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This is 'Slaine the Horned God', as sent to me by Shane Hoyle (presumably at Foundry). I have *no* further info at present...

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Some new I-Kore VOID militia men..

Hey, those are the coolest figs I've seen for VOID. Great for Street Violence stuff ! - Doc

Nice. Especially like the hand in pocket nonchalance of that second one . Its subtle things like that which really make a figure and breathe life into it in my opinion. - Uncl Evl

Yea, you can see the ex-Foundry quality in them (Steve Saleh, a recent departee). You're right, the 'pocket billiards' figure is excellent, so much character.
Foundry prices too, which is nice. Actually thats a little unfair... more like GW prices I think. F***!

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A few of the new Reaper figures.

Not bad there, look like typical Reaper fare. The Gnoll is a bit flat but miles better than that Chainmail archer we saw a while back.

Yeah I like those, the gnoll type looks great maybe worth buying at some stage.... - frotherbAz

Hmmm, they're getting worse. Ethereal type figures where the designer tries to be clever and miss out body parts never works in my opinion. Just ends up looking stoopid - although to be fair this is not one of the worse examples I've ever seen.

Well I thought that was fairly well done, although the figure as a whole wasn't too hot. You'd have trouble doing another 8 in the same way and make it believable though...


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More fun with the Shadowforge ladies, an additional set of June releases for the 'Dark Temple' range (according to New Wave anyway... our dispatch must still be at the sorting office). Acolyte/Guards and a Priestess!
There's some axe-women coming up to go with the valkyrie swordswomen we showed you last month too. Not sure if these are quite as good tbh, but if you want that 'female warrior' variety, where else you gonna get it?
What say ye W.K.? A must for the viking collector?

I remain to be convinced about these Shadowforge figures - I can't really put my finger on what it is, but they somehow 'lack' a little something for me.
I'd like to see them in the flesh/metal for a better view.

I haven't seen them in the flesh (ahum, metal) yet, but they don't look too bad to me. And there aren't many alternatives. I like them better than the Old Glory (Ghost miniatures) ones. Foundry shows some promise too. They already had a pack of shield-maidens and now they have some valkyries on the design bench. They have more of a fantasy feel to them than the Shadowforge ones though. Not bad, but as usual with the Foundry, lots of unnecessary (some frothers may disagree on this) nudity.
Thus far the Shadowforge mini's have my vote, but who am I kidding, I'll get both lines anyway. - WK.

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OH MY GOD!! The Colonel has just returned from his most dangerous mission yet, clutching plans so crazy that could change the course of the whole war!
Dark Ages miniatures... get this.... combine your favourite 3D art form with your favourite 2D artist, Brom! Are you sure you're ready for this??
The first 2 figs are sculpted by Werner Klocke, the other images are sculpts by good ole Steve Buddle (nice paint jobs by Jennifer Haley too). Brom hisself is Art Director for the whole project...
Absolutely amazing, I personally can't wait for the elementals...

Such nice pictures, such sh*te miniatures
- Shane Hoyle

Hmm, have to say I'm not wholly impressed by those figs. They're ok, but nothing special. Still, I'm prepared to give it time - there is after all a cracking range of images to work from.
I notice that it is all based on the 'Dark Ages' CCG which Brom was behind (and was a mega flop), but the Colonel is right, 'cos there are some 'Heresy' images in there too. Still, most of Brom's stuff tends to fit together pretty well, no matter which actual game he draws for. Its all got the same sorta neo-gothic twisted cyber-punk kinda feel.

Is neo-gothic twisted cyber-punk the new black I wonder?

I thought white was the new black. And purple is the new red, orange the new cerise, vampires the new fantasy, fantasy the new comedy, and sci-fi the new gothic horror. Or was that last year.

Ok does that mean brown is right out then?

Brown is the new rock-and-roll I think. Or is that Vampires again?

But puce is still out ? Right ??

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Some more new stuff for I-Kore's VOID, 'Shuriken Guard' apparently..

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Some good new stuff from Chris at ZN-Games. I think we would all join in wishing him well for his forthcoming operation btw.

Yes Chris all the best! That bloke has huge nipples - er I mean the model..... I like the figure tho' - all the best and hope to hear from you and see more of your work soon!

Yeah, they're looking pretty cool. The barbarian has a rather comic book look about it I quite like, the bugs too are amusing. The Dwarf is so-so, nothing special but serviceable enough.
I like the 'green' figure most of all - can't really tell what it is (apart from being a gaunt figure in a frock and what looks like an ice hockey mask) but it looks a bit more dynamic.

Hm, the dwarf and barbarian look like plastics (they aren't plastics are they?). Maybe its the paint job...
Love the witchy banshee thing though! Best wishes Chris.

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A new(ish) Copplestone Future Wars set.

Not sure if they're up to standard tbh, especially the kneeling trooper (Corporal Oddlegs).

- Shane Hoyle.

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Rackham comes up with a prospective new addition for Uncl Evl's mounted Orc horde {sigh}.

Wow, thats pretty cool!

Mmmmm, nice.

WOW! Is it just me, or does this look like a prototype for a plastic ?? - Marcus.

Oh God Uncl Evl - looks like you have even more expense?

Thats another line in the Orc Megalist then? And another dent in your holiday fund Uncl E ?


Very nice, it looks like its sculpted from foetal tissue
- Shane Hoyle

Wow ! Rackham just keep so far ahead of most of the other miniatures out there.
- ASL Edwards

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At last something new from Dragonrune....

Great figure. How do I buy it? - The Beast

Well they are a Spanish company - in the UK I'd say you're only bet is to order online from their website - or wait til Uncl Evl goes to Madrid on a weekender...

Not bad, if a little roly poly.

Barnacle Bill school of mini making
- Shane Hoyle.

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Some new Cobalt figures - I quite like these..


Saw some of these at Salute, and must say that on the whole I wsn't that impressed. For me it was mainly the casting quality that let them down. Out of all the ones they made I thought the dog-types were the best, - as in having more character and most dynamically posed - although the plastic bubble helms on the 'men' are a neat gimmick.

Sorry, I'm not too impressed either.
Its not just the posing etc, its the whole look and idea... way too OTT 'Action Man', looks like they've strapped everything they can on someone's back to impress 8-year-olds.

I think they are looking quite good. I've ordered three packs of humans. The armor is more realistic than the very big under-leg armor of the GW-Style stuff. I think they will look quite good as Starship Troopers, fighting Evil Bugs.
- Olaf

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A veritable smorgasboard of new releases from I-Kore ..

Not bad, but can't they make those swords a tiny bit smaller (like half in all directions) Of course the 'chief standing on shield' has been done before (GW, Black Tree), but it looks good nonetheless.

Those single Celtos barbarians look really good and those Void Militia are also looking quite tasty as well.
I do think that the posing and quality has been pretty steady over both ranges with only slight disappointment with some of the Celtos range. All in all... ok.
Only down points for me would be
1.the "warchief" figure in this Masterworks isn't as "grandiose" as it really should be,
2.the prices that they're charging for these figures are quite frankly scandalous and
3.the mail order service is quite shoddy.
I've waited about a month and a half to get the figures I ordered. Order was placed early May, order received mid-June. No order confirmation. No despatch confirmation. Nothing. Had to get in touch with them after giving them the obligatory max 14 days Uk delivery, obviously they're not as bad as GW mail order, but crikey... it's pushing it. - Brother Maynard

I might even be tempted by the chieftan on a shield if the two bearers didn't seem to be identical! How pants is that?? I do quite like the gun-ladies, and there are a few other new Celtos maidens too... which I think are a good continuation of the range (and this isn't even the best of the 3-4 new ones for me). Not for me and my army, but I can see the appeal and they will defo all be in my porno miniatures collection when I get that started.

Why is the "warchief" in the antique GW champion "I need a hug" pose? Much better than Black Tree's equivalent, but no match for Alternative Armies'.
- Allen

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Here's a few figs forthcoming from Heresy.

Details seem to be getting better. Reminds me I still have to get that minotaur.

Armoured Boris? Crikey! Looks good, and Monkita has the look of a fine filly figure.
The ogre doesn't look quite so cool, but then neither did the troll at this early stage... shouldn't complain, some figure manufacturers won't show you pics of their figures when they are finished!

Yes indeed Doc, astute as ever, Dark Ages announced policy is to only show fully painted finshed models...

Thats nothing, Essex's policy is never to show you any models ever (quite wisely in the case of their 'Scaley Orcs' figures).
Gripping Beast's policy is only to show you a couple of their figures, 6 months after they have been brought out. And thats only if you have Flash installed, so I can't even see that from work.
(Doc's employers break open champagne)

Agreed. They look really tasty.
I think that there was talk for a Boris of the month thing going on. A different Boris could be possibly made for each month. Some of the suggestions I've heard so far are really hilarious... ;-)

Boris the Wizard...regular Boris with a tall pointy hat covered in stars and moons..."Ya, I am a mighty wizard, do not make me angry or you vill face my Wand of Chopping."

Boris the ball gown with poofy wig and tiara..."Ya, I vould luff to dance, but remember Boris always leads."

Boris the Clown...fright wig, clown outfit, floppy rubber axe..."Ya, you tink Boris is funny, you laugh at Boris? Boris see if you still laughing wit no teeth in mouth."

Ladies Underwear Boris...looking sheepish in bra and panties..."Ya, Boris knows it's creepy, but it feels so good next to my skin."

Also, from what I can gather, the troll is based on a WWE wrestler called Stone-Cold Steve Austin... hence the bald head, waistcoat and raised arm pose. I think there's also a plan to give the figure either a bench or a small tree as a weapon. As a w.i.p. it looks good.
Monkita the female Monk!?! Eh!?! No really she's meant to be a monk. Me thinks she could be joining the 11K Individuals roster at some point! ;-)

Monkita the female Monk!?! Eh? Thats not an order I'm familiar with...

I think she's from the Order of the... Immaculate... Chastity... or sumthin' or other...

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Corvus Belli are a Spanish mini company just venturing in to 28mm historicals - here are some of their new War Of The Roses range.. ...
Not too bad, wouldn't mind seeing a few more of those.

Not bad for starters. Not exactly up to my preferred standards, but decent enough if the price is right.

It'll be interesting to see how these match up size-wise with Copplestone, Front Rank, etc.
- Allen

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Doc showed me these new mini's sculpted by Bob Olley that go with a fun sounding game called Frag.
Good spot, Doc !

The game concept looks amusing as well - ". . .a first person computer shoot 'em up, without the computer . . ."
And a Deadlands mutant version too.

...and a free Strap-on to combine it with Journeyman's 'Zombies'!!

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Some more new mini's for the '1999' game from Cell Entertainment.

Another Griffin for my army!!! Yay...
The fighting ballerina looks nice though a tad strange but that could just be the angle of the photo.
The big guy looks like a comic character called Badrock, though the photo is so tiny I can't really tell one way or the other if it's good or bad...

Weird stuff.
But very interesting. I like weird....

Oh yes, very interesting.
- ASL Edwards

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More of them Dark Ages mini's.

Looking great, Colonel.

Love these mini's but I don't think Jennifer Haley's paint jobs really capture that "Brom" feel. - Andrew

Good figs, but not as exciting as those previously shown are they?
Nice by any other standard...

Painted some of these already, and they're very clean and fun to paint. Right amount of detail to stand out on the fig, but not too much to make them a pain to paint.
Also seen some of the "greens" for more sculpts by Werner Klocke, and they rock! - David Shepherd

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"IMO, these new Copplestone figures are worth a mention..."
-Private J. Videki (2237727)

Frother Scout Joe Videki told us to check out the latest from Copplestone's Back of Beyond 1920s adventure range... so we did!
Here are a couple of the personality packs... there's new Rank and File too, and a Chinese field gun - what ho!
The archaeologists are ace... is that Rick O'Connell there?

Very nice.
A tad more 'colour' about them than some of his other offerings of late.

Yep, I do like the guy in the Fez and 'Trotsky' of course ("he got an ice-pick, that made his ears burn")..

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Wowza Marblemaniacs, Reaper Miniatures have updated their website and it is now possible to navigate through it for more than 2 minutes without receiving a horrendous migraine - great news for froth fans !!
To celebrate here are some new releases... also an upcoming 'green'. Has Shadowforge's impact been felt here? I've never seen a female giant fig before, so I might well have to get this one...
That wood golem looks like great fun for ethnicky armies too, especially Aztec-style froglings and lizardmen!

Not too fond of these models, though I like Reaper Miniatures. The giant reminds me a lot of the one she sculpted for Dark Age Miniatures (not to be confused with Dark Ages, the game). Except that the other one had bare breasts off course.
I think I prefer this new model.

That log dude, I swear I saw him in an episode of Scooby Doo, its the janitor under that mask.
- Shane Hoyle

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Agree with you there matey, some cracking figs.
So much so that I couldn't resist posting a couple of me own personal faves. The Guardians of Heaven is a cool addition for the goodly army that wants to summon up something to combat the elementals and demons available to others - get yer cheque book out Brother Maynard. And 'Gautfield the Scarecrow' is a cracking character addition to any Undead Horde - also goes well with that Scarecrow Rackham recently released, not that I'm suggesting you'd want a unit of em.
Ok, now slap me down for stepping out of line. I won't let it happen again.

PS That Hippo Stone Golem would be right at home with the Aegyptus line too I reckons.

Neither particularly new, but both worthy of a mention I reckons (try not to make a habit of it though). Er, aren't we still without stats/spells for summoning angelics though Mr Rulesmaster?


Er, ah. I believe we're without rules for quite alot actually

Hey, what with those ace West Wind scarecrows as well you could build up quite a scarecrow army list, never mind units in an undead army...

Hmm, its not really gonna make a seperate army list though is it. Could be as unit of Stick Golems or summat I guess mebbe. Bugger, wish I'd bought em at Salute now.

Good call on the Aegyptus hippo golem btw.


My word thats a jank paint job on the angel though!

Aw, its not that bad. Wings are a bit bland mebbe. Thing about wings is I often think they are not made enough off. They often just seem to be stuck on the figure just as a bit of old material or summat, like they are stuck on. It seems to be forgotten that they are functional limbs of the figure.
This pair are a good example - they could do with a bit of bending to make them seem a bit more dynamic and alive, like the figure has just landed or is about to take to the air or summat, rather than just hanging there.

You two just carry on why dontcha !
I'll get me coat...

You still here ?

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Dragonrune have released the Orc Leader for their nifty Regiment.

Hmm, he's a bit disappointingly static and dull after the others. What a shame. Still, he is a bit surplus to requirements cos they do make that huge great f**ck off bloke that does amply as a leader.

Yea, its OTT *and* boring, how about that?

Wolfskin looks great. His legs seem so small though.

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Sorry to post twice in one day, but here are the new (June) releases from Rackham !!! I've not shown one of the Orc riders (there are two), as we showed an exclusive sneak peek unpainted version earlier of it this month..

GW should take notice, because the stunning quality in Rackham's work is consistent, which is more then we can say for GW *Cough*Gary Morley*Cough*.
If someone out there could market this game in the North American and European markets properly we could expect to see heavy competition for GW!! - Marcus.

Coola. Not so keen on the giant but the Orc boar riders are superb.
The ghoul is pretty cool as well, very mean and moody in a sorta 'proud to be undead' kinda way. What says lichemaster Naidu? Shall he be called forth from his grave (er, packet?) to serve your bidding?

Yeah, really that Ghoul..looks like one Bad Ass Mother ready to carve some flesh from the living!
Very cool... now who's making the next Paris run? - Our Man In Trinidad

Love them all!
- ASL Edwards

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Here's the new 'Elfball/Bloodbowl' Valkyrie team, from Phigs Miniatures.

I think they'd go well with the "official" BB Norse figures.

Nice phigs (sorry, figs). Better than than the previous ones even I reckon.

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