Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks - JANUARY 2004

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I don't recall Frothing over these before! 40mm Vikings from Prince August. - frotherGuest

Anyone else want to start a scheme to buy these, put them on clicky LoTR bases, and sell them on E-Bay? - Jakar Nilson

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New Crocodile Greens! Lots of Heru stuff, plus some undead. The undead lion is very nice - never seen anyone do one before. - frotherGuest

That's a great way to start 2004 - cheers - Colonel Marbles

The necromancer is very nice! Its been ages since they updated the greens. I hope this signals a more frequent updating! - Fatgoblin

Ah, more minions of Set. Or is it another army? I forget...

The Mummy beastmaster with lion is indeed very nice, but according to the blurb he's a "special limited edition figure only available with the upcoming Eater of the Dead starter deal". I guess I'll have to wait and see what that is, but I hope they don't ask me to buy lots of miniatures I don't want just to get him.

By the way Reaper do an undead lion (with rider) which is also rather good. - Bloodfinger

Some great figures (I especially like the unravelling mummy and the crooked, underplayed necromancer), and the lion is nice. Shame they don't want to sell it. - rob

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Seems Shadowforge has released some new tribals (is it just me or do these all pretty much look the same?), as well as the support staff for their Nuns team. I can't exactly figure out what's up with the Bishop, but the trainer and medical officer are great. - mancha

The Bishop must always be in close proximity to the coach, but must always be in closer proximity to the choirboy on the coach's base...

I've been waiting for the Nun supporting staff for so long I was worried they would disappoint. However I think they're superb, I even like the midget Bishop. - Artemis Black

I'm a bit disappointed with the bishop and the medical friar; they're nice figures and quite funny I suppose, but there's nothing about them that says Gridiron - they're just a bishop and a friar.

I'd assumed that the bishop was kneeling in prayer rather than a midget, but it's hard to be sure from the picture. Perhaps Jakar's right and he's praying for a choirboy of his own!

I have to agree with Bloodfinger. After waiting so long for these, I found them to be a letdown. And Shadowforge is known for its FEMALE models. Having two of the nun support staff be male figures is a disappointment. I mean, there's so much that could be done with a Mother Superior figure as the team coach. I do like the trainer figure, though, but that's it. - kwailung

And I was also a litte cheesed that it's only three figures. I mean, the second human female team's support staff has what, 11 figures or some such, including a team owner and staff psychologist?!? To quote from "History of the World Part I," "Bring on the nuns!" - White Knight

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Discount Hobby have a new figure in their limited edition Gods range. I was rather looking forward to this, as I already have the earlier Athene figure, but sad to say I'm rather underwhelmed. Nothing really wrong with it, but it's just a bit dull.

It would have been more impressive if she'd been emerging from a giant shell...

Sculpted by Sandra Garrity. Sorry, not for me...

More middle of the road wazz from Garrity.

I can't believe Paris would give the apple to her rather than to Athena... The hips seem somewhat wrong. Maybe it'll look better painted.

Athena was too butch for him. Personally I would have preferred something a bit more classical. You fellows around London can see that one for yourselves. - The Imp

That is rather disappointing. No excuse for this, really. Geez, even the hair is straight from the 80's. She should've taken inspiration from either a classical source (of which there are many). - Miniature Atlas

Given that it is supposed to be the goddess of love, it is more than 'a bit' dull. - Doc

dont get me in the mood to bump my bits. - Gwartisan

Considering that the original Aphrodite (Venus' original Greek version) must have been quite chaotic (in the ancient times there must have been relations with...Astartes (I'm not sure the spelling is correct) and/or other ancient Mesopotamian goddesses of love who were real chaotic with human sacrifices, blood rites, ritual prostitution [both male and female] and so on); Considering that the Hellenistic period version was generally a very refined intellectual interpretation of pleasure. And finally, considering that the classical Roman Venus was the mother of Aeneas, who was at the origin of Rome's birth and of the Imperial lineage, and therefore a very respectable and official figure...

Then, this Venus seems completely out of place. - s4794

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Do you know this spanish manufacture? Games Zone Miniatures - Dreadaxe

Now I do. Quick, update the usual suspect masterworks. And to those in Spain, you've got a great alternative to EE...

Hi Dreadaxe! I see you've found your way here at last. And what a way to enter. I never heard about this company before, but I've already spotted several miniatures I just need to get. Their "Empire" figures are based on the Spanish and are wearing morion helmets. Jay! The undead are pretty cool too. And chaos, and elves, dwarves,...

the dragon centuar looks excellent! Have to find a quite day to look through the whole range

So... does anyone speak enough Spanish to tell us how we can order these before GW files a lawsuit against them?

Holy guacamole !!!

Very annoying interface, and some crappy pics, but I can also see some really good miniatures in there!

Tomorrow I send a mail for have more information about... - Dreadaxe

Pricing looks pretty similar to EE's. The range as a whole is pretty impressive. Lots of great sculpts that I'd love to add to my collection.

I've e-mailed them with interest to stocking them. As far as I can see there should be no problem with GW. Nothing there looks copyrighted and there are significant differences between the ranges. (As WK mentioned the Imperios are very Spanish influenced for example) Let's see how things pan out.

They have some very nice mins. For some reson the sculpts tendto remind me of the better of some of the old GW mins that are now OOP. Love the dragon ogre! - Ghost

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Kym Pennell of Maidenhead sent me a few pictures of the upcoming Feral Elves and gave permission to post them here. Enjoy.

Kym wrote:
"The miniatures have/are being sculptured by Mike Broadbent who was also involved with the `Babes that time forgot', given the constraints of molding and casting, Mike has tried very hard to model the miniatures on Alejandro's artwork, see attached some draft images of some of the miniatures."

Oh yes, We wantsssssss them


Mike Broadbent? Is he some distant relation to NDP good-guy Ed Broadbent?

very nice!

Make it stop! Gamezone then Feral Elves arrrrrgggghhhhhh! Not enough money! Not enough time! Must go back in time and save.... - Sturmpioneer

I'm glad you like the minis and I'd just like to add that the photographs/images were taken by James Shields - Neanderthal

just to add that I'm glad they look to be able to fit onto a 20mm base. The wide legged heavy infantry was a bit of a hassle since my light infantry is based already.

Good to know razors are so popular among the tree hugging fantasy denizens...

Gawd! I must stop looking at these minis! - Sturmpioneer

Is anyone else wondering whether Heresy's Feral Priestess will fit with this range? All we have to do is wait for Andy to finish it. - frotherGuest

Given that you can't see her genitals, no.

Maybe that is the origins of the terms 'of the cloth' referring to clerics?

Maybe she's just been forced to cover up because it would render everyone insane...

This from the Maidenhead website:

"The Light Infantry and the Light Centyrs are now available, the remainder of the miniatures will be released in the coming months. Images are being prepared and will be added shortly."

Hmmm....what can I sell? - ohkier

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A new Dark Age green released is...

Has anyone tried standing the Dark Age figures next to the Rackham Dirz? That Green looks like it would fit in with those mad Alchemists... - frotherGuest

You know what they say about physically unfit men in speedos, right? The de Sade Powerframe (for lack of better word) might be a cheaper alternative to the EE Witch Hunters (ie Ordo Hereticus) Repenant Chair...

Yeh I'm liking that green.

The first does green look just like a Rackham Dirz, right down to what could be the tops of syringes...interesting to see if they could be paired up for either game. I like the second green, even if (as Mancha says) it looks a tad too flat for a wind blown cloak. I'm sure it's fixed with a bit of bending...

Hopefully there will never be Brom Trader Tournaments... Sorry kid, you can't field that mini 'cause the S&M isn't Brom's S&M... (I'm not going against Brom at all, I'm going of course against what the EE does...)

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It would appear Black Tree has added some more of their sf minis to the site. Space elves, haflings?, droids and more marines.

the mecha like things look pretty cool

Don't the other Power Armoured suits look like the Imperial Rottweillers from 2000AD that the ABC fought against for some time?

And, oh look, there's Hammerstein. These all seem to be rereleases of old Harlequin models. - Von Bork

I like the space hobbits and the combat droid. The latter looks a lot like a Bubblegum Crisis boomer. Combine with the Fenryl's Space Girls for some fun scenarios.

If my memory is correct, I would have to order these directly from BTD?

They even accept cash! - Area23

they will accept yor nan if she has gold teeth. the droid thingy was by the enigmna that is danny pacey - frotherGuest

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Doppleganger USA! Gag me to the spoon! Saw it on TMP must say blobs of metal is too nice a term for the majority of these minis. - Sturmpioneer

Now, now.......... I believe that you are mistaken ! I believe that the proper saying is, "Gag me WITH a spoon !" - Dragon

my thought was, there are some that are not so bad, but then the comment about them being inexpensive figures killed me. - Brigade Games

How can a figure that is $1.75 not be expensive (and it isn't even imported.) Now if the majority were 1.00 or less I could see cutting some slack.

They do give off a slight air of having been decent sculpts before someone left them too close to a radiator. Then deciding to cast them anyway.

There's some decent stuff in there, although finding it is an exercise in patience. I like their Predator figures, for example. Who ever would have guessed that one would need a female Predator?

Rather than trying to get it at an out-of-reach convention?

Thats pretty bad Looks like a bad attempt to sculpt a mini of the robot from Futurama. - Ghost

How can you not sculpt Bender properly?

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Doppleganger is Up! Plenty of neat stuff for Space Opera Sci-Fi, Zombies, and what not. Sure, some minis look poor, but the new stuff makes up for it...

What can I say? One man's food is another man's... - Sturmpioneer

I think I'll stick with Cobalt-1 for my retro scifi stuff.

And while everyone else is throwing up at it, I've found yet another addition to the VSF masterworks (squidly & green9 are definatly WoTW martians, and look quite OK)... And I can hear you all now, next we'll find a redeeming quality in Foundry...

I like all that (let's not tar it with VSF, ey Jakar ;) ) Has a 70's sci-fi feel to me.

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Hi all from Brigade Games. This is a scan of the English Circus Family for the Circus World game. These will be available in about 2-3 weeks. Enjoy!

Thanks for the preview. I like the contortionist, but the rest aren't for me.

I really like 'em. Thanks for the sneak peek. How long til we get the rules for this big-top brouhaha?

looks excellent!

Very cool and "European" in flavor. I can readily imagine the srong man being named Boris and the contortionist Natasha. I like this set, with its "old world" feel, better than the previous. I'll probably buy the whole thing. That said, I was so hoping the Wild West Show would be next (sigh).

Me too, Mancha. I've got a Great Rail Wars idea bubbling about Cody's Wild West Show setting up a show in a little town that's been taken over by Walkin' Dead or some manner of the Reckoners' evil. A little "Something Wicked This Way Comes." I know, but it seems like it'd be fun.

Funny, I was planning to do a carnival of horors for my Wild West fantasy before the first of these were announced, but couldn't find all the figures I wanted..

I like the fact that - aprt perhaps from the John Bull-type at top right, there's nothing particularly English about them. Boo to national stereotypes!

They are actually based on some real English circus personalities from the past. Walt did the circus research so he knows better than I.

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Eager to try my new member status and see my avatar, I've searched the links for news of new minis. I think I've found some images that we've not yet seen. From Le Retour des dieux, there are some figures in the planning stage that are unfamiliar to me. Scroll down the page for December releases.

Finally we get to see some orcs. The dwarf "pétardiers" aren't bad at all. More excellent skellies too.

Love the demons. By the way, the limbs of the Demon of the Dark Moon are what I imagined those of a green Martian would look like. Thanks for the link.

treeman-type dude rocks!! and the orcs are pretty good too.

Wow, lots of great stuff. I really like the minor demons of Balor. Very spiney looking. And how huge do you think Urmacht is? Without his wings he'd be a perfect beast man giant, if he's big enough.

I agree concerning the treeman - Its probably my favorite interpretation from any company to date. - Gloria Invictus

The orcs are interesting, bulky - sort of have a gorilla weight to them. There are a couple poses here worth noting, and they're certainly not bad. Of course, being in the states, it's not like i can go down to the corner shop and pick em up. - GoblinPalace

Wow-wee, those are definitely the miniatures of the moment (to coin a phrase). The dwarfs look silly, but they are dwarfs...

I had high hopes for these orcsies when I saw their gobbos. My hopes were not in vain! Great stuff! *scurries off to add 'em to his orc showcase* (I'll get you my final alterations by the end of Saturday WK) Thinking of which...does anyone know where one might find some piccies of the old grenadier orcs? Amazon had some, but they were removed before WK could nab 'em. - Grom

The orcs are nothing particlarly new, but certainly nice enough sculpts and serviceable enough - all the more useful in some way for being unoriginal. Love the demons, again almost cliches but proving that even a cliche done well can be damn good. Maybe slightly bulky perhaps, but I'm thinking what a superb 'Hound of Tindalos' the Devourer would make. - Uncle Evil

I've got a friend who's interested in buying RdD minis, but after a half-hour search, we couldn't find any distributor or sales stuff...

Hexagonal is the french distributor (responsable Olivier Noel But in the futur Ilyad Game ( will have a web site (not actived) with Mail Order Sailing.

But don't forget Ilyad model are 35mm, expensive, and Ilyad have not lot of means actually (retard of 6 months for her web site, lot of thing say in the wind but no realize...). But it's a woung entreprise that can be explain that. If you send a mail to Ilyad or Hexagonal speack about me Dreadaxe who one of organizer of Gobelin Night Fever 4 - Dreadaxe

Really like the demons and the treeman rocks. Overall like the range. Pity they are not readily available, especially on this side of the Pond. - Ghost

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Hassle Free Miniatures. New tiny range by Kev White. Not much on right now (has that ogre we saw awhile ago)

The barbarian looks a lot better when photographed in the same room and out of a snow storm. It'll be interesting to see what else they produce. And why 'Hassle Free'?

Holy hooters Batman! That second one in the cart rivals the Alionas dwarfs for uncomfortable-for-fighting breastsize.

Not surpsrisingly, I quite like the demonette on altar. I'm not entirely convinced by the axewoman though. From the angle of this picture she appears to have... err... rather heroic proportions. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

"Liberty"? As in Frank Cho's Liberty Meadows? Well, that explains the bust size...

Heh, I was just doing my daily lurking tour and saw this. Thanks for posting it fatgoblin.

I know the line is pretty small at the moment, but Kev is working on some more stuff (should have some of those wonderful pics from his highly advanced digital camera some time next week).

He actually modelled Liberty after his wife (who also chose the name), so you might not be popular with mrs. White at the moment . Hopefully I can get a better pic of her (Liberty, the axewoman... not Kev's wife) when he sends me one next week.

Oh and I have added the reason for the Hassle Free name to the FAQ - Jenova

I could have known this was going to get me in trouble... Apologies to the wife. I'm sure the non-miniature version is lovely.

I think Liberty is a refreshing change of pace from the typical female sculpts being produced. What makes the female demon a demon?

I also like the 'female demon', but does she have a tail or something? At the moment she just looks like a very attractive young woman on a large altar (hang on, i think you've just modelled one of my pervier fantasies...)

Erm... well... I think she has got horns .... no tail though ....

Oh my God, the perching spider on the Dark Elf chick is the coolest thing in the world!

I like the Paladin (as an example of "non-Celtos") a great deal. The pose is great (although I don't wish to start another debate about static vs. dynamic poses). I'll certainly buy the dwarf chick if given the chance.

Well, at the moment he is doing a lot of different stuff. His own line is just part of it (and he's saving up for a camera ).

Mother of all ogres! That thing's huge.

I particularly like the female paladin.

I also hope he keeps these size ratios in mind when he starts on a giant...hint hint.

Hmmm. I must say I actually quite like the face on the Liberty figure now that I can see it up close (and I'm not just saying that to attone for my sins.) The female paladin looks very nice, and so does the ogre. The demonette on altar is very cool!

I like the dark elf, especially the spider, but I have some reservations about the outfit. Or more precisely the lack of it. Those shoes seem a little unappropriate for a swordwielding dark elf too. The face is lovely though. Did I mention I like the spider?

Wow, Kevin White is really the man for female miniatures (ok, Buddle and Klocke are not bad either).

The paladin is splendid (if Joan of Arc was half as beautiful, no wonder why so much people followed her ), the space dwarf is really cute (more more!) and so is Mrs White's mini (it looks way more healthy than the more and more common anorexic fianna-like minis ).

I don't mind the first ogre and the dwarf, the two minis are good but I can't stop thinking that they lack some personnality, on the other hand, the armoured ogre is very interresting: The ogre face looks way better (I don't know if it's linked to the teeth, the less human shape of the skull or simply the lack of helmet though...) and the mini gives this cool mixed feeling of a brutal and barbarian creature but in the same time civilised enough to shave its face and forge complex armours and weapons, that's really great! - - LFant

so many nice pictures, everyone will have to buy some just so Mr White can buy a good camera

Yep the lady on the altar is beautiful, a real collector's piece. Hope we get to see it painted by a master in due course. Not sure what you'd do with her on the wargaming table, other than maybe fight a war over her! - Ian Newbold

Altar and girl could be part of the general's base (with him/her standing on the altar). Besides, since when do we need a use for a beautiful mini in order to get it?

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New Reaper greens. Again.

I'm guessing the spearmaiden wasn't sculpted by Sandra Garrity, right?

As for the Wraith, Ooh, how timely! I think I saw his second cousin on the silver screen not too long ago...

Some really dynamic poses in this lot. I wonder why Reaper didn't mention the sculptor? I'd like to know.

With you Mancha - 'dynamicsm' was certainly the first word that sprang to mind with the Wraith. Superb pose. Same goes for the spear maiden, though I think her hair would need a bit of bending to break up that plane.

The moorhound would be very good as a chaoshound, together with that werewolf released recently...

Girl with antlers is OK.

They all look awkward to me.

The hound doesn't look awkward. The others probably only look as awkward as the average reaper mini.

I don't tink that the wraith and the hound-thing are at all awkward. Quite the contrary, in fact: well balanced and dynamic.

I was going to say the same thing about the girl with the Big Hair and the spear, but then I tried to work out what the heck she could be doing in that position, and failed.

Nice batch. Agree with others that the posses are dynamic (wraith, spear maiden, hound). Favorite is the wraith. Very menacing - Ghost

According to the Reaper Forum, the Antler Chick and doggy is from Ben Siens, James Van Schaik sculpted the wraith, and Bobby Jackson sculpted the female Reaver and the Spear Maiden

Nice to see Reaper getting away from yet-another-Garrity miniature.

I still cant figure out whats so great about Garrity. Anyway I like the new figs. I think they are cool. But then again I like the really wild stuff like the new peer of the realm girl green. - Sgt Whisper

I do like some of her figs. They have a very classical (80's) feel to them. And I quite like static poses some times. She's not my favorite sculptor though, but I like to paint a Garrity sculpt once in a while!

I quite like this model from GOO's Silver Age Sentinels range. I never would have guessed it's a Garrity model if they hadn't said so. Must be very popular with Matrix / Underworld style games.

She can at least sculpt a female character with decent armour, weapons and equipment - DemonEtrigan

I believe the griffon reaper put out just recently was by her, and it is by far the best looking griffon I've seen.

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Discount Hobby has some new stuff listed. Some of the Reaper, Exile minis are unfamilir to me. Dark Ages' "killer spiders" is somewhat better than the previous "killer rabbits" (indeed, how could it not be?). The Leviathon goblins are new to me and the "command pack" has three moderately interesting minis.

There are somewhat better pictures of the Superfigs civilian packs than we saw at OG. Finally, the Larry Elmore (the art equivalent of sculpting's Sandra Garrity if you ask me) box sets are available.

Thanks. Very soon the Parkinson set will be out. That will be a good thing.

I remember seeing the Leviathan orcs and goblins at my local store. Wasn't interested in them until too late... Oh, well.

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More Rackham Dirz. I don't believe we have seen these yet. But I may be suffering from the Colonels disease. More Dirz are always good.

I was gonna post these the other day but then I thought, nah, these young whippersnappers will only laugh and jeer at me, "we posted those last month, grandad!".

So I didnt.

But now u have. #frowns#

Beware, those two minis are the winning pieces of a painting contest, so they are not new!

Even so, they are cool... Maybe I've already added them to my VSF catalog?

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Ral Partha Samurai are out! And many more from Japan...

Samurai oooh. - PeteB

So what scale are these? Probably true 25mm, no?

I'm guessing they're close to true 25mm. But, of course, one would have to have other minis to compare them with... Now who said they wanted Samurai when the Perrys and West Wind were doing their stuff?

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This news presented on the listsculpting site: New Arcana Unearthed. These guys, if you ask me, are getting better and better. I MUST have the frog dude.

Some very nice items, especially the reptilian Mojh iron witch and the already mentioned frog warrior (Arse, another visit to the fishman showcase required...). Will the Harrid's neck cause any mould/casting problems? It certainly causes a few believability problems...

That's why I like it.

yes that frog is a winner

Your "frog" has four arms. They're not bad, but nothing in particular catches my eye.

Great frog, and the lizardy thing (Mojh iron witch) is tops too.

Sure, they look nice, but I'm not touching them with a ten foot pole (unless it's made of gold or silver* )

*Wait. With that much gold, I could buy all the minis and rpg books in a store. Don't know if that would include the EE stuff, though

I quite like these. I have some of the AU minis and I have no idea what they are supposed to be, but I quite like the jackals and the fat lions

Nice figures but of limited utility if each race only consists of a single figure. Especially as these are all new races. To be of any use there has to be a complete selection of poses, command figures, champions and leaders. Otherwise you cater only to the rpg market who buy one figure at a time whenever they have saved up their allowance. OTOH, if you cater to wargamers you get to sell to people who are used to buying 20+ at a time. - frotherGuest

Erm... aren't those fig supposed to be for a certain RPG game anyway?

I too struggle with the whole Harrid head/neck thang. The rest are lively enough though.

Agree that this round is uch better than then first one. Like the iron witch the (lizzie) the best.

That's his neck?! At my first look I thought that was his arm and he was holding his own severed head.

The frog is interesting enough, good for 'slann' type units. otherwise not anything i'd rave about.

So the range now includes lions and witches. Where are the wardrobes?

They're based on Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed setting.

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A Female Human Fighter from Buddle. I like it but she's got a bit of an odd angle to her. It makes her look a bit like she's playing air guitar with her sword. A very modestly sized sword I must say, at least compared to practically everybody else in the market.

Lovely as ever.

Yes, very nice. I have all the others and I will certainly buy this one too (If my BF lets me )

wow, another gorgeous one! Nothing to complain!

Ouch! Was that the blade that hit me or the looks? Either way, it hit the right places...


same dolly as that female demon...not that that makes it a bad mini... - frotherGuest

very nice, there is certain elagance about this one. definitely my favorite of his so far.

Nice job. Very clean in its features - Ghost

Excellent. That Buddle cove is fast turning into my favourite sculpter

She looks like she is getting ready to spank some lucky soul. Er.. sorry.. public school education running away with me again. - Marquis

From the front, it looks like someone's sliced her in half at the waist and stuck her back together all wonky. Careless.

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The Reaper store and the 2700 gallery have been updated with the new releases, some we have seen and some we haven't....Fairy Queen WK??

I'm a bit underwhelmed. The sculpting is good but the result is somewhat plain for a fairy queen... A couple nice Egyptian scenery bits tho...

How big is that canopic jar? I mean, what size of internal organs are we talking about here?

Maybe they belonged to one of those EE Khemri giants?

The Fairy Queen's a minger !!!

Now now, Colonel. Careful there. For all we know she might be based on the sculptor's wife/sister/daughter/mum. It doesn't suit to hurt a woman's feelings.

I like the barbarian chick (and I'm not just saying that to make Dennis Mize's wife happy!)

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New! Peer of the Realm Female! DH-004 Nirari. Check out the picture of the newly sculpted green. See website for Picture, under Gallery and then Green or Online store. Release date Feb-Mar. - Vamp


Not quite as fetching as that lady on the altar in one of the other threads! - Ian Newbold

Female? Obviously.
Human? I really don't think so.
Better luck next time.

Um, is she related to Cher and Céline Dion? Whatever you do, just don't give her a microphone...

It's Posh Spice with a (bad) boob job! - Bloodinger

She is the altar upon which one worships....I think

no wonder she's pouting, with all the comments. "Dark Humans" aren't meant to be actual "pure-strain" humans are they? Or maybe the whole line are intended to be caricatures? - frotherGuest

I like the orcs from this line because their knock-kneed, arms-scraping-the-ground appearance is sort of in keeping with orcs. It would be fun to paint one and throw him in my "Pure Whimsy" gallery, lurking behind my "Asterix and Ajax" Egyptian mini (in other words, I don't take them seriously and they're kind of fun).

This female, on the other hand, is sort of disturbing. While knock-kneed was fun in orcs, in her it just makes her look like she has a neurological disease. I appreciate that these are supposed to be characatures, but this one is just a little "off".

Mancha, are you my long lost twin? I don't think I've ever been so in accord with virtually all of another frother's posts in the history of the forthboard. Its uncanny. Its frightening me. Please post something crass and stupid so I can disagree with you heartily about it.

What he said anyway. This ones plainly ludicrous.

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This is what Seth at TAG has been working on for the last few months. Gempei war is 12/13th century Japan (we are trying not to compete with those very lovely Perry twins). It's just the start of something and we hope that the frothers like 'um Painted by Matt Parkes, pictures by pete's new camera

I wantsss them! How can I keep fighting the urge to start a samurai army with all those great ranges popping up? Perry miniatures, Reaper's clan war rereleases, West Wind, 100Kingdoms and now TAG?

Will I trade in my shiny white armour for a shiny new katana?

You don't, you send Pete and the Perrys your credit card number and learn to go without food.

The man speaks a lot a sense, do it now WK, you dont need food when you've got piles and piles of lead.

Great looking minis 9 month old doesn't really need diapers that much. - John Tipping

Okay, love the cavalry...which I think are compatible with the Perry Samuri.

In a size compareison we are slightly larger than the finer Perry minis, also theres are cast in Tin, ours in Lead.

WK, you forgot Bob Charette's ex-Ral Partha Samurai...

the sculpting is nice but big NO to the severed head. No no NO

Seems in keeping with the practices of the period to me. - Ian Newbold

The "way of the samurai" has always been generally about severing heads. If you read the Heike Monogatari (that's the epic narrative of the Genpei war), you'll find plenty of bold samurai chasing around some other bold samurai's head. That's mostly because one man's head represents his status. - s4794

I don't like my miniatures holding other people's body parts thats all... But if there is a market for it, by all means make some

This is so horribly wrong. I've spent the last three months amassing Clan War and 100 Kdms Bushido figures, and developing a painting plan for 2004 to accommodate them, and this happens. It's unfair, I tell you.

And they're still over scale. We had a day out at the Royal Armouries at Leeds (UK) and some of the blades that we saw were as thin as these cast ones so as always it a compromise between what looks good and what is possible in the restrictions of the moulding/casting

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And still MORE Reaper Greens! These are from Jason Wiebe. I particularly like the bulldog. I hope it's not preposterously large.

I quite like most of these. They would make a fine alternative beastmen horde. Although, when I saw the wereboar, all I could think was "mutated orc shaman".

I like the second one and the bulldog is fabulous. Don't care for the other two though. - Ian Newbold

The Acid Spitter was sculpted as part of the Visions in Putty 6 collection (following the theme of "invertebrates"). Viewers are supposed to present feedback for each VIP entry and my feedback for this particular entry was something like: "You should send this off to Reaper for immediate casting and sale". Voila, here it is! Pretty funny.

The beastmen look great. Or are they bugbears?

I think they're bugbears (tm). - frotherGuest

top stuff! Bugbears and bulldogs are great. I think I prefered the boar from Drew William and the rat looks abit odd.

I like the wererat. Probably because it does look odd. I hope it's not too big. The rest are nicely detailed, but I don't want any of them.

No doubt about it, the Bulldog is a masterpiece of ill tempered menace just waiting to savage the odd small child (or hobbit?). I like the bugbears, nothing special but cool none the less, and for my money they could easily pass as Orcs (more so than the boarman, though see what you meant WK).

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Discount Hobby has a new Fenryll listing that looks pretty good, Bucaneers and Corsair.

I don't like the guy. There's something about how slim he is that looks out of keeping with the multiple layers of clothing that I picture pirates in. The gitls, however, look pretty darn good. While they might be said to have the same problem as the guy, I don't mind it as much in them,...erm.

Enough with the fecking ectomorphs.

Well, they're not exactly wearing layers of bulky clothing, are they? The bloke's not all that thin. I was rxpecing Mackenzie Crook or something.

The lady with the pistol in her left hand is excellent. - Ian Newbold

Agreed. If it wasn't for the faces and the male (could do with refining), i'd really like those.

Are you sure he's a he? Go find the stories of Mary Reid and Anne Bonney, the best pirates in Calico Jack Rackham's crew!

Their sculptor doesn't look the sort to keep wazzlers under cover.. Yeah, I like them they're cool. Ok, they are not the most beautiful face wise, but love the poses and personally don't see anything that wrong with the proportions.

I think all three of them looks great, too bad they are 35mm bumping them out of scale to the rest of my pirates.

They don't seem too bad. 35mm should put them in line with the Reaper Dragonspine Sea pirate set, and at US$4 just as expensive. - chronopus

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New figs from Dominion Miniatures. All WW1 stuff. Quality is ok I think. - Sturmpioneer

They are fairly thick set compared to say the Eureka WW1's, and have a charm all their own. I think my pre release review of the first figs is still on the news page.

Hardly new, only into production, since I had found them sometime in autumn (see thread with ANZAC or Australian Light Horse). But still, they're great...

Mike from Dominion tells me they are releasing WW2 Aussies in New Guinea followed by WW1 Turks later in the year. The figs were painted by Mike, and the pics are used with his permission. They may appear on the official website at some point.

Great pictures of the Anzacs!

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Nic at Eureka has finally got my first lot of 27mm 7YW ladies out of the mould. Comments from the community would be appreciated. I had an 'issue' with the belly buttons, but I seem to be in the minority of 1, so they are in. There are 4 pose variants, 2 with belly button, 2 without.

I saw the belly button, and I was puzzled. Why does she have her belly showing but none of the others do? What's the mentality of this "regiment"? Is it like the female Zulu "bodyguard" regiment?

It's like the teddy bears morphed into something else! I like these. The belly button one looks like a stripper, but I think that's a risk you run when commissioning females in military garb (what's that calendar in which women are pictured wearing half-uniforms of various historical units?). Are these REALLY "27mm"? Anyway, I'll buy the set. Will you keep us informed of when they become available?

They are 27mm eye height, exact same as Front Rank or the Eureka Pirate Wench in tricorne. The belly button was a way to feminise the figures a little more. I can live with it. The girls in full uniform were fine.

The command set is next - standard, officer, drummer and fifer. Due maybe in 6 weeks or so I guess. The current figures are available for order now for those so interested.

Oh, Chronofus. Why did you have to do this? Nik is already going to hit me with a big bill when he gets the AWI "Marbleheaders" ready to go in a few weeks. And now I'm going to have to get a regiment ot two of these beauties. And fit them into my AWI mini-campaign. The Fundy Fencible Fusileers, perhaps? Ladies of the various Highland regiments stationed at Halifax, providing home defence while the men are out to sea serving as marines?

"Sorry, kids, no diapers next month, either. Just don't go on the floor, OK?"

hehehehehe I am afraid I had no choice! This should be my last big army, so I hope there will be more variants coming to field a complete 7YW army plus some pirate 'marine' type skirmishers.

They'll go very well with the fictional age of reason army I'm planning. I'll have to get them all!

I really like the face. A bit worried about the rifle but it should be fine.

Like the belly...tasty. But perhaps not as protuberant as one would like.

No, wait. I think we need a pregnant variant... (Wot? I'm sure no one's done a mini of a pregnant female warrior before...)

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1st Green of my pet project, hopefully you guys and gals can see this. - Sturmpioneer

It's a Native American! Now I'm really curious as to what the range is about.

I really like that guy. I like how he's been bulked up naturally by clothing etc. rather than having Conan type legs.

like it a lot - are you doing a full range?? - Si2

About the range idea. He's meant to to be Iroquois and I was originally thinking of making a range including some mytholgical figures, so that it could cross over to fantasy gaming. Thing is after so many months of reading and looking at new things thanks to Frother's I'm not sure if I should pursue this range at this time. The reason I say this is that I would like to recoup my investment! Funny that! So I have a fantasy range in mind. Nothing extraordinary but I think it would be a useful addition to the whole genre IMHO! - Sturmpioneer

So I'm ready to listen to your comments and criticisms. Some background. This is my sculptor's first attempt at 28mm. He's never worked the medium before. I like the chap myself but some things could have been done better. (He was meant to be rank and file so the musculature is a bit too big I think.)

BTW in case you're wondering what my part in all of this was. Concept, design, implementation and funding!

Yeah, he's not a rank and file miniature really. Unless the Iriquois were all bodybuilders.

The things you mention are things that can't really be seen very well from the photos available (face & club especially) but for a first 28mm miniature it has some excellent points. Excellent start though

The pants look really good

Really nice mini. I'd buy it just for fun. That said, it looks like his belly button cuts him into two equal halves, which means that he's a little short in the legs (or long in the torso).

I like this fig a lot! - Ptolemy

Although I would have bought your mythological Iroquois, I'm still looking forward to your fantasy range.

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