Colonel Marbles Miniature Masterworks - OCTOBER 2002


Here's a preview from the forthcoming 'Hellboy' Heroes and Villians sets coming soon from Steve Jackson Games ('Hellboy' is a cool comic & soon to be film for those who don't know).

I'd love to see the rest of the mini's in the sets but this is the only image I could find online...

I'm not for judging a miniature line after seeing only one, but I've seen better. But let's wait until we see some more.

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Here's a pic of the new Dwarf 'Blood Totem' for Chronopia from Excelsior. It looks very good indeed IMO ! Would certainly add a bit of weight any Dwarf army...

Except that it doesn't look even remotely dwarven, and would probably fit Baz's new mutants army a lot better?

Interesting, but how big is it? I get no sense of scale from the picture because it looks huge! (And huge would definitely work.) -Rob

For 30U$D it had better be huge!

Nice fig though. Probably find its way into the Orc army list somehow eh? -Doc

Looks very cool, though more like something for a Beastmen army, or maybe Evil/Chaos Dwarves... -White Knight

Yeah I thought the same to be honest. I like the claw hook like thingys... -frotherbAz

Cool Blood Totem vs T-Rex here we come!! :)

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Cracking new releases from Dark Ages !

Not bad in a bizarro cyber-goth uber-babe kinda stylee. Bird with the quoits is me fave (Whisper). I do like to see a young lady with a big pair of quoits. -UnclEvl

Is there any other kinda stylee ??

Love the harpies, especially the first one. And that last one (whisper?) looks good, though it's hard to make out the face. Looks like she's been watching too much Xena.

Pretty smart selection of fetishism, if you ask me.

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More sneak pics of new Rackham stuff, due by the end of the year I think.

That necromancer type is fantastic!

I wonder, is there a spot for the 'musician' type in the 11th Kingdom army Brother Maynard?

Ah, as well you know, there is always room in the ranks of the 11th Kingdom! -Brother Maynard

That shoebox not full yet then?

Scoff ye not peasant!!! Lest thou wishes to feel the wrath of divine retribution visited upon your foul, backwater, muck-ridden, blasphemous, inbred, misshapen, heretical primitives that you laughingly call an army!!!


Erm...ur... I meant... Army, th-there is always room in the 11th Kingdom Army...

As usual some very nice pieces there. I am trying to sort out why I like 'em so much. I mean what is it about them that makes them so good?

Glad to see there's a kick-arse Orcs in there.

Yea, theres a real shortage of Orcs out there.

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Tres quiet out there at the moment, but here's a new Celtos mini.

More undead, but again this is a bit more interesting.
Crikey, why do their horses have to be so feckin big?! I mean I know thats more like the size warhorses actually are, but re: earlier bitches about compatability with other ranges - I know people manufacturers hate to consider that people might buy from other ranges, but if your entire range only runs to 30-40 figs and each one costs 4 squids... some more.

I really really really don't like Celtos horses.

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Here's a few new figures from Excalibur. Their figures are much better in the flesh/matal than in the pics, perhaps because of the below-par paint jobs ?

Having seen their stuff in the metal, I believe you. However, I don't like these new releases very much. But then again, I've always preferred their fantasy orcs & elves.

Hard to make out the figs in that last pic, but they all look pretty much in the GW 40K camp.

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Apparently this is a replacement 'Soul Warden' figure from Dark Ages ? Hope the original is still going to be available, 'cos it was loads better than this one !!

S'alright, but yeah, not quite as imposing as the original.

Not a bad model in itself. Not at all. But I agree the other was way superior.

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Here are new 'special edition' ore releases not available to the general public, altho' the Colonel will be investigating how to get his mitts on some of them, by hook or by crook..

The cauldron-thingie looks cool enough.

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Here's just a few examples from the massive new set of releases from Westwind's 'Gothic Horror' range.

Uh, yea, thats pretty crazy.


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Another slightly odd forthcoming figure from Dark Ages.

Hm, nice fig! And it might even be useful outside of DA's Brommy setting...

Another one for 'Inquisitor' perhaps?

Yeah, different. I kinda like that.

Well.. it's original.

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Here's just a few of the mountain of forthcoming Foundry figures...

Hm, not too mad on that lot, though the dwarves are pretty good.

Some of those have been "forthcoming" for quite some time now. Release them already!!

With almost the same (Renaissance) look, the Dwarves are very much in the same vein as the Orcs.

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There's a lot of new stuff coming from Black Tree - I think their sculpts are improving in quality. Lots of new Saxons, Eygptians, Minotaurs and oddly, Fishmen.
Always handy things to have, Fishmen.

Nice figs other than the minotaur. The saxon king is excellent!

I hope they do a full range of the fishmen, I quite like them but no one is really going to want them if the range is limited to a handful of swordsmen.

Pretty cool though.. perhaps we can encourage them by allowing fishmen in the frogling army list? Watcha think Deputy, you been looking for something new (other than bigger dinosaurs) haven't you?

Look very much like the old original Citadel Fishmen.

Plenty of imagination, but I never find Black Tree's stuff too neat - for instance the fishmen, which just don't look sleek or precise. -Rob

A common theme with Black Tree, their range of figs is great, just what you want for your wargames table, but theres quite often a little something missing in the final execution...

Sleek and precise is definitely not something they do too well, although I did like the Saxon King a lot.

Still, they do come up with some real gems, and the figs are usually quite moderately priced (larger sets can be pricey though, and you might have seen us previously state our annoyance at the routine packing of double and treble figs in packs).

TBH I reckon the fishmen would paint up pretty good, I certainly hope they extend the range so we can see some fishmen units and even armies. A defo ally group for the froglings.

I agree with you Doc. Their stuff looks average but with a decent paint job it might look a lot better. They were advertising on their website a while back for professional painters in a paint one get two free deal or something like that.

I don't know some colour pictures may well go a long way to settling the debate? Do we have any anywhere of these fishmen?

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Here's some really cracking new greens from Reaper

Hey these look cool! Finally something else I can add to my army! :)

Cool. The Frogman's got bags of malevolent character, though very reminiscent of the old GW Slann.
Love the mushie men too, Andy would like them.


Some nice characters there, definitely. Tsathoggua eh, maybe some competition for those old Grenadiers CoC figs?

Lizardmen players will be pleased

Liked most of em except tsthoggua...and the snake that looks like its been pumping iron while using steroids...the lil frog guy is cute...and the dwarf is tasty... -Mournstorm

I actually liked Tsathaogga good detail and a nice unusual concept - could be a nice addition to Mikeys army??

Cthulhoid monsters aren't that unusual a concept bAz, although its nice to see someone new doing them. In fact the old Grenadier Tsathoggua is pretty good, the greater god figs do come up a bit smll for me (in modern terms, I mean just look at that feckin dragon... look at it!). In fairness they were a good enough size for roleplaying figs, but a GW Demon could kick their Tsathoggua's arse ten times!

I quite like it too tbh, though it looks like a multicast that could use some 'smoothing out'. Agree about the snake though.

Hope they do a Great Cthulhu. C-THOOOOOOL-HUUUUU!

Christ and there was me thinking that the whole of Cuthulu was based on the weird and unusual.... Just shows how the weird has perhaps become passe?

What with these very nice froggy/Slann types and Black Tree's recent Fishmen and Troglodyte releases, mebbe its a good time for a retrospective on possible mini's for a 'Slann/Fish type thing' Army ??

feck yeah - not a bad idea old fish!!

I should just have skipped this thread - now I'm considering a marsh dwellers army! (My wallet is crying in pain.)-Rob

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Westwind have some more new miniatures out , including these 'Piranha-men' for Gothic Horror and some new 'Rebels' for the Cobalt Sci-fi range.

Piranha men eh? Excellent news for the new fishman armies.

Those Piranha-men are hideous.
And not in a good way.

I do like the Gothic Horror range (no surprises to my friends there) and these are just as good. As for the Piranha man, at the risk of carrying on a theme, he's got smooth lines and you could imagine him in the water. They just need one with big teeth -Rob

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Foundry are at long last releasing a whole slew of great new figures.

As a further taster here are some tremendous Aztecs that had me drooling...

Finally the new Aztecs/Incas! Nice too...

I like the new 'lesser orcs' too, they've got lots of character, more than the great orcs even.

Amazons (well Amazon) too! Woohoo!

And llamas, thats pretty cool (no badgers as yet unfortunately)... don't think I'll be buying any 'windows' though...

Cool. So they are actually out and there to buy now are they, rather than just being teasers that never actually appear on the market.

Might make nice vassals for Mikey's lizardmen army.

Very nice. I see great possibilities for a new fantasy army. Never gonna happen tho.

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Lots of great new figures all of a sudden - you go weeks without anything decent, then they all arrive at once... Here's some tremendous 'Big Game Hunters' from Mark Copplestone. There is also a ltd edition 'Chokwe Elephant Hunter' for pre-orders.
Love 'em !

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If you are one of the first 4,500 entrants to 'Salute' next year (London, April 26th 2003) then you will get this limited edition Mark Copplestone 'Richard The Lionheart' figure free !

Not bad. Bit swashbuckly, but all in all a nice fig for a hero or champion.

I'd really like to get my hands on this one. Anybody going to 'Salute' next year?

You bet we are !

With our pipes and ginger beards!

I think you mean:

Anyone willing to part with the Lionheart mini? :)

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Here's a few new releases for Cell Entertainments '1999'. These are a new race called 'Mimics' apparently.

Can't say as I'm massively impressed.

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