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21/06/01 OK my premium service to give u guys a look at the best new figs from around the world is back & better than ever !! Today I showcase a new Orc from those crazy French sculptors 'Rackham'..... Enjoy!

Nice fig, tasty paint job too. - Doc

Yeah looks cool. may have to put that on my list. Don't forget to bring yer catalogue when you come up. -UnclEvl
22/06/01 OK today I bring you another all-new Rackham figure - but this time a tasty Sci-fi one !! More figs u like soon !

V. cool. Weird Victorian/Georgian type feel as well with those buckle shoes and the cloak and icon. I like. -UnclEvl
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23/06/01 Today's figure is from Spain! This superb ogre standard has a minotaur head on the top - pretty hard bastard then..

If you're going to do it properly you should let us know the name of the manufacturer, if not a URL. Hey, it might not be a minotaur's head, just a cow's head with a helmet strapped on. - Doc

Dragonrune Miniatures......
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25/06/01 OK the first image from I-Kore's new fantasy range - hmmmm tasty !!

Ooo, that is nice. Go rather well in your Araby/Sassanid army too I would think... - Doc
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26/06/01 Some new Kev Adams Orcs on their way soon from Foundry.. Click for larger image!
Today I bring you probably the WORST idea in fantasy figs I've seen fer a while - those boys at Icon (the old Harlequin) s/be ashamed of themselves with these new Celtic Orcs.... Datta. Dayadhvam.Damyata

I feel violated
:¬( - Doc
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