Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks - OCTOBER 2003

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And here's another Adiken sculpt ready to wondered what it's sketch is based on... ;-)

Paint her up in Chiaroscuro with white as the top layer and you might get the Witch Queen from Narnia... -Jakar Nilson

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I think these are new pictures of some humans and wraiths, but mostly woodelves, from Ilyad/Retour Des Dieux minis. -White Knight

I'd say that bles_2-5 (the first 5) are the best of the lot. Like the two-sworded high elf. He looks terribly pissed off...

Aside from the silly one on the rock, these maintain the high standard. -Rob

Yes, saw these yesterday from the link on the Colonel's website. What I'm wondering is how tall/what scale the High Elves are? Say, in comparison with the Foundry Elven Calebor Guard and/or the Rackham Alahan range? Sylvain? -okheir

These are very nice and consistent with the other mins that we have seen from Illyad. Agree that the one on the rock is kind of lame, though. Oh well, you can't hit a homerun all the time.

Does anyone know how someone in the US can get their hands on some of these mins? -Ghost

Actually those aren't high elves but wood elves (I told them that IMO chainmail wasn't very appropriate but it was too late ) ... The painted elves are also shown in the rulebook.

About scale: they are larger than GW, I think about the same size as Rackham but more bulky. Or maybe a little bigger, the base are 2,5cm large, so you can estimate the figures.

I don't have either those figs nor Rackham figs at home to make a proper comparison but will be at a show sunday, I'll look better. Sometimes they say their figures are 35mm scale, other that they are 28mm but that their average human are 8 feet tall.... -Sylvain

Thanks Sylvain. Awesome news, as I am in the process of building a non-GW Elven army and need tall fierce (or at least fiercer) looking miniatures for it. If these are 28-32mm then they should easily fill out a couple of units. I'm also hoping Tom Meier's new Elves can be fit in. -okheir

Which is the figure "on the rock" you mention? is it the elf with sword with his right feet on a stump? If so I think it a rather old sculpt and they are improving. The unpainted ones are more recent (which explain why they aren't painted yet) -Sylvain

Yeah, that's the puppy. If they're improving, that's great, because i already think there chaos line is sculptor-shaggingly superb.

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I see Black Tree now package ancients in packs of twenty for fifteen knicker. 75p a fig ain't bad, but I have the feeling this is a little bit of a price hike..

Anyhow they are the only manufacturer to fill the void for naked athenian hoplites with affro hair.

can you dig it?? -Si2

no i cant. -frotherGuest

I can dig it !

Not until they finish the Zulu War range....

I'll always remember taking my better half along on a shipping trip to Brookhust Hobbies, and showing her some of the (then new) BTD naked Celts. She said, "Oh, the poor dears!" I asked, "What do you mean?"

She said, "Well, look at them. They're not very well endowed. I suppose the sculptors must use themselves for a model."

I passed this on to Dave at EVM (in Notts), who carries BTD at shows. He laughed, and suggested it was probably just that all the sculptors are in the chilly North. -aeurtis

Has your significant other seen many Classical sculptures?

Apparently not! So I just smile quietly and accept the compliment... -aeurtis

Now that's a good reply. -okheir

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Anyone else subscribe to the Thunderbolt Mountain newsletter?

News and pics arrived today of Tom Meier's new wood elves and they are gems. "Higher resolution version images will be posted to the website in about a week or so."

Sneak peeks are of a spearman wearing leaf-shaped scale mail and a wonderful, clean-limbed archer. Faces are superb, scale is 30mm from soles of feet to top of head. -Thoronadan

Ace news ! Can't wait! - Col. Marbles

Just remember these are 'true' 25mm.

Good to see that Tom Meier is back at what he is sooooooooo good at. -PeteB

Unfortunately that site has possibly the worst gallery of products that I've ever seen

'oh..look it has photos'

'Oh damn, they're all so dark you can't make any details out'

That's almost worse than no photos at all!!!

Does anybody know how these figures relate to Reapers DHL range in terms of size, etc.? -DemonEtrigan

Smaller. They might work with some of the older Reaper DHL minis, which were pretty small too. But not with the newer Reaper stuff.

More like old ral partha and grenadier stuff AFAIK.

Waitasec...did someone say scale mail? These 'wood elves' wouldn't make decent ersatz high elves would they? -Grom

"My ideal figures would be as close to true scale and proportion as feasible given the size and materials used. I think it is even more important to make fantasy figures as ‘true’ as possible because the subject matter is bizarre and imaginary, without the grounding in reality they too easily become silly... Traditional representations of elves give them pointy ears to one degree or another (some are very large) and I go along with this as part of the ‘feral’ look which suggests elves’ closeness to nature. Big eyes, lissome posture and natural elements in dress and symbols (for wood elves leaf motifs, vines, trees et.) are other ideas I usually incorporate in elves for the same effect.

"...Otherworldliness I try to suggest by odd clothing, asymmetries and peculiar postures and in the face by a simplified, idealized shape, I see elves as sort of halfway between angels and men and thus closer to an ideal, platonic form.

"For a magical touch I use unusual symbols and strange decoration.

...After assembling my design ideas I try to fit them together in a way that makes as much ‘sense’ as possible. I think it’s important for fantasy to have a rational framework to hang the imaginary elements on, without this there is no basis for the contrasts which make fantasy striking and wonder-full. Fantasy should be an alternate reality founded on different premises, like non Euclidean geometry.

"...I’ve set myself a schedule of two elves a week (which I’ve stuck to so far) with any luck we’ll have the first release in December." -Tom Meier (Thunderbolt Mountain)

After reading all that prose, I'm a bit dissapointed in how they look. A bit too retro or Larry Elsmorish... I don't know...

I think Tom Meier is superb with detail but seems to be a bit too old school for me. Some stuff is still nice but others remind me too much of 1st edition D&D.-Artemis Black

I think they're looking rather nice. As old-school as they come though. Not keen on the usage of chainmail, I like my woodelves to be armourless.

I think I'll get a few of these to paint up as display pieces rather than thinking about armies. I'll look forward to seeing the upcoming figures int he range. -SteveB

Nice and waif like in proportions, but kind of boring IMO.
-The Imp

I heard I could find some comments on my new figures here.

Sheesch, What a tough crowd! My kinda people.

If I may be allowed to speak in my own defense, please remember I’m one of the people who defined what elf figures look like. When I started making elves in 1974 there weren’t very many on the market (Minifigs had some and perhaps Heritage but that was all) There wasn’t even much in the way of illustration except fairy-type elves and pictures from ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’. A lot of the ideas I introduced at that time have been used so often as to be nearly hackneyed, like a song covered by a host of different bands.

You say retro, I say classic, and as fine tuned as I can manage. I am going to innovate in this line, though not drastically, but you won’t see much of it in these pictures which are ‘bog-standard elves’. I think just as in a good film you shouldn’t make everything too exciting, something has to give dramatic contrast. These figures were designed to be part of units, not stand-alone heroes. Also Wood Elves are the most ‘ordinary’ elves. This is a taste of the cake, you haven’t seen the icing yet.

I do like people who are hard to please though.

Oh and sorry about the verbose notes on the elves but it wasn’t meant to be posted to a discussion board. -TMeier

Very interesting thread here (posted by myself) which delves into the locals' opinions about elves. Good reading:

I read the thread and agree with most of it, a few points on which I’d differ:

"Finally... there shouldn't be too much variation in rank-and-file poses, since they should seem to possess discipline beyond the ken of mortal men."

I agree with the premise, but my idea is rank and file is something humans do to buck up their courage, truly elite troops like the Jannissaries for instance, disdain to march in step.

The extreme long face is part of the cartoonishness I dislike as are ridiculous helmets and armour. The long face and especially the high nose are elements I first used in elf figures to express nobility, an aristocratic look but you can go too far.

I fear I probably started the greco-roman influence, it was inadvertent as I’ve always thought elves should have more of a renaissance Italian meets Celtic crossed with art nouveau look. I made several figures with barbutes, an Italian helmet which resembles a pointy topped ancient Greek Corinthian helm and things seem to have gone from there.

We’ll see what you think of the heroes and nobles, the great thing about fantasy is the scope it allows for expression. The reason I sent out the pictures is to give people an idea of what they’re definitely not going to see, which is a cartoony style or ridiculous unworkable extreme clothing and armour. -TMeier

I think the big thing you can pull out of the various 'Elf' threads on this board is that it's all very subjective. You can't get it 'right' because everyone disagrees on what an elf should be.

But I know I'm looking forward to them. As a sculptor I've really gotten a lot from seeing your recent sculpts for Darksword and now your elves. As a painter I'm more interested in the elves. The Darksword figures felt a bit too much like an exercise in sculpting rather than figures to paint. These elves exhibit the same fineness but with more restraint. Can't wait to see where you go with them. -SteveB

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and [here]



New greens from Arcana Unearthed miniatures. -DemonEtrigan

Not really my thing...

Way too expensive. $4 Can for a single 15mm fig. No way, Jose!

I like them ... but, I also play fantasy games from time-to-time. Where does it mention their scale anywhere? Oh, but the prices... I guess, like the EE, Monte & Co. is making the minis from gold. -MiniaturesAtlas

uhh..pretty sure they're 25-28mm. Still expensve but not quite as ludicrous.

I've seen the minis in blisters. I don't mean those new greens, of course. But there are 15mm in the range, at a quite ludrocrous price...

I've seen them in blisters as well, but I haven't seen any 15mm figures. I thought these were intended for the D&D crowd - isn't "Monty Whatzit" some sort of D&D guru? Aren't Reaper minis about the same prices? -frotherGuest

There are two smaller Spryte figures in the range that might be causing the confusion. And yes MC is some sort of D&D Guru and has a large collection of reaper mini's so I would have expected the range to be somewhat compatible.

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Some new cavalry from frother Newbold... I'm sure Ian had a very good excuse to post these at TMP and not here, so we'd like to hear it now. ;-)

Hi Sir White Knight. I occasionally submit stuff for the editors to consider at TMP, TM & Wargames Forum because, originally, the editors invited me to do so. It doesn't seem right to me that I should post my own stuff directly onto the Frothers site regardless of whether any one else thinks its a good idea.

I guess it's a combination of old fashioned modesty and not wanting to abuse the privilege of being a member or something like that. Must be that we're a bit quirky. -Ian Newbold

I picked up one of the big-lizard-riding Grak at Colours. Beautiful mini. His photography seems to be improving! -Grom

Hi Grom. Glad you liked the Grak and his jugger. Also glad you think the photography is improving. Still a long way to go but we are trying! -Ian Newbold

Very nice! This could end up in the Mutants showcase, right?

Dear Ian,

I have the deepest respect for your innate modesty and will not hold it against you. We would however be deeply honoured if you would consider submitting your stuff to us as well, or, if that will alleviate your conscience, by sending it to a member of the Marbles General Staff.

Sincere regards etc...etc..

Hi Again Sir White Knight. I detect you may be taking the michael but I'll send you an "Exclusive to Frothers" anyway, assuming I can figure out how to do it! -Ian Newbold

I really like the Grak, probably my favourite part of Ian's range and these look just as good. (Well, technically they look better, but i'm sure that's just the pictures!)

Hmm, maybe DD should include them in the Lizardman showcase too?

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Newbold Grak-mi exclusive preview... when Ian promised a FU-UK! exclusive, I didn't expect he meant today!

The big guy's name is Mitsumo Tanaka. He's a Grak-mi and stands 7 feet tall (37mm) and weighs in at twenty stones. Not someone to be messed with. He was sculpted by Bob Naismith and painted by Charles Ellis, Orcs Nest. -Ian Newbold

I like these Grak minis. They add a new flavour to the tapestry of fantasy. Thanks for the picture, Ian.

All good apart from the pose, which makes me giggle.

I suppose it is somewhat reminiscent of a certain superman in blue spandex and a red cape, but other than that, it's fine...

I like the polearm....the Funken's have a great picture of a gendarme being hauled by the neck backwards off his horse by a landsknect armed with one of those rigs. -okheir

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It seems there's new to be had from i-Kore. A new Junkers buggy (hate those huge springs, but the rest is cool). I think I've only seen one of these silly hovercraft previously, so they may be new too... Forgive me if this is old news. -Mancha

I believe we only saw concept art for these, and other variants. I think someone mentioned (here or on TMP) that the hovers would work great in a Bauhaus army.

Not bad. Nice to see a company making more sf oriented vehicles in the 28-30mm scale.

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New Hundred Years War figs from Black Tree Designs. Good ersatz Bretonnian commoners too (especially now the new plastics look kind of silly).

You're right, those fellows scream "Bretonnia!" I'm not so sure the pole arm on the top eight is accurate for HYW, but I'm no expert. -Aaron

The weapon looks like a bog standard Halberd to me so I don't see a problem with it. -frotherGuest

All the same, it might be best to chop off a couple of sections from the posterior of the axe and make a diamond shape of it. I'll look at my Funken tonight and see if there were commonly halberds that had an inclined axe face like these.

It is also possible to get a very diverse range of polearms from Corvus Belli, including a very fine halberd (I've got a hundred coming to replace my Old Glory and Foundry halberds, which I find too gross in their dimensions). My feeling is that polearmed units of medieval footmen would tend to have a diversity of weapon heads.

I do like the bills though. Very nice. (Oops, apparently they're calling them a voulage). -okheir

I've found most of BTD's stuff adequate, but i really like these. And yes, they'd be great for Bretonnians, but that's more to do with where the EE nicked the source material from.

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If you like larger-scale minis, Andrea Miniatures has a couple new ones that might be of interest. First up is an "elf archer" that bears a passing resemblance to Legolas from the LOTR movie...

Then there's the "Samurai girl" ("naked Asian chick w/sword" is more like it). -Mancha

Legolas is 54mm, the girl is 80mm.

She's, um, well, very...healthy? (Just popping off to the bathroom guys). Seriously, i am the only one who finds the pose, proportions and angles of this figure lead the eye directly to her fly trap?

It must be a very tiny flytrap.

Or has she had her labs removed? Maybe this is deliberatly small, to appeal to someones 'inner nonce'(basically every sad-fucker who likes manga) -frotherGuest

It isn't working... Her eyes are too small and realistic ;-)

The itty-bitty bikini thing looks rather silly. The face is a nice sculpt, why cheapen it with the "bikini"? If one wanted nude, just do that ... or, put clothes on her. Maybe being in my late-30's, married, with a 2-month-old son, I don't see the titillation value here. -MiniaturesAtlas

I hate myself for knowing it, but the Andrea female Samurai is taken from cover for Heavy Metal by Simon Bisley. -Von Bork

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Still cant quite get th hang of technology.....halfway there though, anyway thought that you might like to see some of my work ...

He's about 30mm, fimo/sculpey mix with a few green bits -waxfive

Looking great, Seth.

Well I've seen it and it's very nice. apart from the axe which is manky, and that face is a bit rough, Oh where did that Orc get all that armour, (fantasy must have reality Seth, Ted Bovis 1983). -PeteB

ted bovis said my name, on bloody hi di hi? episode number and series phleez mr brown, (although why i'm posting this when i could just turn and ask i have no idea ).

much thanks sihook

as an interesting sub note this is one of the figures that i sent off to I-Kore, they said thanks but no.

On the basis it isn't crap? #lol

Lovely orc face, very nice, and an unusually smart set of armour. I like it.

Wow, that mini is really cool, no stupid over-dynamic pose so favoured by recent sculptors (Rackham, I hate you!), the sculpt is clean and the creature's physical and facial features are sobre enough to be believable and not cartoony.

I think that some rivets on the armour pieces would make them more believable, but that's really the only flaw I can find (Oh, and just as a side note, it would perhaps be interresting for you to try and make armours less GW-inspired, it would give more character to your minis ).

It's the first real alternative to Nelson's orcs I have seen in all those years, that's really good work lad, have you found someone to put it in production? -LFant

thanks lfant, it was really just something i did to show rackham that i could work using their materials, it was one of the figures that got me a job with them, i did'nt go, it's a long story ask wk for details

It may yet see the light of day as a production figure though if it does then i'm sure it will end up on here.
with regard to the armour yeah i think your right, damn they must have washed my brain well when i was a child

(it was only blood bowl how was i to know what it would lead too, i was young my heart was an open book, i used to say ......... )

It's still no small feat to get offered a sculpting position at Rackham and then get to turn them down.

I've seen the other mini wax did for them (in traditional greenstuff, which unfortunately will never see production) and I was very impressed. He's REAL good when he wants to...

I agree, it's arguably the best orc face of the year.

Speaking of faces alone, it's difficult to choose, Brian Nelson's orc faces are almost flawless, but I dislike his fantasy range due to their machined-like armours. Rackham's orcs have interresting features too, but the poses and accessories are ridiculous.

I think that I would simply put it this way:
As a whole mini, it's probably the best orc of the year (it needs some more rivets though!).

If the next ones are as good, this range will become really interresting...

Trouble with Orc of the year is, i'd have to include that Napolenic one green we saw, and that was awesome. So, Fantasy Orc of the year? Definitely.

Enough ego wanking, wax: make the range!

To be honest I don't really like orcs in plate but this looks nice. Beyond the rivets, the breast plate needs something to break it up. Some kind of decoration (no skulls! pls!) or even just simply having a depression in the middle to seperate the breast or something.

Or have him wear a chain/necklace thing. Right now its too plain and would not paint up well. And like they said, nice face.

iI was going to put some detail, but the axe cuts right through it when its put on, i was also going to put a neclace round the neck but it would'nt have hung correctly, cos i would have had to bring it into the body, (excuses excuses) or is it just cos i'm a slacker.

Very nice, definitely up for any 'orc of the year' award, though I still favour the old Harlequin Barnosk and LoTR orcs.

Even so, if you make a regiment of these, I'll buy 'em before you can blink! -Grom

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New Dark Ages minis. -Ghost

I especially like how they now list the exact scale of every mini with the pictures.

Those Brood Puds could make some fine alternative Alien face-huggers.

Love the lacrosse players in the second picture. -Mancha

I like the Ratchets. -The Imp

My fave release this month is the 2nd Pud Thrower... -Artemis Black

Ooooohh I get it now... pud throwers.... har har.

In the game they are quite handy as they tie up troops in close combat for an extra round. Bad as the Brood are the speedy army. It's also a lead in for DA to start doing more action oriented poses, which is way overdue in my book. -Artemis Black

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If I may, Sah! Under the request of one Captain Ernest Swinton and the Lord of the Admirality himself, that I present here some of the newly approved arsenal for the regiment, supplied by the London War Room.

Just scroll down the lists if you may, Sah, as there are some things of certain interests...

Steam Tractors to pull around the regimental battery - would relieve the pressure off that one stallion from Balaclava... and although this... tripod might cause many painful memories from the events of last year, what better way to remember our fallen comrades than to do like Prometheus and steal the sacred tool from the gods?

What be the thoughts, Sir?

Not for me thanks.

So are these 25-30mm?

That steam tractor might be an interesting addition to my Fantasy Wild West stuff. Put some piece artillery on there and fill the cart with Union or Confederate soldiers and you'd have an interesting warwagon.

They are 25-28mm. Most of this stuff is being churned out for the Space 1889, GASLIGHT, Deadlands et al. people (which includes me as well...).

I wouldn't mind them, but they're so ugly.

They're military designs. Of course they're ugly. No one save a military enthusiast likes the look of a King Tiger. Wait. Wargamers are military enthusiasts...

Besides, I prefer the "ungodly" Grant/Lee to the Tiger...

Does that make me a military enthusiast? Woo-hoo! I love the King Tiger (Krupp turret).

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New Reaper Warlord figures- the Orc Shaman and Skeleton Pirates look rather nice! -Ghost

Skeleton pirates... What will they think of next?

Does anyone else think that the Warlord Orc's look more like wereboars? -Ghost

AD&D orcs are supposed to be somewhat... porcine. -Grom

Those Pirates are rather tasty, don't y'think?-Marquis

(More) Skeletal Pirates: I'm sure you could hear my cheer from here!

Like the pig creature too.

Guess who's been to see Pirates of the Caribbean then... Shame there's not a Johnny Depp as Cap'n Jack Sparrow. -miscuedon

Have I ever mentioned that I don't like the GW cartoon orcs? The same applies to D&D pig-faced ones... D*** Hilderbrants...

And how come I can only get the characters in my region?

Can someone explain the difference between the dark heaven line and the warlords line? are the warlords that much bigger to warrant a different scale classification? -NudeProbation

Dark Heaven started as 25mm and has always been solid based. Warlord is 30mm and is slot based.

*Reaper started small, but things have had a size creep, like the dwarves...

Warlord figures will have specific rules supplied for them in Reapers new Warlord strategy game. Size wise they are totally compatible with the Dark heaven line.

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Coolminiornot have a rather nice two headed orc in their shop;

I like the way the right head seems to have taken a bit of damage, perhaps from a few sideways headbutts by the left head! -Bloodfinger

I wish the axe was being held at an angle, it feels too flat like that. Otherwise, a pretty standard and simple sculpt, but good nonetheless.

Now, is the Coolminiornot shop becoming something of an essential visit for frothers? Anyone know how much they plan to expand it?

They're driving me nuts! Just after I buy a couple of their nifty minis, they post more that I "need". -MiniaturesAtlas

Who sculpted it? The paint looks like Buddle's, but he usually puts up a green first. -The Imp

I sculpted the little, two headed, bugger. A simple sculpt, yes, but then I like that in a figure.

As for the axe, I agree. It needs to be twisted forward a little for a natural angle but I left it flat for ease of casting. Really not a problem to bend it a little at the wrist. -SteveB

Fair point.

Yep I'm liking that..

Hmm, i'm interested in this. Why, to my eye, does the brilliant elf lass look understated and natural when this orc looks far too simple. Is it because i expect orcs to be more rough and tumble and elves, because i expect elf skin and fabric to be flawless and smooth, or did you do anything differently in terms of scupting.

(I'm not trying to criticise the figures, especially not the elfstress, just work out what's creating these reactions).

Well, maybe the paintjob (which is very nice btw) looks too clean for the character it's supposed to represent?

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Several months ago we heard that Reaper was taking over the Legend of the Five Rings mins. Well they're here. Please note that these mins seem to be re-releases of the old line:

Looking forward NEW stuff from Reaper for this line. -Ghost

Finally some good news. At last a chance to get that Shiba Tsukune mini.

oh..damn, these miniatures were gorgeous, especially some of the Oni. I was always grateful that AEG stopped the range before I got into it. Now I expect that Minifigs will start distributing these in the UK. -DemonEtrigan

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Some bloke called seth from some company that I'm with that we dont talk about on these forums said that as we are talking about samurai that this might be good to show, expect them by christmas, (bloody slacker sculptors).

they look a bit mankey at the moment cos they're a mash of kit bits, still i would'nt want to produce that armour 24 times... -PeteB


*shucks* -waxfive

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Funky 360 view of the new 100 Kingdoms mini here :-

Pretty good I think...

These warsisters don't exactly look like the chaste type, do they? Ugly feet though.

I like the way the cloak is positioned. Other than that it moves too quickly for me - I got dizzy and had to close the browser... -frotherBaz

Why do they insist on making breasts that stick straight out 2 feet? At least I am assuming thats what they were supposed to be.-gloria_invictus

I dont mind that they stick out two feet its more a case of them being lopsided now that the bloody thing isn't spinning anymore -waxfive

After all that effort on the legs, breasts and cloak they must have been tired, her face looks like she's beaten with that must be difficult to look tough/rigtheous/sexy with a face like a melted candle.

Big hammer! C'mon guys, the breasts aren't that big given the "heroic" proportioning indicated by the weapon! Its clearly a ludicrous fig, but I like that it doesn't take itself too seriously (battle nuns isn't a new concept, but by god its a silly one).

Having said that, platform shoes too? Hmm. I might go out on a limb and say that the face is OK too, at least it should paint up pretty well. Anyway, big boobies are out, why not a more range of face shapes?

I, too, would like to see a better face. The weapon doesn't bother me ... it's something that she

at least has a hope to wield.

The breasts ... geez, sculptors, just stop. The heels. Again, just stop. This could've been a cool character mini. But, like the near-naked samurai, it just feels cheap. -MiniaturesAtlas

Its not so much that the breasts are large, its that they aren't shaped like breasts.........maybe loaves of bread, but not breasts - yes thats it, she is carrying two unbaked loaves of bread dough of two entirely different sizes in her nifty bread loaf carrier.

Or, to crudely borrow from the Song of Solomon, a bunch of grapes... -okheir

It's possible to have breasts shaped like that. Just get implants at any number of unlicensed clinics. -MiniaturesAtlas

No, no, no... the figure is fine except for the feet. What is going on with the feet? Actually quite a few of the 100K figures have bad feet.

But it doesn't matter anyway. I've tried to order from them before and the only shipping option was UPS - and there is no way in HELL that I am accepting a shipment from UPS. Those bastards tend to add an additional 40% onto the cost after all the brokerages fees, service charges and taxes on top of taxes! I won't deal with UPS nor any company that insists on using them! -frotherGuest

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New miniatures from Excalibur.

The one at the bottom is a limited edition Dark-Age mini, only 555, limited to Germany (but they will sell to people outside Germany).

I like the "Death and the Maiden" figure, although there's no reason why she couldn't at least have a nightgown.

Because you can't reach Wank Factor 8 with a nightgown.

I like the lizard minis. They're going on my "to buy" list. -MiniaturesAtlas

I wonder, would the snakewomen go in the mutants or the lizzie showcase?

I'd put them in both, but I'd prefer Lizard-men (after all, they're naga...)

The Death with Maiden has a little problem: where's the two other ages of (wo)man? If you've seen the medieval miniatures (small paintings, naff!), then you'll understand...

Wow, the limited Dark Age figure is really cool. Wonder why we haven't heard about that here (ie: in English-speaking countries).The snakes are nice too, and I rarely like that kind of thing. -mancha

I like the death and maiden figure as well. If you are looking at its symbolism, I think the nudity is 100% appropriate here. I just wish it were a large bronze - would be perfect for my studio.-gloria_invictus

A pet hate of mine: snakewomen (or lizardwomen, or reptilewomen or birdwomen) with breasts. They're not mammals, are they? So no mammaries, please.-Von Bork

While I don't hate the mammaries on lizards ... I do agree that they're unwarranted. -MiniaturesAtlas

Afraid the Dark Age figure doesn't do anything for me, unlike the snakewomen (great), Death and the Maiden (essential for me) and the lesbian bondage (oh, no, hang on, i think i'm in the wrong forum again). I might also be persuaded on the orc ringmaster and his crazy animals.

Anyway, you can always file the nipples off the dead woman and greenstuff a gown...

You make that sound like it's easy ... -MiniaturesAtlas

I usually have difficulty with the draping of the cloth. It's not easy making folds that look right. But I'd never do it to this mini (unless I had two).

Perhaps they're not lizards at all, but mutant mammals with scales? Like the pangolin?-Von Bork

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Pictures are up for two more packs of Moors from Artizan Designs. MED007 African Spearmen & MED014 Mounted Crossbowmen.

Yeh I love 'em.

Feckin' Awesome. -PortableWalrus

Ah. More Haradrim...

Funny how mini makers are bringing out mounted crossbowmen all of a sudden when the WAB El Cid army list has them in. Check out the Gripping Beast ones too - although pics might be hard to nail down -si2

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I can't remember which thread it came up on, but someone was asking about the Solar Wind range, and I said Chiltern had put it up for sale so that they could concentrate on historicals. But I now see that it's still on Chiltern's web-site at -Von Bork

Could go very well with Warzone...

Absolutely...these are very similiar to the (plastic) miniatures contained in the Warzone box. -okheir

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Some new medieval peasants at drew william's website. You can take a look at the workbench for some WIP pics too.

More minis for my "buy when I have the cash" list. I wish Outland Games would get their site completely up. -MiniaturesAtlas


I have mixed feelings about these. Some look good, but others, like the archer look oddly out of proportion. And is it just me or do some of them look oriental?

The blacksmith is a blacksmith (and it's hot where he works), and the peasant is wearing a more occidental straw hat while working in the fields (and it must also be hot)...

The proportions seem to be off from a miniature-collecting point of view, but perfectly in scale with the artistic style of the period...

Really not a fan of those: the proportions look bad, the sculpting is adequate at best and i'm not keen on how he's treated the subject matter.

What scale are these? I thought 15mm when I saw them. Outland's WW2 and Seven Year War stuff are 20mm, but there's no medieval list on their website yet.

That would explain the distorted proportions and thick toolshafts...

The archer is not only out of place (I guess its a novelty robin hood) its also shite. Couple of worthwhile minis in here, but I don't think I could recommend them to anyone as packs- which I think is how they are sold- especially given that there appears to be a japanese peasant in each pack.

Its a letdown from Drew Williams I have to say. Anyway, If they are 20mm figs what are we interested for?

I didn't realise it was 20mm sorry..

20mm? Disproportioned? Wee! Cheap Halflings!

Not convinced dude. They'd have to be a lot more disproportioned than that (though the cook is pretty close).

I like the guy with the pick axe - the rest are useful only as trouser ballast. -si2

Please, please ... chant with me ... 28mm ... 28mm ... 28mm


If they are 28mm, and it doesn't say 28mm anywhere on their website, then they are really bad. But then it doesn't say 'Medieval' or 'Peasants' anywhere on their website either.

Maybe someone hacked into DW's site and put those images up to discredit him? That would explain why there is no mention of the figs on the Outland site...

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There are two new minis from Assassin Miniaturen. Neither of them, however, are especially interesting. Looks like Assassin is trying to compete with GW for gore-dripping heads with their barbarian. -Mancha

Those faces suck. The barbarian especially, but the dwarf must have some sort of aparatus to hold his mustache out of the way while he eats.

Surprisingly crude.-Von Bork

Nope, none for me, thanks. -gloria_invictus

Yea, these are a pass for me as well -Ghost

I'm going to stick up for the dwarf: i think it's a marvellous charicature. Alright, you wouldn't want to use it in a wargame, but as a one off piece for a diarama, role-playing game or just display, i think it's cool.

Reminds me of kids tv (when i was a kid, not the stuff they have now ).

By stuff they have now you're refering to the badly drawn, poorly animated poo and pipi cartoon crap and allegedly homosexual purple teletubbies?

As far as the topic concerns, I think the dwarf is okay, but nothing special really, while the barbarian IS kind of crude...

they look like they were quite detailed figures that someone obliterated with a very heavy black spray........or they might just suck?

Wait till you see what I did to your wonderful falconer green...

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Hi All,

I'm showing this off to you guys a few days before I unveil her to the masses. I've been running the Female Miniature Painting Challenge for three years now and I'm about to start the fourth any day now. You can see what the past three have been like here:

This year I wanted to do something special and so I commissioned our own Steve Buddle to sculpt a miniature for the event.

I intend to sell her for a small sum, not with the intent of making money on her (or at least not a great deal of money), but rather just to celebrate the Challenge. The miniature itself is $4.50 per miniature, while P&H is $1.50. I will send up to three minis to any given address and the rate for 1 to 3 is still $1.50.

I think Steve did a great job, but I'd love to hear what you think of her. Also, what do you think of what I intend to charge for her.

I should point out that one needn't buy or paint this particular miniature in order the enter the Challenge. One may enter any female miniature one wishes.

Thanks for your input -Mancha

I'm not keen on the figure, and it wouldn't tempt me into entering. I'm sure many others will love it though.

I'm sorry to say that I really don't like that figure. Technically it seems pretty good, but the basic style is just not my cup of tea. -Grom

Female Hussar... :-p

Slot Based... D***

You don't like slotted minis?! Good Lord man, they're so much easier to put into unique bases. -Mancha

Slot bases are easier to remove and replace. So, slot base good! Especially for a static piece like this, a diorama base is practically required to spice it up.

Anyway. Now for the scathing critique!

SB has done a very nice job. However, I think the folds of jacket could stand to be more crisp and it could have done without the fur trim. The pose is as I said static and seems to limit conversion potential in a big way. Weapon or arm swaps are out of the question without grinding off the jacket entirely.

I will wager that we will see many entries with added hair, but not much more putty work. A better pose might have been with the jacket slung over one shoulder and an arm extended to fire one of her pistols. Thanks for not putting a hat on her though.

Well, you may have to thank Steve for that. I'd originally suggested one and he poo-pooed the idea. Her short punk hairdo, however, was my idea and I'd insisted on it so that there would be some feature that was capable of being converted. I hope that we'll eventually see some head swaps on her.

As to arm swaps, I have always been first to urge Dominic to consider conversion potential when he's planned out the VIC minis. It's interesting that I should forget (or ignore) my own advice in planning my own mini.

Also , while I agree that the figure is static, I actually really like it that way. I'd initially wanted a more dynamic pose (crossed-arm drawing of her pistols), but Steve pointed out some likely casting problems with what I'd envisioned. This was my back-up pose and, while not my initial choice, I still like it a lot.

It seems like our contemporary miniatures, in reaction to the static poses of the 80s and 90s, have ALL become dynamic. I, on the other hand, have always liked what I will call "portrait poses", especially when applied to semi-historical minis like this one. I imagine her on the deck of a ship, or looking down haughtily on her enemies, or gazing down from the frame mounted on the wall.

Anyway, thanks for your very complete critique. I hope that some of your fears have been rendered moot. -Mancha

Its quite nice and I like VSF so its great for me The only thing I rather not have is the open front shirt.

I like the pose and the style of the miniature and I think you have hit the price tag quite well.

I would ask would it not be possible to have the coat as a seperate bit which could be glued on if necessary? That way your miniature might actually satisfy that sort of critique. I am not a sculptor but it might be worth thinking about.

This would have been a good idea, and I'd even talked about it with Steve. The biggest problem, however, would have been that multi-part minis cost more than single-piece minis. I don't think I'll let that stop me for the CC Five mini though...-Mancha

I don't mind static poses - it is only since I got onto this web site that I discovered that dynamic poses were a bit of a current fashion. I like both types of poses, they serve different functions- you just have to think of what sort of character they would convey.

This character looks like sees roundly pissed off with someone and is about to kick their ass. He'd probably be better to do the dishes and stop whining.

About the facial features what sort of ethnicity are we looking at here - her face is almost elven and yet the clothes and stance are almost black (if I am allowed to say that )?

You're right, although I'd not really thought about it. Her face is very much like the two elves Steve currently has for sale in his Spyglass Miniatures shopping cart at CMON. The body, however, is substantially different. It might interest you to know that at one point he engaged in some breast reduction surgery. -Mancha

First of all, let me say that I like this mini a lot, regardless of the possible applications. Secondly, I've got enough minis with dynamic poses, so it's nice to have one in a more classic stance.

My first thought was indeed that I'd add longer hair to her. Thank God for greenstuff. (funny, I seem to have a history of adding hair to Steve Buddle's minis) ;-).

I don't know about you chaps, but her pose looks pretty damn loaded with dynamic potential to me.

She looks as if she is waiting for the approaching horde of henchmen to fully encircle her, head turned to one side so that she can watch her back, before she leaps into action, two guns blazing John woo style. Sort of calm before the storm, so to speak. Needs a pithy one liner to go with it.

I like it!

Like it. Steve does splendid females

Sulptors often tell their wives/partners that the stack of magazines under the bed is "reference material" i think steve actually means it ... my only concern is the quiff, very tank girl .

Jeez that fig rocks! Don't listen to anyone complaining about unusual features like the stance or hairdo, its great to see the 'rules' bended and an original fig emerge.

Dynamic poses are easy, you just put the arms and legs as far apart as possible. Creating a feeling of 'latent' energy, thats a bit harder in any medium. Well done that chap!

So i'm the only one who doesn't like her... I'll form my own little club in this corner... :-/)

maybe she looks too strong for you - you know kinda playing on a weakness in your subconscious??

there you go, froth to freud in three pages, not bad -waxfive

Novel, well-proportioned, smooth finish, good detail. And I like the short hair. I'd buy one. But I doubt I'd get it painted to a time or a good enough standard for the contest -Von Bork

Well, I've absorbed the content of this thread. The figure was an interesting challenge as it was designed as very 'cross genre'. Should work as fantasy/sf/vsf etc..

I'm rather pleased with how it turned out. I didn't set out with any ideas about her ethnicity. The face is quite elven I suppose but then my style seems to go in that direction of late. Then I don't think that this is a bad thing. The rather ambiguous quality of the face should lend itself to a lot of different painting possibilities.

Must admit I'm starting to get bored of sculpting all these fantasy females. Gets tempting at times to go back to my roots and sculpt some historicals.


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Creafigs has a number of new preview photos, including one of the new plastic archers still on the sprue and the Brettonian Pagasus Knights:

This doesnt mean you will be allowed entire regiments of Pegasus mounted Kinghts ? Does it ??

I don't know, but I really don't like those new plastic figs. The Men-at-arms set has some interesting bits and I might get some for conversion purposes, but as they are I think they're just ugly.

I hope the new pegasus knights are plastic, but what are the chances of that? BTW, M., I think they're indeed supposed to form regiments.Those grail pilgrims are interesting, but they reek of empire sigmarites and flagellants.

The Creafigs text says they are plastic, and come three to a box.-Von Bork

Oh yea, so it does... I'm not as young as I used to be, my eyes must be failing...

The mounted lord figure, that I like.

You know, though I have no personal experience with battleaxes, I'd say they are not that useful from horseback. -okheir

All the extra spikey junk is rather regrettable, I think. But I rather liked the clean lined, Olivier's Henry V inspired, versions from last time round.-Von Bork

I'm not convinced by that Pegasus...yeah, okay, i can believe a flying horse, i can believe a flying horse with someone on the back...but not a complete Aga with a geezer inside.

Very mixed bag there, some absolute rubbish, but at least the archers have more than two poses and are okay. Isn't Kislev out soon?

Some of the plastics look odd. I think the head connection is not made perfectly. The grail knights looks like nice sculpts but how come they turned from legendary heros to beggars?

And axes (esp two handed ones) are very seldom seen in horseback. You are much more likely to see a mace or hammer if you are so inclined. The reason is that axes has a higher chance of getting stuck in you enemies' armour/bone and stuff which is a pain when you are on horseback.

Oh, and it seems the horse is back to the old ones. Maybe the really mean looking one we saw a while ago is for some special character instead, made of metal and priced competitively (when compared to that chaos general)

Nice to see GW plastic archers regain a proper physique, the pot bellied empire plastic guys are rather obese, these look mean, lean and hungry. Well, better anyhow. -si2

bobbins -=UAG= Gwartisan

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Image barred from public consultation by GW copyright lawyers


These new Warcrow figs just in from top frother friend Fernando :

"Jarrkun, our first orc. Fujiko da Silva. It is said that she is the daughter or a Portuguese pirate and a gueisha...

I hope you like them!" -Fernando

Fujiko reminds me very much of the great comic character Elektra ...

these are very nice, very refreshing, the Orcs are superb and the woman looks great!

I like the Orc, though I think a thinner blade in its left hand would look better than the flensing cleaver supplied, and I think the hand could be switched about (though not with that hilt intact). Orc fencer's, what a concept. Anyways, why can't Orcs be refined?

The woman....reminds me a bit of that irritating bugger a couple of Star Wars pictures ago. Was it called a Bza Yar or something?-okheir

I like them. Don't care for the boots on the orc at all, but other than that, very nice.

I like the orc. Every square mm seems to be crammed full of intricate detail, kind of the direct opposite of Seth's sobre (yet convincing) orc (which I liked too) (after all, he might be reading this...) ( ). I like the position of the sword, but the blade seems not quite right for this usage.

The Portuguese pirate geisha offspring does look like exactly that. Who came up with that unusual (and slightly weird, but interesting) concept?

The pirate woman looks like Elektra (from Marvel Comics). I can see some major daemon butt-kicking soon!

She looks rather too cartoony for my tastes. Should go well with Rackham stuff though. The Orc is a good balance between the inhuman and the plausible.-Von Bork

Very nice. I really like the orc. The face looks strangely oriental to me... (don't ask me why). I think the boots are nice, but they do not match the rest of the armour though.

The first thing that i though was a hun/mongolian take on an orc, like it.

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Has anyone seen the painted (Newbold World) Umangan High Command at Holger Schmidt's site?

Funny. Just today, I was quoting the Dread Pirate LeChuck from the Monkey Island series and humming his tune.


I like his style of painting!

Static and boring miniatures. Basically what I think about all the Newbold miniatures I have seen. All of them seems to be standing on a battlefield waiting for the battle to start.

If that was the thought then the miniatures have been sculpted exactly as intended. Nice painting though. -Ugsome

Hi Ugsome. Sorry you don't like the posing of our figures. The designs are mine so your criticism is quite properly directed at me rather than any of the sculptors who execute the designs as requested. I only release their work if it meets the design specification so I'm the one who should take the flack!

The poses of all our figures are chosen to reflect my view of what the figures are most likely to be doing at key times on the battlefield (wargames table). For example, the Umangan High Command are meant to be stationed on a suitable hill directing the battle as it unfolds. They aren't meant to be manoeuvring or fighting. As an analogy I doubt whether Wellington was ever seen rearing his horse and waving a sabre around his head. Although he did have the odd close shave of course! -Ian Newbold

Damn his consistent good humour and manners! This Newbold fellow is going to be the end of uncivilised behaviour and verbal bickerings. Thank God for Gwartisan...

too fuckin right. -=UAG= Gwartisan

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The first release from Battlestandard miniatures is out: Late Achaemenid Persians.

Did the guy second from right get squished between two elephants?


I guess he joined because he wanted to be immortal... :D

Well if he survived being squished by two elephants hes doing OK I reckon.

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See a review for Castaway Arts "Ark of the Covenant" set at wargames review.

#drool# -MiniaturesAtlas

Good reason to pick up that "Indy" fig from the Copplestone line too!
--and some Nazis
--and a Flying Wing

I'm sure you get the picture!

-Mr Canuck

Just imagine the rules for that in a wargame... and people think the EE produce super weapons!

I painted this piece up earlier this year, and it is indeed very nice, although the bearers look a little stiff - then again, how relaxed would you be carrying the Ark. Make being a pall-bearer seem like a saunter through the park.

Gerry at Castaway says he is thinking of making an alternative set with Evil Nazis carrying the Ark. -Mexican Jack Squint

Very nice. Almost tempts me to go and start up a biblical Hebrew collection. -Grom

This, as they say, rocks! How about a Deadlands / Jon Shannow cross over game set in a wild west "new Jerusalem" #FROTH!#

That would be dead good!

And I presume you all know the theory the Arc was an subsonic amplifier which amplified the horns behind it to such a level the walls of Jericho crumbled.

Apparently a gift from either Atlantians, Aliens or just Angels. Hmmm, with Rafm or Reaper angel support...

Yes, but i prefer the powdered white gold theory... :-/)

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Our friends at TMP have news of some more Dark Ages re-releases

Very nice! -MiniaturesAtlas

Still, at least the speedo dude has a pot belly! Isn't that in some demand from certain quarters of FU-UK!

Very static poses (as are the other two releases). I suppose its the "I've just emerged from the lamp and want to look intimidating" stance.-Von Bork

Or the "I'm cutting my fingers off by holding my sword upside down" stance! OK I know he's magical, but don't try this at home kids! (how do you think I got my name?) -BloodfingerI like them. Could they be better? Certainly. But, are there many others like them? Not that I've seen ... (someone, please prove me wrong) -MiniaturesAtlas

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Lots of new stuff on the Privateer/Warmachine site. Great things as we have come to expect from these guys. I'm especially fond of the Widowmaker Kaptain. She's a fine piece of tin. Not quite as delicate as the illustration it's based on but I'm still eager to add it to my collection. -The Imp

Yeh looking good as always.... The Kapitan is indeed mighty fine. The Gun-mages look interesting too.

Fine. I managed to stay away from any serious investment in sci-fi minis until now, but I give in. You win. I'm going to buy the lot of them. Happy now?

The minis are very cool ... love the paint jobs. I'm told by the folks at the local B&M that this is a fun game, too. -MiniaturesAtlas

The Gunmage looks perticularily good, and the Khador troops... Now why can't those be found in my region? Wanna, wanna...

Very impressive!!! The definitely have the whole steampunk imagery down pat. Love their mixture of scifi and fanatsy elements. Now I have to spend more as well! -Ghost

More likely mixture of Fantasy and Historical elements (note the 18th century equipment of the Cygnar Gunmage and the Cossack equipment of the Widowmakers, while their weapons are extremly exagerated pre-flintlock muskets and pistols...)

I think it's fair enough to regard giant combat robots as a scifi element.

The whole style reminds me a bit of Enki Bilal, or maybe some of the Heavy Metal series from the 90s (Gypsy?). I can't say that I warm to it, though the minis are beautifully done. The only one here I'd be likely to buy is, ironically enough, the least well sculpted, the dandy highwaywoman. Her face isn't a patch on, er, the gal with the patch, but with a bit of green stuff to turn her tabard into a skirt, I could easily plonk her down in the eighteenth century.

To be honest, that's precisly why i'd call them sci-fi: I regard any changes to historical technology as sci-fi and definitely see the figures above as a sci-fi/historical mix, with the game itself being primarily a sci-fi/fantasy mix that pillages some history for material.

And the figures...well, they're nicely sculpted and probably well made, but they're not my cup of tea. Which leaves me with the Krootesque figures should i ever play it.

Love the beasty girls!

Oh! Ohhhh.... that widow maker and gun mage..... want! Want!.... #FROTH#

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New NEW Freebooter mini! I love how greens are all spittle-shiny... -Mancha

not bad at all....

Seems to have a massive head though. 4.5 heads high, is that normal..?

LimEd(250) btw.

She's got a lot of hair, but I'm not sure she's got a lot of head.-Mancha

Nope, that head's pretty big. It's left leg looks a bit funny too.

It's not only the head that's big... Back in my days, when we talked about female pirates, we would have objects to represent her talents. For example: Finding Elaine's Chest...

Discovering Flo's Massive Head... er... headboard?

I like it ... but, what's that weapon supposed to be? Cutlass? Scimitar?

From this angle, the face looks like it has a nice aggressive expression. The pose looks slightly awkward, but still well within the realm of acceptable. Overall, I really like this mini. -MiniaturesAtlas

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More Zombies from Drew Williams (for Zombiesmith)... ...Plus Plastic Man (for Superfigs)... #lol#

Well, I thought he looked like PM when he wasn't being such a goof...

I've recently taken a strong interest in superhero miniatures and will be looking forward to any new superfigs. The stretchy looks better than the old ones.

Polymer (the above green) is just one of many new packs set for release this November at Fall-In in Maryland (USA). Along with SuperSystem: Showdown (our third book), we'll be releasing a host of new villains and heroes, and at least 2 packs of civilians.

I could post some pics here if you like, but I don't want to appear to be too much of a shill. -fourcolorfigs

Post em, if they're new (and not too big)!

And if you can only post some, could you please make it the civilians? Ta. -Von Bork

My god! Finally! Finding modern civilian is surprisingly difficult! Any new images post away. Very interested.

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I haven't seen the Civilians myself yet. My mold-man is sending me some castings in the mail today, and I should receive them tomorrow. In the meantime, their are pics of some new SuperFigs on The Miniatures Page right now, and I will give you guys a "Frothers Exclusive" look at John Henry, a figure I have been wanting to do for a very long time. Sculptor is the estimable Bob Naimsith. -fourcolorfigs

The John Henry looks very nice. Nice alternative to the brutes. But I didn't really like the werewolves on TMP.

Look at the bald guy in his human and werewolf form. It's not just his teeth that grow!-Von Bork

Perfect for Victorian Science Fiction! Now where's your Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill?

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Some new celtos minis- The sidhe female greatsword leader and the helmeted goblins look cool, the other are of little interest.

Same with the void news, quite deceiving minis. -LFant


More like....wht the FU:UK is wrong with IKore nowadays, these are all bland crap. -DemonEtrigan

Well... the goblin archers are semi-interesting.

I was going to say these were better than the last ones (which were utter dross), but then I saw that bike. Hmmm indeed.

I'm not too keen on the first Goblin because of how he's holding his arrow (wasting his time, I'm sure... He must be an Elven spy... ) and the armoured elf looks a bit off. I like the rest to a certain degree (hey, the Human with the horned great helm could also end up in the Chaos Knights Masterworks...).

The biker? She would be perfect for an EE Sisters of Battle website. D'oh. Forgot EE's policies on other manufacturers (there are other manufacturers?)...

bobbins-=UAG= Gwartisan

I don't hate the elf chick, top left, the death dealer wannabe, second row left, and once the silly crests are removed the goblins archers are probably the best gobs I-Kore has put out yet. The rest are crap at best. The guy on the top right looks an awful lot like EE's slaaneshi champ too, albeit with odd looking limbs.

yawn... I have never really got into these.... has anybody any suggestions as to which Celtos figures are actually their best because I am totally unconvinced by any of them....

Probably the FirBolg zombies and flesh eaters. A bit chunky, but otherwise decent zombies and ghouls. The dwarves aren't bad either.

I like some of Kev White's female Gaels, despite the fat thighs, and there are some good personality figures among the fir bolg. But I wouldn't say that there were any ranges that were consistently good or bad. There are gems and dross in each. A good rule of thumb is: the further the feet are apart, the worse the figure.

These have the same problem that 80% of their stuff has.

It's ok. That's it, they're just ok.

Unfortunately the charge almost the same as GW prices and regardless of the odd dodgy mini and the horrendous pricing scheme GW does produce some quality minis. I can't get the thought out of my head that I-Kore are GW-Lite. If I could I might even be selling the stuff, well most of it anyway (Especially the kilt wearers).

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New beastie from Parroom Station, think we haven't seen this before. Funny, the head reminds me of the LOTR Balrog.

Oh, yes. I think he called it a Grosk or something. Has he updated the site? (I've been looking every day since, well, ever...)

Apparently, he hasn't. Guess you found it on the London Warroom site. Since you haven't yet, and I was aware of it, I call dibs on the new extra firearms. And the "vacuum mechanic"(?) ...

why is he holding a huge dildo ???

I believe it to be an oilcan, sir.

Hey, i like that vacuum mechanic - he'd fit into most sci-fi!

its rather manky looking that dildo,bet it could tell some tales....... -frotherGuest

Maybe thats why he is wearing a toxic suit and carrying a bag to put it in.... -frotherBaz

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Posted at CoolMini- Killer of Souls and Death Dealer.

I don't care much for the muscular elf barbarian and I sincerely hope he has secured permission to do an edition of Death Dealer. It would be a shame to get sued over such a nice figure.

The technical term for these minis is "Fudge". Soft, grainy and looks like s***.

The death dealer actually looks better in the other 3 views (you picked the worst one!) Still, not really nice enough to convince me to pay money for. And I liked the Frazzetta painting some more... there was a really nice statue sometime ago.

IIRC, before Cell Entertainment vanished, they were planning a Death Dealer game ... the game of the books of the painting.-Von Bork

if i said they were waz.i would be being too kind.(has the guy made them from mash potatoes-y'know like dreyfus in close encounters??????????????). --=UAG= Gwartisan

It looks like swinging the axe back has stretched his arm, or is that just me.-DemonEtrigan

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New deadlands/ great rail wars at Jeff Valent's...not quite sure when they were up on the website but just saw it today. Pics are kind of small but looks nice.

I've never been too keen on Deadlands minis. They just don't fit in really well with historical and other Victorian Sci-Fi 28mm minis. One thing is the base. Another is the style.

Besides, anyone else need magnifying glasses AND Photoshop to read the names of the new releases?

Perhaps Pinnacle's recent decision to use West Wind for their upcoming 50 Fathoms game has lit a fire under Mr. Valent's ass. Prior to last week his last Rail Wars figure was a year old. Not that I really care for his work.

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Renegade has released a new celt pack called Celtic myth command. There is a picture of a celt on the front page which I assume is one of them. So new WW1 and ACW stuff too.

So, the elves are gone for good, and there is a new fantasy Celt range.-okheir

Well, you could argue that Renegade already had a fantasy Celt range, unless the Ancient Britons really did go into battle armed with cricket bats instead of swords.-Von Bork

I think the Doc's gonna like this guy...

Well, thats the only one on view so far... looks like fun (if a bit silly/ned kelly)... I'd want to see the rest of the apck before committing...

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New 100 Kingdoms fig- Avalon friar. :-|

Looks interesting. The staff does not look nice, and I would have prefered it posed standing. Can't see whats going on in the face. Other than that, its quite nice.

It's a bit hard to make out the details. It could be quite nice, but there's no way of knowing for sure from this picture.

I'm guessing it belongs in the 'Let's hope it get's to me with the end bits of staff still attached to the middle bits' box.

Too many figs out there that look like they'll snap in postage.-Artemis Black

Read the title and thought "Hmm... interesting"

Saw the picture and thought "Ahh... cloaker"... What a shame...-Brother Maynard

Never seen a fat friar before... #rolls#

The battle friar with the hammer is quite good as well. I have to tell you, these figures look 100 x better when you see them up close. I had a look down at MIGSCON a week ago and was very impressed!

looks like the painting and/or picture isn't very good anyway. That may be a big part of the problem. He's got some personality but their are some better sculpt around though.-Sylvain

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New stuff for November at the Rackham store.

Already seen some of them, but Haven't seen the Pythie d'Azël, or the Séides Formors stuff before. Damn, definitely liking the Formors.

Good spot Gloria ! :-D

The Lady of Justice looks neat... Perfect for the Law or Balance masterwork to oppose the Chaos Knights one...

Ooh, i think we'd be getting a bit too Moorcock then!

LoJ looks very nice. Not to pleased with the fomorians. Seem very awkward, I think in large part because of the positioning of the arms. -Ghost

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The next release of Brigade Games Adventurer minis:

BG-ADV06 Evy the Archaeologist (pictured on right)
BG-ADV07 Fyrstada Piegtrov (on left)
BG-ADV08 Phantom Squad (5)

These are being cast right now and will be available in about 10 days. I have announced this here first so please do not spill the beans as will be posting to the Gaslight group shortly. -BrigadeGames

I love that chubby lass at the top The guns on those troopers looks nice too.

The chubby chick is fun, but the other female is just plain elegant. She looks like she should be Indiana Jones' next movie companion. I think I'll have to place an order with Brigade (which is funny since they just placed an order with me).

The shadow warriors are cool but I think I would have been completely perplexed about them had I not seen League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Still, the GASLIGHT crowd should be very pleased with them. -Mancha

and who could this be...(racking brain)... Evy is from the M**MY movies.

The fat lass is called Pig Trough #lol# (Yes, i'm a child). Actually, i like her...not in the same way i liked Evy from the M--my films, but because she reminds me of Tarzan films. Matronly fat victorians shooting poor elephants (yeah, i'm not saying that happened in tarzan films, i was little). Great character figure.

To be exact... "first at a pig trough "... I am a child too ;-).

Once the sculpter named her, it was too good to let go.

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Copplestone has added two Intuit Eskimo packs to his High Adventure line.

As with nearly All Things Copplestone, I really like these.

Does anyone know how they get these nice photos? Great detail without lots of shiny bits?-MiniaturesAtlas

I'm pretty sure they are primed which explains the lack of shiny bits. It may or not be photoshopped as well.

Copplestone Castings provides great value for money... [whimper, whimper...] -aecurtis

Get ahold of yourself soldier!

Oh yeeeeesssssssss !!!!!! #FROTH#

I love Mr Copplestone's work, the style, the quality, the ideas, and the execution, everything as always, top notch. Now to start working, on my penguin hunting game. -PeteB

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Have we seen these already, from Armalion? I can't remember...

Don't think so... nice ideas, mediocre execution. Looks like someone can only sculpt fists too, or is this an unrepresentative sample?

Well, I've always found that sculpting fists is easier than open hands, so maybe that is it.

Contest: can you find the Xena lookalike in 10 seconds?

...nop. Give us a clue.

Is it the one with the bad back?

These Still, there is nothing to say that amongst your horde of cut throat pirates, one of them could not have a real issue with posture.

Probably all that yawing at sea...or something.

I guess I'll keep my derogatory comments to myself. I simply can't believe the huge range of differing quality among mini manufacturers.

Well, TBH many of their miniatures look much better in the (bare) metal than in the painted pictures. And I think the first one (the female warrior) looks kinda nice, although the hands are a bit oddly posed.

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German company Alionas has a new website and some new figures: The Red Army dwarves.


There is no such thing as 'squats'... ;-)

Should go well against the Wessex Games' Panzerfauste Dwarves... Vassily, I see Fritz...

A much better choice of pic than TMP! (Oh look, three dwarfettes with comedy bosoms)

I'm not much impressed with dwarves in general, but I really liked the pirate dwarves and so ordered some of them. They ended up being incredibly expensive, being from Germany and needing to end up in the US. Elena, however, who runs the site, was very friendly and did what she could to make the cost manageable.

There's no doubt about it that these are comedic, cartoonish miniatures, but I feel that way about most dwarves anyway. They're also relatively large. My dwarves would be almost as tall as a basic Foundry human standing next to them. They're well cast and generally satisfying miniatures. I recommend them to dwarf lovers everywhere. -Mancha

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Foundry finally rereleased their Perry-sculpted Late Renaissance Poles, winged hussars and everything.

I'm not going to say GW's new Kislev releases have something to do with it, but I'm writing it anyway.

Good find. I had hoped that there were a couple of more poses on the Winged Hussars. Still, I might go for 30 of them and fill the force out with Old Glory. -okheir

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Shadowforge have updated their site with the new Female Gridiron team

Some of which are quite good, but not an improvement on the team they replace (I've said that somewhere before I think). I'm told that the new style helmets are due to difficulties they had with casting the old ones.

The Workshop page has the Support team, some new Tribals and other assorted goodies... The psychologist with the baseball bat made me smile, and the physiotherapist is somewhat striking; it might be worth getting an injury for a bit of treatment from her.

Didn't we just discuss these two days ago in another thread?

But anyways... Darn. I might need some. Do I? Yes, yes, we must... We?! We never know when we might need some... We?! ...And then they shall know our wrath... Alright, I'm confused as H***...

There are some new figures since then. Among which is a Virginia Earp which WK would probably like. Also a new Christmas gal which looks quite nice. And a smiling lizard.... wonder what it is?

I like the new gridiron trainers and the drummer for the tribals too. From memory the standard bearer looked better in the milliput stage though

How did you guess? I like the Indian #koff... Native American...# girl too. And new Valkyries. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Its for the toon series so it is of a larger scale though. BTW I just noticed the shoes on those cheerleaders...

Oh well, I'll have to make do with the Eureka ones then. I'm with you on the cheerleader shoes. They wouldn't last for more than a few minutes without breaking a leg...

Great stuff, look forward to seeing Ms Earp. Hmm, dinos? Little bear might not be out of scale, she looks v. similar to the tribals/valkyries in physiology.

I too would find myself with a regular groin strain if Sharon was my physiotherapist, but you seem to have forgotten that its an all female team... so you wold likely get referred to Sophie instead for 'percussive psychotherapy'....

Anyone else laugh at 'Male or Female?' under the dino head?

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New Retour Des Dieux figs from Ilyad.

The lion guy (a Yao Warrior if my French isn't too lousy) is superb. The rest are between good and excellent as well. Even the ones WK didn't put up. -The Imp

Can't put them all up, now can I? Doc would have a heart attack and he's the only one with (pretend) medical knowledge. ;-)

Yeh, the lion-dude is top-notch. Nice range. :-D -Col. Marbles

Top-notch as usual. When is that orc range due? -Grom

Alright. this definatly IS the Chroniques de la Lune Noire wargame. They've got a miniature of, um, Ghorghor the Ogre... And the Ultra-Paladin of good himself, Parzival...

Nice figs all ound, though agree with the consensus that its the lion fellah that really shines. However, from those not shown the Necro Demons are me faves. The Minor ones are a right laugh, and the big fellah is cool. -UnclEvl

Sweet!!! Yes, yes lion guy is great but like those demons as well. The only complaint I have is that the Ogre seems to be a bit too exagerated for my tastes. I think its the paint job. -Ghost

Ghorghor is supposed to look like that. It's an accurate translation from the comic... Will there be another version of him mounted on his beast, or will that tax the industry too much..?

Great figure, but a little ott for my tastes (i'll blame the comic!). Aside from Parzival, who i don't like, they're great...and those demons are superb! Could be undead, could be demons...ah, the possibilities.

Most of them don't impress me that much, but I have to say that the "guerrier krahn" and "bruder gustav" look simply fantastic (what are those things on his belt, holy grenades?!).
If only the whole range could be of this quality! -LFant

I like the fella with the big hammer myself. Also those rotten little things (not shown) looks cute too.

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Per TMP, some great Olley sculpted dwarf cannons now available.

I picked these up years ago when Metal Magic was producing them. Very nice, along with the rest of the dwarves Olley did for them. I highly recommend these (along with anything else Bob does)! -nudspinespittle

They look like they'd go really well with his new range too.

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