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Colonel Marbles Miniatures Masterworks is published by Frothers Unite U.K., London.

NUMB. 24 THURSDAY JUNE 20th, 1893 Price Three Pence

Old Masterworks
2001 - 2004 Masterworks Archive
now collated in HTMLback!

2001 Archive ...5d
2002 Archive ...12 1/2d
July 2002 ..2 1/2d
August 2002 ..3d
September 2002 ..3d
October 2002 ..3d
November 2002 ..3d
December 2002 ..3d
January 2003 ..3d
February 2003 ..3d
March 2003 ..3d
April 2003 ..3d
May 2003 ..3d
June 2003 ..3d
July 2003 ..3d
August 2003 ..3d
September 2003 ..3d
October 2003 ..3d
November 2003 ..3d
December 2003 ..3d
January 2004 ..3d

Miniatures Showcase

Printed by the Author, and sold by the FU!UK Society, where may be had gratis the plans of the new Fantasy Army Showcase Gallery, associated for the Encouragement of Alternative Miniature Manufacturers who endeavor to publish and produce, at their own Risk and Expense, such original works as they may approve of.

The following brochures are available in full colour:

Dwarf Army showcase -page 2
Ver'men/ Skaven Army showcase -page 2
Mutants/Beastmen Showcase -page 2
Norsica Army showcase -page 3
Nubian Army showcase -page 3
Wood Elf Army showcase -page 4
Bears Army showcase -page 4
Eagles & Hawks Army showcase -page 4
Undead I: All Things Bony -page 5-8
Undead II: Tombs of the Pharoahs -page 9
Undead III: All Things Bloody -page 10
Undead IV: All Things Rotten-page 11-13
Dark Elf Showcase -page 14-18
Fishman Showcase -page 19-20
Norse Dwarf Showcase -page 21
Pirates Showcase
-page 22-26
Chaos Knights Showcase -page 27-30
Orc Showcase -page 31-34
Victorian SF: Marvellous Men
-page 35-36
Victorian SF: Amazing Automatons -page 37
Victorian SF: Industrious Vehicles -page 38
Victorian SF: Other Beings
-page 39
Space Dwarves
-page 40-41
-page 42
Pulp Era
-page 43-44
World War I
-page 45-46
Wierd World War II
-page 47-48
-page 49-50
Motorbikes, Bicycles and Jet Bikes - page 51-53


The Ægyptian Tombs
Gothic and Fantasy Terrain


This Day is published, Price 2d, Colonel Marble's MINIATURES LINKS for the finest foreign and domestic miniatures.

Intended as a guide for the casual and infrequent frother to the workings of the "Worlde Wide Webbe" in relation to the production, publishing and painting of finely crafted miniatures. Incorporating honoured and distinguished friends of the Colonel and members of the finest and most exclusive clubs for miniature officers as well as reknowned miniature industrialists of worthy note as recommended by the Colonel and his General Staff.

Miniatures Links