Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks - FEBRUARY 2004

Part 2


Hot on the heels of the last lot comes another batch of Reaper greens. Most of which look great, especially the Great Eagle and the Ogre, who looks like a mean old bastard and has some nice details like the mammoth on his belly plate and the carved face on his club. - Bloodfinger

Now that's a proper wargaming eagle - Ohkier

The Burrowing Horror would be truly great, if only the stegosaurus-y things on its neck (is there a proper word for those?) matched the rest of the model in any way.

The Goblins and the "... of the Blade" models are rather dull. And was any society anywhere ever as fond of tabards as fantasy figure designers are? The Ogre and the Angel are good, and that's another fine Reptus - building into a good line, those. - Von Bork

Warlord Angel: A Sandy Garrity mini I like - mancha

wow!! What a great eagle - the best I have seen I think, Sandra Garrity really is doing a great job with these large creatures. Those sisters of the blade figures are some of the stiffest, dullest figures I have seen reaper put out in a long time. - gloria invictus - Gloria Invictus

Fuck me how big is that eagle! Any larger and real ones will try and mate with it. I like the lurking horror, i'd just want it much bigger and pasted onto a wall... - Rob

The reptus is awesome and the details on the ogre are very impressive. While the eagle is definitely huge, I'm not sure about the joint between the neck and chest. The rest are not too inspiring for me.

The burrowing Horror looks great, and can be used in a number of settings, from the depths of a dungeon to the depths of the sea (just perfect for Pirate and Godzilla games)...

someone must have told SG that the griffon she made was the best looking griffon ever and now we get a gorgeous eagle too. The ogre is great too, and I'm glad that Chaz Elliot has toned down his weapons from the last few ones that he did. The rest I'm not really interested in. - Fatgoblin

I love the grimacing face on the ogre's club. And his belt buckle could serve as a model for a flat miniature sculpted in clay instead of slate (see a different thread).

The Eagle is really "great" and actually looks good. The burrowing Horror is great too, I can see plenty of uses for Wargaming. Suprize from below! The Warlord Angel is good as far as pose and details go, it's just this axe that I could not really imagine for angels - good for a demon or devil, but for an angel - well it's just me. The Reptus breaker and the Ogre is awesome too, many nice details. - Catinator

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Looks like Disturbia and From Beyond have been updated wioth a couple new pics in each listing.

Remember, they plan on replacing the Hook fig with a "more experienced" version soon, so get them while you can...

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Bob Olley has some new releases. - area23

I've said it before...that's a damned fine troll.

I agree, that's a damned fine troll. - Aaron

I like the troll and the orcs. - Ian Newbold

I like the Troll, but I'm not sure about the rest... (But then again, he was at the big Trollkin family reunion last year... )

I love these! I'm gonna get me some and customise them for IKWarmachine as this one is the ruling king of my game heap... Boy, even Void lost to it! - DoctorZ

Nowt more troll-like.

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Warmachine Cygnar Centurion.

Whimper...not going to get into warmachine...not going to get into warmachine..not....oh who the hell am I kidding - Colonel Marbles

Welcome to the Legion, Etrigan. You'll love it! Steam, Metal, Boomdust... Paradise, I tell you!

The spirit of Battletech lives on...

Oh come on, this is just silly. More top heavy than Jordan (or whatever she's calling herself these days). A high level of craft in the mini, but I just don't like that design.

The spear is too short. I understand what you mean about warjacks being top heavy. It seems to be more of a figure design issue than anything else. In much of the concept art the legs actually appear to be capable of supporting the massive torsos. Hopefully this will be sorted out as the company matures and the figures are inevitably redesigned.

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Apparently warhammer historical is going to release two special edition miniatures for the Armies of Chivalry WAB supplement. Sculpted by the Perry twins. They have a couple pictures of the greens.

Look at the work on the Fleur de lys on the horse barding!

Miniature perfection.

Standard stuff from the Perry chaps. - PeteB

They are superb. I want them! 12 + 2 p&p? Still, looks like they're worth it.

nevermind the barding, did you see the black prince's shield?

I was told they can sculpt a figure in 1 hour. - Brigade Games

The barding is damned impressive, top class stuff.

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trolling and came across one of the figures for nemisis, the first hybrid expansion from rackham. - frotherguest

Neat. For a moment I thought you said the mini was Nemesis the Warlock...

That's awesome, it oozes menace. the Dirz range is getting some pretty scary beasts in it. - Sihook

bloody hell ! i like that

Nope. For Sci-Fi/Fantasy, I'm trying to save up for the Void boxed set...

Freakish, but I like it!

yayyayayayyay! i love it, esp knowing how bastard hard the first aberation can be in hybrid, must get me one of those - waxfive

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There's a bunch of new Fenryll minis pictured. Nothing that really floats my boat. The spider-demon is quite fun. The two male fencing elves must be completely without genitals.

The troll looks grand. The elf wizard looks very nice but the dragon thing comming out of the hand is poor.

The Elf Wizard looks good. The spider-demon looks a bit forced, maybe it's the goat head...

Yeah, looks a bit like a late addition to sell to Khorne players, I'd use the normal spider head. I like the Troll but even at 54mm 12 seems steep is that the right price? What do others think of Fenryll in general? I find that some of their stuff is excellent while others seems to be almost comical. - Artemis Black

My thoughts exactly. I have some of their stuff and it's great, but others I just look at on the web and I cringe... The warmachines are usually very good (except for that goblin honey thingie).

Spider thingie has only 6 legs. But it seems to have an alternate head. The wizard looks good, but I'm not that impressedwith the elves. - Catinator

I really like the Dark Elf priestess, but I would probably replace the dragon with something else. It looks a bit clumsy..... - Jenova

I like the troll, he'd be perfect as a larger orc, and the main part of the dark elf witch is good. Really not sure on the demon, my mind screams for eight legs... I thought elves only had small cocks? I'd rather they were fighting than fencing.

I like Fenryll mini. Usually these mini have great details, much more than some metal mini like Reaper. Some are expensive (as the troll) but for example for the RPG range, I buy 3 mini for 9.50e. It's less expensive than Confrontation mini and it's a very detailed range. I like scenary range too.

By the way, I'm ok that in a such big range there are poor mini too. Regarding humorous, I thnik this is a special humorous range, so I assume some mini are intentionnally humorous like pumpkins or Naheulbeuk characters. - Isabelle

More pumpkins! Fenryll pumpkins and frogs are great! More seriously, I usually use Fenryll mini for champions or heroes. - Fan

I just saw in a shop the new Fenryll troll. This troll is huge (about 85mm including menhir). It seems another one will be released next month but without menhir and cheaper. They said that the menhir is heavy and resin is costly !

If the troll is really huge, 18 euros is ok for me. - frotherGuest

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Reverisco does the 7th inning... Alright, they don't look THAT great, but they do fill up a niche...

in the melt them down and pour them into gaps sense? cant think of much else to do with them, still not quite cloaker standard

In the "Sure, they aren't Perry Bros quality, but we've seen way worse"

"Way" being a seriously huge understatement. Frankly, I think I'll pick up a set. Never know when I'll use them (granted, I use my minis in RPGs). I think it's cool that they're doing something besides another spiky super-chaos skull warrior. - Miniature Atlas

Gotta agree. Yeah they're a bit naff looking but at least they're trying... and who knows, a baseball player fig may come in handy - Adam_Winters

Well, we often get people asking about present day civilian miniatures. Well these fit the bill quite nicely, wouldn't you think. I wouldn't mind using them for fighting off some zombies by way of baseball bat.

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Hi all. let me introduce miself; My name is Alessio, I'm from Italy and I'm a miniature painter. At the moment I'm one of the official painters of ManorHouse Miniatures. Here you can see some of the upcoming blisters of this brand new line of miniatures. - Wolfbane

I think you're a great painter, and you've got some generally very good material to work with! (You can't manage to shrink them in the wash can you?)

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I know we're not supposed to mention the EE, but check out the new Mordheim beastmen (or broo as I prefer to call them). Lots more individual character than most beastmen figures; the champion has a female captive (hate to think what he's going to do to her) and the one next to him appears to have a bunny rabbit or a cat in a sack! There's also a rather fine centigor who looks like he's out on the piss.

Change that axehead for a cuetip and give him a stein, you're well away!

I like the Hounds too. Anyone knows who sculpted this line? And where does the term 'Broo' come from?

'Broo' comes from the roleplaying game Runequest (which was around long before Warhammer). They are chaotic goat headed humanoids, carriers of disease, immune to poisons and with many foul and disgusting habits, eg they worship the goddesses of rape and disease and are said to defecate and urinate on their weapons before combat, in order to spread their diseases.

I rather like them

I like those a lot, the best one is the ungor down the front, on the right IMO. But what exactly was that young lass in the skirt doing just wandering around mordheim?? Silly bint was bound to get captured by someone! - Heresy

Broo are Chaos creatures from Glorantha. Note that Chaos does not necessarily equate with Evil. They reproduce rather like the Alien from the Ripley Scott movie of the same name. They are pretty obviously inspired by Michael Moorcock's "Eternal Champion" series of novels, specifically, the "Chronicles of Corum" and the "Elric" saga.

GW used to make actual "Broo" figures as part of their Runequest line. Lance and Laser has been making some so-so Hero Wars figures for the last year. Unfortunately the sculpts are mediocre (JJ) and the marketing sucks. - frotherguest

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I just picked up a couple new Eureka figs from the 28-ish lines. They are: Pax Limpopo French Camel Corps Command (23mm)

I like the Camel troops from the previous foot sloggers, so these guys add more charm to a unit. The general is cute leaning on his haggard desert stick, and I love the tuba player as an alternate musician. The standard bearer has a beaut vulture figure head on the stick, and it's going straight over to my dogmen army instead. The 4th guys is a marching foot slogger in a new pose.


British Grenadier Guards with 'Assault Rifles' (or some such weapon) (30mm) Not my type of thing, but they do the job they are intended for. The poses are fairly static, but the guards are always 'on guard' aren't they? - Chronofus

They might be stiff, but they look as if they could lead they EE guardsmen by the tip of the nose...

By the same nose know, at least the GW sculptors give their miniatures different faces. Peoples' faces do tend to vary. I suppose these guys are the Kray quads gone to serve under the colours?

Nice to see you put the AWI Glovers' Marbleheaders right up front. What I'm going to do with 126 of them, I haven't figured out yet! I believe you are right about the sculptor; if I went back through the correspondece with Nic, I'm sure that's who he said was doing them. Aecurtis

126 hey, that's a good reserve for the painting pile. Personally, I'd dig a tunnel and build a railway to the coast, go there for my holidays. Nothing can stop men like us with big armies. (War of the Worlds)

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Looks like the Perrys are going 40mm with a vengeance. There are some new Border Rievers (aren't these the ones you like, White Knight, due to their helmets?) in their "Workshop" section.

except that WK will be crying hiself to bed tonight cause the 40mms don't fit with his other miniatures... "why couldn't it have been 28mm?"

Might be the "Bigger Is Better Syndrome" - It is more detailed, but costs more space and money. One or two for the shelves seems to be OK...

40mm is the stuff of museums and bond villian style collectors(living daylights).tis a shame 1/48th scale isnt more popular. - Gwartisan

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Reaper Galleries updated. As well as the greens mentioned in the other thread we have the new Clan War (whoo hoo!!), New Warlord and New Exalted. - Demonetrigan

I like Jim Johnson's Legionaries. The spear armed one is a southpaw, which is a bit unusual.

So presumably, despite the name, these Legionaries don't fight in close formation. Unless everyone has to hold their spears left-handed.

Brilliant samurai, but someone needs words with the Abyssal Deathknight. Just because you're abyssal and in the same update as a group of asiatic figures, it doesn't mean you can have a Final Fantasy sword...

The Prince of Shadows is the best Jim Johnson miniature I can remember seeing. Regarding the legionaires, there is something funny about their arms and shoulders. Are their biceps the correct length? his weakest points are the arms and the hair. Many a good female figure has been ruined by "big hair" syndrome. And the arms sometimes look like their bending back.

That Tim Prow mini isn't too bad either, except for the honking great big sword. Not a cricket bat, but still a bit unwieldly. Maybe they make these swords out of some lighter than air substance... - frotherGuest

I think I'm getting to like the Exalted minis more and more. In the beginning I thought they were kind of clumsy, but now I'm actually considering buying some....

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Hi All, Bronze Age has some really cool new Vikings. Some of them are in really dynamic poses. I think the Gladiator pictures are new also. These females seem a little top heavy in more way than one (or maybe more ways than two is what I mean), but cool nevertheless. In fact, there's cool stuff all over. I think I'll finally be ordering some of these minis, including some of their excellent blanks.

Very nice, especially the Vikings. Anyone know what these are made of; I seem to recall that some of their figures are made from bronze (or did I just imagine that)?

When they first came out they were, indeed, bronze. I believe they're now the usual "lead".

Vikings and Pirates...somebody inject White Knight quickly!

Damn. More showcase updates required. I really liked the viking bowman, great pose. Mercenary is cool too. Might have to get that indian lass too. Good stuff throughout I'd say.

The indian is good and the vikings, however the merc is crap...pointing two pistols in opposite directions and not looking either way...oh wait a sec it's an excuse for her to thrust her oversized chest out...crap, crap, crap....pity really the rest are quite good.

After a second look I would have to agree. It IS crap. I only gave it a furtive glance before and it seemed nice at the time.

Guys, what's wrong with's a way cool tres chic Matrix pose a la Trinity and Neo. And her bosum is hardly a salient feature by current standards....those Maidenhead Centyurs would take both eyes out of a foe.

I think you've identified the problem!

The Merc does look neat from what I can tell, but I think we need to see another picture with a washjob done...

Meh - Rubbish guns (again) and her head looks too big. Which if I'm not mistaken is because they've made that miniature with one of their own blanks all of which have weird heads. The Female gladiators also seem to be made from their blanks and aren't very good. The Pirate's not 'too' bad. The Vikings save this bunch from being a state, they're rather nice.

I quite like the style, they are like a heavily worked pencil sketch, as you see in proofs for comic illustrations. That sounds a bit backhanded, but actually I quite like it, esp. the vikings, over the top as they are.

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Rackham's online store has a load of new figures in the March News section, including some boxed sets. An orc lord (I think) - I guess he's a big fella, because he's 25 euros, but he must fairly waddle across the battlefield with those stumpy little legs and such a massive torso. And when I first saw him I thought that was his washing line he's carrying on his back!

A boxed set of dwarves, not bad if you like Rackham dwarves, but those little puppets/dolls are awesome, I hope they release those separately. The Templars of Hod (isn't that a thing you use to carry bricks?), four pretty cool looking dudes, despite a touch of Rackham skinny legs syndrome and one case of unfeasibly spikey shoulder pads. The Heresiarch's Spawn, three fairly dull armoured guys and some little alien critters - got a feeling we may have seen these before?

Overall, pretty good stuff and better than most of the new stuff I've seen from Rackham recently

The Hesiarch's Spawn are from the Hybrid box set, as are the Templars.

Don't like the Orc or the Dwarves, but the rest look great. (Then again, I've never liked the Rackham Dwarves)

The chaos dwarf and wolfen are wallet tuggers, the rest doesn't exite me much

I like the Alchemist stuff, and the Templars too... The Wolf is awesome.. I'm not really interested in the Dwarves but the Dolls are really a must-have.

The templars are not bad, although I could have passed on the spiky bits on the one in the center. Dolls/puppets are cool and even if they don't release them separately, you can always get them from Rackham directly.

But that Wolfen is ace. The pose is incredible, not overdynamic. The only complaint is that the little knife doesn't match the (very long) katana. Other than that, I'd say this is one of their best figures in ages.

I think I must be developing an immunity to Rackham's charms. I've normally quite liked the rather contorted proportions of their Orcs, but this new Lord just doesn't do it for me. Crass, OTT, I am getting rather too many similarities with EE figs. Its just a great bulbous lump.

The Dwarves are nice - I really like these as Chaos Dwarves or summat. Deeply unpleasent yet fun at the same time. Templers of Hod are nice sculpts except for one aspect - big knives on guns. We've been over this before I know, but it just doesn't work for me - looks unwieldy and ridicuous.

The Wolfen is as always ace. The more they release of these and the more of them I see, the more I regret not getting them all. Most are such ace figs, and I guess at the end of the day it wouldn't be that expensive an army cos I wouldn't actually need that many figs. - Uncle Evil

I like the Heresiarch spawn. They seem quite small too, so maybe quite compatible with other 28mm.

I really dont like any of the jackal warriors - and a lot of them have these sorts of Balco-esque steroid induced torsos - but this takes the cake. Hes just too big - if i wanted Thudd the orc i'd have snipped the bastard's head off long ago. Odd that you can have an orc figure that's as substantial as it seems - but then have a horn back-standard thing that looks a bit flimsy. I think they should go back and make more standard orcs - these gigantic expensive guys just arent doing it. - Goblinpalace

Aye, with you on most points there GP. Persoanlly, as I say, I quite liked the Jackal Warriors as big contorted freaks, but this thing is just a step too far.

a 300pt devourer force is only 6/7 figures, add a nekhar the extatic (bloody georgeous figure) and you have a 500pt force, so yeah sod all figures really, esp when you consider that to complete my warmachine army its going to be about £245, for just over a thousand points worth £50 for a sodding manowar unit.....rant rant rah rah etc..... - waxfive

Love the Wolfen Prowler. Exudes a quiet sense of power. The Orc Lord looks like a bodybuilder who never trained legs in his life. Looks great above the waist but the legs are not big (or long enough). Too bad. - Ghost

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Reaper keeps 'em coming. Some very nicely detailed female characters, which I think we've come to expect from Werner Klocke, although nothing really stunning. The female necromancer (and familiar) is probably the best, although she looks a bit too pretty to be what I would call a necromancer; more like a slightly kinky magic using thief or assassin. The female dwarf's a healthy, well built lass though!

Good spot, Bloodfinger. I really like Klockewerk, and right now I can't have too many female Elven archers, so this is great.

Ghah! Major nosebleed... I want 'em all!!!

They seem to be sisters...

I don't really like Fantasy minis all that much, but I gotta say that Werner is pretty damn amazing. I wish he'd do more Steampunk, and it would be interested what he'd achieve in the way of sci-fi.

They are indeed nice... I especially like the Elven Archer. The Necromancer is excellent too, given with a familliar, but one of the belts sliding down gives me the nasty feeling she'll fall on her nose if tries to run.

The warrior(ess) with spiked chain looks promising, I wonder how they'll get it done on the finished model. But seeing some figs one always asks himself - How the hell could the cast THAT in one piece..???? - Catinator

I'll go with the consensus and say Klocke is producing some very nice figs. The Elven Archer is the best for me - not particularly dramatic, just a nice, well balanced piece. I also like the Dwarf woman - not enough of these around.

I simply love this new set of greens! Werner is a god.

I think they are nice (as we have come to expect from Reaper) but nothing great. I too like the feale necromancer and familiar and think they are the best of the bunch. As Rob said, they look like sisters. With Dain Deepaxe as the popa keeping the boys away - Ghost

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Crocodile games have finally updated their site with some new miniatures This time we get a a whole host of falcon headed Heru. Some nice stuff but not the best that croc have released. - Sihook

Paint jobs not up to the usual standard either, figures nothing special - when do we get more Sebeki ???

I like the female Basti camp followers, but then again, so does everybody else (if one trusts the monthly masterworks)

I think the paint jobs are pretty good - you guys are being overly critical, methinks! Figure-wise, did you not notice that the undead are for all the races in the Aegyptus game?! Which other game manufacturer does that???? I like the Asar melee troops as well as the Basti, though I don't like the fact that they have suddenly become "bashful"! - frotherGuest

Wow, the mini posted at the top of the thread is crap as far as paintjob goes. That's off for them.

I wouldn't say crap,if you would reduce the image to the actual size of the figure, it would look pretty good I think. I do realise some of their other paintjobs looked good even at this size though.

Yep, they are awesome. What is a bit strange to me that some of the items were listed in their on-line shop for months now. - Catinator

I do realise some of their other paintjobs looked good even at this size though. Okay, I'll put it this way: The paintjob is an excellent table-top, wargaming-mini paintjob. It's a crappy display paintjob though. The interesting thing is that they have Marike doing excellent jobs on some of them, and then other painters (including Fitz himself) are doing comparably cruddy jobs on others.

Love the new Asar, would probably 'love' the basti

Really like the new Bast as well. They seem to add some charatcter/flavor to the range. - Ghost

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Netnews 50 is finally up for Excalibur Miniaturen. There are some new miniature greens, concepts, figs. The snake priestess is very promising, as some of the Fearless minis. There are some faithful to their erotic range. And an interesting group of vegetables...?

Interesting figs, but not altogether convinced by the sculpting quality. The scales on the back of the snake priestess for instance don't look too convincing.

Like the 'Natascha Nixon' fig, though have to say the pose, the proportions, and esp. the guns make this look like a stratight Void rip. Not that there's anything wrong with that if its a good fig, which I think it is, just lacks originality.

Their erotic range has plenty of tied up nude girls for Jakar's hentai beastmen diorama...

I'm kinda ambivalent with Excalibur. They have great ideas, but some of their minis are not that good, while others are simply excellent IMHO (I have half of their Fearless range, and some from the others). I kinda like them. - Catinator

Yep. The Snake priestess looks like the best sculpt of the bunch. As for the erotic range, all the males in this release are pigs. Go figure...

Makes sense when you think about it...

wow the s&m pig is really nice!

Cerebus in Bondage Gear! Yippee! - frotherGuest

The snake priestes should be a Werner Klocke sculpt. Those vegetables look really bad! - Holger

I quite like the snake lady and the pig is kinda cool too.

The rest is ... well......

Oh, so you're perfectly fine with naked men in submissive positions, but now you're getting pc...?

LOL, no I'm ok with it if they are resonably well sculpted and cast

Well, I've seen worse than these, though I'll admit to not being an expert on the subject... (Now, there's no need to raise that eyebrow... )

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Two new greens from Freebooter, an excellent Dark elf hero on a nicely menacing lizard and a superb Ancient Princess, seductive yet with a deadly surprise in store. Sadly though she's only available as a prize in a painting contest in Germany. What a waste!

Now THAT's a Dark Elf Lord on cold one. I agree about the other mini. Such a waste of a good model.

Wow. That is an excellent Cold one rider. Makes me want to start a Dark elf army all by itself

Sad about the princess. The dark elf looks neat. The coat gives him more of an air of grandeur than those scalemail coats every other elf wears...

The elf on lizard is such a beautiful figure. I think, as Jakar said, the coat provides a very different air from normal lizard riders.

Superb as usual

Great mini! Yep, it's a shame about the princess... It's actually quite a nice pose, the first time I've seen it was the old Ral Partha D&D Heroes set. Was a "nice" idea.. - Catinator

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After a bit of a wait, the pictures of the promised cavewomen and cavemen are up on the Copplestone site. Both very nicely done, although the poses of the women are a bit dull. I actually prefer the male figures.

Is it just me or would his cavemen fit in well with his FW barbarians?

girly on the right is great and the rest are all to Mr Coppelstones high standards. plus just how good are those weapons?

Brilliant stuff.


the dude on the fAR right could almost be doug mclure.......................

Good, but not great.

The boots are stupid, unless of course these cavepersons are walking through liquid nitrogen all the time.

Whether or not the dude on the far right is Doug McClure, he DOES seem to be sniffing his own armpit.

They're cool and very usefull for my Dunlendings/Barbarians. I was expecting more Neanderthal than Cro-Magnon though. - frotherGuest

The males are beefier than the Foundry Germans - as someone mentioned more akin to his older barbarian sculpts, though I doubt if they are from the same dollies. nice. The babes are nice as well. When I saw them described a "hollywood" cavewomen, my hopes were not high. I guess I was thinkin "Rosey" instead of "Rachel"... - frotherGuest

Copplestone cavemen? That's a little redundant. All his figures look like cavemen. - frotherGuest

They look great as far as minis go, I especially like the idea of different weapon sets - but they do not look like cavemen. No renting through. - Catinator

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