Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks - JANUARY 2004

Part 2


Amazing New Ninja Greens on Perry Miniatures Workbench.

Where? Where? *Turns around and finds a note straped to his back with a shuriken saying "Baka no gaijin!"

Excellent !

Excellent as always

Very cool. I may have to get some. Never know when one might need a few ninjas.

beautiful, Now how in the hell am I going to find a use for those.

They look strangely similar to the only EE ninjas ........... .........But better - Grom

Nice enough, I suppose. But I think you all have developed a bit of a Pavlovian response, salivating at whatever Alan and Michael show. After all, if these were *really* good ninja figures, the only thing you would see in the photograph would be a pair of corks...

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Kym Pennel of Maidenhaid has painted a few of the feral elves and mailed me a few pictures of them to keep us frothing while we're waiting for the official images. We are of course eternally grateful.

*Wakes up* Anyone notice too many folds in the 'taurs' lower bodies?

You mean anyone looked at the centyrs' lower bodies?

The brillant use of reds would wake up any wargamer! I can sense that these will be very popular with the historical gamers at Cold Wars

Aren't the centaur's heads too big?

They're pretty big. I wonder how big these are in comparison to other miniatures?

Ahem! Yes well then. Certainly healthy specimens.

The Centyr heads are slightly larger, if not a little angular, and this was done so as to emphasise their `beastial' origins'. The `heads' assume more normal (elven) proportions in the various infantry types. - Kym

It appears that both centyrs and elves are on the same bases, which would mean that the centyr's aren't much bigger than a normal foot model. This would make sense as goats aren't as big as horses anyway. So the heads aren't all that big.

Heads too big? Um, sorry, wasn't paying attention, got distracted down there...

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Zombie kids at zombie smith.

Even more disturbing than the child vampires from Vampire Wars.

I have the child vampires and I love them. I wish these were sculpted as well as those. Maybe West Wind will do a set at some point.

I didn't rate West Wind's kiddy vamps much (so i brought the big wagon-cage to put them in ), and those look only slightly worse... i hope they do enough for a good unit!

My good lady wife purchased a set of delightful Zombie minions as a gift for my birthday. There was a slight delay in shipping said beasties, but added to her order were the two delightful Zombie Kiddies above, as recompense for her patience! I must say, they are rather good!

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More Artizan Designs Moors & Vikings - Two of my pet projects get new troops.

yay!, one step closer to reaching critical mass for the viking range. I'll have to curb my spending to save for that!

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50 fathoms decent preview pics of two of them at last.

For some strange reason that eludes me, I do find myself rather liking the tentacled critter! - Grom

The bases are a bit big, don'tcha think? If I was playing Pirates, I'd opt for smaller bases (smaller bases = more minis fighting on ships = good )

Top one would make a rather good "Spawn" if one were into these things, which I'm not not! Most of the time... - Sturmpioneer

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More Wood Elf excellence by sculpting god Tom Meier at Thunderbolt Mountain.

Technically excellent, so I can only admire them. But they looklike extras of every dodgy fantasy/Scifi show i've ever seen. the props department of sliders would be moree creayive. Pass.

We just ran out of superlatives

Beautiful, as usual! - Grom

oh dear..I DO feel the need for more unpainted lead for the garage (heh! I love'em to death but I'm a realist) - squeaky

Nice looking (and unlike some, I don't mind the "holodeck" effect that much...)

BEAUTIFUL STUFF. as always. Glad to see hes using the cm graph when photographing his minis now. Now if every mini manufacturer would start doing it.............

Those are just beautiful.... Probably a real pain to paint, but I want some anyway

Thanks much, I only wish I had a better camera. The elves are true 30mm, as you can see (the base adds about 1½ millimeter so they come a bit high on the scale paper) - Tom Meier

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Crusader Byzantines. A bit of Northern elite mercenaries for the safety of the Roman Empire?

Apparently a big proportion of the Saxon huscarls that got beat by the Normans in 1066 decamped to Byzantium to fight for the Eastern Empire & kicked Norman butt in Sicily etc by way of revenge.

I've not seen any in my sweaty hands yet, but the painted minis on the site look well tasty. Byzantine is one of those classic armies that should be used more often, 1000 years off history to choose from and loads of different troops along the way. Slavs, Arabs, Saxons, Petchnegs, Bulgars, Normans, loads of them. If people turn up looking for a fight, the Byzo's would pay them off and turn them on to fight someone else.

Oh yes, I'll be acquiring these wonderful miniatures, and the 10% shipping is spot on for an isolated lad like myself.

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28mm SUNG Dynasty Chinese by Curteys Miniatures. Probably been around for ages but this is the first I heard of them. Most look out of proportion, but the warmachines and crews look pretty good.

Ooh, neat. But it's past Han-dynasty, right?

is that old dude making spring rolls?

That a fortunate addition to the not-so-soon-to-appear China showcase, which I fancy I'm working on every now and then. By the way the siege equipement is good. - s4794

I bought some. Same style as the Dixon 25mm samurai. Cartoony but looks good on the table and display stand. Always wanted such figures to "fight" my Dixon samurai which have been quite lonely for a long time. - Chinaman

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Spyglass Miniatures - New Green. Good timing for the Orc Showcase?

He's not bad, is he. Very characterful, looks much more cunning than your average orc figure and has a scabbard (of sorts) for his big sword. Nice. The image title suggests he's an Orc Mercenary.

Hey, he's pretty cool.

the face is a bit mongy. - frotherGuest

Excellent sculpt. A really strong commanding figure. I like it. - Ian Newbold

Rather well dressed for an Orc, but then I guess if you're the Captain (or Chief, if you prefer) then I guess you get all the perks. - frotherGuest

I thought the miniature was a bit different and a bit nicer than most. Keeps the orcishness, loses the "can only wear other peoples dicarded crap" image, and instills a certain intelligence. Well done I think. Proper job. - peanutbutterjellyfish

I don't care for the distended jaw, but the rest of the figure is superb. Time to look for a good replacement head in the orc showcase I guess.

Well, don't try the Foundry orc heads, since we all know what they're going to cost...

another nice and clean sculpt as I've come to expect from Spyglass. doesn't gel with the rest of my orcs but might be tempted to paint one for fun.

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I just received some pictures of the other Maidenhead centyr figures. They're looking better and better. I love them.

For some reason, they look 15mm.

I still think the lower bodies have too much folds. It looks good on a 15mm fig, but weird on a 28mm one... But apart from that...

I'm the only one who doesn't like them. They look too much like Phil Foglio drawings. Not one of my favorite artists I'm afraid.

Maybe it's because they have bigger than normal heads to reflect their bestial side? Anyway, I doubt there are any 15mm figs around that will look this good.

Anyone know what size those bases are? I'm trying to work out how big these are compared to the infantry. Also, is that drool on the base on the first picture? - frotherGuest

I'm with the Imp on this one. Nothing in particular against them, just not my style. I'm one of those old style classical beauty type foggeys.

It could be worse. They could look like Rob Liefield's drawings...

well, I can respect the style - even if its not my preference. However, I think these are poorly sculpted - texture (as already mentioned by someone), anatomy, and the nipples ..eerr..I mean detail, are all wrong to my eyes.

Well, they're rather controversial in any event. But I just love those command figures and wouldn't call them poorly sculpted. But it's a matter of taste of course.

Seriously, I think that these models are actually quite small, which may explain the confusion about scale ans anatomy. I believe they aren't much larger than the regular infantry (after all, that's a goat behind they're having, not a horse) and might be on the same base size. So they would be much smaller than a regular centaur and therefore have different proportions.

Assume they are on a 25mm square base and that will indicate their size...if they are on 20mm bases they are truly tiny... I like these well enough but am more interested in the larger ones promised, I think, for later. I will get the foot, however, which I think quite fine, as I do have a beastman force primed up and they will complement them nicely.

In terms of the breast size and nipples and all that, they are very "mature", and my guess is that Maidenhead, naturally being constrained from producing barechested young, really have no option but to choose a goat theme.

To reply to some questions/observations:- The miniatures in my gallery are mounted on a square 25mm slotted base and the figures themselves are a true 28mm scale miniature.

The Light Centyrs are modeled on a `goat' and are very similar in size to the infantry, and I think that this makes them look small? The heavy centyrs will be more heroically proportioned more in keeping with popular concepts of the classic Centaur, I think that these might look more `normal'.

Initially the `lights' were meant to be the young of the tribe but after some thought/advice I decided that doing naked adolescents with a beastial theme may have caused me far more aggravation than it was worth. So the `lights' became `smaller' adults tribe members.

Having painted several of the centyrs I haven't found the `folds' to be an issue (I think the ink wash exaggerates the folds) but I acknowledge that this is personal taste. Objective criticism is always welcomed, why else would I come here.

Kym Pennell - Maidenhead Miniatures.

Nice sculpts. not for me though. i'm afraid the proportions and the nipples remind me too much of 50s saucy seaside postcards. look like the sort of centaurs you'd see in Carry On Olympus. Sid James stars as Hercules and Kenneth Williams as Apollo. With that image in mind i'm retiring to bed.... - MrEd

I think the sculpts are nice, if not the usual ones. I don't have problems with being a bit smaller - the Dryad from Warcraft 3 comes to my mind. As for breasts and nipples - plastical surgary is always an option - or just cover them up. P.S.: checked some of the other sculpts. Properly painted they are excellent to draw the other gamers attention away from their troops.. - Catinator

Well, the nipples do look kinda wierd, but I've noticed that a lot of sculptors have this problem.... I quite like these sculpts actually

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A&A Miniatures News:

"NEW MINIATURES ON-LINE NOW Two new packs of Macedonians and one pack of Imperial Romans have been added to the catalogue. MIR7 Imperial Roman Light Cavalry Command, MAC6 Macedonian Heavy Cavalry Command and MA14 Macedonian Light Cavalry and Light Infantry Command are now pictured in the catalogue. There are also new pictures in the gallery, all with a Roman theme; there are pictures of MIR4 Armoured Archers, the Moorish Light Cavalry and some Roman Spearmen.
Best wishes, A&A Miniatures -"

God I love these A&A guys.

Ooh, yet another want for Haradrim... If only I had saved my money...

The painted Armoured Archers are now in the gallery at: I think I'd go for a red tunic and off-white pants myself, but you can see from the pictures just how good the sculpting of the mail is on these miniatures.

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Wagers of Sin. I've always thought the Pax Limpopo line (Eureka) was interesting and this is a nice addition. I've never played a racing game but I might pick this up...if I can find a US distributor. I wish they had a couple more jockey variants though.

You can buy the raptors singly without a rider, so in theory you could knock up your own riders in no time at all if you were so inclined. There is also a raptor piece available (3 raptors slithering over each other) which could make an excellent stalker for those riders that get knocked over. I have scans of both I think on my site under the Limpopo listing.

I haven't got a copy of the game, so I can't comment on it.

Well, Wagers of Sin isn't new, but the pictures are... Although I don't really like having my officers gambling...

The new rubber track is new. The old one was resin which I have no more remaining in stock. Must add to reorder....

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There's a nice new Freebooter green on display: The Fairy King. What with his work sculpting fairies for Reaper, I'd say Werner deserves the title The Fairy King.

Now I know why there aren't many male Fairy PCs...

His personal range also looks a notch higher up the sculpting ladder than his Reaper stuff. Also interesting to see how he made the wings. Time to bin my Wood elf queen conversion and order this mini when it becomes available.

I think it looks awesome! esp the tail!

Although it's not a female fairy...

Looks like all it would need to be one is a pair of breasts. I can do that.

I like it. Even as a male.

If it goes on like this this I'll end up with a fairy army instead of a hardcore Sidhe army. But then, one unit as dryads/forest spirits...

I like that they come in multiple parts, whereas his Reaper stuff is a single part. Having allowed himself to make his own line multi-part, he then allows himself more dynamism, accessories, greater interest.

I think that the multi-part thing, however, helps make for a really good mini, and is evident in the EE and few other companies. Way to go Freebooter.

That's a male fairy? Mmmmmm, ladyboys...

Yeah, I gotta say I prefer Steve Buddle's stompin' FairyMeat take a little better. That said, this guy has no end of female companionship available from Reaper, and given some "war paint" (I see Celtic blue stripes), his sex and aggressive nature could be made more obvious.

And don't forget to give him the name of the male Hollywood actor that you think is the most looks and the less act...

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Reaper have uploaded a bunch of new greens on their website. I like the elves. Not too sure about the other ones. Bit too spikey for me. - miscuedon

Exactly. A "corrupted elf" with multi-bladed spiky hand weapons? How original.

Hyrekia's cool. And what's this? Full-on monsters from Werner? (Is that Thrud under the horn helmet?) Don't see that ever Reaper update.

I'll probably get the Corrupted Elf...the GW ironmongery, as the Gaffer would say, can be replaced with other weapons. The Hyrekia looks like it was sculpted over the same armature as his sculpt of "Alaine, female paladin" which is a nice miniature...I'll probably get that one too.

Otherwise, it's kind of a shame at how EE has somehow appropriated the whole armoured fantasy warrior thing so that when I see one I inevitably compare it to theirs. Before GW there were the images of Frazetta, and those of the artists in Heavy Metal and a hundred Conan comics...I do not mean that to be a complete list by any means.

The pose and weapons of that corrupted elf are way too weird but the second mini is great, this robe folds so naturally on the ground and those puffed sleeves look so real, the way Klocke sculpt clothes is really impressive. (And I don't even speak of the face of the mini, we are accustomed to this quality with Klocke's pieces)

Speaking of the two monsters (apocalypse knights?), they are less impressive but they will make great monsters/demons/mutated leaders for your common chaos army, so those are useful minis at least. (I wonder if this is a test by Reaper to see if there is some profit to make on the market of monster miniatures - till now, the only company to show some interrest for this market was Heresy Miniatures, things will perhaps change in the future...)

Klockes females are just way too nice - really like the second one.

Some good stuff there at Errant. Nice spot Jakar. - Sturmpioneer

I like the War min. Would look great as a champion/warlord of a Chaos warband. Looks like Reaper is redoing their Horsemen of the Apocalypse (without the horses ). Plague is a standin for Pestilence. - Ghost

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Privateer have updated their website with some of their new releases. It looks like they are releasing the four of the warcasters from the original boxsets seperately in different poses (Only two at the moment). There's more pictures on the website. - Sihook

Like the Warwitch...not totally steam punk and potentially converted with ease by the looks the miniature.

I'm finding the WarMachine figures to be very adaptable to other games. I'm incorporating them into my 40K House Armies and as Inquisitors. - frotherGuest

Now THESE look like great figures! were have they been all my life ? I find the concept very interesting BUT since I'm trying to rediscover my long forgotten hobby I MUST begin with the remaining old unpainted lead in my garage..namely Copplestone Dark Elves and AA Crystal Elves.

That said, the Trollkin Mercs at the very least would surely not look out of place in a 'traditional' bad guy army? I think I'll go back and browse for more such suitable figs a few basic firearms will not hurt in an unknown fantasy setting.

are the figs 28mm scale ? ( formerly known as big 25s )

28mm. Closer to 30mm at times.

Some nice stuff! Does anyone know how many pieces Gorshade comes in? I'd like to remove the industrial backpack, although the arm might still be a bit thick for him to fit into my army as a vampire. He seems to have the face though. He's probably better as a chaos leader...

Is that sword also a gun? (And no, I've never played FFVIII)

More nice stuff from WM! Really like Gorshade the Bastard (nice name ). Great character to him. Not crazy about this rendition of the Warwitch. The min looks fine but the pose seems a bit static.

I like the Warwitch's pose - good weight distribution. But I hate all the spikey nonsense.

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Chiltern Greek Myth. Some new gods on the block. I like the first few better, but maybe it's because the new pictures are not so clear. Pandora's box/vase is ok. Big 28mm, apparently, about the same size as Crocodile Games...

Nice subjects but somewhat old school if you ask me. I much prefer the Victorian Vampirehunters myself.

Oh lord, i really fancy painting up those vampire hunters and having them in precisely that position.

How can you not love the lady with two guns? The Voctorian Vampires are great too.

Ah, yes. Very good indeed. The victorian characters are definately going in the VSF masterwork. Only wish they hadn't cut the Ripper out... As for the Olympian Gods, they are as they are, no sillyness involved.

But why are they all armed wih flintlocks? More Regency than Victorian.

They might be Vampire hunters from 1837... (and, BTW, Varney the Vampyr was written around 1820 IIRC)

I like both sets. And its good to see people develop different syles for different ranges. Well done Chiltern - Ian Newbold

The other interesting thing is that they are all quite slim 28mm figures, most of the Chiltern moderns look like gorillas in uniforms and appear massively bulky when put next to foundry or copplestone.

A right mix there, but those vampire hunters are ace! Best of the gods is definitely the first one, Zeus et al. Artemis is becoming quite a popular character isn't she?

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painted figs up on Bolt Action. First four packs painted and uploaded. Four more packs arriving Monday and four other packs getting master moulded next week. Bolt Action are now looking to launch twenty packs at Salute. This is almost double our original intention of twelve.

Are those faces based on real WWII soldiers? Because I think I've seen a couple of them at Rememberance Day ceremonies... One even slightly looks like one of my Grandfathers (although he only landed a few days later, and was in communication/maintenance...)

Good paintjobs.

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Vendel Border Reivers. Exactly what in was looking for for my Spanish Renaissance figures.

Ooh! Those should fit in well with my Foundry El Dorado conquistadores should I ever get around to painting them. And they have mounted figures also by the looks of it. Superb! - Aaron

Neat. Though still not enough to get me into renaissance wargaming... (Even playing the siege of Vienna as the Poles (no, wait that was Vlad, who is Polish), or a friend continuing my VSF as NSF wasn't enough to get me into Quatrocentro gaming)

Looks like my Spanish Galleon might finally have some Spaniards on it!

About the Foundry ranges- The other stuff are the Aztecs and the Swashbucklers (both can be fielded against or with anybody with Morion and breastplate- just ask Sir Francis or all of Montezuma's next-door neighbours...)

Graven Images has some Border Reivers as well that look like they'd go well with these.

I checked with the Vendel outlet in oz (Dominion Minis) and they didn't know about the rievers, but they'll be coming in soon hopefully

Excellent figures. Vendel were good to start with but seem to be getting even better! - Ian Newbold

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have we seen these yet from Rackham? well I haven't..... really like the wolfen & the weird immortal. The Dirz are o.k., but not as great as some others.

That weird imortal/Woodland spirit is great. The Dirz seem to look just like another fantasy knight range. - Sihook

The "woodland spirit" does look nice. I also like the female Sentinel. - frotherGuest

I believe the immortal is entirely different than an elf.

I wish they would release the woodland spirit as a single too.. - Catinator

Sweet on thenew wolfen. The Immortal does look interesting but would like a closer look. The Dirz are nice but have seen very similar to other releases in their faction in sculpting and poses (unless of course this is a trcik of memory; may have seen the before but just can't be sure). Overall, more of te same from what we have coe to expect from Rackham. - Ghost

Yes, aparrently, they can regenerate lost wounds, due to their Genetic alteration.

Does seem a queer package- three big wolfen... and a tree spirit. Maybe they have been poaching marketing staff from Foundry?

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Colin Dixon's Dwarf Court will be available from Monolith, with a release of 250 in the UK and 250 in the US. Prince, King, Queen, Bard, Cupbearer, Wizard, King's & Queen's Champions, Bodyguards.

Bit dull ain't they? Like the prince, wizard and king's champion, the rest are yawn-a-rama. Sadly the good ones are spread through different sets too (assuming they are to be sold in sets as shown?).

sounds more like a limited release set ala the goblin court.

Yes, they're supposed to be sold as one complete set. I quite like them actually, especially the bard, cupbearer and wizard.

They look nice, and should fit in with BTD and EE minis.

A bit boring. The wizard isn't bad though.

Just as boring as the latest Warhammer Dwarves. The Perrys are still by far the best GW-style stunty-sculptors IMO....gotta love their old Norse and Imperial Dwarves. - Grom

Well...they are certainly recognisably dwarves! and lets be honest there are much worse out there these are pretty bland though - padding for your old Citadel beard boys I'd guess Give me the original Ral Partha Bob Olleys (no no I mean it GIVE ME, or Uncle EVil will get ya)

The two champions look good (that female champion is great ) but the other minis are far from being impressive... That's quite disapointing from Colin Dixon.

Frankly, I'm not sure why you seem to dislike them that much. I think it's great to have some dwarf personalities, with a few unusual subjects in the lot, who fit in with most of the major ranges (GW and BTD come to mind)(none of those weird Rackham monkeys for me), are sculpted to a good standard and are not crammed full with unnecessary silly details like skulls, runes and other icons. I think they go quite easy on the eye.

Yeh I like these - fairly simple, old-skool maybe, but there's nowt wrong with that.

I like the bodyguards. Just wondering why he doesn't make some decent old fashioned Chaos Dwarves. Actually, I'm wondering why nobody makes them at all.

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Dwarf Wars humans. Pictures for the Nordvolk axe and armed villagers set are on the website now. Look very good. One has to wonder about their size.

Nice stuff, good spotting fatgoblin.

They look great, but given their other minis' sizes, I fear they may not fit with my historical viking minis.

So in comparison to an EE Empire rnf figure how big are they? I know the comparison idea is absolutely ridiculous and should never be attempted except under the direct supervision of an adult Frother. But I'm afraid this is how I do all my scale comparison. - Sturmpioneer

I've seen the Human Wizards up close and from what I remember they were quite tall. Possibly 30mm or so, though I didn't actually buy and measure any. - frotherGuest

That chieftain in the middle of the first picture must have just gotten up, otherwise why is he yawning? - frotherGuest

Certainly a 30mm Beowulf would be a proper (fantasy) "viking" champion? A well made 30mm fig would certainly stand out, as certain myth-based characters should. So the question is, would you include this guy in your army. What game system supports 30mm?

You could use them as Giants to oppose your Viking Armies...

The available Nordvolk packs are also viewable in bare lead on the Old Glory US site: Click on "Dwarf Wars", then "Miniatures", then go to pages 3 and 4. But 24 pounds compared to 35 dollars? Given the current exchange rates, Westwind's UK customers are getting no deal.

They are 30-32mm depending on whether you are measuring to the eye ot tip-top of helmet. Some of them have horned helmets, but most ofthe ones I handled would do fine as historical viking-types. A pal of mine snagged one or two to mix into his Foundry and OG viking horde as heroes. - Aaron

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Phigs dark elf, painted pictures, those pants are smaller than I remembered them!!

Ridiculous costumes, but saucy and a good laugh. Might even be tempted to squeak a couple into me Dark Elf BB team, depending on scales.

One e-mail sent off to order the lot.

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The Colonel mentioned an interest in Warzone a while back. Seems they've gotten a few more minis this month: Mishima figs.

Are they new, or did they just find the pictures? (Thinks of Bauhaus 2ed Dragoons...)

Good question. They are advertised as "new product" and just "added to the catalogue".

Well, they've been available for nearly 6 months now, but the painted pictures were added recently. All minis are nice, but the Doomtroopers (not the ninja-looking Shadowwalkers) are especially. The lady has 5 (!) swords! We'll see what the background will be, as soon as UWZ comes out. - Catinator

And since they're Japanese (the Mishima Corp., that is), she'll find some way of using all five swords at the same time while looking ultra cool, sexy, and kawaii...

I've seen a lot of criticism of EE figures on these Boards for precisely the faults in this Doomtrooper figure. If there is an aesthetic basis to criticize EE figures, surely it applies equally to those of other manufacturers?

Sometimes I like the cartoony look in crazy scifi minis. It's just that I wouldn't use them for games where a slight degree of realism is intended.

Hard to figure how sexy and cool she could look with hands as big as her head.

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I don't think these Fenryll news have been published on this forum. Elves and women as usual ... - isabelle

Like the Elf.

The jaw lines are not to my liking, but otherwise nice stuff.

These don't seem as "flat" as the usual Fenryll stuff. Are the minis, in fact, better, or is it the paintjobs? Anyway, the female thieves are great, and that first fighter ain't bad either. I don't like the Chaos Sorcerer though. They obviously have a few male dollies at Fenryll and keep sculpting different clothes and armor over them, calling them different things. I don't think that armor alone makes the Chaos mage. This guy looks too youthful and unsullied.

Are the female thieves supposed to be one of those "stages" models? If so, which is the least experienced, and which the most?

The female thieves are FA series and not RPG series. So there is no less or more experienced mini !

If they're not supposed to be sequential, why are they all wearing the same clothing? Somebody in one of my Yahoo Groups was saying that they wanted to see the same mini in different poses. I think that's what we have here. How strange.

I quite like the female thieves, but I wouldn't be able to use the middle one for gaming. I'd keep asking myself "Why is she dragging a chimney with her wherever she goes"?

Maybe she was sculpted by an old fashioned guy who believes women should be put on a pedestal!

I thought she was crouching on ruins...

I like the first and the third thieves better. As I said in the previous post, when minis are perched on top of presumably continuing scenary, it looks strange. It would be better were the second one perched on a column or something else that is contained within the boundaries of her base. Instead one almost needs to drag an entire wall around behind her to make her look complete. The first one is great though, and while the third reminds me of the Batman and Robin sit-coms (remember the "Bat-dance"?), she still looks pretty cool.

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New Reaper Greens.

the mother with children is great, the rest is nothing much

All the townfolk look good (after all, they don't need to look extraordinary). The troll is good, too (and looks like Maury Chaucin...)

Can anyone suggest why Bobby Jackson used brown stuff for the adults' faces, but green stuff for he kids'?

I think they should have cast the troll's left arm separate. It looks too stiff in that pose. I don't care much for the farmer or the Haunt but the rest are pretty decent.

It might be that he's using old sculpts, which have already gone through vulcanization, and then adding to them. The brown, if such is the case, is the gnarly, previously vulcanized mini, and the green is fresh green stuff sculpted over it. Just a guess though.

Another guess: I've met Bobby and he has the habit of sculpting collections of faces on a block. He then cuts the previously-sculpted faces off his block and throws them into his current sculpt. This would make the brown adult faces some that he'd previously sculpted. The green faces, being children's, he'd not previously sculpted and did so on the spur of the moment.

I know this doesn't answer the question of why he'd sculpted his block faces in brown but decided to use green on the spur-of-the-moment children's faces, but I bet this was less planned and more making use of what he had on hand at the moment.

The troll and the little boy are good and that haunt is alright, but i don't care for the rest. Too cartoony for me.

Generally I find Reaper come out with excellent troll/ogre/giant things. It's the one area of their lines I still have interest in. This one isn't bad at all, but I'm not sure the style of the head suits the body so well, but it is a troll after all.

Considering the price of the Reaper villager sets, the rest won't be making my gaming table. I really haven't liked any of their villagers so far, they seem to have some style that's not to my taste. The girl with broom I could maybe use, but she'd be awful lonely. I'll stick with the Redoubt mop maid for the time being.

Hey! that troll face looks familiar to, I've started a new look for trolls! - Andy

Ooh, a troll based on former Prime Minister John George Diefenbaker!

Jesus, great troll. It's horrible.

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TAG Gempei Wars Second Release.

Kawaii! (Now, does someone other than Old Glory make figs for the Meiji era Imperial Japanese army?)

I still eagerly looking forward to the other nationalities. There are quite a few samurais out there but quality mogols, koreans and chinese are rarer. I can wait, make sure they are as good as these!

The other thing I'm wondering is about the bows. If you look at the archers, they appear to be holding their bows off centre (i.e. 3' above their hand and 2 ' below). Is this intended to have significance with respect to archery or samuri archery?

with regard to the bows, yup the samurai developed their archery techniques on horse back, so instead of having a small bow like the mongols for instance, they just held them one third up and had a six foot bow? bless them

There are several theories about the bow asymmetricity. The earliest known ones date from about 300BC and there's no real record of why they're that shape. - Katie

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New heresy thrud, up but not yet approved.

Thrud needs a new girlfriend, pronto...

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New Dark Age figure (Brood Ratchet)

Did anyone else see the Spiderman cartoon from the mid-90s? I say that they look like the Spot, painted up... (and the croquet mallets sure go up with his Perfect English Accent...)

Jolly hockeysticks and all that.

Not bad. For some reason i actually like the brood stuff and the draghyri. Not a fan of the rest of the line. - Ghost

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