW LOTR Sauron figure. Wouldn't he unbalance the game some what ???

Yeah but wouldn't he make a great hero for a chaos/cultist/demonic type army? :) -Dead Deputy

Isn't the chaos list powerful enough already without adding Sauron?

Considering GW's past abominations when it comes to big models, this one is not too bad. I agree that it's not such a good idea gamewise. I mean, if you come up against Sauron you're toast. Or should be.

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Chainmail Chainmail Chainmail

Some new Chainmail figs..

Actually these are not that hot to be honest, I prefer the older stuff.
You have no idea how much it costs to import these!!

Wassat first one then? Some sorta undead scarecrow. Intriguing.
Stone the crows, whats that on the right ? Not some sorta Wood Elf type is it? Col., stop yer whining and get yer cheque-book out.

Hey, those are quite rubbish! Humanoid type (elf?) is slightly lamer than previous efforts, and the... whatever that beastman archer is... is a real drop in quality, flat and poorly designed.
I do like that barricade though, very nice.

I like the first one, the undead puppet thing, a lot.
The Elf 's not bad either, though somewhat GW.
I might get those models at some point or other in the future.

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Oh yes this is more like it !
Some of the excellent new Vendel Persians and Greeks - all at a very reasonable price too.
Time to start the fantasy Greek army, Uncl Evl ?? I rather like the Persians meself.

Yeah, nice.
The Persian's are pretty cool as well, but I'm liking the look of them Bubbles a lot. Nice and easy to paint, but with a big round shield for plenty of freedom of expression for the old shield designs. Several regiments of 30-40, pike armed, Disciplined, should put paid to Maynard's Heavy Cavalry, no probs.
Funny thing, I did actually see them at Salute, just in passing, but forget I wanted them so never took a closer decko. Ah well.

Oh, so we can change the rules and have units of 40 pike when *you* want to field them then..?

Yeah. I can do anything I like.

I could find a use for a few of those Persians. Do you have any idea how they compare to other ranges sizewise?

Well Vendel are really Gripping Beast by another name, so the same size as them I guess, pretty much = Foundry/GW size.


Thought Vendel was for fantasy ranges? Where are the Thracian Wood Elves and Roman Froglings?

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Warmachine Warmachine Warmachine

Three more figs from the soon to be available War Machine game..

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I'm ashamed to say I was beginning to have my doubts about Rackhams ability to constantly surprise me with bizarre & cool new figures ....

Didn't see that one coming. Those mini's are so cool.

Haha! So cool!
Great for spicing up a game of Zombies too I'll warrant.

Bizzo. Gotta get that for me Zombie Hoard.
But will you have to buy it as 2 seperate minis?

You mean will it cost the same as 2 full-sized mini's?



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Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka

At last something new !
From Eureka, these are winged, fezzed monkeys. Naturally.

Aha! Yet another potential addition to the mutant hordes!!!
What price be they Colonel?

Er yeah. Ok I guess, as winged, fezzed monkeys go. Bit of a niche market one would imagine. Ideal for 'Wizard of Oz' skirmishes.

Hey come on, they would be pretty cool for 20s horror stuff, and if you were going to make your Aegyptus army *really* cheesy...

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