Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks - SEPTEMBER 2002


More from I-Kore Celtos - not bad for the Undead lovers amongst us..

That looks so.. odd. - WK.

Now that is nice!!..... - Our Man In Trinidad

Like the mount. That axe is very 'Dreadaxe' from GW's old 'Legend of Kaleb Dark' isn't it? - UnclEvl

Pretty cool actually. However, there are so many undead figures kicking around already, why make more?
Tsk, I'd much rather someone make some more lizardmen, snakemen, frogmen or dinosaurs or summat. - Dead Deputy

Well it must sell.

No one was very supportive of those 'Roman Gorilla' armies were they?


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There's not a lot worse in this life than being attacked by a werebear with a big halberd, I've found...
This is new from Chainmail.

Being attacked by 2 big werebears with hedge trimmers?

Nope I have one for you - being attacked by a big werebear in rutting season and it appears to be smiling knowingly at you.....

That's a werebear is it?

The whole concept of any werecreature carrying a halberd just doesn't feel right with me. I know it's fantasy, but it just doesn't look plausible enough to me.

Like thats gonna stop Wizards of the Coast!
Feasible! Dear sweet child!


Its feasible alright. But like the fellah says, just not plausible. Get yer -ibles right man.


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Some great pics here from New Wave of some forthcoming WarGods Of Aeygptus releases..

Very different, not bad either - I like those Doberman Dog mean like thingys…. !!
The lion thing is weird but passable I suppose.

Thats a goat's head Baz. You probably got confused by its thrup'nees.

Very nice. Original and well posed, their figs just seem to be going from strength to strength.

Looking at these figs I was actually prompted to go and have another look at their web site to see what else they had released lately. There are some cracking figures there, most noticably the Anubi Embalmer, the Harbinger of Bast and the Nekharu Witch.

However, looking at all their figs I couldn't help feeling there was something slightly amiss, and then I realised what it was. Nearly all the figures are armed with very Western looking weapons, esp. broad or bastard sword type weapons, and overall this tends to detract from their overwise exotic look and 'authentic' egyptian feel.

Those that have a more appropriate exotic weapon (such as the Anubi Harbinger which is a superb figure) look loads better. Given the Egyptian background to these figs, I would have expected to have seen the khopesh as the 'standard' weapon (sort of like a scimitar) and think it would have fitted in with the theme better and jarred on the overall look far less.

Probably just me being a pedant though.

Bloody hell you are fecking fussy!

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A forthcoming release from 100 Kingdoms.... .

Having brought this miniature line under the attention of the Colonel, I should perhaps not comment, but.. there's something not quite right about this miniature. The right arm looks odd from this angle. The horse looked fine at first, but after a closer look I sort of got the feeling that the hind legs are just a little too short. But I'm no expert in animal anatomy. Maybe it's an illusion due to the extremely small base.

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Here's some cool old Dwarves sculpted long ago by Bob Olley and now re-released as part of the Metal Magic range.

These are quite good. Especially if you consider their age.

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Some new forthcoming attractions from those crazy Frenchmen at Rackham Confrontation..

Wow. Is that a new Morbid Angel? Very nice model, even if the wingbones are way too thick.

More undead!

That puppet/puppeteer creature is pretty cool (if freaky). Imagine that leading a charge by West Wind's evil scarecrows...

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Here's some releases from the German Excalibur line, including a strange biker bird and some nasty looking female orcs...

I like the "biker bird", as you call it. Something different.
The new female orcs look like modifications of their existing models. Nice, but lacking originality

Hm, bit poor I think. Marks for innovation though.
Well, some anyway.

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A truly *massive* demon figure coming soon from that nutcase at Heresy.
Surely a must for any self-respecting Chaos army ??

Bloody hell! Surely not??
That should put a stop to the Knights of Ni.

"Yea, I'll get you a feckin' shrubbery"I

Jeez I wonder what the stats would be! - maybe one of Mikey's 3 or under saves again (on a 2d6 roll).

Bloody hell! There's a figure that actually deserves the stupid stats that GW made up for their old Warhammer demons.
Hmm I can see my Demonic army taking shape... :) - Dead Deputy

Good gracious gods! That's a very promising model. Can't wait to see it finished. Finally a truly impressive demon figure.
Although GW's new chaos minis are very good (as they're a return to their classic early nineties chaos style, with improvements), their greater demons are nothing special. This model is so much better.

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Foundry's Slaine & Ukko  Foundry's NEW Dredd!   Stop! Hammerstein!  Foundry's Young Slaine

Some cracking new '2000AD' related mini's from Foundry ! Hot diggity dog !

Just look at the size of Slaine's nipples!!

Yea that Slaine is better than the first effort too. And a better paint job.

They look pretty wicked - fab paint jobs too. Fingers xssed somebody writes a cool licensed Mega City skirmish system to go with the minis?

BTW according to Scrye WizKids is doing a third comic-based clix set called IndyClix which is going include a whole bunch of different comic heroes including Lady Death and guys from 2000AD. And most amusingly they're also doing Marvel Sentinels to buy seperately that are 6.5 inches tall! How crazy is that? :)

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Another interesting new Gobbo wolfrider from Dragonrune.
I like their figures, but they only make a new one every 6 months or so it seems !

Like em! -FrotherGuest

Their Gobbo's are way too cartoonish for me. The pose of the wolves is always interesting though.

I like the goblins, but I'm not too keen on the wolves - far too mental. The musician's ride look like it should be from an American Werewolf in London range... -Rob

- Eh, with that grimace this one looks too much like those strange creatures from the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" album cover.

- Jason Moses

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Drune Wolfrider Musician
1999 fig  1999 fig  1999 fig  

There's plenty of new figures out there at the moment - these are new from Cell Entertainment's barmy '1999' range.

More "Inquistor" substitutes perhaps...

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Reaper Undead Gandalf??  Reaper Cloakfiend...?  Reaper Wraithy-type Thing

A selection of the new Reaper releases - incuding the fabulous 'Cloakfiend' and an undead Gandalf - I kid u not...

The undead Gandalf type is not bad. One could find uses for such a model. I don't share your enthusiasm on that cloakfiend though. What is this? Night of the living carpets? I have no idea why they keep making these wraiths. They all look the same, and they never appealed to me.

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Copplestone Back of Beyonders

Here's some of the new Copplestone 'Back Of Beyond' American adventurerers.

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This is (I think) some kind of special, mebbe limited edition Rackham figure ?

Its v. nice anyway - and I wantssss it !!!

Ho there! Calm down, Gollum. Don't get too excited. Besides.. It's mine. My treasure. My.. preciousss..

Anyway, nice model, keep it up, etc...

Yeah deffo and LOOK! IT has stolen a Celtos sword...... that proves that Rackham can kick the ass of Celtos....

It is a limited edition Rackham miniature available only to members of the french, belgian and swiss confrontation federations. Check to see how to become a member (in french).

-Marbleman 10 ;o)

Its true, the figs only available to francophones (or people who can get any sense out of babelfish).

Whats our policy on restricted limited edition figures Colonel?

Spend large amounts buying them off ebay?


Or butter up our Frenchy Pals

(not in the Last Tango sense of course...)

Hm, White Knight est Belgique, n'est-ce pas..?

That's not a bad idea !!

Wonder if he would be up for it ?? I'm sad enough to give it a go - nice, premium edition figure...#drools

Anyway, marbles policy is that ltd edition figures are very bad things, unless we have them in which case they are great !

Excellent policy sir! I shall mark this up in the Rules of Engagement.

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Rackham LimEd
Celtos Elves

Some new Celtos elves - excellent !!

The one on the left is stealling a Brom/Rackham pose. What's up with the one in the middle? Gangsta style bowmanship?

-Jason Moses

Nice. But the middle one is holding his bow in somewhat of an odd way. Not to mention painful if he shoots it like that all the time.

The center elf/barbarian has just loosed with his bow held level -- now the top of the bow has dipped clockwise -- the proper position after firing in this manner, making reloading more practical. Just letiin' you know. -Pete

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EM-4 Elf Warbike  EM-4 Orc Battle Bike  EM-4 Punker Trike  EM-4 Dwarf Halftrack

Another great find from one of my new spies ! These cracking bikes are made by em-4 (who I had tought only made the pre-painted figs), but these are 28mm, metal, unpainted.

Obviously you don't recall my purchases at Salute as I bought both the Orc & the Dwarf bikes.

-Mr H

Orc 's look great !

Elves look shite though...

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Some nice new Dwarf Explorers from Crusader Miniatures.

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Crusader Dwarfs

Crusader Dwarfs
More Celtos Undead  More Celtos Undead  More Celtos Undead  More Celtos Undead

Not much new out recently, so here's some of the Celtos releases I missed while I was on me hols earlier this month...

And yet more undead!

Well these are a bit more up to standard, and at least add something a bit different, unlike their entirely pointless skeletons...

The wraiths are a bit cooler than Reaper's as well, although... one of them has a flail on a spear (fairly impractical) and a helmet with... what is that coming out of the sides???

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100 Kingdoms Freaks!  100 Kingdoms Freaks!  100 Kingdoms Freaks!  100 Kingdoms Freaks!

Some bizarre new figures from ' Hundred Kingdoms' new army - The Freaks !!


Quite like 'freak' and 'monster' actually, the others are quite good too though more macabre horror than fantasy horror.

Can't wait to see what else these nutters come up with!


You think they're gonna make all 'hundred' kingdoms?

That is indeed the stated aim.....


Nutters! Total nutters!

They are a bit strange I have to agree...

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