Amazons! You can't help but love them. Although based in fact, the myths have inspired philosophers, artists, feminists, comic book writers, film makers, the producers of a certain 1990s tongue in cheek series as well as fantasy roleplaying games and wargames. Oddly enough they have not been served by GW particularly well, so you have to look elsewhere if you want to field an army. Fortunately there's no shortage of Amazons by other manufacturers, many sexy, some less so. Here I review figures that on the whole are described as Amazons by their manufacturers, though I will mention ranges of figures that will serve as Amazons, but if I start reviewing all the warrior women figures out there, the showcase would be the longest on Frothers and still in no way complete. All opinions expressed are my own.

Amazon Miniatures

An appropriate place to start, Amazon does a pretty comprehensive range of Amazons in Greek style clothing and various states of undress. Command, horse cavalry and two chariots are available, one of which is pulled by naked male slaves. The range is a little chunky and static, but very reasonably priced.

Eureka Miniatures

The Aussies have also gone for an ancient Greek feel for their Amazons (some with horned helmets) in another comprehensive range, although more gratuitous nudity is on show here. Troop types include hoplites, peltasts, horse cavalry, slingers, axewomen, archers, royal command and a chariot.

Mississinewa Miniatures

Formerly produced by Fortress Figures, Mississinewa produce a small range of Amazons, 14 figures in all, including spearwomen and archers, a champion and leader, and curiously given the small size range, two types of standard bearer and musicians. Again nudity varies (can you see a pattern here?), and these should fit in well with the Eureka figures. As yet this range is not listed on the Mississinewa website, but you can contact them to buy the figures.

Maidenhead Miniatures

Like something out of "Dinosaur Valley Girls" and Conan's idea of heaven, Maidenhead does a wide range of Amazons with a distinctly prehistoric feel. The centrepiece of these stunning figures has to be the woolly rhino, and the range also includes a chariot pulled by sabretooths as well as sabretooth and terror bird cavalry. Stone axes, spears and archers are the weapon of choice here, with a good range of different figures, and there are command figures for all troop types. These sculpts are particularly pneumatic and my personal favourites.


The products of this French manufacturer are primarily aimed at the roleplayer and miniature painter, but it should still be possible to form the odd unit. They do provide an army box set of ten figures, with a mix of weapons. Unfortunately there is only one cavalry figure. Please note that these figures are resin and likely to be on the large side, but are very well sculpted and nudity is frequently the order of the day.

Blood Moon Miniatures

Blood Moon produces this rather nice jungle-themed Amazon. Appropriately pneumatic, and I could see this figure being used as a jungle queen in pulp or Victorian adventures as well as slaughtering those lizardmen scamps.

Micro Art Studio

This Polish company have released 5 Amazon heads and 5 torsos in their Conversion Lab range. These parts are cast in resin and very Greek in style. Although they can be used with 28mm figures in general, the work particularly well with the plastic wood elves of a certain well-known company, and the conversions should fit in well with other Greek-styled Amazons.

Mega Miniatures

Mega Miniatures acquired the old Metal Magic figures from Dark Ages Miniatures, and sell them individually or as army packs. The Amazon pack consists of 24 figures, with a bizarre mix of ancient Greek, medieval and high fantasy clothing. Prices are very good though. Expect them to be close to "true" 25mm. Mega miniatures also sell the old Dark Ages boobarian figures as an extension to the Amazon range so if lizards with big boobs are your thing, take a peek.


The ex-Grenadier range of Amazon figures is alive and well and sold by Mirliton. A good, well sculpted range of figures, including sabretooth cavalry, a variety of troop types, a priestess, a champion and possibly the ugliest giantess ever - really, she looks like a bulldog chewing a thistle. Like most of Grenadier's range of 1980s figures, these are close to "true" 25mm.


This German manufacturer has produced a pack of 13 Amazons for its Magic Challenge game, and the sculpts look good if not great with high fantasy appearance. They also have a single Amazon in their fantasy range. Apparently the pics do not do Excalibur figures justice.


This range is limited to 3 troop types and 1 horsewoman and they are showing their age, but are very cheap so could be suitable for filling out the ranks. They are also close to true 25mm.

Essex Miniatures

Erm. My Mum told me if you can't say anything nice.... Oh well, not so much visions of female beauty as hobbits in drag. Essex are resculpting their range, so they might get to these. They also do a range of barbarian women.


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