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Colonel Marbles Miniatures Masterworks is published by Frothers Unite U.K., London.

You can now subscribe or unsubscribe yourself to the Colonel's Masterworks bulletin at any time!

Pay attention! There are now TWO mailing lists! In the FIRST you will continue to receive the (almost) daily bulletins from the Colonel ... new 28mm sci fi and fantasy miniatures, as they hit the presses.

In the SECOND you will now have the opportunity to join the live discussions with the Colonel's senior tacticians, exploring the merits of various figures and dishing out abuse like its going out of fashion. Of course the results of this bantering will appear on the finished Masterworks as it is published (with some subtle editing to make it intelligible) but be warned that this will result in you receiving ALL posts sent by all members of that list, including the irascible UnclEvl and the sardonic gobshite Cap. Doc!

You can unsubscribe, or change list at any time, but don't subscribe to both unless you want the whole lot twice! If you are changing lists, fer chrissakes unsubscribe from one when you have subscribed to the other!

Oh, and you can of course continue to discuss any miniature related issue in the Colonel Marbles Froth Forums...

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