Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks - August 2001

Aug. 2001

01/08/01 Welcome to the Mighty World Of Marbles !!

Ok u can get a sneak preview of GW's 'LOTR' figs/game here - these mebbe scans from an upcoming WD ??

The figure is the new Limited Edition from Foundry - like it !

Jeez, alot of those LotR figures look right cack.

What a relief. UnclEvl

Hm, I thought some of them were q. good, though others are just yer run-o-the-mill GW over priced (no doubt) kibble. I wonder what the additional mark-up is on the LoTR range.

Do you think they'll do a plastic hobbit regiment..? - Doc

02/08/01 Ok not much out there today, but here is some of the new Foundry 'Thracian' range...

Thracians are great, very 'fantasy'. These I might branch into. - Doc

Ye they are quite tasty - good as allies - still no super heavy invincible cavalry tho ??

Oh, no theres not. Back to the drawing board I guess... - Doc

03/08/01 'Bout time we saw the latest from GW.....

How the feck do you control a hydra with a spear and a whip?! - Doc

04/08/01 A real scoop here - a preview of a new Dark Elf musician from a new Dogs Of War Regiment possibly called the 'Manflayers' as they're wearing what looks like human flesh around their armour.

Nothing new there. Just a rehash of Mengal Manhide's Manslayers Regiment of Reknown (will be the third or fourth reincarnation). -UnclEvl

Vendel Dwarves- click for full size pic!

06/08/01 Yes the Old Gizzard has come up trumps again!!

Excellent Dwarves from an all-new UK manufacturer called Vendel Miniatures.

They are doing Goblins next. Wot no Wood Elves?

Rather good they. - Doc

Very nice indeed. Just good solid figures without any ridiculous embellishments but bags of character and enough for a good regiment.

Hope the goblins are half as good. -UnclEvl

Me too, I'd be most upset if they were as good. - Doc

07/08/01 A quiet day on the mini front today so here's a taste of some of them new Egyptian style figs from Crocodile Miniatures....

Kinda poor but amusing and with character so will forgive them. Like the Anubians mesen, just can't think of an excuse to buy. -UnclEvl
08/08/01 Well there are literally *no* new mini's out there today - and believe me your old chum Col. Marbles leaves no stones unturned in his quest to bring you the newest & freshest young miniatures !!

So instead today another nice mini from the Crocodile range, which I may have posted a long time ago but its still v. nice (& different)..
09/08/01 I was trying to decide which of many great new mini's to show ya today when I came across this up coming release from Confrontation, and the arguments in my head were replaced by stunned silence....

eh!? what the hell is that? A chick or smgt? -frotherBaz

Is that what chicks look like where you come from?

No wonder you're so screwy.

;) - Doc

10/08/01 Here's some mini's (and there are loads of 'em) from a curious new line called 'Vampire Wars' which seems to be set in a Victorian/Steampunk type setting. Not really my cuppa, but different anyway..If u wanna see more, go the the New Wave site via frothlinks etc.

13/08/01 New mini from the soon to be re-released VOR game (Sci-fi mini game from FASA originally) - a 'Union Sniper'....

Has a certain sultry/Big Gun appeal. Bit blurred, or is that just me? - UnclEvl

Too much masturbation..

Which reminds me, got a game for the PS you'd just love. Hard Core Porn action - guess what the porno starlet is gagging for next, try it out and attempt to get her horny level up to bring her off. Does involve a fair amount of back massaging and foot rubbing before one can move onto the advanced levels of dildos, shagging up the arse, electric tooth-brushes and cliche'd money shot on the face.

Very multi cultural: dodgy Russian production, weird porno 'sleeping-beauty' cartoon in German at the end as a 'reward' for helping the young lady get her rocks off and a variety of lovely english speaking 'actresses'. Just goes to show porn crosses those cultural divides.

What a laugh, and very true to life - took me ages to work out which buttons to press whilst I was constantly harangued with such put-downs as: 'Thats just not doing it for me, try something else' 'You're not coming near me with that without any lubrication' and my personal favourite, 'How about I shove that up *your* arse'.

High replay value though. Perhaps I should write a fuller review for the computer games section of the web site? Haven't been able to locate any cheat-codes for it yet either (again, much like real life). -UnclEvl


That one you 'accidentally' picked up while actually looking for 'Simpsons Wrestling'?

Nothing to do with me. I asked Penny to borrow some games from a friend of hers and she comes back with this sort of filth.

Good Girl! -UnclEvl

Was she trying to tell you something? I have half expected Gilly to do the same thing for a few years now...

;-P - frotherBaz

What, like I should play more on my Playstation maybe,instead of pestering her for a bit of 'hows yer father'?

Could be. -UnclEvl

15/08/01 Today's pics makes an old Colonel proud to be British !!! Yes its a previously unheard of German mini maker called 'Armalion' or something - and frankly they aren't much cop - so be grateful you were born in Blighty ! If u want to see more (!) then follow this link:

Dear o law, what awful pony.

Skeles might be servicable enough I spose. -UnclEvl

Hey those figs aren't too bad (apart from the gobbo riders). Appalling paint jobs on a many of them- reminiscent of Citadel/GW's "neon" phase (thank god thats gone).

Its so easy to make a nice fig look like a Balrog's dinner with inappropriate use of paint. Me thinks the old Colonel's jingoism gets the better of him... - Doc

It truly pains me to agree with the Col., but your avin a larf. -UnclEvl

No, not at all. Posing on some figures is slightly lame, some detailing on others is a bit weak, but no more than most fantasy manufacturers I reckon and not worthy of singling out as spectacularly bad (except in terms of the painting). I fort the 'Orks: Leibgarde' were pretty good as it goes, they'd go in my collection (if I collected orcs). You just aren't picking out the underlying lead from the mediocre-dreadful paint jobs.

No doubt prices approach GW range with shipping costs factored in, so its not like I'm gonna splash out.

What is the german for badger? Anyone? - Doc

Hmmm, ok, having checked out the web site I guess I am slightly more inclined to agree with you now and say the Col.'s selection are an unfair representation. Most of the Orc figures are pretty 'chiselled' in appearance with poor posturing, and same goes for the Dwarves but slightly less so.

The Orc:Liebgarde are the best and fairly serviceable. But I think a lot of their human troops are OK and there is certainly stuff there I wouldn't be ashamed to field in a 'knightly' army, so fair do's and shame on the Colonel for being so biased in his representation. That old nationalistic bigotry rearing its ugly head maybe? -UnclEvl

Never trust a hun-lover, that's all I say ...

16/08/01 The Colonel does it once more !!!

Brand new Italian manufacturer this time - found 'em via 'Dragonpaints Cave' again - anyway this is what Paolo there had to say...

"New 28mm Teutonic Knights from Testudo"

Testudo, an Italian miniature brand, has released the first issue of their first series of 28 mm. scale miniatures: The Teutonic Order's Knights and Sergeants, characterized by their white cloaks. As the most part of Testudo miniatures, all figures of this issue are really dynamic and can be used in historical settings or also fantasy wargames"

Not bad - not the best paint job's I've ever seen. If u wanna see more go to

and tell 'em Colonel Marbles sent ya !!!

Mmm... yummy!!! -Maynard

17/08/01 Interesting new fig (Wolf Shamen) from German Co. 'Assassin'...

Don't think anyone would be ashamed of that fig, or the paint job. Tasty.

German you say Colonel?

Not sure what army you'd put it in though... Beastman/Broo maybe? - Doc

Yeah the Orc Leibgarde are pretty good act. Best they do from what I see tho' some knights (as Nick said) are serviceable.

I agree on a closer/wider look at the range that some aren't bad but they suffer from bad paint-jobs & a lot of em are jank.

Still I will go and kick the Colonel off his rocking chair..

19/08/01 Spanish mini makers 'Dragonrune' have posted some more of their new Orc bodyguard figures. Excellent as ever !!

He. Look at those poor chaps jammed onto a 20mm base. All very well on individuals, but how're you gonna make up a unit? - Doc

Yeah! Hard to squeeze those 20mm bases into an inch based system!! What do you mean the European Union has banned imperial measurements? You'll be suggesting to me next that pound has to go as well!!!

;-0 -frotherBaz

Oh our inch #kofkof# 25mil #kof# system, yes, much better.


Looks like their little arms would be interfering with each other if they were arranged as a unit. Would be more like a rugby scrum than a fighting formation. Bless! - Doc

20/08/01 A slow day today so (a little off-topic I know) here's some of the new Foundry 'mountain men' from their Wild West series..act. I would like to get the Bear for me W.Elves but its another limited edition <grrrr>

21/08/01 At last I-Kore release some new stuff - an Elf apparently - hmmmmmmm.....

I.... guess... - Doc

What a BIG sword he's got!! Over compensation perhaps? -frotherBaz
22/08/01 Some new Foundry Orcs & Elves, brought to you by the Colonel Marbles Communication Network (tm).....

24/08/01 Coola !!! US mini game 'Chronopia' is back in business !

Here are there new releases - goblins but pretty good act. as figures even if it means yet more reinforcements for UnclEvl....

27/08/01 Crocodile Mini's 'Aegyptus' range is now fully up and running with a rule & background book now out. May have to per-chaise...Also got some new figs out...this is a Worshipper of Set apparently...
28/08/01 Given the lack of anything else new, here is another of Crocodile minis Aegyptian issues, a follower of Horus I believe...Plenty more to view at their cool site..
Vendel Goblins- Click for full size pic
30/08/01 New from 'Vendel' their Dark Age Goblins !! Act pretty disappointed really - not very dynamic, too human - but will leave the final judgement to the expert on all things Orcish, Uncl Evl...Prices are pretty good. Also they have some 'Adventurers' (ie FotR) which are nice. Wolves & Trolls next apparently...

Well they're quite nice as figures, but as Goblins? Hoo deary me no. Major marketing blunder I'd say. Shame new fig manufacturers can't sem to get it into their heads that people aren't going to buy only thier figures, so if they make figures that don't fit in with other manufacturer's for army creation then they aren't going to sell.

Shame, cos I was expecting big things after the Dwarves. Nice but no good for me - half-goblins maybe. -UnclEvl

Yeah a strange pasty look to them -frotherBaz

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