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01/09/01 Welcome once more to the Mighty World Of Marbles !!

A slow day - here's a few more of Foundry's new 'Revenant Elves' figs in the meantime...Not convinced about these - they are nice sculptings etc but I guess the subject matter doesn't appeal. Perhaps Deputy Nuddster's kinda thing ? Its very 'Vampire'.

Definitely not anything I'd get except as collection items, but for all that they would be worth it for that.

Except they are probably limited editions for people ordering £2000 of minis per month. -Doc


I just read that and it makes no more sense to me than it probably does to you. Uuur Monday hangover.
What I mean is I could well end up buying those just as collectors pieces, cos I like them. Mmm.

Damn Foundry's continuing high standard of design & manufacture. -Doc

Yeah those cool mini making, money grabbing swines !! Keep an eye out for Ms Heaven & Hell & da mountain men's Bear btw ....

I'm on it, but not only are they outrageously expensive, they are also poor at keeping to release dates. -Doc

02/09/01 Ok as some of you may know GW are releasing a new 40k race called the Tau anytime now. From what I've seen the look/feel is very 'manga' i.e. quite different from the usual gothic stuff. Check out this pic anyway...

Ooooo. Big Mecha. How original. #yawn# -UnclEvl

But... they're really angular this time!

Er... blocky... y'know? -Doc

03/09/01 Another slack day - is it a bank hols in the US or something ?? Anyway here is something specially for Doc - Halfling Assassins !! By Ral Partha I think...

The one with the leaf cloak and blowpipe ain't bad. Not sure about the other one though - does doing a bad impression of Dracula count you in for the assassins guild nowadays then? -UnclEvl

*!!ME WANTS!!*

*SO* cool.-Doc

OK well with the old Colonel away for an important meeting with Generàle de Zastre it falls to me as ranking officer to bring you the latest figure news.

The Colonel's notebook says something about "Celtos" under an unusual sketch (looks like a bizarre new method of interrogating messenger boys, most unhygeinic) and I can only assume he means this. Should be of interest to the Uncl (though keep in mind his thoughts on figure continuity across ranges), the first of their new Orcs. Balor of the Dreadful Eye (apparently).

Hopefully the Colonel won't recieve to hard a dressing down, but I gather the General is rather displeased with his apparent involvement in the Bankok Butler Scandal.

Captain "Doc" Ashton, M.O.

Nice enough as yer large beefy type blokes go, but rather 'mannish' fer an Orc woodjant yer say?

I'd rather have some of them meaty eyetie fellahs I think.

Good show Capt. Blast it all if that confounded Col. didn't turn up hammering on my door last night and demanding a bed for the night. Mumbling something about 'all his planets at less than -40% and never had a chance to sort it out.' I think he may have been drunk. -UnclEvl

I can see an ongoing bugbear coming on, maybe to turn into a long-term rant. You have my sympathies, but then I have trouble getting figures that look mannish *enough*.


Could be a small ogre from the look of it, and from knowing the size of those Celtos figs (25mm?? I think not...) -Doc

Hmm..they are nice figs but too 'humany' for my taste.. still as ever UnclEvl has the last say on all things Orcish... good work Doc ! -Marbles

Well, there was I wondering what to put in Masterworks #44 when this little beauty arrives! The long (long) awaited new range of Foundry Celts begins!

Trouble with Celts is all the historical manufacturers started off doing Celts and romans ages ago and then moved on to the more exotic types so all the old moulds are crap now (though of course Foundry's were still the best, the cheeky beggars). Other manufacturers have brought out great new lines (and GB have beaten Foundry to the post by several months but have failed to advertise their new figs anywhere! I'll have to paint and photograph my own ones to show you...).

But now... drools.. froths... Wargames Foundry: Celts!!!!!!

#head explodes, froth and brains fly everywhere#

Ooops sorry about that. The monthly limited edition (#spits#) might be of interest to some of you too, a preview of the Foundry Fantasy Dwarves.

In case anyone other than me was interested, the Celts (and associated romans) are currently on pre-order, so it could be a very long time before we actually see them in the shops. Hopefully by Christmas....

I hope these pics don't literally mean theres only 3 cavalry in an £8.50 pack though. Surely not? Colonel??

Captain "Doc" Ashton, M.O.

Hmm, prejudice on the lists is it? Bring back the Col., all is forgiven.

Nice figures though, I spose. -UnclEvl

Them Celts are the bizzo Doc !!!! A large hole in your pocket shortly then ? The limited ed Dwarf will not be troubling the Colonels fiscal reserves.. -Marbles

10/09/01 With the Col. still AWOL it falls to me to thrust some new mini's forward into the lime-light. In order to tie in with the latest review offering, I thought I'd punt out some piccies of the Fairy Meat minis.

The original releases to be honest were a bit 'chiselled' and quite pants, though the spanking paint jobs done on them (the bottom set with the black background, painted by Scott somebody or other - make them look quite cool.

The second set of mini's are definitely an improvement though. Perhaps a tad 'rounded' in the details, they do however have nice posturing and robust quality that captures the fun aspect of the game excellently. Expect the Gnome minis anytime soon. All in all, a bit of a laugh. Could perhaps even be squeezed into an army some how. Check out

The pictures don't do the figures any justice, they do have good character though. I think the game is a great idea - have you played it? I think Doc could probably work them in as some sort of talisman troop type for the old tribals or smgt... If you people want to check out what the game is all about please go to UnclEvl's review of the Fairy Meat Miniatures game elsewhere on the site! - bAz

Yeah, I thought that. If theres anyone made enough to field them in their army its Doc. Good aerial troops though maybe. - UnclEvl

14/09/01 Thankfully Col Marbles is back at the Controls so you can all rest easy in yer bunks ! Thank to 'Doc' Ashton MD & UnclEvl for 'filling in' (sort of!) during my absence.

A new race of Spider type space dudes being released by I-Kore !!!

Spoiled by the rather poor humanoid face in my opinion.

Bit too GW Genestealer as well. Nothing new or original about them really. -UnclEvl

14/09/01 Lot of good stuff being released by I-Kore's Celtos Line ('Doc' Ashton MD sent out one of the new Orcs last week). Here's a new Dwarf & Undead warrior .....there are plenty of other nice figs too (including a cool elf & another Orc) - check out:

Right fig reminds me very much of early 2000AD 'Slaine' stories of the Drune Lords and the Lord Weird Slough Feg. Like it, concept anyway if not the actual design cos the scythe smacks a bit of the general GW over-the-top-ness(OTTness) on the weapons front. -UnclEvl

14/09/01 Just doing some catching up (forgive my enthusiasm/spamming) ;o)

Here's some of the new Elves from Foundry - q. nice, but not really my kinda thing..

I must admit, despite having ridiculed all things goth for a long-time.. -UnclEvl

Good man! -Doc

I do like these figures and admire Foundry for taking a different tack with their concept here.

Agreed, these are fine and flavoursome figs, and should appeal to collectors, rpg-ers and (to a lesser extent) wargamers alike.

However, gotta say it falls down in 2 ways:
1. The old 'they-don't-fit-with-any-other-figure-ranges' argument we have been into before.

Thats a bit more unfair to invoke here though. I mean they are clearly elves, so even though they are differently attired to what some people might have they shouldn't look too silly in an army (in their own unit or as personalities I should think).

Its not the same as people releasing sets of slightly ugly humans and calling them Orcs, and I certainly wouldn't want Foundry to just reproduce what other companies are already doing in spades.

2. These seem much more like RPG figures than army figures.

Its a miniatures masterworks, not a wargames miniatures masterworks dude.


Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with that per se. They're still very nice figures, beautifully proportioned, excellent posing, bags of character - just not sure of their 'usefulness'.

Not very useful to you as an Orc commander anyway I would think..?

17/09/01 Todays pic is some new 'Dark Age Irish' from Gripping Beast (wish they had a website!). The picture isn't the best (scanned from Wargames Illustrated ad) but u can see that the figures are excellent as always - tempted to get the hounds for my Wood Elf army.

A must buy for 'Doc' Ashton MD's fantasy Celtic force surely ??

18/09/01 Col Marbles missives are 50 today !

To celebrate, todays fig is of a couple of mini's I bought the other day from the recently defunct FASA's 'Crucible' line. And yes they will feature in my Wood Elf army when I can make up a reasonable excuse...

Liked those pretty cool - you could load 'em up with Vermen......

ermm actually just had a thought - snakes would eat rats wouldn't they??? -bAz

these ones definitely would. Anyway they aren't snakes they are 'Forest Wyrms' ridden by Silvan Elves in times of war...or something... -Marbles...

So they aren't snakes but big worms - no way would they eat Vermen. - bAz

Hmm, yeah. Snakes are quite nice I guess, suitable for Mikey's Liazrds as well. -UnclEvl

19/09/01 Here's the latest from Copplestone Miniatures, Zombie Troopers, along with a new Foundry Dwarf (their mthly ltd ed.) which is a taster for the new Dwarf range.

Yeah, already seen these. Quite a laugh.

The new Foundry Dwarf looks cool, bags of character. Lets just hope they're not as expensive as the Kev Adams orcs eh. -UnclEvl
20/09/01 Finally Reaper Miniatures make some decent figures !!!!

Not bad. Like the bird especially, go well with them Crocodile Aegypt mini's. Overall, the poses are a bit dull and same old same old though aren't they, especially that troll thing - "Duh, look I've got a club". -UnclEvl

Is that a silicone implant ?? -bAz

21/09/01 WOW !!

More utterly superb minis from French makers Rackham. Nearly had an orgasm when saw 'em. There are quite a few so will feature on slow days over the next week....

Is that an Orc? Who cares, very cool - dig the sideburns, very 70's chique.

Must have for me army whatever he is. -UnclEvl

What will you call 'im?-bAz

Erol. -UnclEvl

As in Flynn? -bAz

No, Flam - UnclEvl.

24/09/01 A couple of new mini's from I-Kore - an Elven wizard for the Celtos fantasy line & a new 'Koralon' from VOID. I think.

Like the Elven wizard (scratch the back banner perhaps, maybe change the standard for a weapon or summat) - could be some decent fodder there for yer wood elf army at last mebbe.

Not sure about the other thing. Bit OTT for my delicate tastes. -UnclEvl

25/09/01 Greetings Chummers!

Todays new mini's come from Copplestone Castings with some excellent 'Predator' figures hot out of the moulds, (there are also some cool new 'Men In Black' out btw).

Splundig Vur Thrigg !!!

26/09/01 Couple of new Celtos figs today. The archers a good 'un.

Oh yes. Very 'Crystal Tips' (thinks that what I shall call her)goes native, think its the hair. Saucy young mare. One for Stinky's harem. -UnclEvl

Yeah! But Crystal Tips can twang my bow anytime...

When these gonna be available then?

Not so keen on the other one though by the by. Poorly executed coiffure, boring pose and overlarge spear. Not doing it for me. -UnclEvl

Good question as to where to get any of these Celtos figs - last time I looked 'Playin' Games' who do VOID had no Celtos. Orcs Nest don't do 'em. May have to mail order ???

more silicone no doubt. -bAz

Nice, my comments on similar previous figs will suffice I think. -Doc

27/09/01 Ok its all pretty quiet out there today (apart from a not very good new Celtos mini) so here are some more Confrontation figs !! Cowabunga !!!

Not bad, just bordering on the 'bit too much'! What scale are these ones in? -Doc

Oi, Colonel!

Why'd I not receive these figure images today then fuckwit? -UnclEvl

Nice to see that bad language is contagious!! -bAz


Most likely a problem with your server...

Hmmm. -UnclEvl

May be a problem with the routing from the frothlist though, as I'm getting your posts some time after receiving Baz's replies... unlikely to be the Colonels fault anyway. -Doc

Could be. I wouldn't disregard anything as not being his fault though. -UnclEvl

Fair play.


Could be that you are not a priority and that the frothlist server doesn't like you or most likely that Hotmail is slowing down...... -bAz

Well there's not been a problem before and I've not noticed it with anything else, so can't see why there'd suddenly be one now. -UnclEvl

Moral: don't call Baz an arse an expect to get all your piccies on time.


In-fact could we not just blame him anyway cause he loves it....

I think we should really........

Actually..... I don't remember saying anything about Bazzer's arse, despite him showing it to me (against my desire).

Blimey. I thought it was just me.

Maybe we should start a support group or summat?

28/09/01 Todays mini is a cool new 'Winged Elf' forthcoming from Foundry as part of their new Elf range. V. nice indeed !!

Whoa! What is that supposed to be?

Hmmm, interesting anyway. Possibly some room for manouvre for inclusion in Maynard's army as some sorta angelics mebbe as well.

#rant# BLASPHEMY!!!

A Winged Elf?!?

A pointy eared, tree hugging, lily eating elf with wings?!?

Anyone can plainly see that it is an attempt by the lowly Silvan to disguise themselves as one of the 11th Kingdoms elegant, graceful and mighty Angelics. This sacrilegious and blasphemous affront to the 11th Kingdoms religion shall not go unpunished!!!

For far to long now have the Silvan Race been such a disappointment... both on the battlefield and off it.

It is time that they were taught a lesson and made an example of... permanently!!! #rant#

... still it is a nice mini, wouldn't mind having one of those for my army, that way I can eventually have a whole units worth of the little beggars!!! Mmm... *droooool* Nice enough detail, big enough sword, though I'm not too sure about the whole fuzzy growth thing on the poor fellers legs, very unsightly and may be too "elf" looking for my tastes once it's painted up and stuff.

Speaking of which... has anyone played a computer game called Arcanum??? Actually, the full title of the game is Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura. Excellent game... highly recommend it. Though I'm not sure if it's out yet in the UK. - Maynard.

Oh. Scrap that angelics idea then.

Hey, good rant dude! -Marbles...

Not enough expletives in it for my tastes. In fact their omission means I'm not even sure if it qualifies as a rant. More a tirade really.

Top notch I have to say. Maynard is cyan on the webpage btw Baz.


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