Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks - October 2001

Oct. 2001

Tres quiet out there in mini-dom, so here's another Celtos fig - not keen on this one to be honest....

Thats well below par. Can't imagine anyone shelling out £4 for that pony. -Doc

Hmm, bit chunky and don't like the hair, but not bad.-UnclEvl

Something different today - a look at the Golden Demon 'Open' competition winner ! Its Orion King Of The Woods hurrah !! Look at the other winners here..

wow! holy shit!-bAz

Nice shield.

Desirable tree-trunk spear.-UnclEvl

That is truly amazing. Well done that man.-Doc

Hot hot news today !!!

Some superb new figs again from Rackham ! For a start, here is some pirate gobbos who oooze character.

There is so much more. Follow the link to see a cool dwarf chariot for instance. (click on 'news' then 'photos').

These french sculpters are geniuses (genii??).

They may indeed ooze character but those pics are of such appalling quality its impossible to tell.

Luvverly. Piates and Gobbos, all me faves at once.

BTW, Piccy quality a bit down on these Col.

Try looking at them through an empty Kronenbourg bottle - it isn't any clearer but it has a nice effect!!


...actually try several Kronenbourg bottles it works better.....

New releases from Reaper (Ive attached the Swamp Shambler & Sir Blackhawk) & also a new D&D related series from WoTC called 'Chainmail' (see the Gnoll Ranger). For more see New Wave.

Yup WotC/TSR are revisiting the table-top battle market. From Lee has been telling me the game allegedly draws on some elements of the original Chainmail that gave birth to D&D in the first place. They were demoing it at GenCon this year but I didn't get a chance to try it out to see if it's any cop. I'll try and ply Lee for a free copy as an Xmas prezzie or summat... :)

Dead Deputy

Not too keen on Blackhawk (but should look OK painted I guess) and the shambler is a bit static, but I do like the wolfman.

Is that from a different series?

Wolfman is from the new D&D chainmail series - best of the bunch tbh - rest aren't that good ..

Really like the Gnoll Ranger. Good posing, loads of personality. Makes me actually want to play that character.

Be the miniature, yeah! Be the miniature!

Oh, that was the Gnoll. Wolfmen are gnolls now are they, I must have missed that bulletin. Makes it easier to copyright I suppose.

More Dogmen really, but even I remember from my old AD&D days that they've always been Gnolls.

Ah happy days...who can forget Lord Sarm, Nina the Ninja, Belzegar etc. All 20 th level demigods by the time I'd finished 4 wks campaigning with them..

And all brutally murdered, anally raped and wantonly defaced by the time we'd finished with them.
Happy days indeed.

ermmmm.... right?
Nothing new out there today so here's some more from French nutteres Rackham !

A Dwarf steam chariot !!

it looks great but could someone help me - what is it??

I see a steam chariot.... neat idea like Doc I think the picture is crap. though...

I was atch referring to yesterdays pics. The pic of the steam whatsit is obviously from a display or summat, so theres at least an excuse, but the pirate goblins were from a 'studio' shot and you can't make out what they are.

Hello my little chums !

Todays mini's are yet more Vikings from Foundry - they've made 100's over the last 6mths!! Also attached is the one-off 'deal' figure of 'Thoruiv the Flatulent' (or should that be Uncl Evl in a false beard ?)

Nice figs- something to interest the White Knight I think?

A must for Mr J., boost that rather poor Dwarf Cavalry.

Ok since its another v. quiet day on the new mini front, here are a couple (there are more) of the new GW Empire steamtanks, if u ain't seen them already. And frankly they are the usual ludicrous w*nk IMHO.

No comment.

'er but that was a comment?

How much?

45 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya gotta laugh.


Holy shit!!! No way.

You gotta admire the audacity really.

F*uck off! They need it shoved up their proverbial if you ask me!!!

Sar-charsm Bazzer.

speaking of which could you get a tank like that up a proverbial??

Mildly amusing I suppose. Don't think I'll be re-mortgaging my house for one though.

Can't imagine the landlord would be very happy if you did.

Not after the last time, no.

Lucky to avoid doing a stretch then, as I recall.

Another nice new fig from Celtos. Mebbe good for a Chaos army?

Not bad. Very 'Slaine'.
Nothing really new today so I'll catch up with some more splendid Rackham releases. No idea what they are or how u could use 'em in an army, but they are still tremendous figures.

Witchfinder General?

Cries out to be used as a character for WHFRP.

Nice. Love the skeleton knight, make an interesting diorama piece.

More nice new Ancients coming out from Icon/Black Tree. Here are some Celtic Command figures that should have 'Doc' Ashton MD reaching for the credit card !

At last! Hehe!

If only their figures weren't so oversized though...


Another new Celtos mini 'Cliodan' - I'd say about a third of these releases are excellent (& I'll prob. get 'em) & 2/3rd's are ok or a bit OTT wank.

Not a bad ratio...

Another victory for ridiculous proportions! Excellent!!

The axe is ridiculous, but could help explain the size of her thighs I suppose, given she's been lugging it about.

More silicone implants as well....
Today's pic is a limited edition re-release from Ral Partha, whose figures are not usually that great but these dwarves are nice.

Thats a bit harsh on Ral Partha I think, I've got some cracking figs of theirs. Reasonably priced too.

Nice dwarves anyway.

Suffering from a nasty case of oversize weapon syndrome though.

A worrying new trend, I agree.

Yet more from Celtos ! Another bird ('Queen Eaobhinn'), better than some we've had recently, tho' she won't be added to my shopping list I'm afraid...

Not enough cleavage Colonel?


Looks like rather a nice fig. Almost sensible proportions too, and a weapon that it would actually be able to lift in "real life". Top marks.

Not bad. Bit static mebbe, but passable.

Why is it we always see the Celtos range figures formed in Green stuff, and not the actual finished metal figures? Does not fill me with confidence as to when the figures shown are actually going to be available. Its also a bit of a cheat cos its not letting us see what the finished figures are going to look like - shoddy moulds etc can make a big difference.

Well thats what a preview is surely?

You'll upset the Colonel with talk like that- I've a good mind to give you a good drubbing.

Actually VOID / Celtos mini's are all very clean - cleanest I've seen actually.
OK every now &again you need to take a raincheck as to how good the mini's the Col Showcases every day really are. So here's a couple of historical mini makers Navigator's new Frankish Knight figures (85p a go). They are *real* bad - I tried to choose a couple of the better ones ...

What the fuck?!? Eeeewww!!! -Maynard

Maybe it could just be a really *really* bad paint job... maybe?!?

Actually... thinking about it... those really are fucking awful arent they, and they're the *good* ones?!? Shit. Almost makes you appreciate GW's over-priced workings... almost.

The bloke in the cloak don't look that bad. Poor paint jobs mebbe?

The cloak bloke is their 'outstanding' fig tho' I'm afraid - rest are v. poor..

Navigator are notorious for the appalling paint jobs they inflict upon their miniatures. The metal itself isn't all that bad, really, at least not on the sample I got (Navigator will send a free sample if you ask them- just state a preference as to the range). But its SO hard to tell the general quality by looking at the (glossy) catalogue cos of the the dreadful acrylic assault meted out by their painter (the Colonel is right, these are the better examples).

Unfortunately the figs might be slightly overpriced at 85p, and their ranges are rarely extensive enough to buy in as rank and file anyway... for personalities you do want a more expensive fig. But ask them for a sample and make your own mind up if they cover your era (historicals only). They are on the large side too, defo 'heroic 25mm', another reason they haven't graced my army as yet.

Hurrah !! At last something half decent turns up - its a new limited edition (2000 castings only) Rackham figure called 'The Executioner'. Nice, as always..

Nice. Stick a couple of wings on him and he'd make a tasty Angel of Death.... mmm... yummy.

Pity most of there mini's are so hard to get hold of. There are some I would really like to get...

Cool figure, even if he does have a touch of BIG WEAPON syndrome.

Will let u boys know next time I treat Eva to a trip to Paris <kof> .....

What is it with "limited editions" these days? Not sure I approve of this trend.

Yeah! Everyone jumping on this bandwagon Im afraid

OK still no decent new fantasy or sci-fi figs at the mo' (very quiet lately) so here is an example of the excellent & cheap Icon 'Rorkes Drift' figures I'm gonna buy so that I can refight the film 'Zulu' against all my Masai/Zulu figures. Ah happy days !!

Very nice too, bags of character.

Fit in well with the Copplestone/Foundray Darkest Africa figs for a few personalities (gotta have Capt. Chumley-Warner armed with his trusty cricket bat).

Hah, you're buying the opponents yourself, I bet you still can't get anyone to fight them though.

Dude, Icon figs are not cheap unless you are used to checking your wallet in at the door of your local Games Workshop. Very nice figs though, not saying they're overpriced, even if perhaps (dare I say it) a touch oversized. Stop making enormous figures people! It is big, but its certainly not clever.

Well £6.50 for 8 nice figs is cheap in my world, if not in 'Navigator' mini's world..

They are fairly priced, definitely, just not cheap.

And they ARE oversized.

New Ogre out from Dragonrune - pics a bit small I'm afraid..

Thats not too small.

Weird, but it is an ogre I s'pose.

Usual high quality, if a little dull in pose. Love to get me hands on some of them.

Well u can mail order (or go to Madrid)..

These are (I think) new figures from an unknown German company. But I'm not too sure tbh...

Very nice. The Orc is in a bit of a dull pose, but cracking detail and great face.

The winged bird looks like she might find a lease of life in Docs army mebbe - or even Maynards knwoing his penchant for anything vaguely angelic. Whats that last thing then, some sorta mutie gobbo? Not saying I don't like, just a bit weird.

So whats this 'unknown German company' thing then? Thought this was just the sort of info you were supposed to dig out Col. Could be you're not upto the job anymore mebbe?

Nice. Any chance of the Ol' Colonel tracking down the name of the company? That "Raven" mini would complete my Bien Sidhe unit quite nicely.

Possibly they are 'Excalibur' but will let u know if I find out for sure..

Some new Reaper figs...I think they are starting to get the hang of it ..

now that looks good! Could we say it was a ratman?

Yeah not bad at all. The oRcs passable, very 'Hobgoblinish' in fact by my standards. Nice mix of the unusual too, something for the Prinz's lizards and an Oni/demon warrior or some such for Alex's. Nice additions.

..not an orc thats a ratman.....

You're referring to the one labelled "2502orc.jpeg" are you?

Today's feature is another pic of those Confrontation gobbo pirates - they are brilliant - why is one in a wooden cart ???

Pah, its obvious. You really don't know anything about pirates do you.

No legs would be my guess.

Not a great pic but the figs look interesting (if you squint at them for long enough). There's not a lot of point having a jpeg that big if the original picture is out of focus...

Two pics today - some new 'Aeygptus' figs in the works, plus exclusive (sort of) pics of GW's new 'Necrons' (but don't get too excited)..

Like the Aegyptus figures, think they are getting better. Great stuff for a Broo type Chaos army (or am I not allowed to suggest that as too GW?)

Nah, Broo is Runequest, not even AD&D had Broo. Beastmans a good generic term, its just never been a particularly feasible army (til now maybe?).

The Necrons aren't new are they? Boring old pap if you ask me. How about some pics of the Kroot? Quite like them, they may go on me crimbo list.

Utter shit if you ask me. Terminators with big guns? #YAWN!!#

Yet more crazy but cool figs from French loons 'Rackham'... an excellent Orc type shaman <sigh> & an Egyptian stylee monster thing ?? Anubis ?

The new Orc Shaman's another cracker. A must have for me Savages I think.

I do like these big Werewolf jobs the do, would make a cracking regiment/personalities for a Chaos army or some such. Can't think of an excuse to put them into my army though.

Perhaps I could have em as bestmen allies??


Don't see why not, they'd as likely have a similar relationship to humans and halflings, or orcs and goblins in our current rules. Rural cousins of the vermen, like?

Todays pic is of a cool new pteradon (sp?)/flying dinosaur thing from I-Kore. (The person on it is just there for scale btw).

That WILL interest the Nuddster, with his pteradon attack fleet. A beefier version to rival the Giant Eagles maybe?

No rival at all Sir !!!

Yeah right - with a save of 4, a worth of fifteen including xheavy armour you will have a hard time matey!!

Only 15points each too, from my calculations...

Nice. Fit in well with the GW ones for the Deputy's army, get a couple o skinks on it easy.

Some new Elven Nymphs from Foundry !

Also a GW offering (especially fer Uncl Evl), the 'Krootox', whatever that may be...

Oh yes! Wheres my chequebook, gotta have them for Stinky's harem. Be pretty cool in yer wood elf army or Docs even. If anyones sending for them count me in - can see them selling out fast. Is that all of them or are there anymore? Phwoar.

They are forthcoming releases I think, but some packs of nymphs are already out - check the Foundry site. U could prob. get from Orcs Nest over the FrotherCon 2 w/e. Doc ?

Yeah, I do kinda like them new Kroot and that thing looks like a laugh. Might well indulge, just in case we ever get the old sci-fi skirmish game going. Act., them Kroot long rifles that their armed with look quite 'musket' like really, and they don't act. look that high tech apart form that, so reckon I could squeeze them inot a fantasy army somewhere - possibly into Stinky's retinue where all the other weird shit I fancy buyings gonna go. Thats gonna be a hell of an army show case I ever get round to it.


We've seen a couple of those before I think, but theres some nice new ones too. Mmm.

The Krootox thing is mad!

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