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Foundry Gladiators

To greet 2002, here's some new Gladiators from Foundry !

Hope you all had a good 'un btw....

They're quite cool. Guess they'd double up nicely as Bloodbowl figures or summat? :) - The Dead Deputy

With badger blockers and baboon linebackers courtesy of WotC:Chainmail?
:o -Doc

Given today's exciting news re the new 'War Gods Of Olympus' range coming from Crocodile Games, I thought it appropriate to showcase a few more of the nice new 'Aegyptus' figs...

Hey, they don't seem as good as the others. Its not just the lack of paint is it?
Crocodile minis
Crocodile minis

Some more cracking new Darkest Africa figures just out from Copplestone Castings ! Gonna have to send in my order soon - the single figure is the 'Watuta Chief' which is a limited edition naturally <sigh>.

Love those zebra-mane warriors, thats a must for some additional colour in your nubian (or 'indeterminate african horde') army! Topless archers ought to be compulsory for all ranges of figures of course - can't wait for Foundy's new Gallic Faery Archers (er, perhaps).

Hmm- dread to think how painful getting them caught in the bow-string is. Didn't the amazons amputate one breast to aid their skill and to avoid this problem?

Myth of course, but yes thats the idea.

Hmm would make for quite bizarre figures I think... :)

Not so excited by the afro-toga boys (Somali Warriors), though I'm sure they're historically accurate. In terms of 'fantasy' Africa though I'm not sure they are so desireable.

Yeh I may skip the Somali's - the others are ace - a few archers are an unexpected bonus for my Nubian force - must update my showcase with all this Copplestone stuff sometime <sigh again>.

You could always paint them in a different skin tone to make them more exotic...

Um... ok... think maybe thats the lizardman commander in you showing there....

Well if Star Trek can get away with blue humanoid aliens, then while the hell can't we have them in our fantasy games...? :)

Do you have to buy them all to get the chieftan? - Doc

You have to put in an advance order for the figs to get the Warchief - I'm just gonna send a begging letter/death threats for mine..
Copplestone Darkest Africa
Copplestone Darkest Africa
Copplestone Darkest Africa
Copplestone Darkest Africa
All packs come with shields and spears...
Limited Edition Watuta Chief

A selection of new figs from Reaper - including another new Halfling for Doc's army !!

Dire boars now? Whats going on!?

Hey at least it isn't in plate-mail armour- though pretty scary looking for all that...

Reaper halflings are poo. Or rather they are too "AD&D" so won't fit with my figs (mostly GW & Harlequin).


Hot news !! Here's the only image currently available of the forthcoming GW fig of the LOTR 'Balrog' !!!


Looks like a candidate for some new summoning rules...... -bAz

We've already got new summoning rules.
#sigh# -UnclEvl
GW Balrog
Copplestone Halflings

Hurrah ! My scanner is working again !!

To celebrate the fact here is some images of Copplestone's new Halflings scanned from the latest issue of WI - not yet up on the website for some reason.

Yum! I guess most of those are "adventurers" and "travellers" with the heroes being more heavily armoured. Halfling wizards too, and a mounted hero- cool!!

More gorgeous castings from the talented Mr Copplestone, I can't wait to see more pics of these. They should be a definite purchase for my halfling contingent- should go well with my Icon and GW halflings (as well as any halflings from 3 different ranges ever go together anyway). Thanks Colonel!

If anything they are too good to fit- but how can I not purchase a figure on the basis that its too good, answer me that?!

I'm a real fan of Copplestone but I have to say these halflings look more like dwarves minus the heavy armour..... a bit too squat and coarse featured for my liking. Keep em' coming though Colonel...doing a great job on the figures front! - Rahul, Our Man in Trinidad

A controversial word from our Trinidad correspondent !

He has a point though hasn't he?

No way, thats well harsh! No two manufacturers make their halflings the same (mores the pity, as very few companies make enough halflings even for a decent couple of units).

Squat? Well they aren't supposed to be tall! I personally don't like the AD&D/Reaper/Ral Partha style 'slimline' halflings (all personal taste of course, its not a moral issue). I guess everyone has their own idea of what a halfling looks like- I'd be interested to know what Rahul's idea of the perfect halfling would be?

Coarse featured? Full of character I'd say, think you'll find Copplestone will be making many of his fantasy range a bit 'grimme', and I approve. Besides, wait til you see the Essex halflings (coming to a battle near you soon) if you think those are coarse!

Anyway, don't dwarves have beards? Sure John can back me up there...


Well your favourite Colonel is just back from the Pictish Wastes (better known as Scotland) !

Here's a couple of pics of a forthcoming 'Celtos' chariot. I'm afraid I no likee ....

Don't think I've seen a Celtos horse before... they are very stylised aren't they? Yeh, have to agree with the Colonel, it does all look a bit silly I'm afraid, and isn't going to go with anything I currently own by way of chariots.

If you need a charioteer wing for your celto-barbarians but don't have the cash to splash 8 quid a vehicle, I suggest you give Newline Designs a look. Their chariot unitpacks give you 4 chariots (and crew) for 13UKP!! Be quick though cos they've already realised the folly of selling their miniatures too cheaply.-Doc

Who are you talking to ??


Er, dunno, you're the only other person who has chariots in their army!

Thats not quite true. I've got 6 goblin chariots, just never got around to fielding them. -UnclEvl

You'll be glad to hear of that unitpack deal then I expect..?

Oh yea.
Celtos Chariot

Just catching up on the releases in my absence - here are some 'greens' of some ace new Aegyptus releases, 'Nekharu' or somesuch... These I like !

Hey, I like those! Evil bird beastmen are pretty cool, and fit nicely with the Aegyptus theme.

With all the birdmen models they've been making so far, I'm beginning to picture an alternative beastmen army, led by a certain birdlike chaos deamon.. I probably need to get out more. -White Knight

That's a neato idea W.K.!

They certainly would fit in well with a Tzeentch demon...

At last we have some new figs from Vendel, and its a return to form I think ! The gobbos are still a bit man-like but otherwise I really like 'em. The paint job & vignette (look it up) are superb too. And at a nice price !

I've got to agree with you - they are really nice.

Those pics aren't top quality, but they look much better than Vendel's first lot of gobbos. The wolves are *really* nice too I think.

Yeah, quite like the look of those. Sure, they are still a little 'clean' and mannish, when compared to GW or other similar caricatures of Goblins, but these look good, especially en masse like that. Those bigger blokes in there with hammers look quite mean (to the left) and is that a giant at the back with a pudding bowl haircut? They can't all be part of the same set, surely?

The pic was entitled "Giant, Goblins and Trolls", so I would imagine it is a giant (looks a bit small though, more like an ogre from my viewpoint).
They should all be available separately, based on Vendel's usual release scheme.

The wolf riders look passable too, and a bit more cavalry is always welcome. Especially like the wolves, very nice, but maybe its just cos they've had a good paint job.

Overall, I may well invest - what is the price tag btw?

Gobboes & Dwarves generally were 8UKP/8 figs last time around. Dunno about the bigger beasts.

Cheers. Yeah, I was even bothered to go to the site and have a look. In close up, those bigger chaps don't look that great, but the gobbos I like. Really like the way they produce a full regiment of different figures for release.

Its great for the gamer yea, cos you don't end up with 4 or 5 figs that don't really fit with your other models and the choice of waiting indefinitely for a range to expand, untidy mix and match units or doubling (trebling, quadrupling) up on figures to make up a decent unit.


Some more new Orcs & Gobbo's !! These are forthcoming from Kev Adam's & Foundry. Looking good (if pricey I dare say..)

Yeah, they've always looked excellent - Kev Adams is The man for greenskins.

Just they got a price tag that would make GW blush, even if they do throw in some 'Rammage', whether you want it or not (and theres nothing worse than a bit of unwanted rammage in my book).

Couldn't agree more... boo to rammage! If I buy orcs I want orcs. If I want a load of snotlings (or whatever) I should be able to buy a rammage blister.

Its all too easy to get a blister with unwanted rammage these days, thats the trouble.

Quite so. I've had a lot of blisters from rammage, unwanted or otherwise.
Foundry Orcs
Foundry Orcs
Foundry Orcs
Foundry Orcs
Foundry Orcs
Greetings my mini-loving chums !!
Today we have the February releases forthcoming from Rackham...
Like the woman but what the snekk is going on with that Dwarf ??

Yeah, the woman (unmounted, so to speak) is very, er, 'nice' indeed.

That hound things quite cool as well.

Whoah that hell-beast thing looks pretty cool. May have to get one for my budding Chaos army... - The Dead Deputy

Not another 'budding' chaos army ! is everyone at it ??

Hey that's actually my second army, with lizardmen being my third. I have a whole load of warriors, demons etc. that have yet to see the light of day...

The liche type is incredible, it should look overworked but somehow just doesn't. I don't know how they do it, these figs look like they have been lifted straight from a graphic novel with no compromises for scale, materials or the moulding process.

And the Tigre de Dirz (Dire Tiger?)!! Wow! Its not just brilliant sculpting, its very high quality design too! Is this what movie SFX modellers do in their spare time?

Yes they're bigger than your average 28mm figs, but without an point of reference you could easily be forgiven for thinking they were modelled in a much larger scale.

Are there any plans for them to do some badgers I wonder?

Badgers? What the hell are you going to do with those? I mean that is hardly an eco-friendly army you are building there!!

?? Says the commander of the Ver'men army?!

I'd thank you to remember that the power of the druids flows directly from the earth-mother. The Tribal "Celto-Barbarians" are more eco-friendly than any other army- they even recycle their firewater barrels!

Getting badgers to fight for your narrow human aims is nothing short of animal abuse!!! Pah!
Rackham Figs
Rackham Figs
Rackham Figs
Rackham Figs
Rackham Figs

Ok these mini's aren't truly new but (a) its a slow day and (b) they've only just recently been made available again. They are a selection of the many mini's for the VOR sci-fi game, previously made by the now-defunct FASA..
VOR figs
VOR figs
VOR figs
VOR figs


New Wave Miniatures are gonna start bringing out their own mini's. Here is a preview of the first two.
They say the range is 35mm - slightly large I suppose but given GW only nod at the 28mm limit anyway I presume they won't look out of place...

Still... 35mm? I mean are they being literal and saying "these are a bit large for what passes as 28mm these days" or are they genuinely out of scale with everything on the market?

No matter, they'll be too big for me anyway, apart from the monsters I s'pose.
Nice looking though.

What is it?

The green? Ur, dunno, could be a Sith.
New Wave Miniatures
New Wave Miniatures


Some of the forthcoming VOID commando figures. In general I think the VOID range is one of the best out there - better than Celtos, also from I-Kore - as the models are nicely detailed, clean but full of character without being OTT.

Sorry to spam but had to send these out the moment I saw 'em !!
New range of 2000AD figures (for release with the new RPG I think) from Foundry !! Shame the 'Slaine' figure is prob the worst of the lot but Dredd himself is excellent !

Hey, the long-rumoured Foundry/2000AD enterprise! god I've been drooling over this idea since the Colonel let it slip over brandies in the officer's mess.

But... wait up... they are all fantastic EXCEPT Slaine???


Cool! Really liked the Johnny Alpha figure as well. Not so keen on the paint job - too unsubtle blacklined for my tastes, but cool. Mean looked a bit wimpy too, but ok. If they're gonna be for the game though, just hope they do a variety of different judges and perps for play. And a good range of muties too.

Reality check- what game is going to feature all of these characters?

Well Johnny Alpha has appeared in Meg City One on a couple of occasions.

But the release schedule for the games if my memory serves me correctly was: JD, Slaine, Nemesis (no figs for that one yet which is a shame, wouldn't mind getting the ABC warriors) and then Strontium Dog.

Originally the Foundry/2000AD deal was made so that Foundry could produce them as Limited Editions...

Just doesn't seem to me that these make up a set (except 2000AD personalities). Expect to find yourself being forced to order 150 worth of rammage to get your hands on one of these babies.

Oh Christ! Not more bloddy rammage. I've just about had my fill of that.
Foundry/2000AD figs
Foundry/2000AD figs
Foundry/2000AD figs
Foundry/2000AD figs

Today we have some fine new Chariots from Black Tree - a Celtic & Eygptian one to be precise..

Pretty good I think.

Not bad, not bad at all. 15 squids for two isn't bad, but looking at the website it would seem that its two identical chariots (down to identical crew).

Thats wank for 15 quid.

For an identical pair its not too good, or the Celt one isn't anyway. Still I think it'll be a winner for egyptian generals, given the better quality figs and the dearth of other quality egyptian figs.

Might *just* be worth it to add some variation to a large chariot wing, but thinking about it they're only a pound each less than a (top notch) Foundry chariot. Which have more crew as well I believe.

Still the celty lack of quality horse-stock might be deliberate. Or maybe they were asked to make them look like ponies but something was lost in the translation and it came out "make the Celt chariots a load of old pony".

Well they have Celt heavy chariots (on the way) too, fingers crossed they'll be better.

Hey they've got a lot of new Egyptians in the offing, they all look rather tasty. Thats very big news for anyone with an egyptian army, they've been rather under-served to date I'd say.

Yeah, useful for any Aegyptus force too I think....or as Nubian allies....

Could go well with the Aegyptus line I guess. Have a mainly hume army with a few of the bestial figure units thrown in for colour and variance.

...or vicey-versey, lots of aegyptus beasties with fanatatical human followers. Would look v. cool on the battlefield, very "Mummy Returns".
Black Tree
Black Tree


Got some more bits & pieces from Foundry's workbench today - some Street Violence Militia, Seadogs & Landsnechkts. All looking pretty good I think..

Those militiamen (and women) got good character, very nice.

New landsnechkts? Yaya! Dunno what was wrong with the old ones to be honest, best quality around despite being very old molds. But I'll not complain, those samples look like they add a huge heap of character too.

My Empire troops are likely to get some reinforcements when these get out. - White Knight

Wheres the new bloody celts though? Come on, I want civilians and druids and more gaeseti, and a limited edition figure that requires me to buy the whole bloody lot but somehow I can't do without!


Some new Future War figures from Copplestone. Like those tank-busters!

More high quality castings from Copplestone industries, very tasty. Hes a very talented bloke and deserves to do well out of it.

Heavy weapons for street scum! Oh dear, doesn't bear thinking of... well at least the "good guys" get some mortars to help "disperse" those illegal gatherings!

Who says they're the good guys?

They look like fascist kill-pig scum of an arms-industry supported totalitarian nazi regime, oppressing the masses under their jack-booted heel. Or is that just me?

Thats why Uncl likes 'em anyway. Reminds him of 'the good old days'.

Can I shut down some of the independent news agencies this time sir?

Some more Street Violence packs from Foundry. Could only find these smaller scale images.

I'm sure they are great, but I don't have my glasses on.
Foundry SV
Foundry SV
Foundry SV
Foundry SV


Well its a really slow day on the new mini front, so just in case you've missed them so far, here are some of the new GW skaven. Er, well I think they are the new Skaven. Its just possible they are the old Skaven, but then I am senile.


Some new Trojan Warriors from Black Tree...

I dunno, I don't think these are up to the standard of their Celts and Germans.
Black Tree
Black Tree


Phew ! Been a bit busy lately and missed posting for a few days but I'm back in the saddle now !

Heres a taster of some of the new Chainmail figs...

Like the Drow. Not overdone, just slightly alien looking, nice pose.

Whats a Drow anyway - witch literature etc?

D&D evil Elves aren't they? Haven't heard of them from anywhere else.

Yea, I'd suggest that the others are a mite overdone, but never mind. Drow is nice and of course you wouldn't have to paint it grey if dark elves weren't literally dark skinned in your universe. Indeed it needn't even really be a dark elf I suppose.

A couple of nice new Romans on the Foundry Bench. If I wasn't building my Nubian army a Roman-esque army in a fantasy style/setting would be very cool. Hmm...

Those look very good I have been musing with an empire army idea for a while now!! - FrotherBaz

This (Steve) Saleh lad is good, i can't wait for his Argonauts and the like. If he knocks out Bellerephon and pegasus etc. I could fancy a Warhammer fantasy type list to use all these Greeks I've got hanging about with. Are Foundry doing a new 28mm Early Imperial range or are these some out of the blue randoms? - Mr Ed

Dunno I'm afraid.

Foundry (almost) always design around ranges, though they have been teasing me with preview pics of a new celt range for months now so we might not be talking about imminent release.


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