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Some more of the new Foundry 'Nymphs'. Nice.

Ooo, like them even more than the ones to date. Defo geared to a collector rather than an army builder if you look at the distribution of weapons, but there you are - it is the more logical target audience. -Doc
Foundry Nymphs

Foundry Nymphs

Here are some more top notch Rackham figures - you gotta love the gun-toting gobbo ...

Wow, that masked man is incredible!
Rackham Goblin Poirate
Rackham figure Rackham Figure

Cracking new Foundry Street Violence set 'Snow White & the Seven Dwarves'. Slipknot should sue ...

This Street Violence range gets sillier and more horrible by the week...

I love it! Thats some f***ed-up sh*t right there!
Foundry Street Violence- Snow White
A sneak preview of GW's new Skaven 'Screaming Bell', thanks to the boys at New Wave.

Yes but what is the point of it? It looks silly and a bit pointless to say the least. I could see the point of the Doomwheel which is always a good laugh but this bell thing?

Then there is the Dwarven Anvil I mean what the @*$# is that all about?! -bAz

20UKP for that thar thingy, 2 quid more than the (almost entirely pointless) Dwarf "Anvil of DOOM!™" set. I'm sure these things have incredibly overpowered effects in Warhammer, but try convincing your regular opponents in any other game that you need new rules covering the effects of fervent bell-ringing (or indeed rabid metalworking).

New heights of nonsense to flog unfeasible and overpriced miniatures. Poo.

GW's 'Screaming Bell' for Skaven
Some nice new Foundry Dwarves on the design bench...

Hmm, they look very stylised and angular.

Not unappealing I suppose, but a bit wierd.
Foundry Dwarves Foundry Dwarves
Due to popular demand, here is another new Celtos green - actually this one isn't bad at all - a dwarf wolf-type dude...

Pretty good, nice for a Norse dwarf personality I reckon.

Except knowing Celtos it'll be way too big...
Celtos Dwarf
Some new-ish Germans from Icon/Black Tree - not bad for the price really.
Black Tree Germans
Black Tree Germans
By popular demand, more Celtos greens !! Three of 'em actually.

I think I'm in love... *drool* -Maynard


Oohoo, could be a return to form there, you might even interest me in some of those...
Celtos fig
Celtos fig
Celtos fig
Some of GW's new High Elf 'Shadow Warriors' which are very nice indeed - the pics in White Dwarf this month are clearer - this is the best image I could find online.

Gonna get them I think, dunk 'em in a pot of green paint & call 'em 'Wood Elves' why not !

Three for £5 eh? Is that the entire range cos its the only pic I could find too (apparently the minimum unit size in WarHammer is 5...)?

Dunno. They are not actually released until end of Jan. Will find out then but I suspect there will be at least 8 different figs.

Hey, that doesn't look like leather armour- you sho' you is wood elves?

Yes there is some armour there, made out of oak slats no doubt.

Oak slats dipped in polycarbonate resin I expect, to give extra-heavy armour with no movement penalty..?

That'll be the stuff...
GW High Elf Shadow Warriors
Lots of excellent new 'Aegyptus' releases from Crocodile Mini's - see the rest of them here:
Crocodile- Basti and Lioness

Crocodile figures- Anubis priest
Those Italian manufacturers Testudo have come out with lots of additions to their late medieval 'Battle Of Tannenburg' range. Nice figures, but still waiting for the famous Polish Winged Hussars ! See more at

Nice, good synamic posing on the horses. Detailing on the faces looks pretty good from these pics and the ones on the website.

...That should be dynamic, not synamic obviously...

Bugger. Just spent 2 hours looking through various dictionaries and thinking you were a right smart arse. -UnclEvl

It is a rather good word, I wish it did mean something...

Well we just put it in a context where it can mean something and Bob's yer Aunty. We can use it all the time in our home-grown rules.

Thats a good idea! Synamic, synamic... acting in an identical way perhaps, so units in a command that perform the same manoeuvres over the same distance get to use a "synamic order" that costs less command points than moving them individually.

Tetsudo Tattenburg Cavalry figs

Testudo Tattenburg Cavalry figs
Foundry- Greek Mercenaries

Foundry- Greek Mercenaries
More mini's from everybody's favourite Colonel!

Today its some nice new mercenary Greeks from Foundry.

Yea! They look good and battle-hardened, a nice counterpoint to those fresh-faced young soldiers in other ranges.

Great for veteran/mercenary units or personalities I'd say, which is exactly what you'd be visiting the Foundry for anyway. When cometh the new Foundry Celts, anyone seen any previews? Will there be 'civilian' figs like with the other new ancients?
A selection of the best from the WoTC D&D 'Chainmail' range. A weird mix of the pretty good & very poor. The gnolls & monsters are ace but the elves, men etc are jank. If you want to see more look on the New Wave site.

Woo woo.

Dire Badger Doc, Dire Badger!

Not sure the humanoids are all as bad as you say Colonel, but they certainly aren't as good as the monsters (as shown here).

The WotC website also features fully painted pics of the new releases, painting guides and pdfs of buildings you can print and build, actually a fairly good resource. As glossy as GW's site and probably more useful despite its youth. Newsflash fantastico, Wizards/Hasbro do something useful!

Hey yeah. Them buildings are pretty cool. Think I'll print out today.

Really not sure what use those animals are, unless you were creating a Noah's Ark Blood Bowl team. Baboon linebackers!? I'm sure it all has a very sensible explanation in the background to the game.

When I saw the name "Dire Badger" I had such hopes too... I wonder if they'll expand the range (badger scouts, badger pack, badger command). Does anyone out there manufacture just plain old badgers??

What you've shown here looks pretty cool. Painting is very GW-esque OTT though. And is that a badger....? -Dead Deputy

It is a badger Dep, thats why its called a "Dire-Badger".

Not that we don't appreciate your input. ;-)

Actually its not that dire, I think WotC have been a bit modest there. Its a bit silly, an armoured burrowing mammal, but dire? Painting is OK I think, at least they avoid the worst excesses of GW neon daubs. Though if you didn't like them the humans/elves are worse.
Chainmail- Abyssal Ravager

Chainmail- Ogre

Chainmail- Gnoll

Chainmail- Dire Badger

Chainmail- War Ape?!?
Well the Colonel has left me holding the fort again, as he trots off to the Greek island of Nymphos. I should warn any junior officers, if this is your first Christmas with the regiment, that although the Colonel is always in a good mood when he sets off, he is incredibly foul-tempered upon his return. So lets keep things ship-shape eh?

Talking of shipshape, US manufacturer Reaper has taken a slight sidestep from their regular fantasy personality offerings to bring us a box of poirates! And right swarthy seadogs they look too.

Also on Reaper's up and coming list is this Treeman, which might catch the Colonel's eye despite his ambivalence towards Reaper's offerings. And watch out cos they apparently have a T-Rex on the cards- I believe "Coming in August" means August 2002, though their site does take a while to register updates. No pics yet anyway, so its still HLBS for your dinosaur needs.

What, you want some greens? Not often I hear that at the Christmas table... ok then heres an egyptian-type guy who might find his way into your aegyptus-style army.

Ah well, I'm off to enjoy a brandy before the Chaplain gives a midnight mass- if there is a lull in the fighting (cook and the chaplain haven't been seeing eye-to-eye recently) I may be able to get another Masterworks out before the Colonel returns.

Merry Christmas, and keep frothing!

Capt. Nick "Doc" Ashton, Medical Corps

Good pics there Doc. The pirates are nice if maybe a little static. I can't see the Treeman making it into the Silvan ranks I'm afraid...

Thankyou sah!

Good to have you back sah!
Reaper Pirates
Reaper Treeman Reaper Egyptian
Just back from sunnier climes !

Here's a couple of bits you may have missed - a cool new sci-fi dreadnought type thing from VOID & a few of the new 'swashbuckler' dwarves due in from Foundry.

Good New Year ya'all !!

Void- Typhoon Battlesuit
More Foundry Dwarves

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