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03/07/01 Ok heres an up coming release from I-Kore...hmmm, another new handmaiden for Stinky Wizzleteats perhaps ???

Hmm, a definite ringer on the Rackham line and no mistake, if a tad chunkier. Sure Stinky can find room in his harem for the another Little Lady though. -UnclEvl

They are quite nice dem, seen a couple of others in the range. And only slightly exploitative (!)


Good n curvey I mean, bordering on the Rubenesque. Why do they make the swords so big though? Its ridiculous!! I've heard of heroic scale 25mm, but thats out of this world. Knowing i'kore the figs 30mm even without the hair style...

Bet they look good painted up though. - Doc
05/07/01 OK I thought I'd give Celtois a break today & showcase some of Copplestone Casting's 'Babes With Guns' - is that Lara Croft I see ??

Copplestone Babes- Click for larger Image
08/07/01 OK its about time the Crazy Colonel brought you something from the daddy of them all, GW. Here's a beautiful pic of one of their new Dark Elves. Nice !
09/07/01 Wow. Wow. Wo-ooooooooooooooooow......
10/07/01 Nice Gripping Beast Arthurian Cavalry - thats the kind of thing that we want for the Golden Frother...

yeah I liked those - FrotherbAz
Click for larger image!
24/07/01 Ok something hot off the press from our French friends at Rackham - a new Dwarf !
24/07/01 More SUPERB Orcs from Spanish manufacturer Dragonrune. Taking the woman on holiday to Madrid any time soonish Mr Evl ?

Oo, very tasteful. - Doc

They are very nice, if a tad GW. Any Mail order facilities? -UnclEvl

u can get em from 'New Wave Miniatures' (froth links) in US or mebbe better direct from Spain here..

No UK distribution at all??? - Doc

check their site- I recall a while a go they were talking about it ... Colonel Marbles
Excellent new range of 'Street Violence' figs from Foundry - may have to unlock my wallet yet again for these - there are many more on the website (these are my faves). Plus the month's limited edition 'Heaven & Hell' figs u get for free if u buy this month...hmmmm....oh yes my lovelies...mmmm....

Pretty gruesome! Its a shitter that limited edition bollox, if you want those figures but not a wallet hernia. Having said that, Orcs Nest do sometimes have the Lim. Eds in, must come with their order or summat.

Miss Naughty and Nice might go well on my shelf of pornographic 28mm figs. Mmm, nice figures (if u know what i mean).

Thanks Colonel, nice to see you back from safari! - Doc

You can always rely on your favourite Colonel to bring u the hottest 28mm metal babes ! Sad but true...
Click for larger image!
A new barbarian fig from I-Kores new Celtos line...nice beard grandad! Remember kids - Marbles brings u the Best in New Miniatures well ahead of the rest !!!
Something different from the Colonel today - a look at some of the winning (Chaos) fantasy army figs at the Canadian Golden Demon....

They won!? Jeez, the quality of miniatures mut be pretty low in Canada. They are truly pants. -UnclEvl

Well we will all obviously await UnclEvl's entries in the Golden Froth awards prior to the next battle with much interest.....

Have to agree with the Uncl there. V. poor. -Doc

Is this the way the golden froth award is going to be assessed??? Do we need ethical guidelines???


What, you mean the same mix of encouragement and constructive criticism?
He. Well in fairness it is a bit different when assessing the winners of a national competition that took place an ocean away. :)

maybe even a committee ?? Given the evident success of other such enterprises....

Don't push it bAz :O - Doc

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