Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks - FEBRUARY 2004

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New Mindstalkers. - Colonel Marbles

I do like them but, i wonder: given how some people aren't keen on severed heads, how's a whole dead body going to go down? I like though... - Rob

Nice, but too big a scale for me to invest in (40mm)... - Jakar Nilson

40mm? Dang, that is a waste of good metal! Re. the body issue, have you seen the new EE Kroot Pack Beastie from Forge World? It has a headless, human carcass hanging from the side. Nude male, IIRC. - frotherGuest

I don't complain about dead bodies on a battle field when it's a mini. S&M fetish stuff excluded. Although in RL, it is unsettling. For example, did you know that American Marines in WWII would wear Japanese teeth and hands as trophies?

bah 40mm, if these were 10 mm smaller they would be real gems -frotherGuest

Yeah, if they were 30mm I'd buy the guy on the right, even though he wouldn't even come close to fitting in with any of my collections. - Grom

Weird....Manor House makes beautiful terrain for 15mm and 28mm miniatures and then makes a line of 40mm miniatures unsuitable for use with their terrain. And how many bastard swords does one Absol need? - ohkier

Really nice figures but which genius thought 40mm would be a good idea? - Artemis Black

Hi everybody, I don't know if anyone will read this reply, I found this topic a little bit late, but as a member of the Mndstalkers' Development Team I want to clarify some doubts about our new game and miniature lines.

So: I saw that you major question concerns the 40mm scale: "Really nice figures but which genius thought 40mm would be a good idea?" and similar.

The fact is that our miniature are 40mm tall EXACTLY as many, many other GW and Confrontation ones! Our men-at-arms range is between 36 and 42 mm tall. The GW's Space Wolf Priest is 39mm tall. The GW's Kroot Shaper is 40mm tall. The Confrontation Shanys L'ombre is 37mm tall. A GW's Ork Nob is 39mm tall. So, what's the difference? It's only that we say our minis are 40mm scale, instead GW and Rackham says their are 25 or 28mm, but it isn't really true! Only WHFB miniatures are really around 30mm, all the other W40K minis are much closer to 40mm than 25. And Rackham ones, apart from dwarves and other little races, are all 40mm high or much, much more!

So don't be afraid, our minis are perfect for all the scenery elements you have that fits the rackham and GW miniatures... and also fits exactly with the major part of ManorHouse Workshop's 28mm scale scenery elements... we're not so weird to make something that doesen't fit our own products! And a "pure-40mm" scenery elements line is in production right now... Furthermore, all miniature prices, as you'll can soon discover, are the same (or lower, in some cases) than GW and Rackham white metal miniatures.

I hope this was useful to you to evaluate our work... of course we're always ready to hear from you any criticism or comment to improve our work. I'm at your disposal (also in PM at my address) to reply to any other question about Mindstalkers! - Jacknife

Hi there, and welcome. Thank you for your clarifications, they do make sense, although some grumpy old men will never agree with it. It would seem that on the whole people liked your miniatures (and why not, they look awesome. ) but were concerned about the scale. You are of course right, that Rackham minis are the same height and many GW miniatures are affected by the scale creep as well.

It is just that a lot of us still use older models as well as historical models, which are still in the 25-28mm range and it's then that the size difference becomes an issue. Of course, I've already resigned myself to the fact that my Rackham figures are unusable with most of my other stuff, so I'm prefectly okay with keeping them separately and using the larger figures for small skirmish games. So these should fit right in.

It's a bit of a trade-off really, either you make 28-30mm figures compatible with the bulk of ranges out there, or you make something bigger, like 35-40mm to be compatible with the more popular ranges. Those with smaller figures will be upset for it, those with bigger will love you. - White Knight

The difference is that none of the figures you quote is of a human (no, not even the Space Marine - GW's fluff says they are 7 or 8 feet tall even without the power armour). So it doesn't matter what size they are when I put them alongside, say, a Foundry figure. But a 36-42mm high person is just way too much. So I won't be buying your figures, unless you make some nice non-humans. Ditto for Jim Bowen's Graven Images, which are about the same size. - Von Bork

Okay. I'm old. I disagree. Actually I think thatthey are quite lovely figures, but I am also a bit put off by the scale. If, as you point out, they are the same size as the disingenuous EE's Space Marines and Orks, it would seem to me okay IF they were Sci-Fi figures; but, since tha vast majority of FANTASY figures are smaller these are too large.

I am currently involved in starting a new figure line in the UK also (purely in a financial partnership) and I have growing concerns because the figures are too large to be compatible with major figure lines. I think you'll find that many customers will shy away because of scale incompatibility. - oldmanGarth

Thanks to all for your comments, all of them are always welcome! I'll try to reply to key points... About "scale incompatibility": whe we started our production, was not our intent to make something "compatible" with other game systems... we have our own skirmish game, so if someone wants to collect them or use them for other games, well, otherwise we'll have only customers that wants to play our game, that's it. - Jacknife

cool.still too big though.28mm and my purse would out.ah well. - Gwartisan

Well, what can I say. I am a bit of a doofus whan it comes to medieval equipment.

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new shadowforge toons and tribals. some previews but we have seen them already. - fatgoblin

I like the berserkers concept. Warpaint are doing a good job with the painting, at least compared to my skills. I'm not sure the Valkyrie spearmen have the same excellent flow that the prior Valks had. They seem stilted, but in the hand probably aren't too bad. - chronofus

I might be tempted to the odd figure, but at $4.40 it's still too rich for my blood.

The Beserkers look like they would look just right next to Mononoke Hime... The toons look fun. I'm sure we'll see some in the next Chick Challenge contest...

Yes, liking all of these, especially the tribal berserkers. The middle two are in good gridiron / bloodbowl poses so I may use them for that, along with Stella the personal trainer. - Bloodfinger

The Berserkers are great. The tribals really needed something new. The Toons are predictably fun, although it's been a while since I've seen leg warmers. Those Dark Temple Gurdas have always been among my Shadowforge favorites (time to paint me up another methinks). I'm waiting eagerly for their Dryads. - Mancha

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New Assassin. Talk about a rigid pose, looks like she's all ready to be crucified.

A little on side as well, don't you think? - Marquis

I kinda like the realism - 90% of the goth birds I've come across have been right bloaty mingers (though the other 10% are usually saucy young mares). - Uncle Evil

And to make things worse, the 90% are often stuffed into tiny PVC or see-thru outfits. - miuhuli

She's probably in a ritual pose?

shit or just wank?

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There are some new minis for Cobalt. Despite a certain two-dimensional quality, they look pretty good.

They've got a sorta ropey charm about them. Esp. like Delphonius, and the Cherobs aren't bad.

I agree. Deiphonius would make a good Guildmaster for Necromunda. - frotherGuest

I like 'em. And finally they released the Fat Guy. Huzzah!

I'll be getting the fat man. Nice price too.

Like most of what West Wind produces, the entire line is sculpted by Bob Naismith, who also does Dwarf Warfs and SuperSystem figs... Some of his stuff is good and solid, like the cobalt marines. His guns have a nice hard-sf 1950s look to them. Some figs are obviously rushed though, his heads suffer most when he rushes.

While definitely 'impressionistic' in a lot of ways, they DO paint up nicely. It's weird, but they definitely look 1 million times better with paint. - Crusoe the Painter

Bob clearly needs a holiday...

While Naismith did do the entire Cobalt line, he's only sculpted some of the Superfigs. I think Ellis and Cooper have both chipped in on the SF and Dwarf Wars lines. - Aaron

As I recall, when Cobalt-1 was first touted, Bob Naismith was going to put it out himself. Then West Wind stepped in. Similarly, the Superfigs line is produced by Four-Color Figures, and only marketed and sold by West Wind and Old Glory, I think.

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There are some sort of nondescript drawves, goblins and undead at Alionas.

I think the skele spearmen are new, but they're not a patch on the roman skeles (which i'd like more of for a unit). Nothing to tempt me away from GW plastics.

Um... Well, the barbarian undead is a nice touch. I hadn't a clue which Goblins were the new ones, and since there's already ten thousand Dwarrow in their range...

Yes, but strangely they're not presented in any of the two dwarven showcases. I mean, they're not that awfull after all... (IMHO) - s4794

The new ones will go into the Norse dwarf showcase when I get a chance to do the update. As for the others, those fall under the Colonel's jurisdiction and as far as I understand it his showcases only include the ranges he likes.

The dawarves are te best of this bunch. Do not like the gobbos at all. Some of the ones at the bottom are awful, while the ones at the top seem to have orc heads on gobbo bodies. The Undead seem pretty standard. - Ghost

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Not sure if this is really new or not as there are no dates, but some of these minis look fresh to me from Alternative Armies. Flying carpets are always fun.

Great Othari! Just boggles the mind all the possibilities...

Othari versus Teddy Bears perhaps?

Or just have Napoleon finding much much more in Egypt than a few artifacts and a bodyguard...

wow, they just get uglier and uglier don't they? its a wonder they're still around, bigger wonder is they don't get scalded by folks on this forum, who are usually quick to stomp someone. what's a matter, you guys gone soft or something? - BadThighUncloathed

I'm with you on this one, though I'm on record as being a fan of the original Crystal Elf line - wonderfully sculpted irrespective of your opinion on the concept, unfortunately these are hidden under all of the dross (if available at all!). - Squeaky

These (the entire line) I will pass on. Not interested at all. - Ghost

There are certain miniatures that simply deserve an entirely different yardstick of comparison. The Othari fit into this category. They shouldn't be compared to EE or Rackham. They're more fun than serious, and they're much better than many of the current Flintloque offerings. I can appreciate that they're something you either like or you don't (and if you don't like 'em, then they're worthless!). Like much of the Alternative Armies stuff, I suspect we could be more impressed with them if they had better paintjobs.

if these werent made of metal -i'd be wiping my crack on 'em. - frotherGuest

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Copplestone has updated. Future Warriors, Back of Beyond, and coming next week: High Adventure - Ptolemy

Yes!! finally some new stuff from Copplestone. I like the Partisans, I'm looking forward to the Neo soviets, Ice-Nomads and Greater European troops. They've been a long time coming. - Sihook

I like the Partisans, I'm looking forward to the Neo soviets, Ice-Nomads and Greater European troops. They've been a long time coming. I was initially a little disappointed by the winter theme, but now i'm just happy to have more Future wars figures! - frotherGuest

My favorite of the bunch is the pack of female archeologists. Hubba hubba.

The partisans are pretty cool, if somewhat too 'polar'. But very nice still. Now I use the BoB Trotsky and FW militias as neo-sov 5th columnist resistance, but these might work better. Especially for Stalingrad-like situations, or just as alternative scavengers. The gun design is interesting too. - Area23

I like the sound of the Cavewomen - 4 Hollywood style starlets. Raquel Welch anyone!

I like the new weapons. The drum magazine invokes images of WW2 Ruskies! The guy on the end (or is it, gal? - the figure is smaller than the others) looks like he/she has one of the "lighter" assault rifles from the current line. - frotherGuest

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Today we are proud to present the newest paintjob for the Dark Age miniature line. This is The Pud Thrower A symbiotic soldier, the Pud Thrower is most feared for its control over the small but vicious Puds, which it hurls into combat and commands mentally on the field of battle.

A good substitute for a Biovore, and a good incentive to not tear off your skin...

I guess pud means something different over there in Europe! - Sturmpioneer

and in Canada, it means what Sturmpioneer? Nice mini though, i bit static for my gaming table but makes a good, if slightly odd, collectors model. The art work at Darkage is top notch. - PeteB

Stateside, Pud is another word for your unit, assuming you're male and have a unit. - frotherGuest

I went to the library ostensibly to do some research on armour and weaponry but I had time to look in a Canadian english dicitionary for the word "pud". It is not listed, so I have to assume that once again I am ahead of the general trend curve. - Sturmpioneer

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There are some more figs on the Disturbia site. S&M nudity with scary weapons! I love the voodoo priestess cutting up a teddybear!

This is what I get for not checking out the Yahoo! Disturbia group stuff... BTW, they're planning on removing Hook soon (and replacing him with an older version), so if you want it...

I hope the PVC on that second one isn't supposed to be skin-tight.

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Dark Ages/Metal Magic skeleton re-releases. Pretty good.

I like these figures and will be purchasing some. They have enough character/animation to be interesting and enough details to warrant a reasonable paint job, without being 'over the top' in terms of weaponry or cartoonishness. - Rossco

Don't rate em mesen. Boringly clunky.

Well, I still like them. I've managed to get some in times they were still produced in Germany. They are might not up to todays standard but variety and interesting individuals make them desirable. - Catinator

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Picture of Kranuk Dun [new Dwarf Wars from West Wind] - Dreadaxe

Ooh! That would be neat to have.

Good paint job, but i really don't like the figure. Why make an 'undead' giant that doesn't look remotely undead? 'Patched up living giant' would be a more appropriate selling point.

No offense, but what would make him look more "undead"? Guts and bones protruding a la GW/EE? The model does have several wounds evident, most obviously the missing leg. FYI, the character is taken from a giant in Norse myth (whose name eludes me) who is cursed to feel the pain of his wounds, but never die, so he isn't undead in the typical GW / zombie sense.

It would certainly be one way. That figure just doesn't look dead, more mad.

I think it looks interesting. Looks like it has soe good size to it (not like GW Albion giants). I have to agree with Rob that it does not necessarily look 'undead', at least from this pic. - Ghost

Well, technically one would argue that he's not as much undead but rather undying. Depending on the paintjob he could be:

1. a very much alive, but horribly mutilated giant
2. a mutated chaos giant (kind of nurglesque)
3. a zombie giant
4. an accurate representation of UnclEvl

I like him.

I've got less hair than that. And alot more 'mass'. Agree with Wk's suggestions though - maybe not great as 'undead' per se, but quite cool for all that. Not entirely sure the paint job does it full justice, not eye-catching enough.

I don't think that's hair on his face, I thought it was a ragged veil/mask to hide his injuries.

Funny, 'cause it looks just like the Frother's Beard (tm)...

FYI, that is a mask of human / elf / dwarf skins over the face. I agree the paint jub is a bit bland, though well executed. I painted mine with a red tunic to help it "pop" out a bit.

I like the look of it. And since it's a giant, I could actually use it with some of my other figures, unlike the seven foot dwarfs. How tall is this one, anyway?

Other than the paintjob though, this is a cool mini. You don't see giants hobbling around on tree stumps too often, and while I agree with another poster that a more appropriate name might be "Frankenstein Giant", I think it's an original execution of the undead idea.

How tall is the bloody thing?

I stupidly mailed mine back to Old Glory before I measured it, but it is in the neighborhood of seven inches. In case I didn't mention it, the body is resin, the arms and lunch are metal. It is very well balanced though.

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Reaper Update: Dire Bat and Skeletal Giant in the Dark Haven range and new Warlord figures. - Demonetrigan

The bat looks good, although i've already got eight GW ones so I'm not really in the market. As for the giant, whichever bastard joked about that orc needing a hammer to do some stonemasonry has also ruined this figure now The Reptus Warlord rocks my worlds...

The Reptus looks the pick of the bunch to me. It has a good look with fin stabilisers. I could amost buy it depending on the $$'s.

I'm particularly taken by Werner's female justicar. I like the attitude it conveys. - kwailung

'Look at my dodgy face and kinky thigh armour'?

Exactly. In fact, I'm thinking of having that very phrase written into my wedding vows.

hehehhe. And who said minis are just toys. Sounds like a way of life to me

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Peer of the realm new figure, a drunken monk bloke thingy. My mum had a fruit bowl scimilar to that blokes hat. - frotherguest

Nice figure (in a nonrealistic cartoony way of course).

Odd-looking mini, not necessarily bad jut odd, has anybody on the forum had castings in their hands? I'd like to know what they are like in the flesh.

Looks like the best one so far.

Looks like a Shaolin Monk...

With rickets.

I still can't believe they don't bend or snap by the dozen. Those knees!

If there are people that buy crystal unicorns, then there must be people that buy sculpts with wobbly knees...

I have a couple of their minis. They look better in person than they do in pictures. Granted, they are still "thin-kneed" minis. I'm going to use them for giants in 28mm scale. - miniature atlas

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Take a look at the latest update on the WHFB sneak peaks for a rather bland chaos footknight. Also a new addition, a hell cannon crewed by chaos dwaves, which looks excellent.

Those new CD, look a lot like some of the Chronopia dwarves.

Actually, they look a lot like the old GW Chaos Dwarves. Can't say that I find them massively inspiring though, as with most of GW's recent efforts, and that cannon's just ridiculous. Am I the only individual on the surface of this planet who actually liked the 'Assyrian' Chaos Dwarves? - Grom

No, there was a bloke in WD recently who still used an army of them. It's just you two though.

Hurrah! REAL Chaos Dwarfs back! I rather like the cannon although I agree it is ridiculous....but not half as ridiculous as the price, I imagine. What would a chunk of lead that size set you back? 40 plus, I'd say, knowing EE's jolly little pricing policy. - frotherGuest

Actually I liked the last version of the Chaos Dwarfs! So that makes THREE! - frotherGuest

Make that four! The "Big Hats" were the first GW army I collected for WHFB, and I still like them. Those little grubbers were big pimpin'.

I just want the old ones. These are ok, possibly interesting enough to order separate, because the canon is absurd. All I want is the old bazooka and petard. Now, I've been thinking to use BlackTree's Roman dwarves as Chaos dwarves, painted with dark 'nightshade' blue dress and shields and black beards, and of course supported by satyrs.

when I saw "looks excellent", I meant the dwarf not the cannon... But actually I liked both styles of Chaos Dwarves, including the assyrian style one. Esp those bull centuars which looked dead cool.

Add another vote for the "Babylonian" CDs. Altho what I really liked were the Hobgoblins. - aecurtis

Their headgear looks exactly like those of the Chronopia Vulture Clan dwarves. The boys at GW are very adapt using ideas of others, but not very good at taking it if somebody uses theirs.

Another one for the old evil looking little buggers. I loved those dudes!

Ouch, that cannon hurts. It reminds me of some toony circus cannonball-men's thing, only overloaded with hindering and tasteless chaotic clutter. And, oh, those skulls piles... I can see how EE executives push for producing more heavy metal chunks in order to "justify" some awful prices to cover the probably all too high salaries of the marketing dept., but I wander why they cannot work on some more palatable kind of howitzer or the like... - s4794

those dwarves are awful. and that's with an expert paint job - imagine what they look like in their grey plastic glory... big round blobs. I'm sure the cannon will be utterly abusive - to encourage people to buy a new army (why else would anyone buy this thing) yuck. - goblinpalace

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New Outpost 31 from Ebob. - ebob

A modern polar expedition range? Or "The Thing"?

Certainly looks like Kurt Russell on the left. So better keep an eye on the dog... Are these for your own amusement, Ebob, or is anyone casting them up and selling them?

These figures are available. 1st set includes 6 figures and Jed (the 'dog').

Love it! - Sturmpioneer

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More Reaper Updates. More elementals, some of the figures we've seen before and some new.

Dragon Lion? Ahhhhhhhh! Please no more Cirque du Soleil references....

Some nice figs there - the Elementals fer sure look cool. Also especially like the male cavalier - reminds me I really must get those rules for Capering Dandies sorted for FW - and the dire bat looks like a useful addition for me converted Goblin air cav.

I like the air elemental especially. And Mash the ogre is a good laugh. - Doc

"Hellbore" is a strangely charismatic little miniature.

Pleased to see the return of stupid creatures to fantasy: dragon lion and sabretooth tiger man. D&D had some real classics...

While technically some of these are quite nice, none of them appeal to my taste. I liked some of their earlier elementals alot better.

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Dragonrune gobbo greens, bags of fun.

GERONIMO!!! Utusu! Utusu! These guys look fun!

blatant rips from EE stuff. i do believe the main dragonrune sculpter-felix spanish dude is now in the clutches of the i dont know who this is who is cloning brian's hard work.

Great stuff! - Grom

I don't mind blatant EE long as they are CHEAP blatant EE rips

I don't think Dragonrune and cheap go together.

Eh? Even after importing from the States they are still a fair bit cheaper than EE and imo even better quality. Grimgor Ironhide is 8, the average Dragonrune bodyguard orc is that size and detail and their leader Urgzahk is only 5.50 (average guys are 4 without deals).

I like them, they look far more fun to paint than GW wolf riders (maybe i'm jaded of GW wolf riders).

They look great! Well, for a Goblin I mean. I like the dynamism of the figs. - Catinator

More kinda weird poses, but alot fun for all that. Nowt wrong with ripping EE off - I'm all for it. After all, no one is saying EE doesn't employ top-notch designers or on the whole churn out some pretty wicked figs. Its mainly just their prices that are objectionable.

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Some nice new greens from Reaper, mostly a selection of furry, scaly or feathery critters. No badger though! I like the idea of a skunk familiar, suitable for a wizard who likes his own company, and also useful for a bit of chemical warfare in an emergency.

Skunk is cool. Bears are cool. Dragon hatchlings are cool. Fox is okay. Warrior thief is shiny.'s been done. Bloodwolf...weird.

I think the skunk, the penguin, the fox and the warrior thief look ok. The bear poses don't look natural to me. And the wolf thing is weird. I would like a four legged one better. - Ian Newbold

I agree. The six-legged thingie just looks wrong. Bear2 looks like its been shot and falling over dead. Bear1 is OK and will likely end up in my boxes of minis.

And, the various incidental animals will, as well.

I'm not sure where they get "Warrior Thief" as the title for the guy with the sword. He's decked out completely in plate armor. Looks like just plain "Warrior" to me.

I love those bears, especially no.2 (bear who wants to eat your face) and the bloodwolf is great, will catch a lot of people on a second look.

The penguin is a bit simple compared to the others. I have the strange feeling I've already saw the fox in that pose among familiars - earlier Reaper or Ral Partha perhaps...

The 2nd bear indeed looks like droping dead. Might need to repose the arms to look like attacking. Full-plate for a thief? Silenced armour- sounds scary...

The Bloodwolf is an interesting theme but the body seems to long but otherwise hard to syncronise 6 legs. I like the hatchlings. - Catinator

warrior theif, daft name but lovely figure, shame it looks like he buffed it before he sent it in, some sculptors do, some dont. Surprising how a polish can make a sculpt look like it is actualy worth 175 rather than just a lump of putty

There's no way that bear leaning forward is balancing on that tiny base - it must be blu-tacked to the table. The wolf is awesome - if only it had 4 legs. The Theif guy is so smooth and shiny! what's he made from? surely not the Gamesworkshop type 'green' putty I'm using - I can't imaging getting that kind of finish on a sculpt? is it the normal greenstuff? looks a different colour.

yup it's green, possibly with a hint of brown stuff to keep the sharp edges, although the darkness of it could also be the blue/yellow ratio he uses, or a light box.

the excess shinyness, like i said, is probably a polish (toothbrush and vasaline) after the miniature is finished, alternativly he could be using vasaline instead of water to smooth the putty, which works well with armour, too much however leads to the green bubbling slightly when its drying.

I agree the 2nd Bear doesn't look like it would stand up if cast in metal. I suspect it is glued in place for the piccie. I don't think the pose is un-natural. I think it's an action shot. He is in the middle of a fight with another Grizzly. I've seen footage of Grizzlies fighting and I'm sure it's inspired by the same. He's lunging forward biting as the other bear recoils. In a split second his legs will be back on the earth as he continues his charge.

I rather like the bears. The fur on the first one could use some work though. The bloodwolf is really cool, probably my favorite piece by Garrity since her griffon last year. While the hatchlings are nicely done, they're more the sort of thing I expect to see in some silver plated diorama with a wizard and some cut crystal at a flea market. The rest I don't care for at all. The face on the "thief" I especially dislike. Is it some sort of Jay Leno portrait?

"Plain old warrior" is kind of harsh though. I agree, he ain't a "thief", but he's a really cool fighter. I love his stance, and the plate armor is pretty darn nice (although perhaps not that flexible in real life). I don't like his thrusting cartoon jaw though. (Have nipple rings become all the rage this year or what)

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New miniatures from Warmachine. Good to see more variants in their line. The axes on the Cyrx Bane Thralls seem a little large but will have to buy them anyway. - Exile

I'm not too keen on the Melnoth troops (but that might just be the whole religious thing), but I like the rest. But more Gremlins, please?

I had hoped the Bane Thralls would be more ominous. The rest are alright, but I like the Doomreavers most of this lot. Imp

What a shame that, following those lovely pseudo-Russian snipers, the Winterguard should all have dislocated arms. I liked the Deliverers with their hand-held Congreve rockets.

The thralls are great!

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I don't know if anyone else saw the program on Friday night about the assination of Hilter - but it was great, and I was inspired to 'reach for the green' by the sniper at the end. Ebob.

I like the dynamics of that pose Ebob. Nicely done

That's a really nice pose on the sniper. Is he wearing the reversible parka and trousers that were issued to the lucky German troops in winter? - Sihook

I copied an image of myself at paintball taking some sucker out. I always sit tight like that - keeps the gun steady. Not far off what I look like actually since I wear SS smock etc when I go paintball - except I wear a gerry helmet for protection rather than a cap.

I've forgotten to put the strap on the rifle which should be wrapped around his left arm - might be too late to add that now.

Would work for near future as well.

The pose is excellent. It does look a little like the rifle and scope are pointing in different directions though?

I never said he was a good shot.

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I don't know if you have already seen this, but here are a couple of new Hasslefree figs. Then there is a new Tiriel and a female dwarf. As you can see in the pics of the dwarf girl, Kev is moving away from the Celtos sized weapons. - Jenova

Yeah, I like these much better than the Celtos stuff. That female dwarf looks very good, and so does the praying Tiriel figure.

I like the dwarf, and the praying Tyriel and the female Dwarf are awesome. Not the usual "heroic" poses.. - Catinator

Great looking miniatures and some interesting poses as well. I'm glad the weapons are looking more in proportion, the only thing that prevented me from buying any of the Celtos miniatures was the thought of replacing all the "cricket bat" weapons with proper looking ones. - Sihook

Aw. She's so cute! And the squats are looking good.

The Tiriel fig is excellent! I dunno if I like the dwarves (dwarfs?) though.. that first one must have a rather odd shaped head to see through that helm?

I usually see female dwarfs as being less... feminine I suppose (like alionas' take), but this one is a very good sculpts, style aside.

I like them - at last Kev's done some decent sized weapons! (Apart from the squatress, but i assuming she's wielding some imported human guns...)

tiriel is very tidy indeed, nice armour plates might even get me one, would go nice with the reaper warrior theif in a his and hers plate armour showcase. i wont mention the short people in space though..........some things should remain burried

All very well done. I'll probably only be getting the dwarf girl though.

I think Kev is planning to do a whole series of demonettes. I really like the ones he (and Sally!) have come up with so far

Not entirely as amazing as the one on altar, but still very well done. Are they supposed to form a pair at some point perhaps?

So if the Demonette is Victoria, is that David Beckham she's sitting on? Or Prince Albert?

Well you can call him David if you like, but the boobs are too big to be Mrs Beckhams'. I'd hesitate to suggest that she might be Jordan though as that would be a whole different lawsuit - Hasslefriesian

I'd have preferred a slightly narrower cock, but otherwise i really like it!

O.K. I've tried, and I managed to resist it for over a quarter of an hour but I can't hold back anymore...

Rob wrote: "I'd have preferred a slightly narrower cock, but otherwise i really like it!"

You'd be surprised how often I hear that. ta-da-tum-tscsch... - Hasslefriesian

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It would seem Joker Miniatures released another fig without us noticing it. It's a female Parcum demon, and I have to say, I think this one is really good.

Would be useful to convert, i'm looking for a manbat.

Then you're out of luck. This would obviously have to be a womanbat...

I was going to heavily alter the slightly dubious female part. I'm an equal opportunities undead player though, a womanbat would be fine. Hell, i'd probably date one if she looked like some of those manga things.

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