Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks - MAY 2003

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Mr Ed found these excellent pic's of some new Corvus Belli 100 Years War cavalry.

Hey! Those don't look half bad. - WK

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Excelsior have some new mini's for their Warzone & Chronopia ranges.

Is this Renaissance swordsman for Chronopia? Somehow I can't picture that type of miniatures in the game's background.
They would have looked better without the glossy paintjobs.
The Desert Crawler is not bad, but I never would have guessed it from the painted version... Reminds me somewhat of the Worms from Dune.
I would have to say that this is rather disappointing.

Look quite quite nice figs... but who the f*** painted them?? Those troopers look like christmas decorations!
!:ČO - Doc

That old loch ness monster Stygian Crawler thang looks a laugh. Not sure how you'd use it - new FW rules for burrowing creatures in order maybe - UnclEvl

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A new release from Crocodile.

A beastmaster! Good for Beastmen players too! Frother baz should be interested.

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Phew! Bit of catching up to do - here's some nice new stuff from Reaper. (Clink on the link to see more..)

Mutant-frother baz will be pleased.

Don't really like the minotaur (does anyone remember when it was quite hard to get hold of larger beastmen figures?) but the fly demon is very nice.
A right arse to paint though I'd think..?

Anyone else think that the crimson knight looks a tad lame? Nice shield though, might make a fine wall decoration on some terrain. I like all of the Jason Weib stuff. The water buffalo style head on the minotaur is especially original. The belly on that model looks a like a straight crib from Rackhams Fils d'Urien though. - The Imp

Rubbish knight, very nice Cavern Crawler. - Grom

A camp minotaur, a dragon's head on the standard dungeon crawler body, biiiig fly and, ooh, a turtle monster! Some interesting stuff - Rob.

Some very impressive scales being sculpted there.
The minotaur is quite nice and a good idea but the horns kinda look like girly hair... But should look good when painted. - fatgoblin

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Here's a decent enough figure from Germany's Assassin Miniatures.

Is it me or does his face look all squashed up?

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A great new fig from Rackham.

Awesome fig! Both the rider and mount.
One small qualm though, the rider just looks a bit too human. But great sculpt!


I can see UnclEvl is going to have a bit of a shock when he sees that one!
Very nice once again - just how to they remain so fresh in their approach?

Aye, s'lookin' cool. Thats 3 cool Cav they make now, so they keep going should have another regiment of heavy cav soon.
Personally though, I'm more interested in getting that boxed set of Orcs (Trackers?). They look wicked, esp. the Gobbo (?) with the shooter. Still wanna get me mits on the Pirate Gobbos as well - no one had them at Salute and they've been out an age.

The mount is good but the rider is fantastic. I wonder how he's attached and whether he'd fit on something else? - Artemis


And then some!! - but then it's Rackham... It's almost a "given" - Mr Canuck

*Eyes begin to glow with pure greed.*
I like figs with a bit more chainmail, but this one is still beautiful.- Grom

Wow! Great min!!! - Ghost

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A new Dark Age figure - 'Shadowwalker'.

Looking good. Would work well in a Chaos-inspired army too, I bet.
Looks big.
Is it?

Very nice once again. I don't care if its big, I can make up an excuse to use it!!

Yup, it's big. Same size as all Dragyri Truborn Males. -Artemis Black

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A couple of new figs from Warmachine.

Nothing too special there - the sniper fig is cool enough I guess.

The Stormblades look pretty slick. -The Imp

The Stormblades look quite good but the swords... er sorry the "lightning arcing mechanika glaives" looks a bit dodgy. But the handgunners are good. -fatgoblin

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Here's a couple of different limited editions that have been in my in tray for a few days.
The new Foundry monthly promo Dwarf and a special Amazon release from the coolminiornot website, sculpted by Steve Buddle.

Both of which will soon join the ranks of the WK hordes.

That Steve Buddle green is rather good... might be a good champion for my new tribals army.
Oh no what am I saying??? My wife is going to kill me!!

The coolminiornot is a nice figure, at first I thought it was like the Celtos stuff but then I realised that this was because it was green..... it doesn't have an over-sized weapon etc etc.

Well it is *quite* big.

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Two new Dark Age figures - the unpainted one is a limited edition.

Once again great stuff from Dark Ages!! Good poses and original ideas. We really should try and actually play the game you know!!

That's "Dark-Age" isn't it?

Doesn't do it for me. Sorry. Not that they're bad sculpts, just a bit boring.

For more discussion on Dark Age mini's and Brom's art, see this revealing messageboard debate.

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More great Reaper sculpts.

Orc Warlord looks cool, although almost looks beastmanish from this shot.
Especially interested by the Half-Orc assassin though. Cool fig and don't believe I've seen any of their Half Orcs before.
Must check to see what the range is like.

Gotta agree about the warlord there, its a funny old orc. Dwarf priest is pretty cool, lovely dynamic fig even if the back attachment is a bit daft.
Dwarf King is a bit disappointing though. Very dull fig.

Great looking dwarves. The half-orc doesn't look very orcish though. If anything, his anatomy reminds me more of an elf (minus the face)

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A rather funky limited edition figure that's available to people who attend Bayou Wars (thanks to Jason for the correct info on that!).

Wasn't the Dead Deputy looking for crocodilian lizardmen?

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A new Confrontation figure.

I'm a little underwhelmed this time. Nothing wrong with it, just doesn't have any surprises.

Ho hum

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Some nice Dwarf figures out lately - this is new from Freebooter .

Lovely. I'll have to get him for my Norse dwarves. He looks like he would go well with the Foundry ones. Not sure about the red skin though...

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Well its been a real slow week for new mini's, but here's some nice new figs for I-Kore Celtos...

Cool weird beasties. That mount seems to be kinda double ended.

Much better than the previous models, especially the creatures.

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Some new '1999' figs from Cell Entertainment

The min up top looks pretty cool. Like the Angel and the Mimic, rest seems ok but somewhat bland. - Ghost

Like the demon but I think the others are pretty mediocre really. Suppose the angel is good if you like that sort of thing, and fits the setting well I spose (I have a tendency to view 1999 figs as 'general sci-fi' rather than being specific to the setting so maybe they they suffer from that... then again a cool fig is a cool fig so maybe not).

Not too impressive, except perhaps for the big guy with no eyes.

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A very nice Beastman green, again from I-Kore Celtos.

Good sculpt, but he looks more like a demon

Looks very kinda 'Fomorian'. Is that on purpose to fit with the Celtos range mebbe?

Nice job on sculpting. Agree with the comment that it looks more like a demon than a beastman. Would look great as a proxy for a bloodletter! - Ghost

Ahhhh! When the Col. posted it on the mailing list he just put it up as 'Beastman', and I said at the time I thought it had something of the Fomorian' about it and wondered if it was to fit in with the Celtos stuff. Now I know it is a 'Fomorian Beastman' all becomes apparant and I think the emphasis should be on Fomorian (Sea Devil) rather than Beastman. Given that, have to say its doing the job for me.

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A great Succubus from sculpter Steve Buddle.

His stuff is really good. Can't wait to see how this one casts up.


I want that! Where are all these figs being sold eh? Roll on the launch of "Buddle Enterprises" says I.
I like the feet too, he's avoided the temptation to make the fig just a naked bird with wings and a tail.

Yes indeed - great work as always!

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These flying-lizard type things are from Alternative Armies .

Must be the first time Alternative Armies made it into the Masterworks.
These aren't bad, given their usual standard.

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More awesome Confrontation figures.

Dats some hat on da broad. Reminds me of GW's last Chaos Dwarf releases #hawk, sput#. Not too clever really. The other big fellah's ace though, no more need be said really.

Ditto. For me, the hat spoils an otherwise ace figure. That wolf looks f**king hard though! -Rob

I like them both (ok the hat is kinda of silly). Wolfen looks lethal.
Paintjob on both is superb.

The hat on the Witch/Sorceress is a bit odd...?
The other fig (Wolfen? --might be from that new Devourer line, Hyena's I think they are--could be wrong) - now he looks "ded 'ard!" as the Orks say!

All of the above comments.

Wow, that hat really ruins the top fig. I really wish some of the modern sculptors would get away from this over-the-top overly-detailed style. Of course, that's just my not-so-humble opinion. - MiniaturesAtlas

Umm, how many of you anti-hatters have said anything about Rackham weapons? Indeed, this weapon?
Love the first figure, don't like the second. Not my thing.

I like the first model, hat and all. Very "anime sorceress" looking. The second one...he'd decapitate himself with his own shoulder pads the first time he raised his arms. Silly. - hundvighong

For the most part (thinking off-hand) the weapons on Rackham figs are ~fairly~ proportional to the scale of the figure. Big Wolfen = Big Weapons, Human Keltois = "Modest" Weapons. There ARE some that are still "over the top" --the Barbarian Female's swords spring instantly to mind! Overall, they still aren't as abstract as the I-kore Celtos figs...

I like both figures. I almost agree with you guys about the improbability of using those weapons effectively....
Then as I looked I discovered the scars! Would that explain things?

They're both very nice.
The Sorcerress looks very anime/manga. I like it.
Hmm, anyone know if the scars on the Wolfen are sculpted on or painted on? Either way it looks well mean!

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